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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Urinate session

This story is a fantasy by Beynazura. 

All began some years ago. My boy friend invited me in a restaurant. At that time I refused to drink wine, so I drank water, but he asked me to drink a lot. I did not matter at first. When we left I ask for the toilets, and I was surprised to hear him say no:” I’m sure you can control yourself for 30 minutes at least” with a blink. I took it as a challenge. In the car the ups and down were difficult, but I hold up. Once in front of my door he asked me If he could come with me. In fact I was in a hurry to go to the toilets, and the idea of not being alone in the corridor seems good to me so I said yes. Once in my flat I was going to the toilets when he said stop. The 30 minutes were not over. I couldn’t control up to there and I said it to him. He proposed a 5 minutes bonus if I removed my panties in front of him. Ashamed I did it. And I exchanged a few minutes more in allowing him to look at me as I released. I must say I had been humiliated, but also highly excited.

We quit a few weeks later and I forget that up to a day I found myself in a bus. The need was high and I was wearing a short skirt. I was crossing my leg in one way then the other. The walk from the bus stop to my flat was very hard as I was in limit of control. Once I closed the door I heard that boyfriend voice in my head. So I slowly removed my panties. Oh I tried to look at the clock to make it last to see how long I could hold. I couldn’t help myself but put my hands there… and found it pleasurable. Finally I released myself in peeing then I spread on my bed and released myself sexually. I was ashamed that it had excited me so such.

The day after, I decided to drink a lot of water once at home, and change into the small skirt. Then I walked around the campus park. As I walked the need to pee slowly change into an urge. The day was finishing and I feared I would be raped. I wasn’t home yet and I wasn’t able to walk anymore, so I decided to find some shrubs and crouch down and urinate there. Once at home I was not excited any more, but the thought of if and how I would have been humiliated If I wet myself or I was discovered in the bushes made me excited again.

The following day I thought about being raped, so I changed the skirt for a tight old jean. And I added a belt I closed with a lock. Then I made the same walk without the key. I felt the need to pee change into an urge I was approximately at the same place than the day before. I tried to walk quicker but is was not easy and walking was very difficult as I was near the shrubs. But that time no way to release myself I had to hold up all the way. Walking was more and more difficult. I had to make pauses, but I realized that as I had no choices I had to do more than when I was able to empty my bladder. I was having cramps when I was able to see the building where is my flat. But my sphincter where up to their maximum, there was nothing I could do but to see the stain at my crotch widening and felling the hot liquid streaming down along my legs. That time I was really humiliated. Once at home I got the key and stripped. I still was excited, but decided I needed a punishment so I try not to caress that night, but I didn’t succeed. I was already thinking at the next day program.

In fact I browse the internet and found that I could increase my ability to hold myself. So I decided I had to work and I began to drink a lot all the day long and delay the moment I go to the toilets. After a one month training I decided to make the walk once again. I was dry but in a hurry when I arrived home. But taking the lock’s key and going to the toilets was all I could do I urinated with the jeans on and the lock still locked. Of course I wet myself but my progress where there.

After another month of training I decided to make the test again. But that time I thought that cutting the jean legs would have been sexier. Then I thought of the risk of being raped then I added tight and a grandmother panties. The idea was, that I would be allowed to remove all if I was dry. If I wet myself I would have to caress myself through all that stuff. For once I thought of the punishment! At just before leaving I thought about the shoes. I changed mines for high heeled ones. I quickly realized I made a mistake. Did I took too much time to get the shoes, or was it walking with these shoes? The felling around my bladder was much more advanced than my walk. I passed near a prostitute. It was the first time I saw one there. It seemed to me I knew her. In fact I removed the shoes, and ran, but couldn’t do the whole walk at this speed, but I was still dry when I inserted the key in the key hole of the door. I get the key and get into the tube…

It took me about three months of training to be able to walk the tour with the high heeled shoes and to slowly strip naked once at home. I was wondering what to do next I had the idea to increase the water volume. So the next time I left with half more water in my belly. I was surprised that it did not change the timing but increased the feeling so the pain in my crotch was high. I was truly excited and I was smooching my breast to change my mind when I crossed the prostitute once again. This time she was near a streetlight so I recognise her.
-Jenny she said !
-Helen, but what are you doing there?
We began to speak. I truly wanted to stop speaking but at the same time I was curious about her. I was truly ashamed when I loose I bladder control, but I think she also was ashamed I saw her as she was making her forfeit.

This encounter made me understand I was concentrating in my own game without meeting anyone else. Helen used to go to a club. I was both excited and anxious when she led me there. Of course I explained to her what my game was, and she said that it would be more interesting if I accepted to do it at the club.

We were wearing short skirts when we arrived at the club. For the first time I was allowed to visit but not to participate to the games. I was explained that I would have to pay for a pass for the next times. Then I would be allowed to participate to the games, and if I loose I would have to make a forfeit, or loose my pass forever. Here there was a big room with a theatre stage. It was for spectacle with actors or actresses. She explained that sometimes they endured things that were unimaginable, but When I’ll subscribe for the pass question will be ask about what I agree for.

Around that room there were some corridors with smaller ones. In each some members where enjoying the show of a contest. In the first one two men were naked and tied by their sex. The rope passed through a wooden plate with a hole for the rope and some spike. Slowly one the men was making the other go forward to plate. When this one touched the plate’s spike the other was declared winner. The looser kneeled and a woman locked some wooden stick around his balls behind his thighs. Helen explained that he would have to keep it for the evening, so he would have to stay kneeling otherwise the pressure on his balls would be hurting. I was so excited. There was no pissing contest, but Helen explained that the contests were at the member’s initiative. In any case I would be able to ask for a performance alone at the theatre stage. But I’d better to succeed.
We passed from one room to the other, looking at different contests. In one room the contest was about to begin and Helen blushed. She apologised but said she had to participate. There were four naked men. The four girls were stripping and had their hands tied in their back. Then they looked at the men dick one minute each and had their eyes blind. Kneeling in front of a man they had to blowjob them. I saw that lot of people was masturbating around me, and then I began to let my hands slide up to my crotch as my friend was sucking. I thought the contest was about speed. But once the men cum the girls were led aside and unbind. They had to say which man they sucked beginning by the one who was the latest to finish her blowjob. The winner got the right to ride the men she wanted. The one that had made most error was given the choice between being put at the pillory or being belted. The third one had to pass one hour as a prostitute between the club and the campus. I was asked to choose for my friend as she was the last one. I was curious about the belt so I choose that. And soon a metal belt was slipped to her hiding her genital that would be inaccessible for the end of the party. At the end of the corridor were the pillories. There One man and two girls were locked and naked. Some of the members were “using” the prisoners.

Before leaving we had to go for quiz I would not have imagined. questions about sodomy, being raped, and so on. The fee was so high that I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it. But I was proposed a free pass if I become actress and wear a chastity belt once outside the club. As a member I was allowed to come every time I wanted. This forbids me sex outside the club. I was so excited that I accepted. When we left my friend was unbelted as I was belted.

I quickly realised that being belted was not so easy. As it always remind me about sex, So I was often at the club.

As an actress I had to participate to one spectacle every month. It was like a contest for ordinary members but I had no choice to participate or not. As I asked the spectacles I participate were mostly about bladder control.

For my first day as an actress as I arrived I was driven backstage. The belt was removed and my elbows were tied in my back. My ankles were tied in X. Then a catheter was driven in my pee hole. This was made with authority but friendly. I was explained that there will be two contestants and that our bladders were driven empty to be sure we were at equality. Then they inflated a ball in our bladder to get their volume. This hurt. And two minutes before the show a liquid was driven up our bladder. 90% of the volume they said. The pressure was very high and a burning sensation was difficult to bear. It was because the liquid was a disinfectant. The curtain opened as the catheter was removed. The animator put a clip on our nipple and explained that the soil between our legs was metallic so if we didn’t hold on for about 15 minute the punishment would be immediate. But once the time elapsed a green light would lit and the first one to expel the liquid would be the winner. I was foiled as my pleasure was to feel the need growing then change to an urge. Here I was at the final stage was it hurt and burn. I would have squeezed my legs but the binding would have prevented it and I would have put my knee on the electric plate. I was ashamed that the spectator were down looking at us with a view on our slits. In the public I saw Helen. She smiled at me. But soon tears blurred my view. And it is only when I heard the other girl that I saw the green light. I screamed as the liquid flow burnt along its trail. As I lose I was put in a cage for display up to the end of the party. I was amazed that the liquid was blue.
I had been explained that way is was easier to see for the spectators, easier to clean for the staff, and it avoid cystitis. In the cage I was unable to masturbate, so that evening I was frustrated in my belt.

The next month my spectacle was very similar but with an enema. The hot soapy water burnt my rectum, I was not trained and I quickly loose control. The electric shock was so stunning that I loose my bladder control and got another shock. I thought it would be my only punishment, but I was false. That time I had been pilloried. The party was long and I had to service lot of people. The men cummed in face or forced me to swallow. For the first time in my life I had to lick women. And I don’t speak about rapes. I experienced anal sex also. I was in tears when I had been freed. In the quiz I had written that I found being pilloried funny, but I didn’t really imagine what it was to be in that kneeling position for hours and forced to do all theses things. As my belt was closed before I left I asked to cancel my pass, but they said that I had 2 spectacles more to do.

To be free with the club I decided to participate to spectacle the following days. There no spectacle planned so they build them for me alone. I was anxious but at least I knew it wouldn’t be an enema. As I arrived my bladder was empied with the catheter once again. A liquid was driven up, but a lower volume than the last time. I was given a white jean short asked to drink a lot of water, then tied spread eagle on an X on the stage.
-Jenny, you’ll be left like that for one hour. Each quarter you will be given water. If a spot appears on that short you’ll be caged for the rest of the party it that OK, the animator said.

I really enjoyed the beginning of the show. The disinfectant was at lower concentration so it didn’t burnt. And the need was slowly growing. The position was difficult to hold but I had no choice and the punishment was not the pillory. The first quarter was fine. The amount of water was higher than I expected, but I was conscious I had no chance to succeed. At the end of the second quarter the feeling was good, But as I rubbed my back on the cross I realized that the short rear was opened and something was touching my butt.
During the third quarter that slimy thing rose up to my anus and the only way to escape it was to push on my tip toes. I didn’t dare saying something. The need to pee was becoming an urge. As I was waiting for a lot of water to drink the amount I was given was low. So I thought my chances were right. Little by little I was aroused the god in my ass was warm and I was letting it entering my ass. I was ashamed I liked it. I was also enjoying the pressure in my bladder. Then my hip moves to stand the urge to pee were also anal caresses. I was between heaven and hell. I knew the bad part was coming. I had only 10 minutes to go when my bladder began to hurt. I was happy; 10 minutes were not that long. At 5 minutes things were more difficult. Due to the position I was having crams and it was hard to keep it. When tried to lower myself I was sitting on the god. Its orientation might have changed. It was almost pushing against my bladder so thing were worst than I thought earlier. There was 3 minutes left when the animator came to me saying I was near to win. He expected me to reply, and each time a felt the god pressing on my bladder, but I kept control. I began to cry but my sphincter was clashed. There was 1 minute left when the animator make me hear flowing water. I said no, so he turned the volume up laughing as the white short was becoming a yellowish blue. I lose a few seconds before the limit. To add to my shame I had to keep both the short and the god while in the cage and every body saw I was ass fucked. What’s more in the cage the god was fitted so each time I try to sit I had to remember to stay right.

That night I though about that humiliation and the wave of excitation I got was terrible.

I arrived for the last spectacle I was near to ask to cancel my pass cancellation add to make the same spectacle again when the animator saw me. “I hope you enjoyed the spectacle yesterdays’ cause today will the same in more dramatic”.
I was asked to be blind during the preps.

When the curtains opened I was standing up, a spreader bar between my ankles, the catheter still hanging and my bladder empty. My hand where tied in my back, and I was naked.
-Jenny there, is our champion in urine holding. Jenny you lose yesterday, but you think you would have won if I didn’t make you speak?
-Err that’s not the only thing…
-You think about the ass stimulator?
-yes I answered ashamed.
-Usually for contest you are filled with 650cc of water do you think you could hold 730cc l for 10 minutes?
-I think I can did I said.
-Jenny I propose you a life contest, you’ll be gaged once you choose so I will not make you speak. So here is the choice.
The normal contest: 15 minutes normal volume. If you loose you get caged.
The life one: 10 minutes extra volume, if you win you get a free pass.
Getting a free pass, I was near to it, my choice was made:
-I choose the life contest.

Then the catheter chilled and the burning liquid quickly filled my bladder. I would say it has more disinfectant than the first time. The pain was so intense I cried, but as I opened my mouth a ball was slipped into it, and locked.
“It’s too much I can’t hold it” I would say. For the moment my over filled bladder was closed by the catheter, but I think I wasn’t able to hold it 10 minutes.

I’m there naked and tied, my bladder overfilled. The blind removed I saw the noose dangling in front of me. I understand the “life” contest. If I wasn’t closed I would have pissed myself due to the fear. The animator passes the noose around my neck, what can I do.

-Now Jenny, the game is simple each time you loose some of the liquid it goes into this bucket between your legs. The heavier the bucket is, the higher the rope will be hoisted. The volume of liquid you accepted is 105% of your estimated bladder volume, so it is a real contest against yourself. If you loose more than half of the liquid your feet will quit the soil and you’ll have to do it all the way, girl!
Then he took the catheter out.

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