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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jeena's first customer

Hi, Here is the following of Jeena's adventures. I hope you'll like them !

Jeena’s poor family sold her to a space brothel. She learnt to live as a whore with Joshua her mentor. It was three months ago. The whores were forbidden to masturbate to keep them excited for the costumers. The collar they were wearing was recoding her feelings, so there was no way to masturbate without being caught. Jeena didn’t know the punishment but she understood from Joshua that it was better not to experience it. That is the reason why she chose to wear a chastity belt. Each day she had a program with sport and a control meeting with Joshua who controlled her feeling level and put some toys in the belt to keep her excited at a level just higher from the preceding day. At First Jeena found it difficult to bear, and finally she was used to be horny and frustrated all the time.

That day she was more excited than ever, because the spaceship was about to land on Mars; Jeena will meet her first costumer and she hoped she would get some pleasure from him, but she was conscious that her costumer pleasure was to come first, if she did not want to be punished. She hoped her first costumer would be like Joshua a black man from planet Earth.

The ship had not landed that she was already at Joshua’s examination room.
-Hi Jeena !
-Hi Joshua ! I’m impatient to get my costumer….
-You’ll get the first one. He’s a murderer. The prison nearby asked us to take him in charge. He’s allowed to have some pleasure for his good behaving, but he will be tied so you’ll be safe.
-I prefer that way.
-You need to learn your job; it will be the case with him. You’ll keep your chastity belt.
-Hoo, Jeena said without hiding her deception.
-Caress him; make him a blowjob, slowly.

A few minutes later Jeena was entering the small and dark room. She was nude but her chastity belt. The man was sitting in a chair, his tights spread. His feet were shackled to the chair legs. His arms were tied to the chair also. A hood made him blind. She was impressed by the man. He wasn’t as big as she imagined but he was muscular unlike the big red women from Mars she saw near the ship’s swimming pool. She was really surprised by his crotch. At first she wondered if he was a man or a woman. Her eyes were on his red skin. When she realized he wasn’t aware of her presence she said:
-Hi, I’m Jeena…. I’m here for you… to please you.
She saw his head turn to her. At the same time the black borders of its slit were opening slowly.
-Hi Jeena….
He had a grave voice.
-Keep cool; it might not be easy to speak with the hood.
She looked at him and saw the shackle were closed and locked so she cannot open them not even remove the hood. I’m afraid you’ll have to keep it all the time.
-It’s OK, I know that he answered; I’m not allowed to see you. Can you say me How you are ?
-Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a petite green girl from Jupiterian moons. I’ve foamy pink hair, and unlike the red women for your world I’ve only a twin breast.”
As long as she was speaking she was looking the man’s slit. She came near him to get his smell. It was a stiff smelling, but she was being charmed by his savagery. Like you could appreciate caress a tiger’s hair knowing it has been made harmless. She knelled in from of him and put her hand on his thigh. His skin was rough. She was amazed:
-It is amazing to see my green skinned hand on your red skin! As was saying that she realized the red wasn’t uniform, the colour was darker as was approaching his crotch. She turned to the other side and had a look at his slit. She almost shouted in surprise. A small cock was emerging from there. I was only a quarter of inch in diameter and about one inch in length. The light colour of it contrasted with the dark red of the Mars’ man skin. She was amazed of how little his sex was. She did not dare touching it afraid of breaking it. She was disappointed because she was expecting a monster cock from such a man. On the other hand being locked was not so frustrating, what feeling would she had had from such a small thing. She was caressing the butt of the man when she realized the cock was growing. Its diameter was the same but it was two inches long by now. The sensation she felt in her lower belly was well known. She was excited, and she was pleased to play with this man’s body and to make its cock rising.

Slowly her hands were coming near the man’s slit. The cock was now twenty inches long and for Jeena the excitation was raising as her frustration. She would have appreciated to be able to caress herself, but that way she was concentrating on her costumer pleasure. She asked him to help her: it was her first time with a man from his species so she did not knew how to touch him. When she started to touch this shaft he began to moan.

What Jeena didn’t know was that the mirror at the back of the room was a one-way mirror. In that observation room was Joshua with the brothel director. They where looking at the girl’s performance. They enjoyed looking at her taking her time to make her first costumer cum.

In the room Jeena was playing with the male cock which now was 15 in long. She was really surprised about its length and rigidity. She took the cock end to her mouth. The situation was arousing her more than she expected it. She was feeling the man’s excitation, and was driving to the edge of cumming.

-I wore a chastity belt so I cannot take you in my cunt, and your sex is so thin that it would have been so good, would you like to visit my ass.
-Oh yesss the man moaned.

She turned her back to the man and led the sex to her little hole. She wasn’t afraid because Joshua trained her to anal relations, and the sex diameter was so small.

Behind the mirror Joshua was interested by his trainee’s work, but also afraid for her. He should have said more to her.

Jeena was enjoying the ass stimulation, she would have hoped for a larger cock. Quickly she felt the shaft wavering, so she removed it for her ass and turned her breast before it as she worked it.

-Please cum on my breast….
The light red liquid looked funny onto her green skin. Jeena was ashamed of what she did, and of how aroused she was. But at the same time she was happy in pleasuring her first customer.

The door opened and Joshua called her, and led her in a hurry to a shower. Wash all that semen said the black man as he removed her belt; otherwise it would burn your skin.

Jeena was in shock, and when got out of the shower she quickly locked the belt again to avoid masturbating as she was very horny after what she did to the red man from mars.

When Joshua saw her he explained her that she was supposed to make a blowjob and there was no danger for her stomach with red men’s semen. At the opposite it would burn her skin and make scars. He looked at her breast and seemed happy it was not damaged.
-You were fantastic Jeena ! He told as he connected the collar to his computer.
-Ho… you locked the belt and did not make you cum…
-You said I was not allowed…. You removed the belt to let me…
-Err I’m sorry I should have explained to you….

Jeena’s frustration had never been so high. She could have masturbated and she did not.

-I’ll try to have another customer for you tomorrow Jeena I promise….
-Thank you!  Can I ask you something?
-Of course !
-How are red women pussies, their men dick is so strange….
-Would you like to see a red woman examination?
-I would love it..
-Err. I can do it, but only as a punishment, so you would be locked here naked…
-A punishment for having done what kind of thing.
-Try to steal your belt key by example…..
Jeena stood up immediately and took the key Joshua was showing her…
-Eh Jeena !
-So I have to be punished….
-OK be there tomorrow morning…. You’ll be punished for this.

Jeena’s night had been difficult as when she was wearing the belt at the beginning…. She was really horny.

-Hi Jeena Joshua said. I’ve found a new costumer for you. You’ll meet him right after your punishment.

A few minutes later she was naked and tied to T frame. Her arms were passed over the upper wooded board and tied at the wrist to the vertical stick. Her legs where also tied to the vertical frame in a way she cannot close them. She was not wearing the belt, and felt humiliated to be displayed to all the whores that will be examined this morning.

-There only one woman to be examined this morning Jeena !

When the red woman entered she looked at Jeena. Jeena felt the shame on her. The women kiss her.
-It’s kind of you to choose to be with me for my examination dear !
Jeena try to answer…
-Keep your breath, in your position you’ll need it…. Your body is wonderfull, I hope we will be allowed to play together…..

The red women sex was unbelievable. And Jeena was horny to see her long clitoris over puffy lips that hide a very small vagina.

-It can expand a lot to make a baby go through Joshua said, but they are very tights.  Their clitoris can be used as a penis, so lot of men like them as dominatrix.

When her examination was over, Mandy looked at Jeena’s body. Jeena saw craving caressing her, but Joshua forbid it. Poor Jeena was in pain and so excited that her juices were flowing along her legs.

-Today’s costumer is waiting for you Jeena Joshua said after the red woman left.
-Not in that position I hope….
-No for sure….

A few minutes later it was a horny showered Jeena that entered the customer room.

The man was not into preliminaries, but Jeena didn’t mind, and soon she was riding him.
For long ago she enjoyed the feeling of the hard member to dig into her pussy as she slowly impaled herself onto it. She moaned…. But before she could climax she felt the member shrinking…. A sticky fluid was flowing out of her cunt.

She was about to masturbate when she thought the customer would be unhappy to know she had not been satisfied.

-I know that you wear chastity belts when you are not with a customer, can I lock your?

Jeena was so horny, but she couldn’t let the customer unsatisfied….

-Of course you can!

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