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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Hanging game

When she entered the prison she was fascinated by their dance due to the wind. They were in the middle of the place with the prison building around. Their view was fascinating and she had difficulties to fix her eyes somewhere else. Of course, it was not a true prison, but just the building of an old prison that had been turned into a new kind of business. She was wondering the gallows would stay there at all time, or did the association use the building of other activities. It was the first time she participated, and as she was used to dive she hoped to have a good result at that contest. But she was also frightened. And now she was in front of the nooses she had a chill in her back. She hardly could imagine how it would feel like to have the rope around her neck and hang from it, to feel it close her throat and to be unable to breathe any more. She was between panic and fascination.

They were four of them and were lead to contestant building. She saw it written above the door. Once inside she needed time for her eyes to discover the small table. Her name was checked as she announced it and she was given some clothes.
-You will be helped to adjust these middle age clothes. Yours will be given back tomorrow evening.

She was uneasy with theses men around her, did she have to change there. She looked around her and finally found a smiling girl.
-I’m here to help you, there is a room for you to strip.
-Do… Do I have to strip… I mean naked
-Of course. You will wear Middle-age clothes. Even middle-aged underwear.
She was uneasy with that but the redheaded girl helped her.
-Do… you participate…
-Oh! No, I’m under aged for it, but in two years I hope to.

She found it humiliating to have to be naked it front of this girl, but she did not knew what to do, then stripped. The girl explained how to knot a cloth as panties and helped her with the dress. As soon as she was dressed again a man came and lead her to a cell.

She was not hoping for a modern room, but she didn’t expect to be locked up in an old cell. Once on her tiptoes she was able to see from the windows… her view was on the gallows with its four nooses slowly dangling from the wind. She felt the fear growing in her belly. Hoping it was just a game. She was afraid by the turning of the events, but it was too late to turn back.

Nobody came to her for hours and the sun was low when a man opened the door.
-Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Have a good meal and a nice night.
He was dressed as a middle guard, and left some black bread and water to her.

The fear was high now and she was wondering an error would have been made, she was there for a contest, not for an execution.

She hardly slept as she was anxious. She also needed to pee and hesitated to unknot the cloth. But as the need was too high and she did it. Once the cloth unknotted, she realized she was true: she was unable to knot it again. She hoped the redhead would help her by the morning.

For once she was horrified to see the rising of the sun. The light was still pale when the guard came and fit chains to her feet. Soon, the four girls who arrived the day before were driven to the gallows. Four four-places pillories where placed around the gallows. Her hearth was running so fast so she did not noticed three other set of four women where coming there also.

The pillory position was not intended to be comfortable, but it allowed her to see the nooses. They were dangling just in front of her, and she knew that her neck would soon be slipped into one of them. She signed for that, but now she was unsure she really wanted to experience it. She looked around her. Most of the sixteen there were looking at the nooses. Most of them seemed to be anxious. All of them were waiting for what would happen next.

The man came ahead the noose and spoke quickly. All of the girls were attentive, be she was unable to understand his English as he was too quick.

There has been a rumour behind her, but she was unable to turn her head back.

The first set of four girls was freed from there pillory and driven to the gallows. None of them seemed to try to run away. Then she realised they were stilled cuffed. Behind each of her a girl was there to bind their wrist. They seemed to explain something…. Then the four nooses were slipped over the four heads. She was looking at it knowing it would be her turn soon.
She looked as the ropes tighten and face turned red. Then the first came down and her noose was opened and she breathed. The second one took some time more before getting down, but soon the third and the fourth stopped their hanging.

The game was easy : once the four girls were hanged the one that was the latest to ask to get down was selected for the final. The four winners were hanged once again to designate the winner of the contest.

On the gallows the girls needed time to recover and she was both excited at their dance but also anxious at what would happen to her. She also realized that at their dance it was possible to look below their dress, and she has been unable to knot back the cloth.

The girls were driven down to their pillory, and she felt her own pillory opening: it was her turn; she would be hanging right now.

Once again her hearth beating was racing and she felt shameful when she realized how many people were looking at the spectacle. They were seated behind the pillories, but she did not looked at them at first because she was fascinated by the nooses.

She was placed below the second noose where she find the redhead girl who smiled at her.
-You saw, my preceding hangee won, I hope you will also she said as she tied her wrists.
The young woman thought it was too much
-I know you think it is too tight, but that way you won’t have any difficulties to hold your panic switch. As she said it, the redhead slipped a box in her hand.
-You will hang as long as you hold it in your hand, let it drop to get down.
She heard but was unsure she understood. The events seemed to race in her head.
-You will be hoisted, do no panic and try at least not to be the first to get down.
She was so frightened that she felt an urge to pee. But the noose was already constricting her neck. She pulled on her tiptoes and was hyperventilating from the emotion, and when the pressure rised so high that she was unable to breathe she panicked. Her hand closed on the switch and her feet searched to reach a support. The spectator looked at her as her dance was great. But her hand clenched and the switch felled.
She was on the gallows floor as the three other were still hanging. The redhead helped her and untied the noose and her wrists. She was still in pain in her neck.
-I’m sorry; you are the looser.
She couched. It is only as she was going down the stair she realised she was wet from her urine.
On the pillory she saw numbers and was locked under the number fourth.
She was humiliated to have pissed herself and to have been unable to hold on any longer. She was sure she will never try it again.

She looked at the other girls being hanged and saw that the winner were able to hang for several minutes. They were also the ones that did not panic immediately.

Then came the final. The four girls were driven to the gallows a second time. She saw the mark at their neck. She might have some also. But they seemed happy as the nooses were put around their necks and cinched. The procedure was not the same and each of them stepped an a kind of box. The winch ran and they were on their tiptoes when the four boxes collapsed.

As she looked, she began to find it erotic to see them hanged. She was thinking that it was just a first time, but she has to come back for another contest. None of them panicked at first. They were lying between the soil and the air. Then one of them began to move both legs like a frog. She still held the switch but was unable to control her body and her dance excited her that was looking for the pillory.
She looked at the first girl being lowered. She had hung for several minutes. As she remembered the rules she would be stripped for failing. She was excited at the idea of seeing the humiliation of the fourth girl. Then the next one was lowered also. The last two were dancing but still held their switches, and it took several minutes more before a winner was found. She was surprised as none of them had been stripped, did she misunderstood the rules, wasn’t the fourth girl to hang and being stripped in public.

She was thinking the constest ended as the pillory opened. But the other girls were led to an area in the public as she was, with three other girls, led back to the gallows. She didn’t understood at first, but as she was near the redheat it came to her. She lost, so she will be displayed naked. She looked around her and only found the fearful face of the other girls around her. The child unknotted the strap at her breast and opened the back of the dress and she found herself naked in front of the public. She tried to used her hand in modesty.
-Sorry I have to tie you again.
So she gave her wrist in her back, what’s next she was thinking as she saw the box on the gallows. As she raised her head she saw the noose. She was to be hanged again. “That time I will last” she thought, happy to get a chance again.
At the signal she stepped on the box and helped the redhead to slip the rope around her neck.
As the rope was taunt she pushed on her tiptoes and realised she has no switch in her hand. She look back at the other girls, they had no either.

Then she understood the rules... as the box collapsed.
She tried to remain immobile and keep her breathe. When the pain in her neck and the need to breathe was to high she tried to get some fresh air. What she did not know, was she the last of the four girls to begin to dance. She was desperate to found some support, some way to get some air. She also got aroused. She was naked displayed, opening her legs to all of these people.

Exhausted she was now limp and waited, hoping to get down, but knowing she would have to die there naked and displayed because she loosed.


  1. Good story! grammar/spelling... not so

  2. A very poorly written story. But also very erotic. It got my rocks off.

  3. Loose = not tight
    To Lose (losing,lost) = fail to win, misplace something
    By my experience, there are more usage errors involving these simple, simple words than any on the Internet.

  4. Thank you for your comment.
    As English is not my native language I would appreciate if you want to become my editor.