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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Night with Sandy - Another Mary Tale

A few months after meeting Yung Lee the ghost, my friends proposed me to spend a night in another haunted house. At first I did not want to, but they argued and I finally accepted. That time I asked what they knew about the house. It was not a ruin but a comfortable home with a heated swimming pool inside the house. It was rent, but some occupants complain about some noises at night. And five women had been found hanged near the pool. The three first one were hanged together.

It was by a cold afternoon of November and it was snowing outside, but the house was illuminated and heated and there was lot of vapour mist on the windows. We quickly visited the house, and then I had to strip. As they were leaving two of them grabbed me and tied my elbow in my back.

At first I would have bathed myself in the pool, but with my tied elbow I was unable to swim and to dry myself once bathed. So I got to the kitchen and prepared some popcorn. Then I kneel in front of the TV and ate like an animal as I wasn’t able to use my arms.

I was still kneeling there when a voice wake me up.
-Hi, I’m Mary, who are you?”
The ghost seemed surprised at first
-Err I’m Sandy, Why are you here, naked and tied like that.”
-It’s a bet, some friends bet I couldn’t spend a night naked and tied like that in that house.”
-And you accepted?”
-Yes, A few months ago I spend a night naked in a haunted house, so I win.”
-I want you to follow me” said Sandy who helped me to stand up. I was surprised because Yung Lee would have been unable to do that. She drove me next to the pool, where a noose was dangling over a stack of books.
-I suppose you want to hang me, but why, am I so disturbing?”
-I hanged to death there…”
-I’m willing to hear you…”
-It is a long story.
-We have all the night long, haven’t we?
-I was invited at a Pyjama party in that house. I found that my pyjamas were too girlish, so I bought a nightdress. But When I arrived there, I was far from Manuela, and Britney. Their nightdresses were far sexier than mine.
-You were three only?
-Yes, A first I thought we were more, but when I arrived I realized that we would be three. Manuella proposed a poker game.
-A strip poker
-Yeah, I didn’t dare refusing, and the one who would loose would have to strip in front of the two other. Britney loosed. She striped, but Manuella imposed her to shave her pubic hair also to be fully naked! And then she said that to help Britney, we should strip and shave also. I was ashamed.
-A least the difference in nightdresses wasn’t visible.
-It can be said. We bathed in the pool. I was troubled, as I never had been with other girls naked like this. I never thought I could have been homosexual, But I was attracted by Manuella and Britney. Manuella bobs were wonderfull. At the same time britney Insisted that we drank, so do you, Sandy said as she made me drink much more water than I would have on my own.
-Err? And what was the next game?
-It was a kind of slalom. But each time you’ll have it done correctly you’ll have to drink a glass of Vodka. If you missed a door you would have your hands tied in you back. We did it seven times and I lost some doors as I wasn’t able to walk strait. So Manuella tied my hand in my back, like yours are. And Britney Insisted that we drank water. Then she gave handcuff to Britney and they cuffed their hand in their back to be like me.
We bathed once again...
-You bathed hand tied? I asked as Sandy made me drank once more.
-Yes of course, we were a little drunk, but you can swim with your feet, did she said before pushing Mary in the water. It took one second to Mary to realize the situation, but she quickly reached to pool shore.
-You see that’s not so difficult said Sandy as Mary was getting out of the water.
-The third game was to hold on urinating. We were to stand leg apart and the first who urinate would have a special penalty. We stand there up to twenty minutes with pain, when Manuella released her bladder. Britney and I did the same just after her. Britney removed her handcuff and revealed a gallow that was hidden. There were three nooses; the central one was shorter. Britney led Manuella to the central place and placed the noose around her neck. Manuella was standing on a stack of books. But to be with her we had to put our neck in nooses also. Would you please put yours in the noose I’ve made for you?

As It was not first encounter with a ghost I knew that I had no choice but to obey. Once the knot was tight and placed on my right ear, Mary began to whistle and I realized how much I needed to urinate. I began to stamp a little and Mary took advantage of that to remove one of the books I was standing on. I was then on my tip toes.

-You are like was Manuella… My rope wasn’t so tight. And Britney put her cuff back on. It’s just after we heard the click that Manuellea asked Britney if she had the cuff’s key any longer… Britney took some time to reply… that she has forgotten the key on the table near the pool… We were trapped.
- Oh! How did you felt when you realized what had happened?
-I did not realize at first. But Britney apologizing made me understand we had no way getting out of that trap. I was ashamed of being nude tied shaved and noosed ! You do not seem to much ashamed don’t you ? You like having you sex bald.
- Err! It is another ghost that I helped that asked me to epilate my crotch…
She let a finger touch my skin from my belly down to my slit… I was near from letting my bladder emping itself
-I’ll remove the books when you piss…
It gave me courage to hold on.
-Err! Have what happened next…
-Manuella and Briteney argued but quickly Manuella losed her voice… She was still hupping up and down and finnaly one more book felt and she hung we saw her kicking, trying to find some support, her face turning red then purple and finnaly pissed herself. This spectacle was unbearable as it was what was to happen to us… I was so frightened that I pissed myself. Then I realised that once wet the soil was slippery and has a slope.
We spend most of the night like that, hopping to reach sunrise when Britney’s parents would come back.
At midmight we heared a sound and Britney said “My god no !”
-What happened? Did I ask not knowing the present time.
-You’ll see soon, did she answer.
I was afraid! I did see how I would make Sandy to remove me from the gallows, I was near to piss near to slip out of force and now I learn that something was about to happen… I tried to speak with Sandy but she wasn’t ready for that. Then I heard the “humming” a motor was on. I quickly realised what was on. The gallows laid on a mobile pavement. This pavement was moved up to allow a sheet to close the pool and keep its heat. It was perfect to keep a hot pool, but it was hiring by rope up and soon my feet would not touch the shore.
-I… I give my pardon… Sandy !
She looked at me surprised…
-I’m slowly killing you and you give me your pardon ?
I was hung now, unable to breathe, unable to speak. The pain in my neck was unbearable. I was also unable to hold on my bladder. I was trying to find the soil with my feet. All was lost. I thought of Yung Lee. Centuries ago when he was slowly strangling to death a woman said him that thinking about sex was a solution to avoid pain. Of course this was a way to mock the poor castrated Yung Lee which was days away form its death. But at that moment I used that to forget my constricted neck. I felt a sexual energy rising from my lower belly. But quickly loose my concentration as my lung burnt as they needed fresh air. I started to panic and kick vigorously. I did remembered that stage when Yung Lee pillory strangled me, but it was a much more slow process in which one strangulation was due to loss of energy to keep the head up. How long did it took in reality? At the end of my rope it took ages before I succeed in stopping that and bulding the sexual energy again. Tears in my eyes made my view limited and I didn’t know where Sandy was. Suddenly I was beaten and fresh air burnt my lungs all along its way. Sandy cut me down.
-Why did you pardon me did she ask?
-Err… breathe… please… time… It took a long time before I was able to speak again. And my neck was still hurting.
-I know that you feel in jail. And you want revenge.
-How can you think you can imagine how is it to be hung like that.
-You just tried to hung me Sandy. And Yung Lee another ghost tried to strangle me to death. So I can have an idea of how is it to wait for that kind of death.
-I don’t mean that, how can you imagine how is it to be a ghost?
-I cannot, but I know how Yung Lee found peace after centuries, You are a ghost for a few years, I may be easier for you…
-What do I have to do?
-recognize the girls you hung were innocent.
-They were alive…
-Alive but not guilty. The guilty ones where Manuella et Britney, but the died with you didn’t they?
-Err you’re right… But I needed to clam me down. I would have lived live you… met boys and so…
-You died a virgin?
-If I touch you do you feel it?
-I’m not lesbian!
-It is like you want, if you want to know how sex is, or not. I cannot change myself to a boy.
A few minutes laters Sandy and I were in one the House’s rooms…

As I was caressing her, Sandy colour changed from her white skin to a pinkish tone. I used my tongue as she didn’t take time to untie me.
I was very excited but had now way to satisfy myself.

She was near to orgasm when she said: “You were right it was an accident Manuella and Britney didn’t plan that and died with me.”
I think that she had an orgasm at that moment. Slowly she get up in the air, and I find myself alone in that room. At two in the morning, I get down having a look at the TV and ate the cold pop corn. But I was so exited that I was in a urge to find something to rub my crotch to. This situation was ashaming But I really needed to be released from that sexual energy. I visited the house trying each table corner when I found in a work bench some thing that looked perfect for me. That kind of trestle was the right height, and there was some object on the floor I could step on to straddle that thing.

Moving forward and backward I succeed in satisfying my sexual needs, but once that was done I realised that I push the objects I stepped onto, so I was trapped there…

My situation quickly got worse when I tried to sit. The pain was unbearable, so I had to stand up there until my friends found me nearly four hours later.
I was ashamed.

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