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Friday, April 29, 2011

New love way

Hi, It's long since I published a story. I had had lot of work at office. 
Here is a story about a man what will learn a new way of love making !
I hope you'll like it.

feb 10th : She offered me to realize one fantasy. Some months ago she caressed my balls and crotch so I asked her to try discovering if there is a way men can come without penis stimulation. First she looked at me surprised.
She was sure I would asked for sodomy or tiing her. I didn't have think about that. She think that's great, that if male orgasm is equivalent to clitoral orgasm we're on the way of male vaginal orgasm. The things were great and frustrating but after one hour and a half of this soft teasing I finally succeeded in having her stopping the session by making me cum ordinary. She was
sorry about our setback.

Feb 11th : We must not lay on a defeat she said, but this time as it's not my birthday, there no reason finishing by penis stimulation. But after two hours I needed so badly to cum that I finally took my penis in my hand, she looked sadly as I was masturbating. She said she understand.

Feb 12th : We need a pause she said, tomorrow is Monday

Feb 13th : "Strip naked !" she ordered. She tied my wrists to my ankles so I won't be able to take my penis, and she put a scarf around my head to make me blind. I do not know how much time she caressed me. It was wonderfull at the begining but by the end it was near a torture. When she stopped she put some ice on my crotch to avoid any masturbation after being untied. In fact a few minutes later I was hard and I masturbated in the bathroom.

Feb 14th : I explained to her that perhaps it's not possible for a man to cum without penis stimulation. She understand my despondency she said, but if  there is a way we have to find it. Tied and blind as yesterday she changed her caress down to my ass depite I protest. In fact I finally found it pleasurable but I'm ashamed of it. After so much time I think she discovered I liked it.
As the day before I masturbated in the bathroom once my dick was hard again.

Feb 15th : She used oil, that's not bad. I was afraid she would use it as a lubricant to force my little hole, although she insisted between my buttocks, she did not force at all. She wanted that I keep my hand tied in my back for the night, not to be tempted of masturbating. She's not angry after me she said, she understand, but think my lack of will endangers our researches.
I masturbated once at office.

Feb 16th : She changed her way, she pourred the oil onto me today, it was thick, hot and sticky. She began by my ass. When she spread it I found it so good. Fortunately tied as I was, I was unable to move otherwise I could Have tried to impale myself on her fingers. I was hopping she would slide a finger in my hole when I understood I was waxed. I scream, so she stuffed my mouth
with her panties. Once my ass waxed she shaved my pubic hair. The foam spreading was very pleasurable. My whole crotch is painfull. I hardly could sleep that night, and my hand tied didn't help. I've seen while taking the shower that she left a small square of hair over by penis, but I'm now hairless. I didn't dare touching as she looked at me. I must say that I like the result.
Unfortunately I do not go at office on Saturdays, so no way masturbating.

Feb 17th : It is the same as the day before yesterday, but with a ball gag in case I screamed like yesterday. It's wonderfull to be hairless. If I could have spoken I would have beg her to push her finger in my ass. But once it was finished I was ashamed. She didn't ice-shrinked my dick, I hardly sleeped again.

Feb 18th : The whole day passed slowly as it is the second day without masturbation. I thought look at the clock. This teasing session lasted three hours. Once again she didn't help my dick to shrink, but I succeded in sleeping I've found a good position despite my tied hands. I could released my cum at the office.

Feb 19th : I tried to speak, explaining that we should stop this exploration. No ways, she's in tears, She had no orgasm since we began, she's sure we will find something, I will be the only one to take benefit. I should help her she said. About making love in our standard, in a few days near her ovulation, now we have to concentrate on our work. She agree to ice-shrink my cock after our session. I sleep well. I masturbated at office.

Feb 20th : After mastubating I've seen porn on Internet at office. In fact knowning there will be a teasing session this evening make me hard. I masturbated several times. The teasing has been very hard, she began by a waxing session. I really want to fuck her or at least her to push her finger in my ass. I sleep not bad I couldn't wait and mastubated in the shower.

Feb 21st : I do not know the reason why, but I'm really hot. I only think about sex today. I succeded in not masturbating the whole day, afterall I did it this morning at shower time. For the first time she lube my shaft  at the end of the session, then she poured something on it, then she put
the ice to make my dick shrink, and she thread it into something...
Once unblinded I see my crotch armour-plated, all that I see is a slit on a metal shield. So that I will be unable to reach my cock and masturbate, I will not ever have an erection. She explained that way I'll have easy to concentrate on my female orgasm. Being in that belt is not easy and I've to sit to pee. I really feel like I had been castrated, and the slit on the front enforce that feeling. I no longer have my hand tied, but sleeping with the belt is not easy. I would have masturbated at shower time, but no way...

Feb 22nd : I waited for beeing freed from the belt, but it's only for the teasing session. Once it's finished, lube and talcum powder and I got the belt back.

Feb 23rd : I'm ashamed, I really dreamt she sodomized me, unfortunatly she didn't.

Feb 24th : Free, I'm Free, It' her ovulation day. fucking after so much time in chastity is wonderfull !!! She sets me free at evening

Feb 25th : We fuck all the day long, but she asked me to work my
female orgams. I've lost all that I seemed to have learnt she said I'm back with the belt. What's more she decided we should slow down our work to twice a week.

Feb 26th : nothing.

Feb 27th : First weekly session.

Mar 2nd : Second weekly session.

Mar 6th : Another session... I badly want to cum

Mar 7th : Closed in the toilets I tried to remove the belt, I tried to push my finger in my ass but it's difficult and the belt did not help. This let me more horny and frustrated than before. But I've discovered that my ass is hairy again.

Mar 9th : I proposed her to tie myself. She find it's good I
participate more actively. I didn't change the position, but asked if I shouldn't be waxed. She hesitated between shaving or waxing.
I choosed waxing, but how it hurts... and finally the session had been more a waxin session than other.

mar 12th : I tried to sodomize myself with a banana, without result: crushed it.

mar 13th : I proposed another position. My wrist are always tied to my ankles, but I'm no more on my back but keeling. The position is so humiliating that I didn't dare asking for sodomy. I kept the gag on to be sure not asking. But I hoped that she would try. She said changing position was a good idea, an this more female position was not bad.
Let's concentrate on things, she said, today we will work with my balls only. At one moment I thought I never had any penis and that her fingers would slide into me. She was happy when I explained her that.

mar 14th : The cucumber was too big I think.

mar 16th : Same position, concentrate on both ass and balls...
She fingered my little hole, how exciting is was... but never
come to it again...

mar 17th : I asked to buy some carrots, but she refused she doesn't like carots, her mother forced her to eat some when she was younger...
But who spoke of eating carots...

mar 20th : I went in shop for sex toy and bought a dilido. perhaps It would give some ideas... I tie myslef as the days before.
The dilido is a good idea she said, It will avoid to distract me
when she will have her ovulation day. But she didn't used it.
She say I should try to have my leg more spread.

mar 23rd : I bought a spreader bar from the shop I bought the dilido.
Once my ankles are in it I can hardly move. She played with my balls She said She would like thread them into a noose... Why didn't she play with my ass ?

mar 24th : For her ovulation day I'm invited to help her with the dilido, but I'm still in the belt. I cryed. She said It's good I let my feminine part take over the masculine. I would have shoved the dilido in my ass

mar 27th : I proposed to only have my hands tied in my back so we could change the position easily. I also propose to have my dick sellotaped on my belly. She refused, I unconsciously ruined her effort like when I mastubated every days. She accepted the tape and to work without gag.
As working she asked me for sliding her finger in my hole. I refused not to let her think that I wanted it. "I won't insist if you do not want it, But I think a part of the solution is there". I plead for it but she didn't accept, because she doesn't want to force me in any ways.

mar 28th : She asked me to look at her while she use the dilido, watching her should help me to build a female orgasm.

mar 30th : The session is moved for tomorrow. We have a friend of her for diner. Just before dessert she showed her my belt and explain our reseaches. She suggested I wear woman clothes once at home. And finally they show me how to build female orgams. Of course I still keep my belt.

mar 31st : We went in mall and bought some women clothes for me. I had to wear them this saturday afternoon.
For the session I'm back in doggy position but with the spreader bar on. I suggested we choose a part balls or ass, and hold the investigations how deep she wanted,
It is a reseach subject and not only for pleasure. She's proud of my position
And tied my balls tight. I screamed, but with gag she didn't understood.

avr 1st : All the day she explained me that this evening we will experiment sodomization. I was happy but tried not to show it. I tied myself in position, with the gag on when she said "April fool's" But I see how guts you have...

avr 3rd : She asked me to wear stocking and I asked her to continue her investigations on, and that I've tought about my ass and that it should our investigation subject this evening... Wrist tied to my ankles and to the spreader bar, with some net stocking, my gag, and my blindfold I wait.
A hot thick oil is pourred on my ass, and then she caress my little hole I was very hot when she finally introduced her finger in it. It wasn't bad, but not as wonderfull as I imagined. Then she introduced two of them, then three... When I explained her that she was anxious I wasn't becoming homosexual. I tried to explain her that we were near our purpose
But she asked for a one week pose.

avr 6th : I asked for a session but she refused. Her friend came back for dinner I had to serve them wearing maid clothes. After the dinner I've been tied for a session with the two girls. I had to lick one as the other was playing with my balls.
I was near exhausted, when they began shoving the dilido into my ass. They asked me to say them how it was better, and in a few minutes I was experimenting my first female orgasm. They insisted that I had to lick all my mess before being untied.

avr 7th : Our research is finished, but they prefer I stay in the chastity belt, I'm their maid for the whole day. They passed all the day in bed promising I soon will be allowed to play with her.

avr 8th : Today they played with me : waxing day ! All my body hair is removed.
It is better with my women clothes. They asked my If I needed my dick any more. I'm vaguely aware of having one. They said that they prefer me not as a man, so I accepted the castration. 

Would you accept to find this feminine part of you ?

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