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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Princess saw

Hi !
It's long since I posted last time, but here is the next story.

This little Island is ruled by Queens. They become Queen at their sixteenth birthday. But they have to come through an ordeal. Charlotte is about to draw the sentence that will be applied to her. She is fearless. She knows that most of the sentences that can be applied to her would be being displayed in public. She just hopes she will not have to be in the nude, or whipped. She knows her mother had to be whipped nude from the waist up and had to stay tied to the whipping post for four hours. Every one could have a look at the whip marks in her back or her breast. What’s more, the position is far from comfortable. Her grand mother drew a pillory sentence she had to perform in the nude. So she knows what to expect, she knows she will experiment fear and shame, as a prisoner will do when she sentences him. So her trials will be fair. She takes two balls in the bag, a zero and a one, and she puts them onto the board’s holes. The judge in front of her worries as he sees the numbers which is to form onto the board.
Once the balls filled all the holes, he talks to her:”It’s uncommon to have a zero beginning number my highness. I were you I’ll drew a new number again. This affair, if we have the folder is rather old.” She looks at him and replies:”It is kind of you to make the offer, but I’d rather play the game.” The rule is clear, the princess has to discover the sentence as it is applied, but the judge that are with her is allowed to offer her to drew new numbers if he considers the sentence cannot be applied. “Unless you consider the sentence cannot be carried on today because it requires something we have not today, I won’t chicken out” she adds.
Meanwhile the clerk is back and drops the heavy folder onto the desk. The numbers match. The judge opens it at the sentence entry. “Err, how to say! My highness technically I guess the sentence can be applied, but I plead you….” But he princess interrupted him: “Are you a judge or a lawyer to plead?”
“Err, as each sentence in the kingdom it has to be confirmed by the Queen. So the sentence will be applied tomorrow at sunrise. From now to then you will be imprisoned in the old jail building. You can decide to change your draw until the sentence is confirmed.” The judge says.
“The old jail building” asks Charlotte, “that’s not common. I always dreamt to sleep there for one night.”
“From now on, and up to the end of your sentence you are forbidden to use your title of princess and the privilege that are attached to it” the judge added.
“Miss Charlotte, may I ask you to put your hands on your back” the sheriff asks behind her.
At first she was marked by the fact he didn’t said “Your highness” but it was not required since a few seconds, then she smiled at the way he asked her, as she supposes he did not speak to prisoner the way he just did to her. She puts her hands in her back and feels the cold metal closing around her wrists.

She is not easy as four men at arm led her through the courthouse. But she stops a moment as she has get outside. She did not think about that, she has to walk to the old jail building, and every body will see her cuffed. It takes a few second to realize that she will be publically sentenced tomorrow morning so every one will see her cuffed any way.

Charlotte visited the new jail some weeks ago. She wanted to know where she would have to pass a night before being sentenced. However, the Old jail building was something different. Moreover, she was thinking about drawing a number again. The stoned halls are dark and wet. The cells’ ceiling are low. There is no pane of glass at the windows, so cold air flows through the cells. They enters a cell. She sees rings at the walls and a curious device in the centre of the cell: “Isn’t that part of the museum?” she asks. “It is, but it can be used when needing. Err, it is required you strip naked.” “Of course” she answered, but she was wondering where was the prisoner uniform she would have to wear.
She was uneasy, only wearing underwear in font of the soldiers. The sheriff took her dress.
“Miss Charlotte, I mean truly naked, it was the procedure at the age this sentence was applied” says she Sheriff kindly. “I did not know, she answered as she removed her panties and bra, But I will be given a uniform won’t I?” Once she is stark naked two soldiers come to her and cuff her arms to the rings. “I’m afraid not. At that time prisoners were required to be naked, we will come back during the night” the sheriff answers. He seems to have a look at her nicely trimmed pubic hair and they leave.

Therefore, she stays alone in the cell. The ceiling is so low that she cannot stand up. Her wrists cuffed at waist height on each side of her do not allow her to sit. The position forbids her all forms of modesty and her body is exposed. Why will the sheriff come during the night she wonders? She guesses she will be tied in position that will allow her some rest. She is still puzzled at the device. It is metal made, with some ring that may be designed to shackle wrists or ankles. She is glad she has not been tied in it. A few minutes elapsed and a soldier came.
“You are coming back?” she asks. “Err, my Highness, err Lady Charlotte, I ‘m just patrolling”. She amazed at the confused soldier.

“You have proposed her to draw again?”
“Twice and with witness, my royal highness” replies the judge.
“What can I do, Can I dismiss the sentence” asked the Queen to her counsellor.
“Of course you can, but it would be disastrous. The sentence is a sentence you daughter applied to herself. If you dismiss the sentence, you say she is unable to rule” says the first counsellor.
“What’s more, you will be seen as taking more care at your family than at the kingdom laws” adds the second one.
“All you can do is waiting for her to decide to redraw. She can do it until you confirm the sentence, and you have to confirm the sentence before midnight.” A third one explains.
The fourth came to the queen’s ear and says:” If she’s unable to reign, you’ll be the queen for 3 more years before your second daughter reaches the age of being queen in your place” Of course the Queen only, hears that. The Queen stops and makes her mind: “How much time before you are ready to apply the sentence tomorrow.” “It would be better the decision is made by eleven” says the executioner.
-So, she as until a quarter to eleven to change her mind, by then the sentence SHE has chosen is confirmed and to be applied as it was arranged.

It is twenty to eleven and the Judge, the Sheriff and four soldiers get down to the old jail building. Charlotte is exhausted to try finding a position she could stand.
-Charlotte my dear niece, how are you?” asks the judge.
-Hi, More exhausting than I thought, but it is not supposed to pleasure isn’t it?”
-Eventually. You still can choose to redraw; I guess it won’t be shameful to do it.”
-My uncle, it fine of you, but I must do it so I’ll be an indisputable Queen tomorrow evening.”
-I guess it means no redrawing”
-No redrawing”
-By denying the proposition of redrawing you made the sentence confirmed, by the way it is an offense for a convict not to call me ‘my honor’, you’re not the princess any more.”
Charlotte fells a knot builing in her stomach. The sheriff makes a sign and the soldiers come into Charlotte’s cell and uncuff her from the wall. They turn her arms so she has to sit on the cold floor, and a maid arrives. She began to rub cream on her pubic hair.
-What… what are you doing ?” she asks. “You do not deserve to have pubic hair trimmed in the royal family way, you are a convict now.” The judge answers. The maid shaves her pubic hair and she feels more than naked in front of theses men. A tear comes to one eye.
As soon as the maid finishes, the soldier push on her arms again and she is forced to kneel in front of the judge. Then she realizes his trouser is low. She looks at the sheriff and sees that his sex is far more hard and long than the judge one.
-It’s unfair you cannot” she began. “YOU choose the sentence, and it began by being raped my most of the official in this building, and imagine we’re far less numerous than at that time.
Charlotte feels lost, she does not argue and takes the judge small penis in her mouth. The sheriff and the soldiers using her cunt. When one of them pushed his penis into her ass she trys to protest, but the slow growing penis prevents her from doing it. “Sucking a man from the royal family’s not easy, is it?” laughed the sheriff. Charlotte was a virgin as a queen to be must. Now the six men have raped her.

“Now the cubic chair” says the sheriff. The soldiers lead her to the device. She looks at the device but where to sit? Her arms are put onto the arms and cuffed, her butt is off the floor, she has to stay crouching, but they took her legs and cuff them to front legs of the chair. The position is uncomfortable and humiliating. Her legs are opened, and she saw cum and blood flowing down from her cunt and ass. The soldiers lift the cube and something is slipped behind. She hopes to sit on it, but as the cube is lowered, she slowly impales herself onto the dilidos.

She is broken as the night goes on. From time to time, a soldier comes and has a look at her. She is unable to move, and the sticks in her pussy and ass are hurting her. As she looks at herself she sees her naked body bruised and a mix of semen and blood flowing from her intimacy. Little by little, the shock and fame are replaced by anger and fear. She begins to think about her revenge when she is the Queen. But for now she is frightened by the sentence to come.

The day is not there when a soldier comes to her. She worries about a new rape, but the man proposes her some bread and water and helps her to eat and to drink, as she is unable to move.

Finally, she sees some light from window. The fear takes her, as the executioner comes to her.
-Please let me draw again, I do not want this sentence!” she shouts at him
He’s annoyed and comes to her
-I’m not sure Lady Charlotte, but I think it is to late. You have to show bravery to the Island people, they cannot remember a coward as Queen.
-Please, Please let me draw again....
-I cannot promise.... but if you allow me a favour, I’ll lead you to the courthouse to see if a redraw is possible.
-Oh god thank you, whatever you want it is definitively granted.
-I was not there yesterday evening, and I appreciate you suck my dick.
Charlotte was horrified, but has no choice as she was unable to move and the executioner thread is sex into her mouth. His sex was different from the judge one. Because the male from the royal family are castrated, so the judge was castrated, but the executioner was not.
The thick dick is the girl’s mouth, and the executioner continues to push. The princess can do nothing cuffed as she is, but to let the shaft entering deep into her throat. The young girl was not prepared and is disgusted by the situation. She also is panicked when the dick cuts her breath. And finally she coughs as she gets some air back. She is furious but when she begins to protest the executioner cums in her face.
-That’s perfect, the executioner says, we will leave that cell Lady Charlotte.
The princess was furious but too happy to leave her cell. A soldier opens one cuff around her arm and she is surprised to see him close another cuff around that arm. Before she says anything, the executioner explained:”I must follow the procedure, so we are obliged to use this integral cuff on you”. It does not take long and the princess is cuffed wrists and ankles, but at least she is able to get up and to let the wooden sticks out of her holes. All her muscles are hatching and the integral cuff imposes her to stay bent.
-We’re going on says the executioner.
-Cannot I wash answers the princess that has semen on her face and semen and blood on her tights.
-It is not possible here, but once at the courthouse you will be allowed to be uncuffed and to wash.
Charlotte is eased. But quickly she has to walk slowly in the middle of the soldiers, and when the old jail building door opens she sees the crowed place and the gallows that had been built during the night. She is afraid to be seen nude and dirty, to be seen humiliated. They walk around the gallows, and Charlotte sees the courthouse’s door. She realizes how humiliated she was the day before when she was lead to the jail. Today she is naked and soiled and there is a lot of people, but she is eased to reach the door of the courthouse. Suddenly the two soldiers behind her get her arms and lead her to the left. She is surprised. She is horrified as the soldiers are holding her up over the stairs up to the wooden platform. It takes her some time to realize the executioner betrayed her. She is about to shoot at him when she ears him
-For these people you are the future Queen, please keep your behaviour.
Charlotte is humiliated to be displayed in front of so much people. She thinks about her revenge when she will be the Queen this evening. She is annoyed the capital sentence has been abolished some years ago. Of course it can still be applied when the sentenced one agree but she does not think the Judge or the executioner will agree to be sentenced to death. This aspect of the law always made her laugh.

Once onto the gallows, she looks anxiously around her but do not seen any pillory. She just sees two thin poles. She then understands she will be displayed spread-eagled between these poles. She hopes she will be whipped or beaten. The integral cuff is removed, and the executioner leads her to the poles.
-You have to put yours hands on the floor nest to the poles.
She surprised and kneels to put her hands as she is requested. Two ropes are provided to tie her wrists to the poles and threaded in small holes so she will not be able to raise her hands.
-Please push on your hands the most you can.
Once again she does want she is asked. The soldiers take her legs and she is upside down.
-I will be displayed that way, she realized, I hope they won’t stick a flag in my cunt!”
She quickly realizes the position is far from comfortable. First there is the blood back to the head, the saliva which is hard to swallow. But she fells more displayed than ever with her hairless crotch pushed up that way. And finally she is hung by her ankles and the only way to release the pain in her ankles is to push on her hands and this is exhausting.

The executioner kneel next to her :” This will not be too long about one hour, But I suggest you to wear that gag.”
She is afraid; what will the do to her that requires her to be gaged, but as she begins to ask the gag is slipped into her mouth and let her unable to make more than some noises.

She is furious, but what can she do? Waiting to be the new Queen, It will not be so long now.

The executioner is in front of her but she cannot see what he is doing, her breast is in the way. She is afraid of what he is doing between her opened legs. She sees him taking something like a wooden handle. She afraid of what will be screwed in her displayed hole. The fear is too much for a girl that had not been to the toilets for so long, and she loose her bladder control.
She never felt she could be humiliated any more, her urine is flowing along her belly down to her face, and there is nothing she can do to avoid it to fill her nostrils and mouth.

Then she sees the gleam and understands. She knows the tool that is being placed between her thighs. She wishes she is at the jail, of being displayed naked, whipped, soiled but not that. She tried to yells but the gag prevents her from doing it. She understands the executioner when he said it will not be long enough, but still too long for her. She tried to move, but she is securely tied to the poles and cannot escape her fate. She also understands the Judge insistence to redraw. She refused several time, so she had chosen this sentence.

She cannot see who is the other one, as these kind of saw are to be used by two lumberjack. Her eyes are on the blade which is slowly lowered. Now she can fell it between her lips. It touches her clit at the front and passes between her butts at the rear; she is just about to be cut in two. She fells the cold contact from the terrible tool.

The men stops in that position, it seems to last forever. She hopes it is only to make her a joke, but she sees the executioner draw his handle. The pain explodes in her clitoris and quickly in her crotch. She could not have supposed how much pain is it. The saw slowly dangles drawn and pushed. She cannot see any things as the blood splashes on her body and face. Her easy are also full of tears. She cannot sees the humour of the pain caused by her pleasure button. She supposes she will die quickly but she feels the saw advancement through her body
It takes five minutes at least before they reach her belly button, and she is still conscious…
-About 30 minutes before we reach your hearth, then you will die, princess.

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