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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hunting a witch

This story is a fantasy by Beynazura.

Deep in the dark forest was a little house. Here Alwynn was preparing potions and curses. She was a witch, but not a bad dark witch. She only used her knowing and magic to help people who came to her. Of course while she was in the house her appearance was changed so she couldn’t be recognized by her costumers in everyday life. So despite she looked old, grey haired, and big noosed, she was a twenty-five brunette. She was just making a magic draught for a friend of her, who as a prostitute was pregnant. This little blond whore needed to be cleared from that baby. Then she would have to prepare a potion for an old wife whose back was hurting. But she got aware; a witch hunter entered the house area. So she stopped making potions and ran away from the house.
A few minutes later they met. And the witch hunter asked what she was doing in a witch area.
-I was looking for roots she answered.
-It seems you haven’t found some replied the witch hunter as his assistant laughed. Alwynn realized she forgot her root bag in the house. A bag she always was carrying in a case like that one!
-Using the services of a witch is punished also, so you’re my prisoner, you’ll be given some whipping.
Alwynn thought of running, but what could she have done against two men on horses. She preferred to wait for the right opportunity to escape. Meanwhile They tied her arm in her back wrist to elbow, and a noose was slipped over her head and cynched around her neck. “This will encourage you to follow us” said the witch hunter, and Alwynn had to follow them inside the deep forest, hoping not to fall as she had to run without using her arms.
She was near exhausted when they reached the house. She was afraid that the curse that changed her appearance would work and betray her.
-Do you know that house?” asked the witch hunter.
-No I was was just looking for roots and berries”
-You’ll come in it with me, then we will set fire to the house!”
-Don’t be afraid, you won’t be in it while it burns! If you’re a witch you’ll burn on the village place tomorrow morning did he say while laughing. If you’re not you would get some lash for using of sorcery!”
The two men entered the house leading Alwynn with the rope they used as a leash.
As she passed the door Alwynn appearance changed back to the tradition witch for stories. A curse that was designed to protect her form her customer so they could not recognize her in everyday life, but today it would prove to the witch hunter and his assistant that she is the witch they are looking for.
-Isn’t that the roots you’re supposed to be looking for in that area, said the witch hunter before looking at Alwynn, Oh my God, you’re the witch !”
-Yes I am, said Alwynn, But I’m a good witch, I never do bad things…
But before she could argue anymore the hunter’s sword was pointing her neck.
-All witch are bad things that only deserved to be purified by fire!
She saw so much hate in his eyes that she kept quiet.

For the trip to the village Alwynn was packed on the horse saddle. And she soon found herself being stripped and being locked in a cage that was so small that she was unable to stand her full height in it. She would have used her hand to hide her intimacy but her arms were still tied in her back so she couldn’t invoke a spell to free herself. She was depressed and did not see how she would escape her fate, which promised to be painful and humiliating.

The night passed, but Alwynn didn’t sleep. The cage was so small that she was unable to lay comfortably. She was petrified with fear when she heard the witch hunter and his assistant arrival. They got her out of the cage and put an iron necklace around her neck.
-This you will keep it until you’re ashes!
She felt him toggle her onto a table and the two men spreaded her legs. She realized they were about to rape her...

She shouted as no other prisoner shouted as she was raped by the two men. The jail guard where surprised as she was calm up to now. But after the rape she was still shouting. Saying she was not a witch, she didn’t deserve to burn, and a lot of nonsense. Gag her said the witch hunter as he was closing his trouser.

He was having a smile on his face as he looked at the struggling women being dragged to the stake. She was struggling and fighting, but soon she was tied to the stake and the wood was being lit. The witch hunter climbed onto the gallows and said to her: ”Never again rape a true witch, but I'm sure you won’t”.

The cries of the witch hunter being burnt as a witch were pleasure for the witch. And she soon found surprised by her own excitation. She was not used to a male body. “I’ve to change back to girl’s one, I cannot stay like that”. She was beginning to think as she found herself in front of the blonde whore that asked Alwynn a potion to make her baby pass.
-Sir, would you like me to help you being discared of that, said the whore looking at the witch hunter crotch.
He/she followed the young blonde up to her room, and accepted as she proposed to do it as usual. The excitation was so intense that once the clothes removed he slid his penis into her cunt. As the first wave of pleasure came he opened his eyes to realize the Blonde girl tied herself. Knowing what it meaned he couldn’t stop himself and cum. When the witch came back to herself she was in the whore body.
-But what happened asked the witch hunter!

As the witch explained what happened to the whore, that one recognized she would appreciate not to be a whore any more and accepted to switch bodies.

Alwynn was relieved that she takes it well and began to appreciate this new female body. Reminding herself that she was pregnant, she asked the age of the pregnancy.
Then only she realized that the man was dressed and that she was still nakeda nd tied on the bed. In her question the answer was simple:
-Aren’t witch’s hunters supposed to hunt witches!

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