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Monday, February 20, 2012

The concubine death.

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From the cell window she can see the town. Her cell is in the tower with the noble’s people, so she can see the two men being driven down the place of execution. From what she sees they will be broken and braided onto a wheel. She knows it will her turn soon. She wonders how she will be killed. As a noble’s woman she might be beheaded. She imagines herself climbing onto the platform with dignity and kneels in front of the block. What would she feel as the axe would drop and cut her neck? Perhaps it would be a sword, does it makes a difference. She puts her hands around her neck, and she sees her steel braced wrists.

The men complain along their way. Do they know how they will be executed? She is anxious about being beheaded, what do they feel about what they will have to go through? If they were noble they would have been beheaded. She is happy the king made her noble. It gives her the right to be here in the tower alone in her cell.

When the king died she knew she would in trouble. The queen asked to have her killed. The new king is so young, and the queen rules the country for him, so she has to die because the king liked to join her in her couch. She heard that sometimes newsy noble people had been executed as common people. She would not like to be hung. It seems to her it is quickest to be beheaded rather than being strangled by a noose. She was still holding her neck.

The men where climbing on the platform on which they are to be broken. She feels so sorry for them. They are stripped. How humiliating it may be she thought. She had never seen a noble’s man being beheaded naked. If was not executed as noble women she probably will be striped naked also before being hanged. As her crime has been to have sex with the king she would have to hang naked. She would have to keep her dignity and so the shame would be for the queen.

She hears the men shouting as they are tied. It is nothing as what it will when they be broken.

She cannot keep her eyes off the men. They are now dangling on their wheel naked and broken, waiting to die slowly as the light become low.

She’s awoken. The man is smiling:
-I have to help you being ready…. For you know your execution.
She looks at him.
-Here is the linen dress you’ll have to wear. Do you want me to braid your hair?
-Do…. Do I have to dress in front of you?
-I’m sorry, it is the rule. If you need sex I can help you either. Only if you need it. Afterward it will impossible.
Naked in front of him…. She’s afraid….
-would you like to caress me?
And the man was gentle. She was still in the throw of her orgasm when he tied her wrist and she found herself out of the prison without thinking. But now she knows she’s driven to the platform of her execution, a one way trip. Will she be beheaded of hung? She will soon know.
She sees the noose before climbing the stairs. She hope she will be able to keep her dignity.
Climbing the stair with the hand tied in her back is harder then she expected. Her legs are almost unable to carry her weight. “Dignity!” she thinks as she is in front of the noose. The rope that is about to strangle her to death.
She’s surprised her hands are untied.
A man come to her and shred her dress. She shouts in surprise, and put her hands in her back for him to tie them again. She has a tear in her eyes. She looks in the crow, and them at the queen which is furious to see her keep her dignity as she humiliated.

She’s awaken again : It was a dream she’s not about to be hung.
The ugly dwarf is shaking her.
-Quick, strip I’ve to shave you before you will be snuffed.
The old man is not gentle as she shave her pubic hair and head. She’s crying as she’s more than naked.
She looks at him.
-On all four quick he says as he lower his trousers.
-You cooperate or I rape you.
She obeys and shouts as his sex is brutally threaded into her ass.
She’s still crying as he ties her hands on her front.
-I…. I won’t have a dress ?
-You needn’t any.
And she’s driven in tears to the prison door.
The car that waits for her as a pole and her wrists are ties to the pole so she’s on her tiptoes during the trip. She displayed for every one.

As they arrived near the platform she take time to understand. There is no noose. She yield in horror. There is a pole. She struggles as she untied and fight against the guards not to be carried onto the platform, as the men to be wheeled did the day before.

-Let her have the shaft she deserves, the queen says. She’s enjoying the spectacle.

Guards are holding the concubine over the pal. Another one opens her and led the end into her ass. She felt the tip of wood penetrating her. This opening as been lubrificated by the dwarf semen.

She’s in panic. She tries to used the feet onto the pole when the guard are lowering her.
She’s shrieking as she feels to poker penetrating her rectum. She’s sliding down.
She stops and the guard’s hands are removed. The pain is unbearable. She feels herself being shredded and sliding again.

She is surprised she’s still alive when her legs touch the floor again, she has still a long way to go before dying. In her tearful eyes she supposes she is seeing the men that have been wheeled the day before.

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