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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A consensual gay belting

It all began one year ago. Alan and I were living together for years and were happy. In fact I was becoming bored with our sex life. With time we used to have sex only once a week and it was like a procedure. Alan began by giving me oral. He is great for blowjobs. Then I fucked him in the ass. And, to finish I looked at him jerk him off. It may seem odd but it was the way we liked it.
It was the way we liked it, but I was hoping for something else. I supposed Alan was too. So I began to have a look at some porn the get idea to spice up our sex life. On some kinky sites I found chastity cages. I was immediately aroused. I imagined Alan wearing the cage. I collected some information about chastity, and how long a cage can be worn. I did not imagine making Alan wearing one more than a few hours, but on these sites it was written a cage can be worn several days !
Perhaps Alan was not was bored as I was, because when I explain him the idea, he just answer I was mad. I asked him how to have something new in our sex life, but he did not seem interested.
I waited a couple of week, to show him the chastity cages again. I explained him how the cage wearer would be aroused and horny waiting to be unlocked from the cage. I said we would wear it in turn. He just answered “no way”…
I was sad after Alan point of view, and on my mind I was not able to think about something else than chastity. I try not to speak about it at Alan anymore, but it was difficult and I passed more and more time on the net reading stories about chastity. Of course I preferred gay stories with males locked with male key holders and most of the stories were forced chastity. I preferred consensual ones. It has not been long before Alan caught me masturbating and reading a story.
-OK, you’re really into it, so show me more !
I showed him lots of pictures of people wearing chastity belts and cages. I also let him read some stories I knew were consensual gays stories. I explained him that I did not want imposed chastity, but just a way to deny one of us. I was surprised when Alan asked me to choose three or 4 cages. He would buy one of them and make me wear it, to see if I was able to keep it one week long.
At first I was surprised. In my mind it was Alan who was supposed to wear the cage, but, I had said that we would wear it in turns, and Alan wanted me to take the first one. I was also happy to realize his investment in this game of mine, so I chose some cages. I chose CB3000. I like the idea of the clear plastic through which the locked cock would be seen. I also selected a stainless steel version of the CB3000. The third one was an amazingly short cage that came with a urethral plug and was made of steel wires. And I showed Alan a neosteel chastity belt that was my fourth choice. Due to the price of the latter I knew Alan would not choose it, and I wondered which one he would choose. I was sure it would be one of the CB3000 as fitting his long penis in the short wired cage would be difficult.
The bulge at Alan’s crotch was slightly visible and we had sex right after I selected the cages. I realized that keeping the cage one week long would not be easy. It was not the way of chastity I had thought of.
Some days later Alan called me at office. He said the cage was arrived and he proposed me to try it on for some hours on the following weekend. It was Friday and Alan was not due to work on Saturday, so I accepted. He added that perhaps it could be interesting I was blinded as he would fit the chastity cage for the first time so I would find out which one he chose once the cage locked onto me.
Once at home, Alan explain me that he would lock me at the beginning of the afternoon of Saturday. We both were excited and had sex again. I was anxious that I would be locked for one week very soon. On Saturday morning we had sex again. And after the meal Alan asked me to shower. I still was nude when he led me to our chamber and put a blind on my eyes. I felt him push something cold onto my cock then I felt him tread something around my balls. My hearth was pulsating hard as I was waiting for the click of the shutting of the lock, but I did not hear it when Alan removed the blind.
I experienced a lot of feelings at that moment, and I looked at my crotch with both horror and pleasure. What hit me at first was how small my dick looked, it was almost gone. It was wrapped in the small steel wired cage. I did not see any locks, but before I could ask anything Alan urged me to dress up because he needed to buy trousers and some books so we had to go for the mall.
At first I was disappointed. I would rather look at the cage than dress and go to the mall. Alan asked me to drive, and explained that I would have too much time to see how the cage fit, but first I had to be used to wearing it, and the best was to keep my mind busy. I understand his point of view. In the mall, we bought trousers and spent some time in the book store. When he asked me to leave because he had found his medicine book I was on a book I looked for ages, and he waited until I was ready, which was not the Alan I was used to. Once back at home, Alan suggested we remove the cage. I explained him how surprised I was, as I thought I was wearing it for one week long. He laughed and explained I needed an habituation period. He had planned to make me wear the belt for two hours, and I was in it for three hours. I would wear it between 4 and 6 hours the next day.
I put on the blindfold before he removed the cage. I get hard instantaneously, and he began to blow it. We had sex but he refused to let me fuck him in the ass. We had done it already that day, and I would need to do it the following day after having worn the cage for more time. We finished by jerking together. I knew it for centuries, but I was stricken by the difference in size about our cocks. Mine was smaller and thinner than his. I was not jealous, but perhaps humiliated. As if it was regular that I was the one to be locked because I was having the smaller dick.
The next day Alan woke me up near ten in the morning. He asked me to shower and to put the blindfold on. Once again I was not allowed to see how the cage was locked, and there was no click. I asked him, but he just smiled. As I dressed he said that he would not unlock before 2:00pm, but he hoped I would keep the cage until 4:00 pm, and I was not to wear it until 6:00pm. As soon as I was ready Alan drove me to a nearby restaurant, and after the meal we had a walk in the park, so we were not home before 4:00 pm. I had worn the belt 6 hours without difficulties. I just discovered I need to sit to pee after the meal, something I had not to do on the first day. I really felt “little dicks deserves to be locked”. Once at home I tried to read, but I couldn’t stop thinking about my small locked dick.
Of course during these two trials I had some erections and it felt uncomfortable, but not painful, but up to now I always had been out of home occupied. Once at home my mind was only focused on the chastity cage, on the fact I was unable to get hard. Alan might have seen how uneasy I was and proposed me to go to our room. I explained him I wanted to wait until 6. He answered he agreed but we could have a look at the cage together.
A few minutes later we were in the nude looking at my cock trying to get hard in its cage. I was really aroused and was felling the frustration. Alan explained me that he felt the urethral plugs would be too much for beginning, but that we would be testing them soon. He showed me the vice that hold the cage in place so there was no lock, so no click when locking the cage. My unachieved erection was beginning to be painful as the cage was straining at my balls, but my cock stayed in its one inch long box. In front of me I saw Alan’s cock. Once again I felt I was the little dicked one and I took Alan’s cock in my hand and began to stroke it. Little by little we took a 69 position and I began to suck his cock as he was massaging my crotch. I wasn’t used to give blow jobs, but it helped me in managing my arousal. Alan seemed uneasy asking if I was able to stand it, or if I preferred him to stop, and I assured him he could continue on. We stopped at 6:00pm for Alan to unlock the cage, and we continued on our 69. It was wonderful to be able to get hard and fell Alan’s tongue on my cock’s head!
My arousal had been heightened by the frustration. Alan stopped before I cum and asked me to fuck him in his ass. So we finished in our usual way.
That night I thought at how I had liked to suck Alan’s big cock as mine was locked, and how Alan caress around my balls had felt good. If I was a ass fucker I had never let anybody fuck me there, and it was the first time I enjoyed being caressed there.
The next morning was Monday, and Alan locked me and explained that after being locked 3, then 8 hours, I was to be lock more than 12 hours. At first being locked at work was frightening, but in fact it helped me to focus on my work not to be aroused. Peeing was the real thing that made me feel I was locked. Alan did not unlock me before bed time, and like the Sunday the last hours were the most difficult. Once again we had sex.
The Tuesday was special. Alan locked me as the day before, but he inserted the urethral plug. I felt intimately penetrated. I was not painful, but really uncomfortable. In my mind it was worst than just wearing the cage, I felt my cock would be lost forever. The first hours were terrible,  I was unable to work. But I realized peeing standing was possible again, I just had lost some of the felling of the stream of urine. Alan removed the urethral plug and unlocked me at bed time. He explained me he suspected the urethral plug could induce bladder infection. As he is a doctor, I believe him. I tried to explain him the feeling and how peeing was easier while standing. He laughed and said the next day was being a day off. We also had sex this evening
After two day in chastity at work, I felt in some way nude without my cage. I enjoyed having erections. But at Bed time I saw the chastity cage lying on my table. Alan asked me to lock myself. I found it more humiliating than having him doing it, I hardly slept that night, every beginning of erection awaking me. So I was happy that Alan gave me the key back on the morning. I explained at Alan that I preferred him to lock and unlock me, but he replied he wanted me to be able to do it.
Another day without chastity cage at work, I really enjoyed my erections. But at evening Alan locked me for 24 hours. As I was tired I succeeded in sleeping that night but it was not easy. The Friday went on without many problems. I just had to sit to pee. The evening Alan unlocked me after I began to suck him. Once again I felt little dicked in front of him.
On Saturday Morning Alan said He would lock me at 10:00 pm for one week long. He would only unlock me for showering. I would be unlocked the following Saturday at 10:00am. I was afraid of keeping the cage for all nights.
Alan kept me occupied for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday, so the days were not difficult. At evening I began to open Alan’s trousers, but he refused to avoid having me too frustrated. The nights were really difficult. On the Monday morning Alan asked me to cuff my hands in my back. I was surprised. I did not know we had cuff. In fact he bought them with the cage. Once my hands cuffed in my back he helped me to shower without the cage and locked me again. I was glad Alan thought at that and I was glad to have an erection which had been denied to me for two days. The day at work was easy as I kept my mind occupied my by work. Alan suggested I tried to go at sport after work. I was uneasy while undressing, but I found that I could change my underwear in the toilets so nobody saw the cage I was wearing. Once at home, I began to think about sex, so to change my mind I began cooking. When Alan arrived he was really enjoyed to see me keeping my mind away from sex.
At evening, I asked him to give him a blow-job. He began to refuse. I explained him that I liked to do it and that I was wondering if it was helping by enjoying his orgasm as I cannot have one. I did not dare saying him that I was feeling short dicked while in the cage. I was surprised by how well I slept that night. Tuesday went on as the Monday. I was more confident at sport, and when I proposed a blowjob at Alan he asked if it helped me, and as I answered it did, he accepted but asked for the two of us to undress to do it. Once naked I could not help but to compare our dicks size. I realized Alan was uneasy, but I said him how I felt that my cock was small. That it was even smaller when in the cage. Alan began to explain that my dick was small but that he liked it that way, that I was great at fucking people in the ass. He explained that our friends we meet every month liked to be fucked by my expert cock. I was ashamed but explained that I felt that I deserved to be locked because of my cock size. He laughed and replied after me: small cocks deserve to be locked”. I sucked him and he was gentle but asked me to swallow his big dick cum, and I did it.
On the next morning Alan wake me early and removed the cage once I cuffed my hands in my back. I was enjoying my erection in the shower, and then he dried me, and led me to the room, installed me on our bed and put the blindfold on my eyes. I asked what he was to do. He said I would see. But the buzzing and his hand on my crotch made me understand: he was shaving my pubic hairs!
He just let a patch of hair above the cage. He explained this way it was easier to lock and unlock the belt. I felt much more humiliated, I was small dicked and shaved.
The day went on as the days at the beginning of the week. Alan did not make any allusion of my cock size, and I was re insured of it. At evening he did not asked for a blowjob, and accepted when I proposed. As we got undressed I looked at my crotch. I saw he was annoyed I did not like it. So I explained I was not annoyed, that it was something that made me fell even smaller. He smiled and said “Small cock deserves to be locked”. I sucked and swallowed.
On Thursday evening Alan asked me how I did fell. He kept asking question about my small cock felling. In fact he wanted to know if I wanted him to say me I was short dicked or not. And he decided He was to say it while I was locked. That night I did not slept well. The blowjob was not worth enough to help me manage my arousal. On Friday morning I had my shower and Alan suggested I would be ass fucked. I refused as I never had been fucked there. The day had been difficult I was not able to focus my mind on anything else than fucking. I needed it so much. And I hardly slept that night.
I woke early and asked Alan to unlock me, but he refused until 10:00pm.
At 9:55pm he proposed me to undress and asked what I preferred, to unlock myself or having him doing it. I looked at him using the tool to remove the vice that had a special drawing so no other tool would work to unscrew it. It was 10:00:00am when the cage went off.  Alan gave me a blowjob, and turned around to offer me his butt. I realized his ass was already lubricated, and I slipped easily in it. He said how good it felt and that he missed my cock.
We had sex several times in the week-end and we did not speak of the cage any more. I was a little uneasy with my pubic hair so I remove it all.
On Thursday we had our meeting and I looked at the cock around me. Everybody was happy I fucked them in the ass. I had the smaller cock of the group.
On Friday evening I proposed Alan to have sex. But he said his ass was sore after too much sex this week. I looked at him and said: “small cocks deserve to be locked”.
He looked at me in the eyes: From tomorrow morning 10:00pm and for one week long?”
He gave me a blowjob and the next morning he offered me his ass, then we shaved my crotch and he locked the cage.
As he was not my first week in the cage I succeed in managing my arousal, by working hard, going to sport, cooking and offering blowjobs to Alan. But on Thursday evening I began to have difficulties to manage the arousal. Alan suggested ass fucking and I refused. He insisted and talk about my method to help men that were not ready to be ass fucked to learn to get pleasure from the ass and I refused.
The next morning was shower time. And while locking the cage again Alan said the magic sentence: small cock deserves to be locked” but he added “and learns to obey” as he showed me a butt plug.
I was hand cuffed, and Alan suggested I was not to be un-cuffed until I was plugged. A few minutes later I left for work walking uneasily due to the plug. The plug Alan had bought was thin and after half an hour I was used to it and enjoying the felling in my ass. The evening Alan caressed me around my butt. He did not penetrate me from there neither with his cock neither with a dildo, but made me wear a larger butt plug for the night. My night was not worse than the Friday to Saturday of the preceding week in the cage. At Saturday 10:00am the cage was removed and we had sex as usually. Alan made no reference to fucking my ass, but offered his to me.
We had lot of sex all the week long. And on Friday morning I asked Alan if he wanted to lock me again. He smiled and replied: Small dicks deserve to be locked” I blinked. And He added for two weeks. I thought of it all the day long. We spoke at evening, and Alan said He would help me and I was too desperate to cum I would get a blowjob the Saturday after one week.
I kept on my work, sport, and cooking routine. But on Wednesday Alan asked I wore the butt plug. It was the thinner one. I objected but he explained that we had to find a solution before I get too aroused. I liked my day in the butt plug and enjoyed the larger one for the night. But on Thursday morning Alan proposed me another one that was larger than the tow first ones.
On the evening I was so ass opened that Alan fucked me with a dildo and I cummed in the cage.
On the Saturday morning after one week Alan asked if I wanted a blowjob, and I answered: small cocks deserve to stay locked”.
I gave him blowjobs, and he used the dildo to fuck me, but by Sunday evening I asked him to fuck me with his cock. It was so huge, but quickly I enjoyed being the fucked one.
So our week went on easily now that I enjoyed being a small locked dicked that enjoyed being fucked. What I had not thought of, was our monthly meeting. Alan had. He insisted that I went to the meeting wearing my cage. I was ashamed, and all our friend were surprised to see that I now accepted to be the fucked one instead of the fucker, and I got as much cock as I wanted, in my mouth or ass.
The next Saturday Alan removed the cage and before I fucked him in the ass he looked at me and said, you have one week free and then I lock you for 3 weeks.
At first I was uneasy not wearing the cage. Of course I enjoyed being able to play with my sex, and fuck Alan, but I missed being fucked. While I was out of my cage Alan never says anything about my cock size, but I was wondering if it did not shrink during my locked periods. When I explained that to Alan he seemed very serious and made research on his own. Finally the week came to an end, and I was happy to shave my crotch for the cage to be locked. Alan measured my sex during my last erection before locking me up. I was proud that I was able to do it. Alan proposed me some pills, and on the first shower unlocking he did not cuff me: I was unable to be erected. I noticed that my libido was low, and Alan explained that the pills were a kind of chemical castration. I was to take them prior to be unlocked to have a three weeks period without erections, and then he would measure my cock again to see if it shirks. The pills made the frustration easier to bear, but I was also frustrated to have no erections at all. And the day between showers my libido seemed very high. Nothing new happened. I gave blowjobs and was fucked in the ass. We had our monthly meeting and finally the three weeks were gone. I was excited at having my first erection in almost a month, and also frightened at it, was I still able to? I had not been given any pills before it and when the cage went off and the erection was there but with pin and needles, it has been so long between the previous erections. Alan measured me and we saw I had lost almost half an inch!
I looked at him in the eyes. Then I said, if I’m even smaller do I deserve to be free?
I shaved my crotch and after a little teasing from Alan I locked the cage. Alan was laughing and asked if I wanted to be fucked: of course I did, but he made me beg for it. He accepted to do it if I was to wear the second urethral plug. I remembered when I wore the first one and accepted. It made me able to urinate while standing. As he threaded the plug I felt penetrated in the front. The plug was locked to the cage. The end was different, and Alan suggested I sit to urinate with it. I really loved to be fucked while plugged this way. But when I cum I saw the plug was tricked. The end of the plug was shut and there was small holes and around the end. To avoid a mess I had to sit to urinate and to push the cage the lower I can. This was really humiliating. So was Alan who kept on saying I was a small dicked, but not on the same tone as before. I was not given any pills and my erections came back at each shower pause during while I was cuffed. Alan kept on making me wore the plug, and making me beg to be fucked. At the end of the week I asked him to free me.
-Hey, we did not decided on when you will be unlocked. Perhaps it will never happen.
I must say, I was excited at not knowing when I would be unlocked. I was also taking pleasure at being humiliated as I had been during the whole week. And it continued on for two more weeks.
Then Alan apologized and asked how it has been for me. It was difficult to say but I was enjoying it.
Alan then asked me if I would like to have a penectomy: to have my penis removed. Before I really thought at it I heard myself saying Oh yes I really do!
That day I fucked Alan. I was the last time I did.
I wore the cage some months more. Then I meet a surgeon Alan knew.
Today the bandages are to be removed.
At first I’m astonished at the lips he made, and when he spreads them I see a clitoris like small ball. It is made from my cock head. Then there is a hole it is my pee hole. There is still a tube coming from it.
I will have to learn to get pleasure from this clitoris, but I know I will get from being fucked.

I hope you liked this new story.

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