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Monday, November 29, 2010

Medieval Justice

Here is a Fantasy By Beynazura

All my year students of history were here to visit this medieval castle. This castle was a wonderful rebuilding of a tenth century fortress. The visit was scheduled on two days: The village on the first day and the castle the next one. We began by some typical houses in the village when we arrived on the main place which was leading to the castle entrance. There were pillories. The Guide Began talking about justice in the Middle Age.

-Justice was rendered by the Lord. The decision could be a balance, but most sentences were bases on pain and shame. It begins with stocking sentences. Please take seat young lady", and he took me by the elbow. The pain in my arm was great and I had no way but to go where he led me. As the seat was in my legs I only could drop on the stock bench, and before I could have any reaction I heard the heavy wooden board enclosing my wrist and ankles. Every body was looking at me as surprised as I was.
-This was made for long sentences, one or two weeks, can you imagine staying here several days?”
-Err, The position is not so bad, I reply, but I cannot imagine staying there for more than one hour, perhaps two”.
-This spring day make it easy. You could have been sentenced a cold snowing winter day, or a hot summer one there is no shadow where we are...   ...But also imagine that on this place you have no more friends, every one can pinch you not to say the worst...   Of course some true friends will come at night to give some food and drinks. At first it appears not so bad, but finally you must understand that it is a real hardship." The Guide explained, but he showed no hurry to set me free.

-After stocking sentences we switch to death sentences, but death sentences used to begin by a stocking period, Come here sir, but as you see, it is much more uncomfortable, it is only one day before the sentence to begin." Francois was taken by the arm and very quickly found himself put in the stock in front of me.
-And do not think that death sentences were reserved to men, kneel down young lady… The guide took Sophie by the arm as he did with François and me, and before any of us understood what was going on she was kneeling her head and wrists enclosed by the pillory. I hated Sophie, and I really taught she hated me. I was happy, her position was much more humiliating than mine. What’s more she had chosen a mini dress, and this position made her unable to hide her panties. She was aware of it and tried to sit on her thighs, but the thickness of the board made it impossible for her to breathe when sitting, so she had to stay in a doggy style position.
-AhAh! The pillory doesn't allow lots of position!!!" and everybody laughed at her. “There is no known difference between the standing pillories, this young boy is experiencing and the young girl’s kneeling one”.
-For death sentences, stocks was not sufficient, the humiliation had to be greater, the Guide continued on as he went to Francois, so convict people had to strip, and he unbuttoned Francois' trousers and removed them with his briefs, I didn't see exactly what happened as the his stock was between him and me, but I heard Francois protesting as his clothes landed in the middle of the place... Sophie seemed to have difficulties to turn her head and was frightened.
-No you're not allowed...
-Stop, please, or you could be whipped... Francois shut and his teased shirt landed onto his trousers. I was shivering wondering the Guide will stop here...
-And of course, it was the same for women, he said ripping Sophie’s dress, bra and panties at once. She was crying and every one could see her naked...
-And when the sentence was due to a sexual offence, pubic hair had to be shaved, he said showing a clipper.
AS he sheared her sex Sophie hold on try to no cry too much, but I realized how much she was humiliated, and I really hoped The Guide would stop there. But he continued on to François. As that one protested, the Guide declared that men were often castrated either for sexual offence, so once again François shut.
-It is sometime said that convicts had their hair sheared, but it is untrue for the tenth century, unless the condemned was put to the "Question", that's the torture to get confession, so they could have their hair sheared or burnt.
-If you want we will go and visit the mill..., And all the student leaved letting us there...

-Sophie, I really hated you, but I'm really sorry about what happened to you, and to you also Francois". I said.
-Well, perhaps I deserve that humiliation, because I ... ... delighted to see you in this position.
-I also recognise, I delighted to see you stocked also, and in a more humiliating position than mine, but you didn’t deserve being stripped nakled and sex-sheared in public…
-I will avenge, Francois said, They're not allowed to do that ...
-I'm afraid, they are, because they make us sign a discharge form I said.
You mean, we allowed that, my god, why haven’t I read this from before signing it. I thought it was only for accident, Sophie said.
-In fact, I've read mine to late, and I did not understand what them meant by "accept to be subjected like Middle Age people that were in that place", I said.
-Do... Do you think they can ... I mean he spoke about death sentence or two weeks stocking
-Err, We should be at home tomorrow evening, Sophie, I don't think they can...  
Each of us had a look at the two other...

-What's your memoriam about? Sophie asked.
-Civil law and Justice in Middle Age I answered.
-Death torture like wheel Francois said...
-Mine was about hanging ... I had some difficulties swallowing at saying that.
-What do you mean I asked to Sophie?
-That our sentence is linked to our memoriam she answered.

-Is your position, well, comfortable François asked.
-I think I have no reason to complain, I said, I can move my head, but I wish I could move a little.
-Not too bad, it is very humiliating, and I suppose all boys have gaze between my thighs, but at least I could move a little.
-Mine is awful, I must stand, my head bent forward, and when I’m tired It cuit my breath because of the board thickness…
-I quickly discovered that also when I tried to sit Francois said Sophie. I suppose it is part of the sentence.
-Which sentence, from which trial? I’ve done nothing wrong, I do not deserve that.
-I do not think one of us deserves this sentence Francois, but we have no choice.

Some time passed and I began to fell an urge to empty my bladder. Of course I hope the Guide would come and set us free, but He wasn’t there and the need was slowly growing, and already I was unable to keep sitting, I was clenching my thigh to avoid wetting myself. Then a pissing sound came from Francois’ side.
-Oh Francois! I said.
-How do you want me to do, I really need… but as he replied a similar sound came from Sophie.
-Oh Sophie! I said again.
-Excuse-me Catherine, but hearing Francois I couldn’t hold on any longer!
-Oh, oh no, no I said as I noted a hot liquid flowed along my thighs. The odour quickly came to confirm I pissed myself.
-Catherine, Being naked has advantages, it seems, Sophie said smiling...

-Do you feel the sun hot Francois asked?
-Yes I do I said, I wish I could remove my sweater, it is really hot. Once again, being naked gives you an advantage.
-I'm not sure that it's a true one; I'm frightened about sunburnt...

-They're coming back I said.
-I hope they'll free us Sophie said.
-So do I, even if the price it to have to change my clothes in public... We laughed...

-Ok, the Guide said. So you can see that our naked friends have some colours due to the hot sun, and the third of them didn't smell well, so think about stocking not as a easy sentence. I propose to find a shadowy place near theses trees to have our picnic.”
-Have a nice time he said to us.”

-They're leaving Francois said.
-I no longer can see them I answered.
-They are just in front of me, at your back, and they're eating Sophie said.
-I'm very hungry Francois said.
-So do I, I said.
-We have to wait for somebody to give us something, I think Sophie replayed.
-No, Feeding a stocked person is punished by a one week stock sentence I explained.
-Like taking down a hung person was sentenced by hanging Sophie added.
-So Stocked people never eat asked Francois?
-Of course they did, but they were feed at night I answered.
-But I will not wait so long...
-You will wait I'm afraid we have no choice, Sophie told him.

I never felt so helpless before. Time passed slowly as the sun was heating me and buring the other’s skin. By middle of the afternoon I began to have cramps, but I supposed it was the same for the others when Francois began to complain once again
-Ah!! I've got cramp in my legs, that’s awful, I cannot take it...
-Shut up, Please, Of course you've cramp, but as I can see at her moving Sophie also has cramps and she doesn't complain.
I have pins and needles in legs and arms, and I suppose you also have in your arms. I am warm as you're burning from the sun, and this night we will be cold because you're naked and because I'm soaked with urine, and I let you imagine the pleasant smell and the irritation. We're thirsty, starving, but this is a form of torture and it is not supposed to be pleasant, and what's more Sophie and I can do nothing for you, as you cannot do anything for both of us, so we have to try entertaining ourselves instead of complaining.
-It is perhaps easier for me to change my position to avoid cramps. And I hope they won't let us there for the night. Catherine, in your search did you find anything on the fact that stocked people have to pee on themselves.
-It is not mentioned often, and it is different to read it and to suffer from it. In fact it is the most humiliating thing for me, and I cannot forget it, wetness, irritation, and smell... perhaps in Middle Age it was easier because they were used to be dirty.
In books they focus on the weather and the action of other people that could take advantage of the situation, at night by example.
And you Francois what did you find on the wheel torture.
-Well, The principle is to break bones as little as possible, and then to tie the man on a wheel until he dies. They began by running over the body with a chariot, but it as been changed to a bone breaker.
-Charming, but what is the cause of death...
-Loss of blood, sunburn, birds pecking... it is difficult to say. Some have been strangulated in reward for their braveness.
-Charming, Sophie said. Just for your information the picnic is ending, but they do not seem to come to us.
-So we can suppose we'll have to wait for the afternoon here, I answered.
-They cannot, we're missing the visit. said Francois
-In exchange we're learning the waiting of sentenced people...

And the afternoon passed slowly. Some birds came to us but we easily chased them away. But as the time went on they were less and less frightened by our crying. We could imagine that in Middle Age they were used to stocked people so they would have been difficult to chase away.

The sun was down on the horizon when the other student came back to us.
-They are only there for twelve hours. The naked ones are sunburnt, and we’re not in summer. The third one, is sweating, and if it was only sweat, she’s soaked with urine, and it is only the beginning. Now we will go for the meal and night. They will not be given food. Of course some of you will try to feed them. But if I see you doing it, you’ll share their fate...
Good night my prisoners” the guide said.

As the light was low we were getting cold. I think they were tired. We all were frightened at what was to come. I was able to see the group eating around the fire. Our breakfasts were forgotten for long and we were starving in the dark.
We tried to speak to change our mind but it was difficult.

I was getting asleep when some gays came to us…
-Hey François! How are you with young ladies, One is in the nude did you take care.

Then I realized, but in the dark it wasn’t easy, that there was some people behind François and Sophie, but I could not see what they were doing at first. They were doing it when I saw the wooden stick they shoved in François’ ass. He screamed as as piglet that is being spitted. Of course There was nothing he could do. They dig the other end of the stick so François was impaled on it and has no way to disengage it. A girl which was with them kneeled an gave him a blow job. When I turn My head I saw that Sophie was being raped. I tried to cry but as soon as I opened my mouth clothes were push into it, then a bag was put on my head. I don’t know what happened then. I think some of them pissed on me.
It lasted perhaps half an hour then they left. I heard François complaining and Sophie crying.

Time passed slowly before I heard another group of people. These ones were friendly. They freed me from my bag and gag, and François from its poker. I then saw that we all were covered with urine and semen. Our friend gave us some food and drinks. A girl took in charge washing Sophie, then François. She apologized that she couldn’t do something for my clothes. Speaking with her I learnt that Sophie was a virgin prior to her rape, and the rappers used her analy also.

Speaking was not easy after that. The night passed. I supposed they didn’t slept a lot. I was waken up by the sound of chains the Guide used on Sophie and then on François as he freed them from their pillories.
-You’ll be freed this evening young lady, the Guide said and he left leading Sophie and François. When I turned my head to see where they were going I discovered the gallows that was on the hill nearby. How could I had missed it up to now? François’ necklace chain is locked at the bottom to the gallows, as the Guide and Sophie are turning around. A noose swung with the wind. They are climbing Sophie stopped as the looked at the noose. But nude, her hands cuffed in her back she has no choice but to obey to the chain that pulled her hecklace.
I cannot see if she crying but I think that in her place I would.
Her iron necklace is opened and replaced by the rope. I saw her from my pillory where her place was empty at that time. I was alone. She was alone also. The Guide tightened the rope and she was made to climb on a tree trunk. The equilibrium is not easy as the trunk is not large enough. She was on her toes. I saw the wind I thought she was getting cold, and the Guide went downstairs. As he went ahead the gallows she looked at him with her head bent due to the tight rope around her neck.
The guide them took François leash ad lead him to the other side of the gallow. He seems to have more difficulties to climb that Sophie. Having this hands cuffed in his back he leans from right to left as he in the stairway. But when he saw something he said no and refused to go head. Several persons came to help the Guide. I couldn’t see them any more but I can hear François shouting and Sophie’s face as her place was better then mine to see what was happening.

After a few minutes something rose from the platform. It was a cross on which François was tied. All students were arriving and discovered Sophie half-hung and François crucified. At that moment A man with a black leather hood ran onto François platform. All began so quickly! He took a stick and beat François’ arms. I couldn’t watch any more but I was unable to look at something else. Methodically the executioner broke his forearms. He was shouting. His arms’ colour was awful and they were swelling. Then it was his calf. Sophie seemed choked also, but was unable to move in her equilibrium state.

François passed out but was revived and his thigh and upper arms were broken. He was loosing his voice from shouting so much, or it was our hears. Then I was ashamed: I was excited. I was wet. I couldn’t caress or touch myself, but seeing my friends being tortured and killed excited myself. His limbs are nothing but smashed meat with pieces of bones but the torturer found something else: his hands and foot. Several blows on each, He was sure of his job. François’ shouting are nonsense at that time.

The next blow are given at random I thought, but in fact not He broke hips and ribs. I never thought I would see such a show in the XXI century. François was lowered and untied. I cannot see what they are doing, but I saw Sophie’s face and the student crowd noises. The Guide and the executioner are coming to me. I was in fear. They were carrying something. Then he is just in front of me, but his eyes are lost in his own pain. He was knitted on a wagon wheel, and now hoisted on a high pole between the pillories.

Then they returned to the gallows. Sophie’s face was full of fear. The executioner took the trunk with both hands. “No” she said but it was cut but the drop as he removed the trunk. I saw her legs trying to find some support. The was turning and I saw her hands clutching. Then she tried to run away, she kicked. Her face was red, then purple. She was fading down. She was diing. It wasn’t an easy death, but much more easy than Francois’ one.

A stream of urine flew from her crotch. She moved her leg once or twice and it was finished.

The show was over. They went away to visit the castle.

I stayed alone in the cold wind. I looked at Sophie who dangled at the wind rhythm as François just moaned when birds came to him. I couldn’t realise that was real. My own torture was still on and I regretted wearing a jean when I had to poop.

It was noon when the wheel was lowered. François was still breathing but was no longer conscious. The Guide produced a leather strip and strangled him to death.

I have been freed as the bus was ready for leaving so I had no time to change my clothes. Once at home I spend half an hour in the shower, but the irritation took time to fade away. In my dreams I saw François and Sophie very often.

The next year we visited a ancient China palace. I was happy to see one of the gay that raped Sophie being made a eunuch. The one that sodomized François was being slowly strangled when I came to see him at night and gave him an unexpected support with a stick up his ass.

This helps me to be in peace with my dead friends. In a few days we are to visit an antic park ruled as the Romans would. I am anxious as my memory work was about a history of crucifixion. I know I will be punished of what I did in the China like park. I thought about missing, but I will go. I want to know if I am able to take it. I know I would not have any other choice but to take it all the way.

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