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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Near madness....

It all began when she proposed to wear a strait jacket. It is not an item you can find easily and it was hard to refuse, even if there was a chill at the idea of being helpless at her mercy, but they drove to her flat.

There she asked to strip naked. The mad one began to strip. “Fully naked” she said showing the underwear that was still in place. As the jacket closed from behind her help was needed.
It fit well. Then, she shackled the ends of the arms to the opposite side of the jacket, crossing the arms on the belly; moving was still possible. “Wait a minute” she said and locked the strips at the crotch, so the jacket was tight so removing it was out of order. There was two strips: one on each side of the crotch so the genital area was free.

She didn’t hide an evil smile and showed a ball gag. Her prisoner opened its mouth.
-Not yet she said, but soon.
-OK, there is nothing I can do to remove it.
-I hope so ! Do you want to try the trousers?
Once the trousers on and shackled to the jacket she said, “Now you need my help even to go to the toilets…”
She proposed they eat together. Of course she had to feed her patient, as eating without using the hands it not an easy thing. As she did it her hands were caressing its back and butt. Or taking care of its face she removed drops on the lips of the mouth.

If you were proposed to go and try on a strait jacket, would you accept? I guess you would as you are reading this. Jack did. He thought Emily was proposing him a peace between them. Emily knew Jack liked kinky things, so she knew he would be unable to refuse trying the jacket. She did not like kinky things, it was the reason they broke some months ago. But as she had him strait jacked now she was enjoying the game. She liked the effects of the light teasing she was performing. She liked the idea that soon he would pray her to let him empty his bladder. There was a bulge at his crotch, and her crotch was wet, and she liked it. She would have let her hand dive to his member; she knew that was not what she had planned.

After the meal Jack tried to kiss Emily who avoided him and proposed him to look at the TV.
Little by little Jack felt his bladder. A first he was annoyed to ask Emily. But as things were getting worse he finally asked if she could help him to go to the toilets.
-Call me Mistress !
As he did it laughing she said it was irrelevant, and he would have to ask later.
Ten minutes later his situation had changed. And his plea was more sincere.
-I agree if you agree to spend the night there with the jacket on.
Jack was happy to accept. They went to the toilets.
-You’ll sit so you won’t make a mess!
-I’m not the one who need to, we will be back in ten minutes.
-No that’s right…
-You discuss what I said, so we wait ten minutes. I’ll help you wait.
Saying so, she sat on an armchair and spread her legs. Jack discovered she had no panties under her dress.
-You’ve ten minutes to make me cum, or otherwise, you’ll be able to release that’s small bladder of yours once I cum.
Jack had no choice but to use his tongue on Emily’s lips. As she was highly excited it did not took long for him to satisfy her. So she opened his trousers and let him go across the flat with his trousers down to his ankles… Jack was still sitting when she came to him and showed him the ball gag. “Open your mouth or I let you with the trousers around your ankles”.

Jack had no other choice but to obey for the end of the evening. He was high excited but Emily did not released his sexual pulsing.

The next morning Jack waked up late. Emily was gone and he was still in the strait jacket with the ball gag, his trousers to his ankles. He found a note. “I lowered your pant and take care to let the doors open so you can go to the toilets, have a good day!”
Of course some doors were open, but others were closed, and there was no way for him to get some food. But as time passed Jack was ill and he passed most of the time sat on the toilets.

When Emily went back she helped him to remove his trousers and have a shower, but without removing the jacket or gag. As he tried to say he had enough of the game she passed her hand down his belly. “It’s time to go” she said as she helped him to put his trousers on. He followed her to her car. He would have asked where they were going but couldn’t. He felt ill. “It is dehydration “I’ll take care of that in a few minutes she said when she saw how white he was.

They arrived in what seemed to Jack as a hospital. She made him lay on a kind of table. She strapped him to the table and she opened a kind of pocket on his left hand. “I’ll give you water and sugar this way”. Then she moved to his penis. “This will not be pleasurable”. At first Jack was unable to understand what she was doing, but soon he realized that she was threading something into his penis. He began to panic and struggled. ”Be patient, my dear, it is a catheter that will help you empty your bladder”. He felt that thing going up into him but cannot do anything against it.
When she had finished Emily lead him in another room. He felt dizzy. She asked him to lay on the other bed, be before she shoved a plug into his ass.
-“Don’t panic the product will make you sleep. Do not try to fight it”
Jack laid on the new bed and fall asleep.

When he woke up Jack was in the dark. It felt like he was in a tiny area as the only sound he heard was his breathing. His penis and ass ached. He remembered for the catheter, the plug and the drip. His feet were strapped to the bed and in the jacket he was unable to move. The ball-gag was still on so all he could do was waiting.

Did you ever tried to wait with nothing to do. No imagine you slept well and when you awoke you are unable to move, unable to see, unable to hear, unable to speak… alone in a tiny box.

Jack did not find it funny. He was in that strait jacket for too long now. But what to do ?
He was wondering he would be in a coffin, but the breathing was OK and in coffin it would have been difficult. Jack imagined that breathing in coffin would have been more difficult than breathing there, but he had never been in a coffin before.

Time passed slowly. He was half sleeping when the bed moved…
Then he realized he was in a giant drawer. Emily came to him. “I’m just here to change your drip and urine bag”. He saw that all of this was hanging around him.
-hummmps !
-I had not time dear…. See you tomorrow… And she closed the drawer.

Once again Jack was a living mommy waiting for his drawer to be opened once again.

The next time the drawer opened he tried to protest, but through the bag gag.
-You are not happy? so I’ll give you more to eat she said touching something on the drip, and we’ll play she said touching the catheter. And the drawer closed again.

That time there was a difference. Little by little Jack felt he needed to pee… She increased the drip flow, and lowered the catheter one…

When the drawer opened again Emily saw the pain on his face.
-OK low drip for the night…. Jack do not protest. I’m the one in charge of you.
You remembered why you quit me… I hope you like bondage.
Once the drip and urine bag changed she closed the drawer again.

Jack was unable to see where he was because she was coming early in the morning and late in the evening, so the centre was closed, and the light low.

Slowly Jack was forgetting who he was, and what was happening to him… Sometime Emily explained him that the first evening she gave him something to empty his bowels, that she used sedatives, and so on.

One day Emily opened the drawer and looked at poor Jack.
-You are near the end Jack… I will not kill you she said as she saw his big eyes, but soon you will be discovered… or you’ll die there. I move to another country. So I will not come to change your bottles, have a good time with bondage.

Jack was in panic… He tried to move and realized his upper body was not strapped so he could move a little and make some sounds against the box wall.

When the drawer opened again the light was high, and a lot of people discovered him. His humiliation was complete.

He stayed there so long that he had lost most of his muscular weight, walking was difficult and his sphincters were killed by the catheter and the plug.

He never saw Emily again.

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