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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boring Evenings

 A fantasy story by Beynazura

There was not lot of things to do there. So every evening we used to met to play cards. Our husbands were working deep in the countryside; we were regretting to have followed them up to there. First we played bridge, but we quickly get bored. Then we changed to poker, but we also get bored. A few days ago we changed the rule and played strip poker, but the loser had to return home naked. This is dangerous at night even in the European side of the city. Up to now none of us get raped or killed but we knew it was to happen if we continue on.

Today as we’re about to begin playing Helen says. “If I loose I prefer to be hung just there instead of trying to return home naked” Of course she lives several blocks from here and returning home naked she was near from sure to be raped and killed by then. At first we looked at each other. First we were surprised but soon this idea seemed good as we didn’t have the same chances to get home naked. The body question came next. But with the revolutionary that runs around it would not be difficult to dispose of it. We were ten, so if we killed one of us each evening, it won’t be long before all of us would be dead.

So we decided that the loser would have some ordeals to complain. Some would be impossible so would lead to execution… other would not. The first time you’ll get naked you’ll get one, the second time two an so on. Each time one of us would be snuffed the ordeals numbers would resume. And so the ordeals were written on small sheets of paper.

We were ready to begin playing when Sophie complained. She did not want to be hung. We resolved that it is not the loser choice, but the choice can be made before playing. I said that was too fair. And I proposed that we waited for for two of us to be naked, than choose one of them. If you don’t succeed in choosing it would be a contest. I do not remember who proposed a pissing contest; the first one who pisses herself would go through the ordeals.

Once the rules where accepted we began to play. Each clothe lost made a chill as it was a step near the rope.

Helen quickly find herself in underwear, but was still joking, explaining that she could get a cold and die form it if the game take too much time. But when she was only wearing her panties she was not joking so much. I was getting anxious as I was at the underwear stage at that moment, was I the second to get naked?
Helen was shaking as she removed her panties. She then disappeared. Sophie thought she tried to run away, she soon came again with a pair of cuffs she closed around her wrists. She explained she wanted to play the game but she wasn’t sure how she would react as the execution would be nearer. Sophie laughed at her. But as the game continues on it seems that she and I were not focusing on the game and we found ourselves in panties. Someone laughed at us saying that there only one second place. I was not ready to be hung, but after all there is an end every one has to go through. I preferred to stay alive. Sophie seemed anxious. I realised she lived next door. She would have preferred to have to return home naked this evening. When she lost for the last time she become wild, but two of us used a second pair of cuff. She tried to say I was a liar that I cheated, nobody took care.

We were two to want Sophie hung, and the other did not succeed in choosing. So urine contest was used. They were keeling face to face. Sophie snivelled that was not just because she drank more than Helen. We said that wasn’t fair, it was the purpose, not to be fair. After 10 minutes we resolved to give them some water to drink to hasten the contest. Helen drank despite she was shaking. Her fear was evident, but she composed with it. Sophie tried not to drink, she was unable to control herself. A few minutes later they were wincing as holding up was becoming a challenge.

-I think I loose Helen said. And clearly let her urine flow on the soil. “I’m sorry” she said to the house owner. When we looked at Sophie she was having urine flowing along her tights...

Then Helen asked what her ordeal was. We took one of the papers.
“Lick the second less clothed woman up to orgasm in ten minutes”.
Sophie was red as she was ashamed. Once again, she didn’t want to accept being Helen’s target. I must say that I was wet about this ordeal, as they began I realized that we all were excited. Sophie tried to resist but could nothing against Helen’s tongue. So she was saved.

Before leaving, it was decided that some execution should be faked, for girls that were brave. So both chosen girls would have to pass the urine contest. The looser would pass her ordeals and during the ordeals the other would decide if the execution would be faked or not. Each of us would throw a paper “faked” or “real” and one of them would be taken…

The next week I was very lucky at the game. I joked that we could change the girl execution to being impaled, or something like that… But as I said that the luck turned away from me and before I could react I was naked… Sophie poured me some water to help me stop shaking and Helen proposed her cuffs. I had some difficulties to flow the game as I was afraid of what was to happen. When Helen warned me about drinking so much Sophie laughed. I just thought the next thing would be the urine contest with the second one, and I was drinking glass of water after glass of water since I loosed.

Sophie seemed more interested in my thirst than in the game, and soon we were naked kneeling waiting for the first of us who would be unable to hold on. Helen cuffed our hand in our back despite Sophie’s protest. I proposed to declare myself looser as I drank too much water or to be given more water to make things go quicker it was not granted, so we were waiting. The pressure in my bladder was already high, but I saw that Sophie’s face was uneasy also so I began to think I had a chance to win. I was understanding how shaming it was to be there naked and viewed by all as we were trying to keep our bladder shut.

As Sophie was crying Helen began to make sounds of flowing water… I laughed and asked her to stop, but she continued on. I asked a bowl but Sophie protested that I had to humiliate myself. So I tried to hold a few minutes more and spread my thighs to let the urine flow on the soil. I was ashamed. I saw Sophie clench her thigh and her urine flowed on her thighs. I felt ashamed for her. But I knew I was the looser. Sophie was uncuffed and had a shower. I was waiting for my ordeal. I was preparing myself to hang. Everybody has to die one day or another. I would have preferred another. Naked and with my hands cuffed in my back there was no way I could escape. So I tried to keep my dignity.

Once dressed, Sophie came in triumph to show me my ordeal. Who had that idea? I had to offer a blowjob to one of the man of the house. The man had to cum within 10 minutes, and no drops had to flow out of my mouth. It took a few minutes to find a black man, who smelled awful. Without my hands I knelled in front of him and got his member in my mouth. It was not hard yet. But as I moved my tongue I felt it growing in my mouth. That was disgusting. But I felt the breathing of the man and his cock pulsating and little by little I was aroused. But with my hand in my back I had no way to satisfy myself. Helen came to me to say that there was only two minutes left, so I began to speed up, and I felt him moving in the same rhythm. Then I felt him pulsating, he was about to cum. I was ready to swallow. A first flow of semen came in my mouth I swallowed some of it, but soon the second one came and my mouth over flowed, but I succeeded in keeping it shut so the cum came up my noose and flown out from there. Unable to breathe I opened my mouth as the third flow came. Sophie was happy, I lose my ordeal.

-While you were doing some thing to him we decided to put you on spit, as you asked for while we were playing cards” Sophie said. If my mouth wasn’t full of semen I would have said something, but before I could do anything they put me on the table and used the cuffs to the table’s legs. I was on my belly.
I felt something big and cold near my anus.
-Oh! Please no, not that way, I asked but the spit was entering my anus.
-I put lubricant on it said Sophie.
A first the felling was not so bad. Then things turned bad as it cut my rectum. I felt it running through my belly. There was nothing I could do, I was being killed for a game I participated to create and the way I joked about.
-Any last word, bitch? Sophie asked but before I could say something pushed the spit through my throat. And I saw the tip of the slit coming out from my mouth.
I felt my leg being moved then tied, they tied my legs to the spit…
-I look like a goose to be roasted said Sophie leaving with the other. She dropped a piece of paper, there was written “faked” on it.
I was fading out, I know I’m dying and my execution should have been a faked one.

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