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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Witch turn

She was watching as they were hanging a witch. She felt secure as these dangerous witches were found and hanged. She didn’t know that as the witch was being hoisted her name was called from behind the walls behind the gallows, and she enjoyed the show as the witch kicked, choked, and pissed herself. She was in joy at the witch shame.

As The blonde girl was back home and explained the execution to her mother some soldiers came and took her. At first she taught they wanted some information about a girl they had arrested the day before. She was surly a witch also. The dangerous 14 years old girl had her hands shackled in her back before being pushed in a dark cell.

One hour later the torturer came and took the infamous creature. He had her stripped.
-Are you the hangman did she asked as her devilish capabilities told her who was below the leather mask.
-No he is my twin brother, you’ll meet him soon.
Then he tied her ankle to her wrists in her back, and began to hang her by her wrists. The devilish creature might have been left by her protector as she cried in pain as she was raised above the floor. The courageous torturer grabbed her free foot and tied a 10 pounds weight to it. He body god has given to her was bend and taut. The torturer avoided her coward attempts to get his favor and let her in that position for almost one hour. Once back he made a braid of her blonde hair and used it to hang her. Furious to realize that her manners did not have any effects on his determination she sought to strike him. This began to confirm her devilish nature. She stayed about another hour hanged by the hair, her wrist tied to the elbow to avoid her to cast some spell against the forces of Good. Then he came back and coat her hair with pitch and used a torch to lit them. The once blonde girl screamed and felt in the basin full of water that was under her.
Then she was driven to me and she thought she could misleading me by asking
-Why are you doing this to me?
-We have consents of your accomplices, we know already all. Acknowledge your perverse nature, and the torments of tortures will be saved to you!
-No I’m not a witch!
I put the wooden stick on her arm and she screamed
-The holly stick burn you as you are a creature of the devil!
-There is a needle in that stick!
The torturer applied a red hot metal bar on her left nipple
-Acknowledge and perhaps you’ll avoid the fire of hell did I ask but she only shouted her hatred.
-Fingers or tooth asked the torturer
-Began with one or two teeth did I reply. Then I saw a flash in her eyes, was it the mark of the devil or did she realized that her fate cannot be avoided from now on. She asked us to stop; that she will do all that we will want. Once again I saw the mark of the devil in her mouth. She was near to propose us sex to enslave us! Once the torturer tore off a tooth to her and crushed her a finger gently all on the basis of the end and going towards the hand, she acknowledged she was a witch and she cursed most of the men in the village.
The torturer asked to cut the finger to avoid her gangrene. I asked him not to waste his time. She was to be hanged soon.

The torturer friendly proposed her to cut her finger off. But she refused. He led her to her cell, and cuffed her wrist to the wall so she was made to stand.
And he grabbed her legs… When I came to see her later, blood and semen were running along her leg to confirm she was a devilish creature.

The next morning she was exhausted. From the torture chamber we saw the gallows where the preceding which, a dark haired one, was about to hang. She already had the noose around her neck.
-Look at strappendo, Do you want to test it.
The Once blonde witch nodded no.
-Then give us the name of one of other witches.
As the witch on the gallows was being hoisted the one in the torture room showed a red head young girl and called her name. I watch at her in the crowd. She was enjoying the show as the witch kicked choked and finally pissed herself. I was convinced she was another witch, perhaps the worst which I will have to face.

The tortured girl was sent back in her cell. That time she was given a dress to avoid being so impudic. But her hands stayed tied to avoid she could invoke the devil.

From her cell she saw the read head girl being taken by the soldier to the next cell. Then she heard her being stripped naked and driven to the torture chamber
She heard this othere devilish creature lied on its nature and finally bent in front of the force of Good, acknowledging she was a witch also.

The next Day before sun rise The once blonde headed witch was driven onto the gallows.
-Come here asked the hangman!
-I don’t want to hang, I don’t want to die did she reply.
-I have no choice, I just do my work have confidence, I’ll do my best for it to be as quick as possible.
-I’m not a witch did she say
He locked her ankle shackle to a ring on the floor, and then untie her hands.
-If you’re a witch cast your spell over me!
Then he stripped her naked in front of the crowd.
She was crying.
Then he tied her hand in her back wrist to elbow
-It’s not for fun, I saw that his way the ropes didn’t dig in the flesh
He put the noose around her neck and get the rope taunt.
-Will I…   Will I piss myself above?
-I’m afraid there is no way to avoid it, but I think you’ll be dead already.
The sentence was being explained to the crowd as the hangman removed the shackle from her feet. When she realized her feet were free, she just saw him draw on the cord.

In the torture chamber the once red head witch show me a girl in the crown.

On the gallows the devil was getting a new soul as the blonde witch tried to find a support from her feet. Her face changed from white to red like the hair of the witch that was still in front of me and will be hanged tomorow. The hangman tied the rope and she has kicking violently as her face was getting purple. That devilish creature was showing her twat to everybody, I should have asked her to be burned at the stack. Then her kicking slow down, The red headed witch has been send back to her cell and I saw the new one, she was enjoying the show as the bonde witch kicked, choked, and finally pissed herself. The witch was to be displayed hanged for the whole day. The little bitch the reahaed witch just showed me did not know that I know she is a witch, but soon she will be in front of me and there will be no more lies. I was wondering I already knew her.

When I arrived in the torture chamber I saw the devilish creature ready to be hanged by her wrist, her ankle already bound to her wrist. She was really afraid about what to come, and when she saw me she shouted:
“Oh! Dad please save me!”

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