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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meeting Yung Lee - A Mary Tale

I never believed in ghosts, and when some friends of mine bet I would not dare staying at night in the old main house on that avenue, I said not only I'll do it, but I would be able to do it naked, did I say joking.

A few days later I was driven to the house with a sleeping bag, a torch lamp and some water. First we insure that nobody was using the house, then I stripped naked and gave all by clothes to my friends just keeping a GPS tied around my waist that will insure I would have stayed in the house and a cellular phone. The GPS was not absolutely needed, as I did not imagine running across the street naked as I was.
It was eight and it wasn't night already by this hot June evening, and being naked was not a problem if I was not to meet anyone.

I climbed into one of the chambers on the third floor, where there was a bed that seemed to be usable. I also hoped that if some homeless went here to sleep they would stay on the first or second floor.

I had some difficulties to felt asleep as you can easily imagine. Suddenly I awoke. All was dark, some clouds masked the moon, I used the phone to see it was eleven. In fact someone was speaking to me inside my head I was not really frightened but more curious about what I was to found. After a door we did not notice at first I went into a room that was from a different style than every other room in the house. It looked like a Chinese place. In the middle a pillory that looked very strange laid on the top of wooden scaffold.

I would have gone away, but the voice in my head leads me to the pillory. As I stepped on the stairs I was getting sure I was making a mistake, but the voice was still encouraging me. Once I was on the deck, the voice asked me to go to the pillory. I stopped to have a look at it. There was a lower board of wood that was at least two inches thick and two upper ones of half thickness. One has its hinge on right, on the other on left, and once they were closed they let three holes, for the sentenced person’s neck and wrists. The voice asked me to open the pillory and as I was doing it, that opening was difficult because each upper board locked itself in the other one hinge, but I did not mind and continue to obey the voice, putting by neck in the main hole of the lower board.
I was having shivers along by back, imagining I was in middle age, sentenced to stay in the nude in that pillory waiting to be hung. The position was very uncomfortable because I was too small. But the voice indicated a lever that allows rising or lowering the boards. It is at that moment that I realized the voice could not be mine, then I asked: “Who’s here, Who’s speaking to me?”.

Suddenly I get a headache and the voice inside my head said that I had to obey, so I put my neck on the board, which was now on the right height, and I closed the upper boards with my wrists into the holes. I heard the “clap”, from the wooden boards locking themselves, and my head went clear again. Pushing the upper board I realized I was unable to set myself free. “Who’s there?” I asked again. Afraid I was alone trapped there for the rest of the night. I also imagined the reaction of a homeless if he found me there trapped and naked. And I was wondering my friends would find me easily.

-I’m Yung Lee a voice said behind me with an oriental sound. I just saw a glowing form in the dark. I was wondering if my friends where building a joke, but how would they have this done?
-Do you know I died in the position you actually are? How do you feel?
-Hi Yung Lee, I’m Mary, I’m sorry for bothering you. The position is not very comfortable, but I think it’s not supposed to be. You said you’ve died like that, but I supposed pillory was not a death sentence, was it??
-Of course it was in my country.” The glowing was next to me and I was unable to see it because of the boards.
-Could you explain me what happened to you?”, I asked, hoping that if I show some interest for his fate the phantom would allow me to get back.
-Of course I can! It’s what will happen to you, but I will have some mercy, you won’t have to wait for three days as I have!” As he floated near me I saw a scar where his sex would be.
-I’m very sorry you had to die after three days in that position, but it seems to me that it is not the only torture you had to go throw, if you want you could talk me about that and I will write it so your case will be known and the guilty ones will be punished? I was frightened and hoped the phantom would accept my proposition, which means to let me go alive.
-Well-tried young Lady! But you will die here the same way I had 2000 years ago in the ancient China, slowly suffocating, But I will tell you my whole sentence if you want to”
-I really want to hear you Yung Lee. And I’m willing to go through some of suffering you’ve gone through, so I’ll be able to understand your mind.” I saw I win some points not asking to be set free and accepting the doom he would choose for me.
-You’re brave and clever, but do not hope to much.” He answered.
-Explain me why you were sentenced Yung Lee.” I saw that my question made a change in his attitude.
-Err! In fact I raped a girl, she was not willing to let me… “ I was afraid been naked and trapped in front of a rapper, even if he was a ghost.
-Ok, You were young that’s right?” Did I ask to help him to continue on.
-Err ? Yeah, but I didn’t know she was the governor daughter and a guard was following her, so I get arrested immediately.
-So you were send in jail?
-Yes, and the tomorrow morning I was driven to the centre town” explained the ghost.
There his wrists were tied high to a pole, and then his ankles were tied making his legs spread. The position was extricating. The executioner threaded a wooden stick into his urethra. As he explained that I was afraid he would make me suffer the same. But he was in his story. Explaining the girl he raped was looking at him, like the whole people of the village. I can imagine the shame of being displayed nude like that to have his genitals tortured. First his balls skin has been burned, and finally a hot red pincers was used to cut off his penis and balls. He vanished but was waked up by the torturer, who still had to remove what was left of the wooden stick. And then was send back into his cell.

He hoped his sentence was done. The first week was hell, as his scar was hurting. He had to learn to piss sitting like a girl, and the other prisoner decided to use him to satisfy their sexual need. A fully week passed when he was moved to anther place were he has been thrown into a muddy hole with two other people. One was sentenced for bribery, the other for murder. His sexless condition let him no way to hide the reason of this sentence, so the two used him again. He stayed there another week, and then they were taken out of their hole. He realized then that it was a prison in which each cell was a hole opened to rain. Turning his head he saw the pillories. They were nine on the other side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, the reason of the condemnation was written on the boards, so he immediately understood that the three empty ones were for them. Most of the people in the pillories were sentenced for murder, repeated theft or corruption. They all were naked, and covered with mud, so were them. A few minutes later he was locked between the two others.

-Were you allowed to drink and eat?” I asked
-Some water was offered about every two hours, but no food”
-Am I allowed to get some water ?” Yung Lee seemed disappointed
-Err? I fact there no reason you don’t but I have none
-On the third floor I have a bottle full of water”
-I? I cannot get and fetch?? I understand, Yung Lee as a ghost was unable to have any effect on object, but he could speak to me. I tried to move my hand forward and backward.
-If you let me go and get it I promise to come back”
-I cannot set you free” He said as the pillory opened.
The voice in my head said, “you just go and get your water bottle, do not try to escape.”
-There is no problem Yung Lee, I’ve promised, I’ll get back and I really want to know the rest of your story.” I was happy to be free, even knowing that I have no way to resist the voice in my head, but being able to walk was wonderful. I really understood what Yung Lee might have suffered even if I have not been castrated and humiliated like he had been. I did not even think to use the phone, and run back to Yung Lee. Before he asked I drank and lock myself back in the pillory, but I was not as frightened as before because I knew how to get out of it. Yung Lee continued his story on.

He had been locked at sunrise, and he discovered the torture during the morning. Unable to move you get pins and needles or cramps. When you get tired your windpipe is mashed on the board. I was not in the pillory for so long so I did not experience the cramps or the windpipe mashing. But known that I realized that standing like I was, I was unable to get any rest. But there was also the road; nothing happens, so they had nothing to distract them from their torture, and the only people that were going along the road splat at them, or more beat them. The afternoon, he discovered the effects of the sun and heat. The evening the guards came and abuse them, but his sexless crotch made them more evil.
As I was hearing him I feel a growing need to pee. And when the need was becoming an urge I asked to go to the toilets, but Yung Lee refused, and I heard the small voice menacing me of a new headache. Finally I had to pee in that position my urine splashing on my legs. After there was no way avoiding the puddle but to put my feet into it. The guards told him woman are never executed that way, and the other prisoner having their penis, they do not urinate on themselves, this was reserved to rappers.

And the night began in the odours of sweat, urine, shit, and sperm. He could feel sperm flowing from its ass along his thighs. The first night was cold. At the morning he was happy, hopping to be free, letting his pillory to some one else, he would have been happy to get back in the hole. But when the executioner came it was not to free them. The other condemned just had a kind of breath, so he did not realized what had happened. The executioner came behind him, putting his foot between Yung Lee feet. And quickly remove the board he was on. I did not understand, but the voice required that I kick one of the boards my feet were on. As soon as I did it I understood! Being two inch lower, I had to push on my toes to be able to breath.
I imagine Yung Lee desesperation. As he saw the three corpses being taken away, the boards being changed, and then three new condemned been taken out of their hole, he realized it was a death sentence. Lowering his eyes he saw there was still one board under his feet” So was under mines.

With the board gone my situation changed dramatically. I quickly get cramps in my legs, but as soon as I allow myself to loosen my position, I breathing was difficult. I was there for some hours; Yung Lee has to endure that for days.

The second day there was a storm that let them drenched. As he was suffering an old women came. And she told him:
-As a rapper you get a right punishment, I hope they have crushed your nuts before the castration, as they’ve done to my husband. But know you are near your end think about pleasure, and you will lower your pains, and she put a piece of lemon in his mouth. Do not think I have mercy for you, knowing that, you will last longer”.
I didn’t realize the end of the sentence at first, but I immediately realized that thinking about a cock inside my pussy help me to think to some thing other than my suffering, but I quickly find myself horny, but unable to satisfy myself. For Yung Lee that day was worst than the preceding one, and he was waiting for the evening rape, hoping to get rid of this sexual excitation, but without sex organ, he didn’t.
The next morning, the executioner struck his ass: “You’ve done the longer, wait for the worst” and removed the last board…
-Please Yung Lee…   …Do not force…   …me to remove mine…   …before you’ve finished…   …your story” I beg obliged to wait for each breath.

Yung Lee accepted. He explained that without the last board he had to push on his tiptoes get a difficult breath. He was near to hang to the board. Even drinking was difficult. It was near noon when he got a cramp and he was so exhausted that he finally succeed in letting him smothering. He said the pain from it was surprising him, but I was soon to discover it he said. Even if it began several times, the whole thing is much more difficult he explained.

I was both afraid on what was coming next for me, and sorry for Yung Lee.
I heard the voice for kicking the last board.
-Please Yung Lee…   …Some questions…
-Ok what do you want to know?
-What happen next.

When Yung Lee Died, He found himself as a glowing form that slide out of his corpse, but unlike the other that were rising, he just lay near his corpse, and roamed for centuries since is corpse disappeared. He didn’t know what to do. So he reproduced his execution from place to place haunting house after house. At first with some concentration he was able to move some objects, but he was not any more for centuries, but he increased his force in minds, so nobody could resist his suggestions. So he got his revenge for his infamous death.

Speaking with him, I succeed in making recognize that theses victims were not guilty for his death, and finally he accepted and was sorry for them. I saw that his glowing colour changed from something like green or grey he switch for a very light pink.

-It’s time to kick your board lady, For the last time I promise, but I need to see someone being smothered like that once again. The voice became stronger
-Oh please Yung Lee…
-What’s more?
And I succeeded in making him recognize that the guard were only making their jobs, even if they could have been smarter, and so he did not really had to hate them for that. It was harder for him, but once done, He got pinker and floated higher in the air.

But the voice came even stronger, and I argue once more, and that time I had him say that he regrets raping the girl. This colour was very strong, and he was able to float up to the ceiling. Was he having his dick back ? I think of it, but he floated behind me. I do not know if I hoped or fear for him to rape me.
His will was stronger than mine so I obeyed to the voice kicking the board.
I was hardly able to reach the floor with my tiptoes. I just succeed In saying :”I excuse You ‘cause I know you need to get rid of the way you were killed.” I fell him through me. His full body felt warm to me, and I felt the pillory opening, and I fell on the floor on my piss. In my head the small voice said “Chinese girls used to epilate their sex, you would be as pretty as them if you were doing it”. I just saw him rising through the ceiling. When I went outside it was near eight, my friends were there to take me back to home. They do not want to known about Yung Lee, saying Ghosts do not exists. They are sure I pissed myself, of being frightened, but I win the bet.

They explained me that they knew some people where found smothered and naked after spending a night there, and they had the same mark as I had on their neck.

Once At home I got a shower and I waxed my sex, I do not really know why. But since this story each time I get some hair, I felt an urge to wax.

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