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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

OSO - Karen - 01

At 26 Karen was very confident. Her Phd in psychology on manipulation and submission had insured her a marvelous situation. The Occidental Slaves Organization had used her work to create a procedure to break slaves. She still worked on the improvement of this procedure, but most of it she enjoyed the result of her work. She had been given one of the first slaves broken by her procedure. The red haired Alex was massaging her blonde mistress feet when someone rang at the door.
Karen, who was lying on a sofa, opened her blue eyes. Alex who was kneeling by her, looked at her in her eyes. Her mistress was still dressed, but she was naked. Her expression asked what she was to do. Would she have to stay here, or if nobody was awaited she would to take a bathrobe. Keeping a naked slave at home was not still usual. Karen’s eyes turned to room quickly then get back on the flat main door. Alex closed her eyes without a word to acknowledge her mistress order. She stood up and went to the room and closed the door. Once Alex has closed the room door, Karen stood up, and went to the door to greet her visitor. It was Jim Asslicked, the OSO director, and Frank Woodfist his assistant. Karen offered them to enter.
-Hi ! Why are you coming here you both asked Karen?
-We have some problems in the breaking center said Jim! Isn’t Alex there?
-She’s in my room. We didn’t know who was visiting so I preferred not to have her visible.” She replied and she called Alex who came in the main room and bowed the two men and kneeled next to her mistress still naked. “Jim, Frank, what is the problem you want to explain to me, and why didn’t you wait until tomorrow at the office.” When she heard them speak of the center Alex moved her head wondering if she has allowed hearing what they have to say.
-We cannot speak about it at the office, nobody has to know, but I had an idea that would involve you and your slave, Karen, said Frank. We had some unexplained deaths, and we suspect one of the guards kills some of the girls.” Alex frown has she remembered the center and its guards.
-What this has to do with me? I’ve never been at the center”, replied Karen, then she thought at Alex. “And I’m not sure it would be a good thing for Alex to get there once again. And it happens that slave under training dies, doesn’t it?”
-You’re right Karen, as always” said Jim. “That was not our idea, let us explain it form the beginning to the end, then you would approve or not”. Karen was anxious; not approving Jim’s idea was not a good thing to do.
-Then, First of all, very few slaves die this way in the training center. I mean, some slaves are terminated, let’s say executed, when they are supposed to be untrainable and so it motives the other to be better slaves”. Alex remembered several slave terminations. It was something that was terrifying for her. “But we are speaking of others deaths. These slaves are found dead it their cells. It looks like a hearth break, it is far too frequent and we found these girls have been poisoned. So, one of the guards kills some of our slaves. But of course we do not know which one is it. No new guard has been introduced for some months so it is not a newcomer. It is difficult for the slave to give information about the guards. So our idea is to get someone to play a slave role to found out which guard plays and kills the girls. We thought you would be the perfect one Karen!”
-Me, replied Karen, but why? “, Karen didn’t want to be trained as slave, and she did not understand why they asked her that. Usually slave were not asked, they were abducted, or eventually sold.
-There are two reasons. The guard only kills white blonde blue eyed slaves. The second reason is you wrote the enslavement procedure, only you can pass through the process and not been affected too much. See it as a fight between you and your procedure.” Jim added.
-am I not too old? tried Karen who was uneasy to be on the defensive in front of her slave.
-Your procedure fix a 30 years old limit for training slaves, and we can put a lower age on your folder. The purpose is not to have you enslaved, but to have you investigate the center.” replied Frank. “Why you because you are blonde and blue eyed, so the guard will have interest to you. Because you know about the working of the center and you know the procedure. Despite you know all about the center, you never have been there so you are unknown to all of them. Who will be more tailored for this mission?”
-Err, But as slave how would I be able to stop him? I would be helpless and he would kill me.
-No Karen, you won’t. we will provide a new slave supervisor you would refer to, and instead of going to the center one day every other week I’m about to get there twice a week. So you would refer to me also?
-Oh, do the trainee slaves see you, Frank. I cannot be the only one to do it.”
-The ones that have been injured, yes, and all the killed slaves have been injured the weeks before they were killed. And the slave supervisor would have to see each slave each day.
-Who would be that slave supervisor?
-That is where your slave Alex enters the scene. It could not have been let alone as you were missing.
-But Alex is a slave and cannot have authority over the guards.
-It would be sent to the center as a slave supervisor that would refer to me only. Its job will be to have a look at all the slaves, and reports their injuries. As a slave it would be able to sort out what would be reported and what would not.
-But… about her… its discipline, the guards are perfect for training but Alex is a trained slave and I anxious about what the center’s guard will do to her.. it.
-I will look after it every time I get there, twice a week. If you are afraid it masturbates it would wear a chastity belt.
-It cannot wear a chastity belt for too long, Frank?
-I will take care of Alex personally, and Alex will take care of you pretending to take care of all the slaves.
-OK Frank… how much time do you think I should stay there…
-Well, most of the slaves have been killed when they were about to be branded, and one has been killed the day after her branding.
-But Frank the branding is the end of the training!
-You will have to be a good slave trainee, Karen! Said Jim with a laugh!
-I know Karen, and that is the problem, these killing are costing us huge money because blonde blue eyed are the most valuable salves and there are killed once all the cost of their training is paid. What’s more they are difficult to find and the other organizations are killing us on that market.” Alex was always shocked when she heard them speaking of the slave market and the money they were making on slaves. But as Karen’s slave it was not the first time. She was anxious about the mission that was being affected to her. She was also anxious about having to go to center again. She was sorry for her master, but a small voice inside her was wondering how mistress Karen would do as a slave trainee.
-I do not have any choice, I see said Karen.
-I have prepared a small procedure Karen. Alex this concerns you also, you can stand.” Alex stood up next to Karen. “This week I began to go to the center twice a week. I will announce Alex fore coming. It will come with me on the next week and began to take its marks in the center. It knows it as a slave not as a guard. You will be dressed for that mission Alex, and you will be wearing a special necklace to be sure you cannot be taken for an ordinary slave as you are branded. And Karen you will be sent to the center the week after, so the three events won’t appear to be linked.
-You already prepared the details, I see. Can I prepare my own folder asked Karen?
-Of course, you will give it to me when I come fetch Alex. You will also give me what you have planned to do, and when you can be abducted. It must be the standard way.
-I thought you could say my employer sold me, answered Karen. But it will be ready for next week.
-Hum! And Karen, you know the new center, for men… asked Jim.
-Yes, Jim, I’ve almost finished the procedure, of course it is not the same as for women.
-Of course, do you think it could be finished before your abduction?
-Err, I think, Jim… That’s the advantage on abduction on date!
The men left, and Karen was still shocked. Alex kneeled next to her and proposed to resume the foot massage. Karen was anxious, but at the same time she was excited to be able to see the effect of her procedure.
-Alex, are you anxious about going to the training center again?
-Of course mistress. It was a lot of suffering that had been inflicted to me there. It hopes we could support each other.” Karen was amazed at the way Alex spoke of herself in a neutral third person as she has been taught at the center.
Karen lifted her suit skirt and blinked at Alex, who slid her thighs and panties down, and went on her mistress crotch. Karen closed her eyes and enjoyed Alex’s tongue.
Alex led Karen to the edge of an orgasm and then stopped, and helped Karen to undress. Karen was horny and bit her lower lip; Alex fitted a strapon on Karen, and positioned her in doggy style position. And Karen fucked her and both girls orgasmed. Karen and Alex went to bed after Karen had locked cuffs on Alex’s wrists and ankles.
Karen had some difficulties to sleep as she was thinking about the procedure. She tought at what she had agreed. She would be raped and beaten until she accepts it. She wanted to ask Alex what she had submit to, but did not dare.
The following day Karen prepared her folder, to choose the part of the procedure that would be applied to her. She did not ticked fierce, to avoid being softened by example. She also prepared her planning and placed a footing session and indicated to Frank it would be the best to have her abducted, so most of her belongings would be kept safe in her flat.
When Franck came the next week, she had prepared some things for Alex.
-That is perfect Karen.” He looked at the dressed Alex: “You’re wonderful” The leather suit Karen had bought for her as Slave supervisor fitted perfectly. And her new bronze collar matched the suit color. At Frank asking she lifted her skirt and he saw the chastity belt she wore.
-Karen, I need the belt key;” She gave it to him with the collar lock’s one.
-Oh, The men’s procedure is very near from ready I think, I’m reading it again and it will be ok.
Once in his car, Frank looked at Karen’s folder. He laughed: “How often do you make your mistress cum?”
-Twice a day, master Franck, sometime more.”
-And she’s not addicted to orgasms! By the way do not address me as Master Frank; I am your master from now on.”
-Well master, and what about mistress Karen?”
-Karen is no longer a mistress and if she is not able to be a mistress again, we would have to terminate you unless someone claims you.” Said Frank and he showed his crotch to Alex.
-Thank you master” said Alex as she lowered onto Frank’s dick. It has been some time before she serviced a man.
That night was difficult for Karen. She wasn’t used to masturbate, and she already was missing Alex’s skills.
The following night, Karen decided to make a change in her planning and to go to a theater movie to change her mind. She was still in her work suit, but left her flat. She was walking along the street the next bloc when a van came next to her. The side door opened and a man fetched her and in a few seconds she was gagged.
-Frank thought you were too anxious, so he decided change the due date.
Then the man put drugged clothes onto her nose and she quickly loosed consciousness.

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