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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

OSO - Karen - 02

The drive up to the airport was uneventful. Alex still had Frank’s taste in her mouth but she was anxious. Her previous plane trip had been from the center to London, when she had been delivered to Karen and she was in a crate. The time before was from France were she had been abducted and the center, but she was drugged, so she did not remember. They arrived in a small airport, and a small jet was already waiting for them. She looked at Frank quizzically, but he did not reply. As a slave she knew she had better no asking, a slave must not have wishes. She followed Frank and was happy as she knew she would flow in the passenger area. As she was on the footbridge she realized she was not fettered but for her collar. She was dressed. She felt free for the first time since she had become a slave. Then she remembered she was about to go back to the center, she was about to be prisoner again. She decided she was a slave and she wasn’t supposed to wondering, just live the present and please her master. She entered the plane, and Frank asked her to take a seat and he sat in front of her. She looked around, but did not see any cuffs.
-Are you looking for something Alex?
-Slaves should be cuffed, and there is none to be seen, Master.
-You have the collar and the belt. But if you want more it is possible.
-It is as master wants!
-Fine, faster your seat belt, and once in the air you will get me drink.
Alex looked around, and right after the plane took off, she went to the bar and poured Scotch whisky for Frank. Once he got his drink he asked Alex to strip, and she slowly removed her leather garment to tease her master, who seemed rather happy with her show. Then she was only wearing her belt and collar, so she began to play with her breast and show them to Frank. She turned and show him her ass with only the belt wire between her cheeks. As she went to kiss him, he gave her the belt key.
-I want to taste your ass, but you’re not allowed to use lube or to toy your pussy.
Alex nodded. She was aroused; it was so long since she had a real cock inside her. She opened the belt lock and opened Franck’s trousers and began to suck his cock. She used a lot of saliva to lube the member and make sure to have her hands visible to insure Frank she was not cheating. Then she turned to sit on Frank’s member. She passed the head onto her slit to get some of her natural lube and drived it onto her anus. She relaxed and spread her legs while lowering herself. They both moaned as the thick dick head opened her. Once the head was inside she posed, pushed onto her legs to remove it, but before the head was out of the lowered again. She felt his hands on her hips, and pushed her onto him. Then she felt an urge to toy her clit, but knew it was forbidden. She put her hand onto her head, and heard him saying: “good slave!” Then Frank stood up and pushed her onto the floor and fucked her ass, roughly. She felt him cum with a grunt and orgasmed herself.
When he recovered he asked he to kneel, what she did.
-Do you want to lock the belt again Frank asked? Alex wished to play with her clit, but did not dare to ask. She was puzzled at frank asking. She thought he was testing her.
-As you want Master. Mistress Karen asked I wore it.
-Good slave said Frank! I’m happy to see that you know you’re still a slave. I was anxious you may think that’s slave supervisor position may have turned your head.” He presented her his soiled sex. And she immediately began to lick it clean. She enjoyed the ass fucking, but she never liked to lick a shit soiled dick, but knew it was her duty. “How do you think the guards will take your arrival at the center?”
-Badly master. They would remind who’s the slave.” She answered and resumed Franck’s cock cleaning.
-Excatly, that’s why I prepared a kind game. As soon as we land, you’ll be exposed for all to see, and will have a spanking game. You will ask for a number of strokes with the hand, and they will be delivered by each of the guards, then another number for the paddle, then again a number for the whip. I have decided a total number. The remaining strokes will be done with the cane. Then you will thank them and suck them. This is after this ceremony that you will be given your dressing and that your belt will be locked on you. This way it will be clear that you are a slave.
-Yes master.” Alex was anxious, mistress Karen did not beat her often and she feared the game and wondered what would happen if she failed, but as there was little choice on her part can she fail ?
-To make things more challenging you will not be restrained, and you will hold a handle. It will be to show you are a mature slave that can be trusted.” Alex swallowed as she heard that.
Alex was allowed to use the bathroom, and stayed naked until the plane landed. Frank made her thanks the pilots by sucking both of them, then went outside. Alex felt the hot African wind on her bare skin but she was shivering at what was about to happen.
It took about 20 minutes for the slaves to be gathered around the place were happened slave terminations. Alex was in fear as she climbed the steps, but she was proud to do it while not cuffed. Her slavery state was only shown by the collar, her branding visible as she was naked and her obedience. Her leg were barely able to support her weight when she saw the pillory. In fact it was a garotte on which the condemned was kneeling instead of sitting. This way the guards could abuse her while choking her. She began to kneel in front of the garrote an put her head in the garrote collar, when Frank drove her on the opposite side of the platform. There were two horizontal beams. The fattest one was at her hip level, and the most slim one was far below. She understood and bended forward, her belly onto the main beam and put her hands on the second beam. Frank explained the game to the salve people.
-Slave Alex, How many stroke each of the guards will give with their hands?” Alex was thinking about it since Franck explained the game in the plane. She had decided 12 hand strokes, 12 paddles one, 8 whips ones would make 32 and that would let 8 canes strokes as she supposed the total was 40.
-12, master!” There was a silence.
-Slave Alex you mean 3 or 12?
-12, Master! Alex did not understand…
-Salve Alex, are you sure, what will be your following guess.
-12 hand delivered, master, 12 with the paddle, the 8 with the whip master…
There was brouhaha. Alexia looked at the crowed. She did not remember there were so much slave trainees. All of them were wearing necklaces. The she remember that only collared slave were authorized to go out of the buildings.
-First Philipp! Alex remembered Philipp even if she could not see him as he was behind her.
She thought he would touch her first, but not, he directly slapped her across the cheeks. She shouted, but more of fear than pain. She counted: “one”. A new slap came again and Alex wondered what happened, she supposed it would more painful than it was. Slap after slap the pain grew lightly but Alex was confident she would make it. She even began to be aroused. Of course after paddle, whip and can she would not be able to sit, but slaves kneels and do not sit. We they reached 12 Alex had tears in her eyes, but her voice was still clear.
-Next is Konstantin! She knew Konstantin also. She feared him with the paddle, but at least he won’t be using the whip or the cane. His slap was harder than Philipp’s. But then she understood what she misunderstood, he had slapped her on her left cheek with his hand… Each of the guard would spank her; it won’t be 12 but 48 hand slaps she would get. It took some time to realize. So she was late to count:”One”. Konstantin slapped slowly her left cheek. Then at six changed his side, and slapped her right cheek at a more quick rhythm, Alex had difficulties to count so quickly. When Konstantin had finished Alex eyes were in tearful. But she still kept her voice. But she wasn’t so confident. She increased her strength on the handle, she had to make it!
-Next is John! John was the more perverse she remembered. He liked to strike on very sensitive’s parts. Alex sniffed.
-Please spread your legs, Alex !” She did it reluctantly but immediately. She knew she had no choice. “A little more” Alex obeyed and let a “mon Dieu” escape her lips, she was in panic, he will slap her on her pussy. He caressed her cheeks and his hand move from her hips to her inner thigh. She moaned in mix of fear and excitation. She remembered John’s beatings. He always knew to hurt and excite at the same time, so when you were beaten by him you were able to take more than by the others. She could not help but open herself to his delicious caress. “You’re so wet, you like it” he whispered in her ear. And then he whacked her below her left cheek. It hurt her and it is with a crying voice that she counted :”one”. His hand passed the back of it on her vaginal lips, she moaned again, and he hit her on her other internal cheek. His spanking lasted long and Alex was both horny and shocked when he finished.
-For the last hand spanking it was Raphael’s turn. She never met him; he must have arrived since she had left the center. He spread her cheeks and began to stroke between the cheeks, and the taps continued faster than she was able to count all over her ass. Alex tried to count but cried more than spoke and the number were not audible.
-Slave Alex, I propose you a pause before the next spanking series. You could suck one of the guards. As you have been brave and counted as it was not required, I propose you too choose which one you want to do. And then you would suck one of them between each series.
-T… Thank you Master! C…can… sob… the last of the… spankers.. sob… be the first to bu sucked.” Alex tried to reply. She still hand the handle in hands, and waited for Raphael to come in front of her to see him. She took him in mouth, and played with his prick which was thin and long. She felt her ass burning and wondered how she would feel when it would be finished. As she worked his cock she realized he should have cummed by now. Was she bad at making him cum? The plane pilots and Frank were easier. But he was a center guard, and he was sucked so often that making him cum would not be so easy as for other men. Then she began to take his whole knob in mouth and have it touch the back of her mouth as she has been taught at the center. Finally he erupted and she swallowed and licked his dick clean. She looked at him and saw he already have the paddle in hand.
-Ready for the following he said
He passed the paddle his between her cheeks before striking her quickly on her already sore cheeks. She couldn’t count and only screamed. Philip took the next tour. Alex noticed his stokes were lighter and he tried to avoid the more damaged part of her butt. Konstantin came next. His strokes were harder than Philipp and hit her on the sides of her hips. John was next. When she heard it was him, Alex spread her legs, at avoid having him asking. “No, this time I want you to clench them” he said half laughing. “And try to rub them one over the other, otherwise you would not success to hold up to the end.” John stroke her on each side featuring a ping-pong match in which Alex ass would be the ball. Alex squalling began to soften as her voice began to be broken, but she enjoyed John advice and noticed her juices her flowing along her thighs.
When she opened her eyes, John’s shaft was in front of her nose. She opened her mouth and tried to take it, but John moved, and said: “Ask for it!“ From her hoarse crying voice she said, “master John, please fuck this slave mouth”. He put his sex in her mouth and grab her hair and used her saying I’m sure you’d prefer to have it in your other holes…” Alex looked at him and really wished to be fucked rather than being beaten.
Once they finished, John took the whip, and with a grin said: “spread your legs again, Alex!” At each stroke Alex shriek in agony. She tried to keep her legs opened, but couldn’t but each time willingly spread them again. Raphael was next and stroked on her already sore skin that began to bleed. Philipp continued and targeted her calves. Finally Konstantin whipped the lower part of her back.
Her head was covered in tears, sweat and mucus but Konstantin push his short but large knob in her mouth, her jaw hurt from being so open, and he finally ejaculated on her face, but had mercy on her for the cleaning. Alex legs were unable to hold her any more, and she was laying helplessly onto the main beam, her hands gripped on the second one.
The four guards and Frank discussed on the cane, and then came to her.
Her sobbing was out of control. Frank explained:” It is performance you’ve done! Do you want to be dismissed of the cane? I thought of one symbolic blow from each of the guards”
-Please master!” she replied meaning she wanted to be dismissed.
-Your wonderful Alex!” replied Frank, “So one stroke each!”
-Oh please please !” begged Alex
-You want to choose where the strokes would hit you?” asked John!
-Oh yes please, Alex tried to think where she had not been hit…
-Just on the back of your thighs? It hurts more, but it is where you have not been hit too much and it would make wonderful red lines there.” Alex nodded.
The guard stroked quickly. And Philipp came in front of Alex, who was half conscious from the pain. Her hands were still clutched on the lower beam.
Once Philipp cummed in Alex mouth, they took Alex arms to support her and show her butt to the slaves. Franck cam and locked the belt and put the leather top on Alex, who was carried on John’s shoulder.
A few minutes later Alex screamed again as lotion was applied on her wounds. She was naked but for her belt and necklace, and John was massaging her. “I’m sorry for that belt, I would have fucked you, red ass !”. Alex moaned in a mix of pain and arousal. She barely noticed John had roughly washed her face.
Frank and the other guards came and they decided how Alex would work at the center.
-I was skeptical about that idea, said John, but after the show she gave about what a slave can do I’m with it. I think it should participate with the slave for the sport by example”.
-I think it will be excused for two or three days after that spanking! Said Frank. And I want it to be free of its observations, so you are forbidden to beat it, or use it. That is the reason of the chastity belt. If it misbehaves you would refer to me and Alex will be punished and each time I think it is necessary it will be public. What about you Alex?”
-This slave would do its best not to interfere with the center guards, master.”
John took a cuff and began to retrain Alex to the bed.
-I want it unrestrained.
At nightfall, Alex was alone and uncuffed on a bed. She was in pain but proud of her performance. She was happy the guards had accepted her. It was the first night she was away for Karen. She tought of their nights, and her hand reached her crotch which wasn’t easy while laying on her belly. But instead of feeling her juicy pussy she just felt the belt shield. “Shit” she thought. She looked around her and saw the cuffs John began to use. She slipped one hand in the loop and closed it. Then she locked her other hand. She felt uneasy not to have her ankles uncuffed but saw no other cuff and was in too much pain to move.

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