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Monday, July 25, 2016

OSO - Karen 03

It felt strange for Alex to wake up with only her hands cuffed. The pain in her ass checks and legs reminded her where she was, and why. She had to be ready for Karen arrival in one week to find out which of the four main guards was the slave killer. She moaned in pain as she stood up. She relieved her balder and flushed. It is this noise that made John come to her: “Awaken red ass beauty? You should come and eat with us!” despite it feels weird for Alex to eat with the guards she followed John still naked. “Oh Alex’s cuffed itself” laughed Raphael. “What do you want for breakfast?” asked Konstantin. “Eggs and bacon?” added John. “Coffee and croissants?” proposed Philipp? “Or Dog biscuits in a bowl?” asked Raphael. Alex was uneasy, as slave she was not used to have to choose.
-What did you get at your master’s? John asked”. It made Alex to think about Karen her mistress. She knew she must not make a mistake about it. “He liked eggs and bacon.” She answered, hoping It was what Frank would take as breakfast, isn’t what all British people like. “Sit there” said John showing her a seat. Alex put the plate and put it on the chair and kneeled in front of the chair to get her breakfast. The guards were amazed, and John understood :” With a spanked ass it is better to kneel than to sit!”. Raphael said :” As slave shouldn’t it eat with its plate on the soil and without its hand?”
-Raphael, it has been accepted that SHE has to be treated as a guard when no slave are presents, SHE is also allowed to speak saying I in that case. If slaves are presents it has to be treated as a slave. She still is a slave, but she is a staff member also. It is difficult for all of us, her included.” Said Philipp.
Every one nodded.
- Alex you can come dressed if you want” John added. She was used to be naked, so it did not bother her.
-The keys were nowhere to be found” she said showing her cuffed hands. Philipp uncuffed her.
-Thank you master Philipp.”
They ate and the guards spoke about the day program. Alex was uneasy. John was to drive the fitness session at 11:00am. And he proposed Alex to come if her ass and legs allowed her to. She nodded, despite the pain she wanted to be flawless. Then they spoke about Melissa’s termination. Konstantin explained his idea for killing Melissa. Alex was uneasy and asked about Melissa. She was an untrainable slave. From the beginning she didn’t replied as expected, and after three months at the center she was not ready to ask her necklace. Alex remembered: she did not know how many time it took her. She tought she would relived by asking it, but it has been the opposite, the true training begin once the slave is collared.
-Can be Melissa met? She asked.
There was a slience. Then John replied, you have to meet each of the slaves, each day. You want to begin with Melissa?
The guards were unhappy with Alex asking.
-Why not. Can I ask you something John?
The center’s ankles chains were very short and Alex had to hobble quickly to follow John with her hands cuffed in her back. Then they arrived in Melissa’s cell. He pushed Alex in and launched the lotion bottle to the black girl: “Useless slut, have a utility, massage this slave ass, I’ll be back to have both of you showered.” He cut Melissa links before leaving them alone.
-Ho! My god they have slaughtered your ass! Exclaimed Melissa, what brute they are. And she immediately began applying the lotion on Alex welted ass. Alex moaned. Melissa was all at rubbing Alex’s cheeks, and legs. She asked about the chastity belt, but Alex only moaned. Then Melissa realized Alex was gagged and had dried cum in her tangled red hair. Melissa removed the ball gag that had no lock.
-Thank you said Alex, I’m Alex!
-Oh, I’m Melissa I’m sorry for the ball gag.
-Thank you for my welts and the ball gag. You were anxious as the guard asked you about the lotion…
-Yes they scare me.
-It is their work to scare us. Alex said as she tried to turn onto her back.
-It is unfair, I shouldn’t be there. They had me abducted.
-It is the case for all of us, Melissa. Please can pass some lotion inside my thighs, they also hit there.
-What have you done to get so much a beating? Melissa spread the cream inside Alex’s thighs.
-My master sent me back here. I’m here both to learn again what being a slave is and to help the slaves to be. Humm Melissa you have wonderful hands. Melissa looked at Alex with a mixed regard.
-Why do you have this “belt”? You’re a staff member? You’re slave or a guard?
-I’m slave you see I’m chained, I’ve been beaten Alex laughed. I’ve a branding and a necklace. I’m not a guard. I’m in the staff but as a slave. This belt is there to prevent the guard to abuse me.
Melissa wasn’t convinced.
-You cannot touch yourself with this belt?
-No but a slave do not touch herself unless being asked to, replied Alex. But two slaves can touch each other, do you want me to go under you?
-Oh, … I cannot do the same to you… replied Melissa as she became red.
-I know you cannot, but the belt and the beating makes me horny, and I need to give other pleasure to bear my own denial, come over my mouth… Melissa obeyed.
On the control screen John was interested in what Alex was doing. He waited after Melissa had two orgasms to get and drive them to shower and wash their hair. The two girls played with the water hose, and Alex succeeded in washing Melissa cunt and anus. Once they were finished, John ordered Melissa to plaid Alex hair in ponytail.
John came back with Alex leather clothes and let her being dressed as he drove Melissa back in her cell. Then he went back to Alex to remove her ankle chain.
-I tried but never succeeded in making her cum said John.
-Perhaps she’s a lesbian answered Alex with a blink.
-That’s the reason the Somalian Shabbats sold her to us.
Alex went around the center noticed each slave name and noted their wound. At 11:00 she went at the fitness session and did her best but her aching legs and ass made it difficult to follow the movements. She wasn’t trained either, as Karen did not trained her.
-Alex, Can I have you back chained and naked to go and eat with Melissa?
-Of course, John! Alex felt she was wet at the idea, and she felt her clitoris throbbing below her chastity belt.
John let her close the cuffs and just asked the wrists cuff to be on her back. Minutes later she was in Melissa’s cell with bowls of dog biscuits and water. The way they were cuffed they had no choice to eat but to take the biscuits with their mouths. It was humiliating and Melissa was crying. She was used to do it, but felt humiliating to do it in front of Alex. Alex was done; she just taught the biscuits taste was awful. When they were done, Alex went and washed Melissa’s mouth with her tongue, and Melissa did the same. As they did it, their breasts were touching each other. Melissa one was greater than Alex, and they were aroused. Alex began to lick Melissa’s nipples.
-Oh stop Alex… You’re arousing me.
-From how your nipples are hard, it’s already done laughed Alex.
-But I cannot do the same for you…
-My breasts aren’t covered…
-Your breast not, but… and it is what they want us to do!
-And in this case it is pleasurable, so why trying to resist?
-We are prisoners and it is our duty to resist, Alex!
-We’re not prisoner, I’m a sex slave, and you are a sex slave to be. The only pleasure you can get is from sex, and you crave it, don’t you? Melissa nodded and became red.
-Don’t be ashamed, Melissa. Alex stood up and gave a nipple at Melissa for her to suck. It not only you, the stress, and being alone in your cell make you horny.” Melissa sucked on Alex nipple.
-Oh yes, Alex, And I’m always anxious they would come and rape me…
-So take your pleasure when you can.” Love making while hand cuffed in the back is an uneasy thing, but they did. John came to let them shower again and Alex resumed visiting the center. Melissa was back in her cell but with her hands locked in her back for her not to be a naughty girl.
By the end of the day Alex had seen almost all the slaves but three of them. She asked Philipp who led her to room where theses salves were with Raphael. The slaves were cuffed each wrist to the matching ankle. So their kneeling position was difficult to keep. They were unable to do anything else than keeping the positon or falling.
Alex entered and asked Raphael to note the slaves’ names. He wasn’t happy to see her.
-Kneel, slave Alex ! and suck me now !” Alex did not argue, she kneeled and took her ankles with her wrist to be in the same position as the slaves. She took Raphael long sex in her month, and caressed it with her tongue. She turned her tongue on Raphael’s uncut head. Then she licked the underside of his cock head, and took his whole length in her mouth. Raphael couldn’t do anything but moan in pleasure at Alex’s attention.
-Stop, Slave Alex, keep the position. You all have seen what it has done, try to do the same.
-Please Master Raphael, asked Alex, head bowed down.
-What have you to say SLAVE!
-It is difficult to see what happened inside a mouth. Perhaps they could be explained?
-Who would explain, slave Alex, you?
-It is you to decide, Master Raphael!
-So stand and explain!” Raphael was in anger against Axel. But was surprised she didn’t say “I”. He was searching on which fault he could punish her.
-Are the dildos free of use, Master?
-You can use them.
Alex taught the salves how to use their tongue on the master prick. She explained the most sensitive parts. And explained the masters like to deep throat the slaves, and that they need to control their gag reflex which they began to do with the dildos. When they seemed to have made some improvement, she proposed Raphael to validate their improvements. And improvements they made.
That evening Alex ate again with Melissa, after what John cuffed her on her bed.
The next morning, Alex went to breakfast still naked and wearing her wrists and ankle cuffs. She remarked the guards were unhappy. And quickly Raphael reproached her to interrupt his work. Alex apologized but added that the slaves supervisor shouldn’t be used by the guards as she felt she had been when she interrupted Raphael’s course. She understood Konstantin was skeptical. Only John noted the positive impact one the slave training.
-The best is to report to Frank. If the slave supervisor misunderstood its job it will be punished said Alex.
She knew that no matter she had made a mistake or not she would be punished. But the guards would also be summoned
-Frank will be here in an hour. You’ll stay in your cell while he’ll here, Raphael said sharply.
Alex was anxious while waiting, but at the same time she hoped master would remove her chastity belt and use her. But finally she was asked to come and see Frank. She came and kneeled next to him, head bowed.
-Only one day and you’ve put the trouble in the center.
-this salve is sorry master.
-I’m also, you will be severely punished.” Hearing that, Alex found it unfair. Once again she will be publicly punished. “Undress and lay there” There was a wooden block. Alex did as she was told, sit on the bloc and tried to lay on her back, putting her hand near the shackles that were on the opposites corners. Frank closed the shackles, and removed her belt. She was horny to be naked with him between her legs. Her position was near helpless. He then took her ankle and bent it to lock it near the same side wrist. She helped him for the other leg. She was now helpless and open, her orifices easy to reach.
-Thank you for cooperating, Alex. Your ass is not healed yet. You interfered with the guard work, they say. They spoke about Melissa and about a blowjob session.
-Yes master. For Melissa it was with John’s approval. And in the case of the blowjob…
-Stop Alex. They complain, so you will be punished, and severely.” Someone knocked at the door, and John entered with Melissa.
-Oh, what a nice position from my point of view, said John as he saw Alex.
-So, Melissa, It seems you begin to be obedient, don’t you? Would you lick Alex here? I want you to drive her near the edge of an orgasm.” Melissa tearful eyes looked at Frank she was in fear. She went to Alex, kneeled and began to lick the already wet slit. Alex moaned immediately.
-So Melissa you refuse to suck men, to be taken and so on. But you’re ready to lick a slave-girl. Alex will pay the price for that. You will edge her and her chastity belt will be closed again. Of course you can make the choice of offering her an orgasm, but in this case you will be spanked and you would have to suck the guard who would spank you. Melissa’s mind was troubled. Alex offered her several orgasms. Her tongue went on Alex clit who was very near from the orgasm. And Melissa stopped.
-Please… well… I must say sir?
-Master to speak to me or to one of the guards. And this slave and not I for you.” Melissa felt the humiliation coming on her, “but you already have been told that”
-Yes Master, I’m sorry, err, This S.. slave is sorry… Mistress Alex gave me…
-Slave Alex. It is a slave also”. Melissa was as red as possible, she did not find her words…
-S Slave Alex gave me several orgasms…
-Slave Alex gave this slave several orgams…” Melissa felt a rush of shame to have to say that…
- S…slave Alex gave this s..slave several orgams, would she help me if this s slave has to be spanked and…
-Not perfect but it is a great change in your attitude… But this is a wish, and a slave cannot make a wish unless when it asks for the necklace, you know what the necklace is.
-Yes master swallowed Melissa. I … This slave accepts to be a slave.
-Do you accept to be trained as a slave and to obey to any orders?
-Can I… Can this slave have time…
-You are an untrainable slave. You should be terminated tomorrow… and Alex participated to try to save you. She will be punished if she fails.” Melissa thought about Alex ass and did not want her to be beaten again.
-I, This slave was a lesbian, could I be … I mean this slave… well I though.. this slave though..well… Alex.. slave Alex is wearing a chastity belt
-It is lot of wishes, slave. Even if I granted you a chastity belt, once collared the guard would be allowed to remove it. You will have to learn to service men.
-My…This slave wish is to have slave Alex to help me through my training, asked the shivering Melissa.
-How many orgasms did Alex gave you, slave?
-She gave me 6 answered the embarrassed slave to be.
-It you must say it for a slave…
-It gave me 6, Master answered the humiliated Melissa. What was even more humiliating was she was becoming aroused by that humiliation.
-So, I propose you to gave Alex 4 orgasms, 6 would be too much. Then we will organize a collaring public ceremony in which you will ask to be spanked by each of the four guards and you will thank them by sucking them and cleaning their pricks. Alex will help you to be ready for the ceremony. Otherwise it is the termination. By otherwise I mean if you are unable to make Alex cum four time or if the ceremony goes wrong. You will be on the platform, so your necklace ceremony would turn to a termination one.
-May I… May this slave use the tools that are near slave Alex?
-You may worthless slave…
Melissa took a dildo and slowly inserted it in Alex’s cunt. She had no difficulties to get that first orgasm. She was in shame, but in high arousal. She then used her tongue on Alex’s clit without letting her recover. It did not take much more time than with the dildo. Melissa was excited and was about to forget her shame, but was still in fear she did not wanted to be terminated after all. She still had to make Alex cum twice. As she has been denied it might be possible. She decided to use her hands, before on the glistening lips of Alex’s cunt, then on her breasts, and back on her sex, until she was moaning. Alex was somewhere else she was lost in sexual word. Melissa then inserted her finger into Alex’s cunt, searching for her G-spot. Alex’s position made it easy, she was opened to Melissa. She brushed her G-spot with her fingers and licked her clitoris with her tongue. A few minutes only were enough for Alex’s body to shake and show the sign of the third orgasm.
-She’s very good at it whispered John in Franck’s hear!
Melissa paused and kissed Alex onto her mouth. Then played with her nipples: rolling them between her fingers. She then pushed to dildo deep in Alex’s cunt and rubbed her clit with her thumb as she was removing the dildo while turning it to press on her G-spot. It took some time but Alex cumed for the fourth time.
-Very well slave Melissa.” Then Frank turned to Alex, “So You will be responsible for Melissa from now on. Every morning you will have to teach something to collared slave. John and Philipp explained me your blowjob course, and even if it disturbs Raphael, I think it is something you have to continue on. I think these are rewards. What Melissa’s just done is also a reward. But you have to be punished, you know it.” Then he turned to Melissa’s again. “Take Alex’s belt and lock it on her again”. Melissa took the belt Franck gave her, but was uneasy on how to put it on Alex.
-The dildo goes in her cunt. Explained Franck” It seemed huge to Melissa who hesitated.
-Do it Melissa; you have to obey a master order, helped Alex. Then she saw the dildo that was about to be sealed into her.
As Alex’s cunt was well lubricated, the dildo entered easily with some moans from Alex. Then John helped Melissa to lock the belt and finally Melissa snapped the lock shut. Alex was wondering how she would deal with that huge thing inside her.
-You still have something to do slave Melissa said Franck
Hesitantly she took the ball that was linked to the belt and made it turn until it came onto Alex’s anus. She looked at the masters who nodded. She then pushed.
-Can it be lubed, please asked Alex.
-Use your saliva slave Melissa.
She took the ball in her mouth and applied it again onto Alex’s small hole, then pushed it in. Alex relaxed, and pushed on her side to open her sphincter and slowly the ball entered Alex’s ass. When the largest part of the ball passed Alex’s sphincter she moaned and the ball was swallowed inside the slave girl.
Melissa was driven back to her cell and Alex was uncuffed.
Once John and Melissa left, Alex was uneasy.
-You did well Alex, but Raphael is furious about you. Konstantin do not trust you. I need to punish you for them not to think you can do what you want.
-Thank you master half said half moaned Alex.
-I’m here on T days: Tuesday and Thursday, so you will have this belt on for 5 days…
-It is a severe punishment. She said smiling.
-You can resume you work… Oh by the way, Karen is here.
-She was only due by next week exclaimed Alex.
-Is this a problem asked Franck? She was too anxious, and I preferred to stop her from waiting for that.
-I only know she intended to review her procedure and had planned a meeting with her doctor.
-She will have to deal without. Make sure nobody discover she knows you.
Alex was still kneeling in front of Frank. She saw the bulge in his pant and put a hand onto it. Franck nodded. Alex opened his zip.
-I let you one week to have Melissa trained, hum…
-Will you accept to have her in chastity belt, Master?
-I’ll see this with the guards, but if we do it will be turned against her. She could have both her secured holes filled: how does it feels…
-It’s… exciting… and frustrating: they do not move. It is difficult to bear and it will only increase with time. The slave supervisor would suggest something else for Melissa’s belt. A clit hood piercing.
-A ring ?
-It is a Karen though sir. It may be a bar that would rest on the clitoris so that it would brush it with every movement. The bar can be changed to a shorter or longer one to change the part of the clit that is stimulated. And some weight can be added onto the bar to increase, or not the stimulation.
Franck cummed as he imagined how Melissa would regret to have asked a chastity belt.

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