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Monday, July 25, 2016

OSO - Karen 04

She woke up in a white softly enlightened room. She was lying on a tiled floor. She looked around and saw there was no window. She was still wearing her suit. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed. She tried to move, but only succeeded in removing her heeled shoes. There was almost no slack between her ankles. She looked at the camera in an angle of the room. Unlike most of girls that awaken in such a room, she knew where she was. She remembered when she designed the room with a tiled floor for the room to be easy to clean. Once again she tried to stand up, but her hosed feet slid on the floor, and with hands in her back she was unable to kneel. The motion detector should have warned the staff by now, and one of them would be here in an instant. When they are here, she wouldn’t have to look arrogant or haughty, because her procedure would prescribe a softening period of huge humiliation. She would have to look scared. In fact it would not be too difficult to look scared, because she was. She imagined she would be asked to disrobe in front of a man she had never seen. She was also furious against Franck. The abduction shouldn’t have happened so early, and she had planned to be taken as a runner so she would have been wear sport clothes instead of this suit. She was still lost in her mind when two pair of hands took her and got her to her feet. She began to say something but only got slaps in her face while the other man in her back removed her wrists cuffs. She had no time to rub them that they were grabbed by the man in front of her, who rose them over her head, and forced her to walk back to the wall. They cuffed her wrists again to a ring on the wall. One of them took a remote command and she felt the ring rise until she was standing on her tiptoes. Once again she tried to speak, but a ball gag was shoved in her mouth.
-You will be given some water. If you try to speak you will stay on the wall for the whole night!
Karen tried to think… she had no idea how many time she slept. She had been abducted on an evening then had been transferred from London to this isolated island in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the Libyan coast. But she had no idea of the time. Was it the morning, or the evening? She designed the room without windows in this purpose. As the men spoke about water she realized how thirsty she was, but what was far more urgent was her bladder, and she knew she would have to pee herself, but couldn’t accept it yet. When she thought about her period in the center she tought about forced sex, about being beaten, but had not thought about humiliation. Her softening was beginning.

While getting out of Franck’s office, Alex was still discovering her predicament. The dildo was very big and immobile. At the opposite the ball in her was moving at each step as a butt plug would have done. She met Raphael who laughed at saying she seemed to have difficulties to walk. She nodded and he said she was excused as today sport session was running. But told her a new salve trainee has arrived and she could meet her as she was to look after all slaves.

Karen was crying. With time discomfort only increased. She began by pushing on the tip of her toes to avoid the pain in her wrists. But she quickly had to let herself hang from her wrists as she wasn’t able to keep the pressure with her feet. But then her hands became nub and she again pushed on her toes. At the same time her bladder was full and she wasn’t able to soil herself. So when the door opened she was hoping her torment would stop. She immediately recognized the red-haired girl dressed in leather that entered her cell. She was holding a bag of water. She couldn’t see her face as Alex had her head bowed as a slave must have. She immediately began to address to her: “Alex, please help me!” but with the ball gag all was muffled.
-Hi, I’m Alex! Please nod your head if you’re Karen, right, that’s fine. You’re not allowed to speak even a single word. I’m the slave supervisor. I’m a slave and I’m not allowed to change the slave status.” Alex spoke slowly as if Karen did not know her. At first Karen did not understood, then she realized they were not supposed to knew each other. Her hopes were killed as she realized Alex would not be able to ease her torments. “Nice, try to calm down, that’s good. I will remove the gag but DO NOT speak otherwise you’ll have to stay like this much longer. I will give you something to drink.” Alex hang the water bag to the ring. “It is not only water it also contains nutriments”.
Alex then threaded the bag tube through a ball gag. She then reached behind Karen’s hair and stroked her lightly and removed the gag. Karen began to say “please Alex” but Alex put a finger onto her mouth: ”not a single word for your own good. Your jaw must be aching move it from side to side.” Karen did it and was relived to be free of the gag. “I’ll put this one now, open your mouth… please open wide” Karen kept her mouth closed she did not want the gag back already. She did not want to drink even if she was thirsty, she wanted to empty her bladder. Alex closed her former mistress nose, and as she opened her mouth to breath, the slave pushed the gag into her mouth. “Do not try to resist, Karen. I know it is difficult, but It will always make things worse” she locked the gag behind Karen’s head. She took care of her hair. “I now will open the tube’s valve and the liquid will flow into your mouth. Do not try not swallowing it. You can put your tongue on the tube opening to avoid to get too much water, but you’d better had drank the whole bag before someone comes back” Karen wanted to say to Alex that the bag contains also a powerful laxative. “Oh you’re in need to pee!” Karen nodded violently. Alex whistled. Karen looked at her unbelievingly and felt the hot liquid flowing into her pants. Her eyes opened wide in surprise: she was peeing herself. She was unable to stop the flow. And it was her own slave that did that to her. “I know you hate me for that, but I did it to help you” and Alex quitted the room after turning the valve open. Karen was surprised as the mildly sweet liquid flowed into her mouth. Her urine soiled her panties and flown along her leg to floor. She looked at her feet and saw the yellow puddle form at her feet. She realized she has no other choice than having her feet splashing into it. She also smelled the urine flavor around her. She cried and swallowed the liquid knowing it would only make things worse.
-Ho Alex, I really like her head when you made her pee herself said Konstantin when he met Alex in the corridor. Now John wants you to go and eat with Melissa.
Alex felt guilty about what she did to Karen, but knew it was to help her. She them went to Melissa’s room and saw John who was waiting for her.
-You like nice and stuffed Alex, laughed John, looking at her way of walking. Can you hold this? It is for both of you.
Alex took the tray and entered Melissa’s cell. Melissa was tied with her hands in her back, wrists to elbow and did not seem to enjoy it.
-Chicken and bamboo sprouts said John; I hope you enjoy Chinese food!
Alex put the trail on the floor and helped Melissa to knee near it.
-Can you untie me asked Melissa… oh and I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do!
-You did fine Melissa, and I think that if I untie you we will both be in trouble, but I can feed you.
-It smells good said Melissa.
-I think it is a reward for you having accepted the necklace, and to have obeyed in front of Frank.
-I’m anxious, didn’t I made a mistake?
-The other choice was being killed, Melissa!
-I’m afraid the spanking, the blowjobs, how will I manage that all?
-You will make it fine.
-I’m not sure. Alex took the chopsticks and began to feed Melissa.
-Let me explain you. They already decided to terminate you by pushing a bottle up your ass and filling it with hot water, then cold, and then hot and so on, until the bottle explode. And this is for the main torture. It would be long and painful. So your choice is the best.
-Didn’t a spanking hurt? See your ass!
-Less than having such in big thing as a bottle threaded in the ass, being burnt by boiling water and having glass splinters in the ass.
-Err… Alex, I’m terrified!... I mean this slave is…
-That’s right, you can say I to another slave said Alex blinking. Did you felt humiliated in the office?
-Yes, I felt as I was an inferior being!
-Did you felt aroused?” Melissa blushed at Alex saying “You did and if John tied you, it is to avoid you from masturbating!”
-Why do they arouse us and forbid masturbating…
-For us to be sexually available. You must accept to be slave so inferior, humiliated and aroused most of the time. You have no choice. Or more precisely it is what you accept at the collaring.
-The reward will be explosives orgasms, I promise!
-Like yours this morning asked Melissa visibly excited.
-And the ones I will give you once we will have finished the tray!
-Ohh yes, I crave for them… but what about you… It must be awful!
-It is difficult to bear… But I have no choice. You will know if you get that chastity belt you asked for.
-I didn’t know there were dildos in it!
-I don’t know if yours will have dildo in it!
-I hope it won’t…
-As slave you must learn not to hope, or want, just accept and obey
Melissa thought and Alex resumed feeding her.
-The arousal and sexual pleasure are our rewards for obedience. They also help to accept the pain when you’re beaten. Added Alex
-Like when you have been spanked? Is your ass still hurting?
-Yes it still hurts, and will for a few days. But you will learn that pain and pleasure can be mixed together… John’s very good at that.
-But if I obey they won’t beat me!
-Obeying is not always easy, and after being collared you will earn punishments you will have to accept them, and use sexual pleasure bearing the pain explained Alex.
-I’m not sure replied Melissa after being feed the last piece of meal.
-What is sure is that now it’s pleasure time, said Alex moving her head below Melissa’s crotch.
-At least for me, I’m sorry for you!
-It also a pleasure to give pleasure, didn’t you feel it when you took care of me?

Karen panties were soaked wet from her urine and even her skirt was wet, when Konstantin and Raphael entered her cell. She was ashamed of pissing herself, but at the same time she was glad as she hoped they would untie her.
-The bag isn’t finished yet said Konstantin with an angry voice!
She tried to answer, but as she moved her tongue the liquid flowed again in her mouth. Raphael took her made her turn to the wall as she made ugly sounds.
-No speaking, you haven’t learnt! Speak only when you are asked something!
Then she felt her skirt being rolled up, and her thighs and panties being lowered to her knees.
-Nice ass said Konstantin.
-Stay facing the wall, and keep you panties at knee level, pissing naughty girl, we will come back when the bag will be empty! Raphael added as he turned the tube valve fully open.
They left the room. Karen was desperate. She did not suspect the humiliation would hurt her so much, she left like a little girls that was sent to the corner bare ass because she had wet herself. The liquid flow was stronger now, that Raphael opened the valve completely.

Alex left Melissa’s cell with some of her sex juice flowing along her thigh. She reached a room who several collared slaves were awaiting her to get a blowjob lesson. She was unable avoid some moans of arousal and frustration.
She used dildo to teach deep throating and to control the gag reflex. The girls were listening in silence. Alex asked them to try by groups of two, one holding the dildo for the other one. Then they began to talk and exchange their feeling. Most of the girls that were chosen for Alex course had lack in this domain, and had been punished, and they were happy to get another way of learning that the practice on one of the guards. By the end of the course Philipp and John came and appreciated the girls’ progress.

Karen was crying. She had just finished the bag when the man entered the cell. But during that time the panties were on the soil and the laxative had had it effect and it was not only urine that was flowing down along her legs. The room was filled with an unbearable smell.
-So we are… remind: not a word if you don’t want another bag to drink, said Raphael.
Karen almost forgot and was about trying to ask for mercy, but did not. They removed the cuffed and asked her to kneel in the middle of the room over the drain. While she did it they removed the hollow ball bag, and Karen was glad cuff and gag had been removed. She almost thanked them.
-Ok, now you will remove these wet clothes of yours and put them here.
It was a metal box that looked like a barbecue. As she did what she had been asked, she felt even more humiliated. She would have preferred them to strip her. She was knelling in her own urine and shit, and was told to get naked in front of them. She took her time and they did not seem to be upset. She put her clothes in the box, and they poor a liquid on them, and they ignited a fire. There was no way back: her clothes have been burnt.
-Reply with your head, no word. Do you want a shower? Karen nodded.
The men opened their zip and took out their penis. Karen though they wanted a blowjob, but before she understood she was showered by their smelly urine. At first she froze as this was unexpected, and finally she collapsed to the floor crying.
-Stop this on of the man shouted. You’ve been asked to stay kneeling. If you disobey there will punishment.
Is this not a punishment thought Karen as she resumed the kneeling position, as they were still pissing on her.
-Spread your legs, your ass onto your ankles, back straight and head bowed. Your hands in your back! Right that’s it. When somebody comes to you, you MUST take this position.
Karen nodded.
-From now on you are required to obey to every command or what you’ll experience will be worst than what have just happened, have you understood?”
Karen nodded.
-If you accept say ‘This slave will obey, master’, if you need time to think about it in your shit bow your back.
-This slave… will obey, m... master” Karen realized how difficult it was to say that and how humiliating it was even now she was kneeling naked and smelling urine.
-From now on, you always say ‘this slave’ for yourself, and address us as ‘Master’, is that clear.
-This is clear, m... master”. The word master was again difficult to say even if Karen was willing to avoid being punished.
-I’m not convicted slave. But I give it to you. You earned to be toileted. He then turned to the corridor and asked some people to enter.
Karen then saw several nude women enter her cell with a trolley. One used a hosed the cell to spay water all over the cell.
-Stand in the back of the cell, your hand over your head.
Karen complied and was sprayed with cold water.
-Turn around.
She did and the woman was careful to wash her whole body. When the other slave had finished and stopped the water the other woman pushed the water to the drain. One slave came to her and dried her with a towel. In three minutes the cell was clean. And Karen was again kneeling over the drain. Her hair has been roughly braided.
The man came to her and cuffed her hands in her back and put two metal bowls on the floor, and everybody left.
Karen was alone, naked, shivering. Her back cuffed in her back. She saw the dog’s biscuit and some water. She didn’t know what time it was, she looked around and saw a matress that had been put near a wall.

Alex was tired and horny. She was glad John led her to her room. They were discussing Melissa’s progress. Alex would have asked news about Karen, but did not as her mission had to be secret.
-You want me to tie you to your bed?
Alex was surprised, and hesitated.
-the first night you tied yourself, you’re used to be tied, aren’t you?
-Yes, master. It is difficult to sleep while not tied.
-And the belt won’t help… by the way call me John.
-It is difficult to bear, master John. John laughed.
-It is difficult not to call me master
-Err, you trained me here… and… it is difficult not to have my mistress. Alex did not realize her error.
-Your mistress? You’re not Frank’s slave?
-Yes I am…, I mean this slave is… suddenly Alex was worried about her error.
-You said my mistress…
-I mean Master Frank’s wife, err… my master’s wife.
-She died long ago, Alex… John thought…
-Is Karen, our new guest, the Karen from the procedure, I mean Karen’s procedure?... And are you her slave…
Alex did not answer.
-It makes sense to me Alex. Frank should have changed her name. I will help you find who the guard that kills slaves is, you can trust me.
John caressed Alex’s breast. She moaned slowly.
-As a slave supervisor you are allowed to refuse, or to ask… Do you want me to tie you to your bed? Do you want me to fuck you?
-Oh yes to both, but the belt answered Alex.
John made Alex lay on her belly and cuffed her spread eagle. He then removed the ball from her anus. Alex liked the feeling of the ball quitting her tight hole. The she felt John fingers spread lube between her cheeks. Then she felt his weight on her and the head of his penis on her already opened ass. He entered slowly
-Oh yesss, fuck me deep….

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