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Monday, July 25, 2016

OSO - Karen 05

When she woke up her wrists were hurt from the cuff. Her shoulders were hurt from the position of her arms. Her bladder was full, and need several tries to stand up, and squat over the drain to piss. Karen hardly slept. She reminded what happened, and never thought it would be so difficult. She kneeled by the bowls and tried to eat like an animal. She hoped it was the morning, but there was no way for her to know. She remembered how she designed the cells with a low light and no windows. At that time she did not knew she would experiment one of them. A first she had been excited to confront her procedure to break girls into obedient salves. The procedure had been used on several girls beginning by Alex, and made its proofs. Now she was fighting her own procedure and after only one day or what she imagined was one day she felt so humiliated that she felt ready to obey to avoid being humiliated so much and she knew it was the first step of own enslavement.
When she woke up Alex was happy and worried. She was happy about her relation with John and how she had been successful for her fist days at the training center. She was worried John found out what her mission was. If he was the bad guard both Karen and she were in danger. But right now, she enjoyed John lubing her ass and inserting a ball into it. She had no other choice as the ball was a part of the chastity belt she wore. She wouldn’t be able to move easily with the ball hanging between her legs. Once the ball inserted, John uncuffed her and proposed her to come and eat with the other guards.
As for the preceding days, Alex preferred to kneel near the table that to sit as she was offered. First she was uneasy with her position. She was still a slave, but a slaves supervisor the guards were to consider her as part of their team. John easily accepted her, Philipp and Konstantin seemed indiferent  but Raphael was clearly against her. The second reason was her ass sore from the spanking she got at her arrival and the butt ball she was required to wear.
-I had a look at Karen’s folder. She is supposed to be lesbian, like Melissa. Perhaps it may be useful to make them play together? John said.
Alex nodded and John explained what his idea was.
Melissa knelt and smiled when she saw Alex entering her cell. The preceding day she got an or several orgasms each time Alex came to see her.
Karen was uneasy to move with her hands locked in her back, but she also knelt over the drain as John opened her cell.
Alex locked ankle cuffs to Melissa while John di the same to Karen.
-You need to be cuffed like that when moving from one place to another in the center. John explained to Karen.
-You will be participating to a game, and John and I wish you to loose, Melissa.
-But if I lose I will be punished.
-Of course, but perhaps it is better to be punished than being reward, replied Alex with a smile.
-If I win… I will… I mean… If this slave win, will it be punished?
-Good to remind how a slave speaks. If you win you won’t be punished, but I’m sure you would prefer to loose, even if you will be punished for loosing.
-Can this slave ask what the punishment is?
-You ask too much question for a slave, but it is a spanking, I discussed it with John, it is designed for you. Try to make as you want to win at first, then let the other win afterwards.
The four of them entered the room at the same moment. Karen saw Alex. She would have spoken to her but it was not possible. Karen and Melissa were untied only to be tied again on the kind a big table. They were turned to their left, their left leg bowed and the right one tied to hook on the ceiling. Their heads were resting on each other thigh. They both had a clear view on the other opened pussy.
This excited both of the girls. Karen realized she had not cummed for days. This was not in her procedure, but she was glad of the activity. Her procedure prohibited non collared slaves to meet.
-So, explained John, use your tongue. The winner will be the one that make the other cum first. The looser will be punished by a spanking right in front of the winner.
Karen, was excited at the idea, and wanted to avoid any punishment and began to work quickly. Melissa was excited at the view of the blonde girl pussy, and ate her immediately. She was afraid of being spanked but did not wanted to deceive Alex.
At first Karen was delighted by Melissa’s tongue, she was unable to concentrate. But little by little Melissa seems to get tired, and Karen used it to concentrate on the black girl’s clitoris which was the bigger she has ever seen.
Alex was excited at the spectacle but could only feel the dildo that spread her vagina in her chastity belt, and the ball in her ass.
With time Karen tongue was quick and explored the folds of Melissa’s pussy. From the black girl moans she knew she was on the right spot. So she continued on, and a few minutes later the spasms in Melissa’s cunt were significant: she was the winner. They were helped to stand and Karen was greeted.
Melissa was made to bend over a stand in the corner of the room. John came behind her, and passed his hand on her cheek. Melissa was nervous and moved her ass under the man’s hand. The caress was enjoyable, and Melissa appreciated and began to moan when John removed his hand a slapped her on her butt. Melissa reacted sometime after having been hit. She screamed, but John resumed his hand on her ass and caressed her again. Melissa was breathing heavily, and was near from crying. But once again she enjoyed John’s caress and began to move her ass. Once again John hit her by surprise, and Melissa screamed again and then sobbed. John caressed her ass, and his hand caressed lower and his finger reached her sex. He was about to ask when she spread her legs to open herself to his hand. He smiled and reached lower passed his hand on her lips, and hit again, but this time he slapped her on her cunt. Melissa yielded and closed her legs. John asked her to spread them again and resume his caress. His hand passed near her clitoris several time. Karen, Alex and John were amused as Melissa was rocking her hip to rub her clitoris on John’s hand. He let her do up to when he hit again. Melissa was half moaning and half screaming. Her ass was a nice shade of red and brown. Everyone enjoyed the game and Karen and Alex were moaning with Melissa.
After six strokes, John explained Melissa was done, and helped her to stand. The three salves girls were excited
-Please asked Karen?
-What slave? Replied John.
-Am I allowed to… cum
-Is this slave allowed to cum? Corrected Alex.
- Is this slave allowed to cum? Karen asked while she was becoming red.
- The winner avoids the spanking, that’s all, replied John, now the three of you go showering. Melissa will return in her cell, and Alex will lead Karen to the medical examination.
Karen felt she had been tricked.
On the way to the shower, Alex made Melissa to explain the spanking feelings. She was ashamed she liked it, she was very confused about what just happened, but she recognized she had been aroused by a man, and she kind of enjoyed the spanking. Karen was surprised to hear her while her face was tearful. Soon they were in the shower room and Alex untied Karen and Melissa arms before removing her leather suit.
-We’re not allowed to do that, explained Melissa as she saw Karen’s hands to her crotch.
-Please Karen, if you try again, I’ll have to tie you again even for showering added Alex.
Karen was shocked! Alex was her own slave, and now she was giving her orders. It took a minute for her to realize, and then to obey. Just as she did, Melissa began to poor shower gel on Karen hair, and quickly the three girls were enjoying themselves under the hot water. They rinsed themselves and braided their hair. Alex tied their arms back and led them to Melissa cell. She locked her inside.
-I’m about to lead you to the medical wing.
-Err Alex… I… how to say…
-Becoming a slave is not easy, Karen, said Alex with a blink.
-I mean… can we talk…
-You’re surprised, but we have a folder about you. We have a folder about each girl that has been abducted and is trained here. We know you’re a lesbian and orgasm addicted. Melissa is lesbian also, but is becoming orgasm addicted, so you won’t have an orgasm so easily, replied Alex.
Karen understood that Alex was answering in a way that was ambiguous, but she was highly surprised that her folder had been changed.
Konstantin greeted Karen when they arrived. She was led to a gynecological chair, and strapped on it.
-Are you on some birth control?
-Not yet replied Karen.
-Not Yet Master! shouted Konstantin.
-Not Yet Master repeated Karen in shock. She was uneasy, she thought that if the kidnapping had been done as requested she would have been on birth control. Now she would have to get the slave center implant, and she knew what special it have.
-So I will give an implant. It’s like pill, but you cannot forget it.
She saw him get the little stick. He took her arm. She looked on the other side as he pushed the stick under her arm skin.
She was ashamed to be examined while tied to the chair, to have to let him look at her sex, to be aroused to be naked. She was also anxious about all this story was turning. The kidnapping has been changed so she cannot organize herself, her folder had been changed and will make it difficult for her to fight her own procedure to turn people into sex slave. She was anxious, but at the same time she felt the challenge to fight her procedure without being able to cheat. A small voice in her head was saying she could not win. If she won over her procedure, it would mean her procedure was not as great as she proclaimed. And if she submits, her procedure would win, but she would end as a sex slave. She thought about Alex. She always seemed to be happy to be a sex slave. Would it be the same for her?
For the first time she wondered if the killer story Frank and Jim told her was bullshit. She wondered she had been tricked to become a sex slave just like Alex. She looked at Alex. She might know, Karen thought. And she laughed at the idea that she was becoming a slave being broken by her own procedure and by her own slave. She knew the birth control stick the center used will increase her testosterone level, just high enough for her to be horny, but not to have hair growing like a man. She will crave for an orgasm that will be denied to her, it is the principle of her procedure, not broking slave by violence, but by orgasm addiction and humiliation. The best of all was that she became sex addict by her own having Alex at home. All they have to do now is to deny her up for her to beg and obey like a sheep.
Konstantin undid the straps. As Karen was still he did not take any precaution. This slave trainee seemed so calm, as she had accepted her fate. What’s more, Alex was there to led her.
Karen noticed his error. She jumped out of the chair and ran through the medical room, took the door and exited. She was in a corridor, she turned left and ran. She tried to remember the center map. There might be stair there, she ran down. Behind her she heard Konstantin and Alex running after her. Where was she running she thought, “I must escape, I must find the way out, find the sea, try to swim… “. It was impossible she knew it but deep in her mind, she had to try to escape that fate.
She found a door, she opened it and went through another corridor. There were door on the left and on her right… “Something is odd she thought, were am I”… then she turn left into an opened door.
She stopped and saw the white room, it took her a few minutes to realized she ran into her own cell. She heard them running to her.
-Hands on your head, shouted Konstantin. He was holding a gun. It was an hypodermic one, but Karen did not want to tried it. She complied.
-OK Karen, kneel then lay on the floor face down….
One again she did as she was told.
-You will be punished for that, said Konstantin, as he tied Karen’s arms in her back with a quick zip that cut into her skin. He did the same with her ankles. Then he bended her legs so that he can tie the ankle zip to the wrist one. Karen cried. But she had no other choice as Konstantin and Alex left her on the cold soil of her cell in an uncomfortable hogtie.
The hogtie was uncomfortable at the beginning, but with time her arms and legs cramped and pain was quickly becoming unbearable. She hoped to see Alex, or one of the guard come and untie her. She was sorry she tried to escape. She knew it was useless. In her cell nothing could help her to evaluate how much time she was laying there.
In her cell, Melissa was troubled. She really enjoyed her game with Karen. The girl was tall and beautiful. She liked her long blond hair. She wondered if Karen liked her. She felt guilty that she participated in tricking Karen. She hoped she would be able to do to Karen what Karen had done to her. What troubled Melissa was the spanking. When Alex said she had to lose the game and being spanked, she was anxious but decided to trust Alex. But, what should have been a punishment had been a revelation. Of course, it hurt, but at the same time it was hot she thought. She did not like men, but this man had a magical hand, which was able to hurt her and make her crave for more at the same time. She sat on the soil of her cell. With her arms tied in her back in was not easy. Then her behind reminded her of what just happened. She thought of Alex kneeling with her red ass, and kneeled. She thought about this man’s hand that passed on her ass checks, so near from her pussy. She thought also at Karen and Alex viewing her. Then she realized she was arousing herself.
Her gut was growing when Alex came in, with biscuits.
-Is your ass burning, Melissa, asked Alex !
-Ho! Alex I was longing for you! The black girl said. Yes my ass is burning, but it is not the only thing that is hot with she said…
-Oh… said Alex, you did enjoy the spanking didn’t you? Melissa became red…
-Yes, I’m ashamed I did… I… I need you down there, Alex…
-Are you giving me orders, Slave Melissa?
-No, I did not mean… I am sorry…Mistress Alex…
-I’m no Mistress, but I not allowed to satisfy you right now… I’m there to give you something to eat. This afternoon you’ll have to learn to pleasure a man, I think it won’t be easy for you.
-Oh, I guess I will need it… Will Karen be there also?
-She’s punished, she tried to escape…
-I’m going to feed her…
When Alex entered Karen cell, the former Mistress was crying loudly and did not heard the slave supervisor opening her door.
-I’m here to feed you Karen, I’m not allowed to untie you…
-Oh my God Alex, it hurts, I’m cramped!
-I know how it is to be hogtied. Your escape idea was great, they think you truly tried…
-We can speak?
-It’s John that’s surpervising. He’s the only one but he knows you actually are.
-He knows?
-He made the link between the Karen’s procedure and you. You should have been interned with another name.
-What if he is the bad guy! And… is there really a bad guy…
-There is a bad guard; he spoke to me about that.
-I was becoming to think it was only bullshit to change me into a slave.
-Don’t worry Karen. We’re looking after you. But we must be quiet for our own security.
-OK, but I need your help Alex; it’s difficult to bear…
-I know it Karen, I did it myself…
-Oh, I’m sorry Alex I… I… Karen was uneasy toward Alex.
-Don’t be sorry Karen, But I know the Karen procedure because I experimented it from inside. By the way I need some information about you, and I have some biscuits for you.
-Thanks Alex… What do you want to know.
-Are you lesbian, or not… I mean you will have to have sex with the guards…
-I prefer women, but I can have sex with men.
-Can you do a blowjob?
-Yes thanks Alex for asking.
-You’re welcome Karen… Alex feed Karen with some biscuits.
-Alex I really need an orgasm… oh you’re in the belt, you’re in need also…
-I know you do… so do I… but I’ve work to do but it don’t change my mind to much because it’s sex related work… But it will be OK for me. For you, I am sorry, but you will have to endure the frustration for some time… and your trying of this morning will not help…
-I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that…
-Don’t be sorry, they began to wonder why you did not fight more than that. You did well, but know we will have to pay for that…
-How… How much time? I cramp… It’s hurting.
-It is supposed to, it is a punishment. It is in your procedure. At this stage, the slave must not be hurt but for attempts of escaping or violence… I suppose up to this evening…
-Is there something I can do, please Alex… Alex smiled as her former mistress begged for her.
-You’re supposed to be lesbian, I’ll say that you’re ok for a blowjob to be untied. Try not to be too good at the blowjob; I think it’s better if they think you’re a lesbian…
-Thank you Alex.
Karen throat was dry from having eaten biscuits only. She was thirty. She was also uneasy of the situation, she needed to complain about her situation to somebody, and the only one that was open to her was Alex. Alex had been through the same process. She knew it was her own procedure. Karen was ashamed she had promoted this. She was wondering if she did not deserve what was happening to her. At first when she agreed to be a slave trainee she thought about the orgasm addict phase, she would have several orgasms a day. But this phase has been removed from her training, and seeing how frustrated she was, it was the right decision. She would do anything for an orgasm. She would accept to be collared, but she knew what it meant, and what would be the training after she is collared. She began to cry on her fate.
It took half an hour before Philipp and Raphael came back. They were drawing a kind of wooden machine. Karen wondered what is was, but she was unable to look at it from her hogtied position. Then she heard the crack of a whip…
-This morning demonstration did not please us said Philipp.
-If you try again, you will taste what a whip can do, added Raphael.
-So I’ll untie you, as you asked Alex, and you will be locked in this pillory, explain Philipp.
-Then you will suck both of us, but if we are unhappy we will make your ass red, is that clear, Slave!
-Yes, it is master, cried Karen, which was wholly afraid by the sound of the whip.
They untied her, and helped her to the pillory in which was locked in doggy style position. She was so horny that she hoped one of the men would take her from behind. It did not take long for both men to lock the wooden planch onto her head and wrists. Then Raphael took her ponytail in hands and yanked her head up. She shouted in surprise and pain. Then it was tied to the pillory so she could not lower her head, making her neck hurt.
-Please! It hurts my neck, I’ll obey, I promise! Karen said quickly.
She yielded as the whip stroke her ass.
-You’re punished for trying to escape you have nothing to ask, and you mustn’t address us that way shouted Raphael.
-Say it again in the appropriate way for such a naughty slave like you add Philipp
-Please Master, It hurts this slave’s neck. This slave will obey, I.. This slave promise! Karen corrected
-Good replied Philipp. Now repeat after me : This slave is punished for trying to escape, It needs to be hurt to learn this lesson, please master give this another strike of whip.
Karen eyes opened wide as she understand what was asked to do. She did not wanted to get another strike, but she feared what she would got if she did not asked. Her mind was confused
-Its too long, you must obey quicker, you’re not the haughty slut in her nice suits any longer, you’re just a cunt for us to tame. You just earned a new stroke, SLAVE Karen. Raphael as she was thinking.
-Oh, noo please… This slave is punished for trying to escape. It won’t do it again, It will obey the masters. It needs to learn this lesson, please master!
-It is not exactly what I asked you to say, Philipp said. What do you prefer, trying again, or another strike?
-I try gain, please master… ho sorry master This slave try again, master : This slave is punished for trying to escape, It needs to be hurt to learn this lesson, please master give this another strike of whip. Karen sobbed.
-So you are at two whip strokes, Karen. Let me explain the rules of the game. You will suck each of us. If we feel your teeth, it will be ten stroke more. If we are unsatisfied, it will be one stroke more. And it will be a stroke for each drop of cum that will hit the floor. However, for each satisfied master that you would have made cum it will one stroke spared. Philipp explained.
-You already have a nice red strip on your ass, it would be nicer with a few more, you know! laughed Raphael.
Karen wondered if the guards were playing at version of good and bad cops. But Philipp turned toward her and opened his pant. “It is about to begin, she thought, I mustn’t be too good said Alex, but good enough to avoid whip strikes if it is possible.” It was while since she saw a real man’s cock and now it was just in front of her. Philipp was hard, and its cock head was near her mouth. She noticed it excited her to see that sex just in front of her. She saw Raphael was next to them.
-Look at what you’re up to do Karen. Philipp said. I want you to show me want you can do on your own.”
Karen opened her mouth and touched the head with her tongue. It reminded her, the man’s taste. The musk flavor entered her noose. She tried to squeeze her legs, but the pillory did not allow her to do it. She began to lick as the cock was too far for more. Philipp seemed satisfied with her beginning as she felt the cock coming nearer and nearer from her. It allowed her to move her tongue on the head.
-Hum, that’s good Karen. Use to thumb up for me to enter your mouth. Philipp explained.
Karen was surprised at first, but he said he wanted her to show what she can do, she used her thumb up and Philipp’s cock came into her mouth, she tried to move her head, but the ponytail attached to the pillory board prevented it. He took it in his hand, she was afraid, but he untied it, and was able to turn her head around the cock’s head. She used a thumb down, and was surprised as Philipp went back. The master was obeying the slave. From her position, she was unable to see his face, but continued her trick, making him come inside her month, then out, slowly then quicker and quicker.
-Hum, tu es une bonne salope !
Karen wondered what he meant but took it as a good thing from the sound of his voice. Philipp began to move on its own, as Karen was unable to move as quick as he did, but she kept her lips and tongue on the cock. Then the cock erupted in Karen’s mouth. She never let a boyfriend cum inside her mouth because she found it disgusting, and disgusting it was, but she swallowed the best she could. Then she opened her mouth and Philipp began to remove its cock.
-Normally you should have licked it clean, Karen, but I’m satisfied for today it only your second day. You’re spared one whip stroke.
Karen was relived than Philipp was satisfied, but unhappy with the cum taste in her mouth, but she thought she might be used to it soon, and the whip would be worse than the taste. She looked again at the guards. Philipp was having its pants on again. It would be Raphael’s turn.
Alex was in what she considered as her classroom with Melissa at that time. The black girl was wearing ankles cuffs and was kneeling in font of one of the dildos that Alex had affixed to the wall.
-What I fear more, it the taste and odor, Alex, the fearful Melissa said, and what if they push too far in my throat?
-We still have some time to have you used to real thing, laughed Alex. To avoid them to push their cock to deep throat you, you have to please them, show them you want it, and that your tongue is willing
-I’m not sure I want to do it, Alex!
-The purpose of this is to give you the training you need to appreciate it, or at least to accept it.
-I’m not sure…
-Were you sure you would like being spanked?
-Err… Saying I like it seems an exaggeration…
-You should have seen your smiling tearful face just after!
-Oh Alex she blushed.
-So you can work so they won’t want to deep throat you, but no matter what you one of they will do it, so we will train you to deal with it.
These precious advices would have been useful for Karen, who was making odds sounds as Raphael’s long cock was closing her throat. She was both suffering for the gag reflex and the lack of oxygen as the vicious guard was holding her hair in his hand and hard fucking her mouth. As her head was in his hands and she was locked in the pillory there was nothing she could do. She tried to look at Philipp but she couldn’t find him with her tearful eyes. She cough when he removed his cock as her lungs were burning, and just when she opened her eyes she just saw the cum erupting onto her face.
-You didn’t make me cum, slut, I had to do it myself, so no stroke spared, laughed Raphael. And let’s count the drops on the floor…
-Oh please not the whip master begged Karen as she looked blow her at the number of cum drops that were flowing from her face.
-Karen, If you ask for the whip properly and count the stroke I use the whip and make it to ten strokes, otherwise, I let Raphael do its count.
Karen did not want the whip, she felt it was unfair, she did her best, but Raphael didn’t let her a chance. So she angrily decided to submit to Philipp proposal even if she found it was wrongful
-Please, Master Philip, Whip this slave for ten strokes!
-Hum! That’s not complete slave, why must I whip you?
-Because, I… had been unable to swallow Master Raphael’s cum, Master!
-Not I so it’s one stroke more… But it ok for me. You will count the strokes, thank me for correcting you and ask for one more.
Philipp moved behind Karen, she was so nervous. She find it perverted to have to thanks him for beating her, but she remind she recommended it in her procedure to mingle the sub mind and making it think he asked for the punishment, wasn’t it what she just has done?
The first stroke hit her by surprise. It hit her below her ass and the whip almost licked her pussy she felt it burning the join between her cheeks and thigh and just make her hot so hot.
-Ouch! One! Thank you master, may I have another one! She yield between her sobs.
-Not I, this slave… If you make this error again it will be one more.
Oh, my god, no thought Karen, but she was interrupted by the next stroke.
-Ouch! That Hurts! … Two ! Thank you master, may this slave have another one!
Karen was surprised she was able to do it, she did it yielding in the momentum of her pain yield.
The following strokes were a few centimeters above the preceding one and Karen imagined how her ass would look like when Philipp would have finish with her.
By the eight strokes, her voice was harsh and the sobs of crying from the pain were making her counting difficult to hear but Philipp did mean to care and continued on.
Suddenly, Philipp seemed to stop stroking her. Karen mind was somewhere else in the routine of the punishment, as if she was a spectator of her own punishment but his question awaked her.
-You really want another one Karen?
-Err Master?
-You already had eleven and you counted right, even if it was barely hearable at the end, so it is finished. But you want a last one to finish the dozen I can do it!
-Oh please master, no! Karen begged.
-It seems you liked part of this punishment, slave Karen, philipp said while moving his finger between Karen’s vagnail lips. She had a moan of pleasure even if her pussy was a little sore. You’re so wet. Too bad you’re a lesbian, but do not hope it is forbidden for you, not yet.
-Oh I need to, Master, Karen heard herself say.
-Have you been explained the collaring ceremony?
Karen was about to explain it when she realized she was not supposed to know.
-No master.
-Slave must no other wish than becoming a better slave. When slave trainee accepts they are to become slaves they ask for being collared and to be trained to become a slave. A last wish is granted to them at that moment.
Karen looked at Philipp. At the right moment she thought, she was so needy, but she knew that the training after being collared included pain training… but she wasn’t supposed to know.
Karen cried
-I… I don’t want to become a slave, master, I want to be back at home, I never asked to be here!
-Of course, you did not, but now you are, and you will make a beautiful salve. I’ll ask Alex to rub some lotion on your ass. You’ll stay in the pillory until tomorrow morning. It is price to try to escape. Forget you older life or you would be miserable. The training is hard, most slave lifes are better the quicker you are trained the better it is for you. It is normal you try to fight it, but you are here to become a slave Karen, and you will be.
Karen cried as Philipp left. She came here for an investigation, but as the time was going on she wondered how far she had be tricked by Franck and Jim. Perhaps Alex tricked her also.
-Come on, Come on Karen, said Alex. Karen did not know when she arrived but was relieved to see her.
-Alex, will I become a slave?
-You came here to fight the procedure, Karen. And the procedure fights hard laughed Alex pressing on Karen baddest welt.
-Ouch, It hurts, does I bled? How badly he hurt me?
-Not too far, he did not strike too much, the welt are nice and well done, horizontal about one every inch, but that one, which is severe.
-Humm… This one’s Raphael’s…
-I would have guess… How many did you get
-err… eleven and I had to count them on cryed Karen
-Humm well, Philipp was proud of you, he has applied the stroke just powerful enough to hurt you but light enough so could count them, and be successful at your punishment.
-You said a blowjob, you did not said more…
-I did not knew they would whip you, but you tried to escape… hum you’re so wet it flows along your thighs
-Humm I know, I need so badly to cum… Philipp proposed me to get the necklace to be able to cum.
-So you’re becoming a slave !
-Alex ! I don’t want to be slave. I want us to find the bad guard, and then come back home as if nothing has happened.
-I wish we could.
-I do, but Frank changed your folder, Karen. Don’t fight the procedure, you will be hurt more than what you get today. Try to be a good slave and we will see later if we can go back to home.
-You think I’ve been tricked.
-I think we’ve been both. There is bad guard, but somebody find it nice for you to be slave, and for me to be an available slave.
Alex give some biscuits to Karen, and showed her how to place her head on the pillory to get some rest. Then she found John in her own room.
-John, can you tell me how you became a guard.
-I’ll tell you while I tie you onto your bed, if you want…
-Oh yes, John, tie me… and fuck my ass, this ball and dildo are terrible…

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