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Saturday, December 11, 2010

No more masturbation

Edward was being driven for the sentence in his trial. He was confident as he was innocent from the rape he was accused and none of the beholders recognised him. He had spent one year in jail, but he will be free soon. When the car stopped he looked once again at the clothes he has been given by the state prison. He was perfect, but if had not been what could he have been able to do, his hands shackled in his back.

A few minutes later the judge was joking. “So trial was useless, and you are now free from the charges you have been accused. It seems to me that you have some things to see with the prison, and you will be definitely free.”

So he was driven back to the prison. Despite he knew it was forbidden, he began to masturbate as he was waiting in his cell. In fact he really needed a release as he had been wearing a chastity belt for months, since he had been caught masturbating at the beginning of his stay in jail. At that time he did not know that this was forbidden. Immediately after having been caught he had been placed in a discipline cell alone with his hand cuffed in his back. And he left that cell with the belt on. It was only removed when he was driven to the trial, and then it was put back as soon as he was back. But that day the belt was not back, so were the clothes. Then despite he knew it was forbidden he couldn’t resist to temptation as he had not any access to his penis for months.

At the beginning some prisoners raped him as he was under a rape accusation and wearing a belt indicating he was a masturbator. The first time it hurt his ass, and he was ashamed because he cum. So he was frequently asked to be fucked, or to suck, and became the cell whore. Beside the shame, it provided him a release from his sexual need he was no longer able to get by himself. But once again he had been caught, and got to be alone in his cell, with no means to release himself. So this wanking was giving a great satisfaction for him, until the cell door clang open before he had time to cum.

The wardens did say nothing but cuffed his hand in his back, and lead him in a great room much like a court room. The prison director was at the judge place.
-This is a prison court. You are not allowed to plea. We will just enumerate the infringements you commit to the rules, and the sanctions with or without deferment.”
-First on the 22 of December last year you’ve been caught obviously masturbating. The sanction, which is usual, has been to put you in a chastity belt for the time left before you leave the prison. A second sanction has been pronounced but with deferment.
-Second, on the 18 of February this year you’ve been caught obviously in sodomy. The sanction which is light, has been to put you alone in a cell for the time left before you leave the prison. A second sanction has been pronounced but with deferment.
-Third, Today you’ve been caught masturbating for the second time. As you are to be released soon, I will be generous and will not inflict to you another punishment than what had been decided previously in deferment”
He tore the wrap and read:” Condemned will get a complete ablation of the penis in case of recidivism”
-So the sanction will be applied as soon as possible and you will leave the hospital free.
-Err but that’s not possible, I should be free now!
In no time Edward was in the car again and was driven in a prison hospital, his hands had not been freed. Once there the nurse cuffed his hand to the bed head, and removed his clothes. She shaved his pubic hair. He tried to speak to her, but she just explains that she did nothing but her job, but according to the justice he got what he deserved.

The night was long, and early in the morning, a young nurse came and drive him to the operation room where the surgeon was already waiting for him.
-Do not be afraid, there will be very little pain, did he said as he traced some lines around Edward’s genitals.
The young nurse applied a brown liquid over his crotch. Edward would have asked her a last request when another doctor injected him a product that made him sleep very quickly.

When Edward woke up, the young nurse was near him. Little by little he remembered what happened. But his wrists were still cuffed.
-You want to see did she asked.
-Err, it is part of myself, isn’t it ?
-No longer. There is bandage so you won’t be able to see much. But in two hours I will change them so I’ll show you!
-Err OK!
-Why did they ask that for you? Are you a rapist?
-I just masturbated as I was in prison.
-Masturbation is not punished by such a penectomy unless you are a rapist…

A few hours later the nurse removes the bandages. Edward was in shock, His penis had been changed in a slit.
-Can I touch myself, did he asked
-Not yet replied the nurse, And you should avoid, look the result of touching yourself!
She passed her finger on this crotch and he understands by the sensation of her finger that his scrotum had been sliced so it made lips. She explained that between the lips were his urethra and no more. This balls were still there one in each lip. She also explained that he now needed to sit to urinate. And she helped him to use a basin to empty his bladder in his bed.

Edward healed quickly. At first been free was good enough. But quickly he needed a sexual release. As when he was in the belt he was unable to get it by himself. He would have found a girl or even a whore, but find it weird, as he no longer had a penis. So he began to go in gay bars, hoping to be fucked in the ass as he as been when he was in prison.

As he found somebody, Edward felt ashamed of showing him his slit, but the guy seemed to know about that and was exited. As he was fucking Edward in the ass doggy style, he grabbed Edward wrist and cuffed them in his back.
-Hey, what are you doing?
-Do you know that sodomy is an offence for the one that sucks of is fucked in the ass, but not for the one that is sucked, or fucks ?
-What do you mean?
-I’m the sheriff, you are under arrest!

In the court, Edward felt alone.
-So you’ve been caught in oblivious sodomy. I see that is not the first time. As there is a prison sentence it cannot be plead or avoid, let us see what the sentence is. The judge tore the warp and read :” The condemned is sentenced to be impaled until death”.

A few days later, Edward was naked in front of the spike. His arms had been bound wrist to elbow in his back. As the wardens were grasping each of his arm and his feet were not supporting his weight as they were holding him to him execution place. Two other came from behind and grabbed his knee. He was being raised and saw the spike disappear below his crotch. He cried no, as he felt a fifth warden leading the spike top into his anus. He tried to kick but the wardens released his legs. He tried to shut his sphincter closed, and to rub the spike with his foots. But the spike was inside his hole already and the foot did not grip on the slippery surface of the metal. So when the two last wardens released him, he felt himself slipping onto the pal. Soon the pain came and his fear cry were replaced by pain cry.
Slowly but unavoidably he felt the spike advancing through his flesh and guts.
When his feet touched the floor he has no force left to stop the spike and he slowly collapsed in a blood pool.

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