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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Death of the High Priest

The high priest was concentrated. She was in communication with the god. Teisha and Bedba were taking care of her. But soon at the way she was moving they understood the god was asking for a sacrifice. Such a thing was common near the light fest. The days were short. The air was cold. But with this sacrifice the god will allow the light and its heat to come back again. So the sacrifice was a good thing to do, both Bedba and Teisha knew it. But both were anxious not to be chosen. Making a sacrifice was a good thing, being sacrificed was not.

Once the high priest had finished she returned in her cell to have some rest.
Teisha took the opportunity to prepare the card game. Like she did for the preceding sacrifice she changed some of the priest card, hers by example by cards of other priest she had on her own. That way she had most of the experienced priests sacrificed, Bedba, Rebda and Ubuka were the only one left. In a few hours one of these would be dead, and Teisha would be nearer again to be the next High Priest.

Bedba was anxious because all the preceding sacrifice concerned priests of her grade. No novice had been chosen for almost the ten preceding sacrifices. She was afraid Ubuka the high priest had something against them. So she decided to go to the inner temple. When she discovered the card game her fear was completed. The three first cards were hers. Not looking at the other card she changed the whole set of card by one she had prepared on her own.

It was night when Ubuka called all the priest around her. All the novices were on the lower temple. Ubuka, Teisha, Bedba and Rebda were in the inner temple. Rebda took the holly trail. Bebda took the oil and Teisha took the cards. Ubuka was at the sacred altar. She washed her hand with the oil. Put the card set on the altar. Then took a card from the first heap and put it on the first drawn place on the trail. “The way of the sacrifice“ Rebda said with his eunuch voice.
Being priest of Thana was forbidden to men. But in Rebda case it was different. As far as he could remember he wished he would be a girl. So he decided to become a priest of Thana, which required he was nullified. The priest girls appreciated him a lot as he was still muscular. Ubuka returned the card. The four priest near the altar were having a chill in their back. “The way is crucifiction” announced Ubuka with her high voice. Rustles passed through the novice. Crucifiction was not a common way of sacrifice.
Once again Ubuka washed her hand with some oil and then took a card from the second heap and put it on the second trail place face down. “The dress of the sacrifice” Bedba said has her voice betrayed her fear. Ubuka returned the card. Her throat was dry to announce: “The dress will be: high humiliation: naked and flogged”. Ubuka’s Hands were trembling as she washed then for the third time. What was wrong with Thana today she was wondering? As she put the third card on the trail it was Theisha voice to say:”The sacrifice preparation”. Ubuka returned the card and read for the novice:”The sacrificed one will be sexually excited but never released for the day and the night before the execution” This sentence was usual, but Ubuka was amazed, what if Redba card was drawn? She liked that part of sacrifice: Teasing the condemned one. In fact the teasing excited the priest so much that it was a sexual orgy in which all priest but the condemned were masturbating. She was getting wet already. “Wahooh she thought high excited then flogged and crucified naked by that cold weather his sacrifice would not be an easy thing for the chosen one” and she was satisfied she had removed her own card years ago. Once her hands washed in the holly oil, she took one card from the last heap, which was made of cards with the name of a priest from the novice to the high priest if some of them had not changed some of these cards. As she put the card on the silver tray the colour the metal reflected made her anxious and some of the other priest might have heard it as she said : “And finally the chosen one to be sacrificed to Thana our generous god”. She hesitated before returning the card, then did it.
She then heard form far away Redba high voice:”Thou, Thana, hast chosen our high priest for the most difficult form of sacrifice one can submit to, she is thine”
Every priest of Thana knows that she can be chosen to be killed for Thana highness. But that was a shock. Most sacrifices were fast killing. But Ubuka knew she had no choice from now but to die on the cross, even if she did not know where this card came from. “I no longer am the high priest. I ask Redba which cannot be high priest to assume my role up to my death and to choose your new high priest. I’ll try to die bravely for Thana and for you” Then she removed her high priest crown and gave it to Redba. She took the cuff and fasten them to her own wrist. She knew on day or the other she would have to put her card back in the heap, she only regretted to get so hard sentence. Perhaps Thana was behind that and was punishing her from her deceit.

Once in the coldness of the temple cell Ubuka tried to think to something else than the sacrifice to come, but what else. All her life was this sacrifice now.
She looked at her high priest dress she will loose the day after to die naked and humiliated in front of all to see. Most sacrifices were done in the temple but crucifications were done in front of the temple.

Redba was sad. He was in love with Ubuka. He liked to caress her body and to excite her near the edge of ecstasy to improve her communication with the god. As his genitals were removed he was unable to reach this state so unable to be high priest. He had to choose between Teisha and Bedba. Bedba was cool and open minded but lack the authority of a high priest. Teisha was the opposite and Rebda was wondering how the temple would be under Teisha rule.
When he tided the trail and the card game Rebda saw something he did not understood, so he looked at the cards…
All priest card were Ubuka’s card, so she no chance to survive. The death cards were all impaling or crux card and so on. The card set has been changed. And no novice can access the inner temple so the guilty one was Teisha or Bedba. He tried to talk with Teisha, but she was with a novice and not to be disturbed. From the sound that came from her room he was preparing for the next day orgy.
When he knocked at Bedba’s door she offered him to join. She was in the nude with a novice also and it seems Bedba was preparing to enter in communication with Thana…

Teisha and Bedba and the novices they had chosen slept well that night. Rebda and Ubuka did not. So Redba went to see some of the novices and aked each of them if they saw somebody near the inner temple. Soon it was clear Bedba went to the inner temple as Ubuka was having some rest. On his investigations Rebda caught a novice with a stick of joy. Sex was not restricted to the priest but they were forbidden true or artificial dicks. But the novice proposed Rebda to try her toy. Slowly as the novice worked her toy in his ass the priest was discovering the feeling Ubuka was getting when he was making her in the mood of communicating with Thana. The novice was afraid at first by the smooth sexless crotch of the priest but she was also excited and rubbed her breast against his muscular body. She knew a way to pass from novice to priest was helping the priest to communicate with the god. And Rebda was known to be unable to get sexual stimulation but great at giving it. So helping him was a challenge that could help her progress in the temple, or at the opposite can lead her to have her clitoris burnt for using a stick of joy. Once she had been successful at giving Rebda a pleasure he did not knew, he rewarded her. She learnt quickly to moan at the man tongue slow rhythm. She was near to orgasm when he stopped to caress her breast. Her excitation was slowly growing. She never had a lover that was ready to take so much time. And when she orgasmed at last she was sure she saw Thana a little.

When the sun arise Redba went to see Ubuka.
“My highness I found a novice that can make me see Thana”.
Ubuka was surprised. Like all the other she thought Redba was unable to get that state despite he was with no equivalent to send some body in front of the goodness. She was happy for him. She was annoyed when he explained that the novice used a stick of joy.
-Chose Bedba, said Ubuka, she would let you happy with that novice. Do not say it to any one.
-I have reason to think that Bedba changed the card deck my highness”
-I thought it was Theisha… I cannot imagine Bedba doing such a thing.
-Several novice saw her in the inner temple with a lot of cards.
-I would have preferred anybody else as you are an expert, but you will be the one that will began my sentence. And you will send me toward Thana.
-You want me to send you so near from ecstasy as you will be offered no release?
-You met Thana that night, didn’t you?
-I think so my highness.
-Otherwise it won’t be a problem for you to send me in high levels of frustrations as you did for other sacrifices. I’m not happy to say it, but you have to. I’m already wet at imagining your tongue and that I won’t get any release… I hope I will be able to take it. But I won’t have to choice.

When Ubuka entered the room they were already there waiting for her. All were excited also. Ubuka asked to strip herself. And she lay in the condemned chair.
Her spread legs were secured as her arms.

-I ask for a favour said Ubuka
-She will ask for Rebda not to touché her too soon thought most of the crowd.
-I want to submit to Rebda first has he often sent me saw Thana. I know I will suffer to be near my god all the day long, so let me go to see him by my usual way.
-everybody was surprised. Each of the priests and novice felt their clitoris hardening ready to be licked by the man’s tongue.

As he knelled in front of that twat he worked so often he was surprised at the size of the high priest clitoris. Her fluids were already flowing. From the tip of his tongue he passed on her inner lips, and got a moan that confirmed the level of excitation Ubuka had already reached. He stopped unsing his tongue and slowly inserted his fingers in her cunt.
-Not so quick you’ll make me cum she said!
-Do not hope for that, I know want I’m doing.
She felt two then three finger quickly entering and exiting her slit. She tried to move to get them near her clitoris but the fingers were too low, and the strap that secured her did not allow her to move. Each time the fingers where doing deeper. And she was breathing at the rhythm of them. With the tip of them he brushed her g spot throwing her very near from the orgasm.
-Yes she said… but she was now empty. The man’s hand were on her crotch and thighs.
-Oh inside please….
-Like that he asked slowly stroking her clitoris from his finger.
-Yes quicker please….
-His finger moved lower and quickly brushed her G-spot again. To return to her breast.
Then she saw Thana. He was still far away. But she knew Rebda couldn’t take the risk to make her cum. But he was sure of him and each of his caress made her nearer from the goodness. It was the first time she approached him so slowly.

She was unable to fillfull her pleasure for hours when she was given a pause. She opened her eyes and saw the novices and priest that were caressing each other all around her.

-I saw Thana she said! I spoke to him!
Every body stopped to hear the high priest. Seeing Thana was not difficult, but speaking and hearing him was something else.

-With my death it is an era that must close he said. It is the reason I must suffer A lot. To make an example for this temple of luxure. With her high level of excitation taking and breathing was not easy.
-From know on, the high priest must have her clitoris burnt or removed. And the priest will have to wear belts that prevent them from having sex. The high priest will reward them by some time out of these belts when he want.

Every body looked at the three priests.

The teasing of Ubuka resumed and when she was near madness when the night felled.

The room was empty when a novice came to her. Ubuka was surprised as the novice put her tongue lower. The she realized the girl was licking her little hole. Ubuka did suspected that place was pleasurable. Then she felt something being put and pushing her hope open. She understood it was the stick of joy
-No there she said.
But when to object entered she felt waves of pleasure she did not know.
And when she felt it exiting she said
-Oh no !
-You do not know what you want said the novice as she laughed.
-This thing is forbidden you should have your clitoris burnt.
-I knew it. It excites me. As being belted does. I’m very happy you made Rebda the next high priest. He said I will be the next one. I’m in fear at having my clitoris burnt, but I know I deserve it.
She kissed Ubuka’s clitoris that was still erected. And showed her the belt Rebda locked around her belly and that covered her sex.

Every hour a novice came to Ubuka and caressed her so her excitation wasn’t going down.

When sun rose Rebda came to Ubuka.
-It is time. Teisha and Bedba aren’t happy about the belt, and they prepared the cross.
-Oh the cross said Ubuka, not really sure of who she was. Oh please fuck me.
-I cannot, but it is nearly finished.

Ubuka took her dress again, and remembered she was the high priest. She cannot ask for sex like that, but how she needed it. Rebda led her to the temple gate.

The outside coldness stopped her. There was snow everywhere, she no choice sha had to walk barefoot on the snow and her dress was so thin. When she reached the street she saw a whipping post that had been placed there. It took time for her to understand it was for her. Teisha and Bedba shredded her dress and tied her hands high. She was on her tiptoes when the two priests looped a rope around each ankle and spread her legs and secured them to the post. Ubuka looked around her and saw that some people were looking at her. She no longer was the distant high priest, she was no longer half a goodness, she was a human being that was strip in front of people in the snow.
When she felt the first whipping she discovered how painful it was and shouted.
But before she could get her breath the next one hit her. And the next again.
At the beginning it was her shoulders that were hit, left then right, and slowly it was getting down, as she asked for other sacrifice. She liked when the girl was having horizontal red welt on each side of there back. At breast level the side of her breast was hit. She was afraid as Teisha and Bedba were on her butt. The was anxious about her thigh and genitals. The women knew their jobs and Ubuka that thought she had no more voice found herself shouting at that new pain when her crotch was hit. But she remembered it was her instructions, but at that time she was with the ones that enjoyed the show. Now she was the one whose back was welted in red. When her calf had been whipped they untied her, and helped her not to collapse. She saw the snow there was red from her blod.

She wanted a rest, but novice were holding her arms. What did they want she wondered. Then the beam was put on her shoulders. How could she had forbidden. The process continues on, no matter she needed rest. Her hands are tied to the heavy beam, and every body began the procession. She was the only one to be bare foot on the snow, she was the only one to be naked in the cold, she was the only one to carry a heavy beam on the way to the temple garden on the hill. Then she realized it is the wrong way… oh no ! she had to be paraded in the centre town. naked and humiliated said the card. Every body’s eyes are on her: A naked woman in her last thirty. She couldn’t fell her foot as they are frozen. She’s still excited, but perhaps this humiliation is exciting her. Back to the temple she’s exhausted and the way rose. She tried to look at the top hill and saw the stipe the patibulum will be affix to. With her hanging naked from it.

At least she was at the foot of the stipe. How will they hoist it? She didn’t understand why they untie her. The beam was on the soil. She glad it is not on her welted back, but novice force her to down on her back! She shouted at first but then the snow clam the heat from the whipping. She appreciated the rest then was the hammer being raised. Her left wrist exploded in pain. She’s surprised she still can shout… and once again for the right wrist. She saw she pissed herself, as everybody look at her, look at who has been the high priest.

Then the beam is raised The pain is unimaginable. She discovered a world she did not imagined before, the world of pain. It increasing from the bit of cold to the whip, the nails and now she hoisted her back against the stipe by her broken wrist. She holed in pain. The patibulum is fixed and they grad her legs and they put it to the side of the stipe her legs bent. “With rope she tried to say” but a new pain exploded as new nails were driven through her ankles.

No one has been crucified for years, so the procedure had been forget and Ubuka herself did not remembered exactly how it was, but Teisha seemed to know exactly how to proceed, even if she was surprised that the crucified was not Bedba or Rebda.

Ubuka was hanging there, lost in her pain when she felt she wasn’t able to breathe. The pain in her ankles was so great but she couldn’t help she was trying to push on them to stand and finally breath. She tried to keep the position but she was exhausted and the pain was so high that she felt down.
When she felt the need to breathe again, she did it again but tried to make it slower to control the pain in her ankles and wrists.

A novice shouted look at her clitoris, she’s still excited. She realized her legs were open and she couldn’t close her legs. She was ashamed.

After a few minutes Teisha came to her as she was up: “You offered us the belt, I have a gift for you my highness” and she fixed something in a hole on the stipe. Ubuka felt the sedile as she went down. That thing was so small that sitting on it was a new pain. Of course it was better than hanging by the nailed wrists. Quickly she learnt to deal with a new predicament. It was so short that it could not reach her pussy. And it was not horizontal so it pushed on a point on her perineum and quickly it was difficult to bear, and lead her to a new position. Being sit on it was better than hanging but she still needed to stand up to breath, but less often, and each time she sit on the sedile that wooden stick pushed at another place between her legs. As her perineum was hurting she was going forward, and each time the sedile pressed at a point rear than the preceding. When the sedile was between her cheeks, Ubuka remembered the novice and her stick of joy. It took her several times to put her anus on the sedile. She was not lubricated there, nor was the sedile, so the penetration was slow difficult and painful. She was really impaling herself onto that thing, and she had no force enough to avoid it, she needed time to recover and being able to stand again. At that moment the stick had made its way into her ass. When she got up again she tried to disengage it, but she was unable to stand high enough so she felled again impaling herself. She felt as she was being fucked in the ass the rough way. She looked away and saw the sun low in the sky. The day was just beginning, how long will it take for her to die.

The cold weather numb her limbs and soon she felt as if her limbs were cut. The heat of welts in her back that rubbed on the stipe, died in the coldness.

The snow was still falling on the town and even the red marks of her blood were erasing under that cold white layer of snow that was recovering everything.

In her pain, the once high priest closed her eyes. She was in high pain, and great distress. An then she saw him nearer than she never had seen him: Thana.

-Thou art mine now. Thou hast cheated on me too long so I had to find a way to call you near me. Thy sacrifice is accepted because I know thou sincerely accepted to suffer and die for me and for thy friend. I’ll provide a short winter for them.
-Thana, take me with thee !

Ubuka opened her eyes. She was still on her cross. She used her last force to stand on her nailed ankles.
-I am near to join Thana, I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a happy new year!
-Do not be afraid by the sacrifice Thana asks you. Walk willingly to your death It will be usefull for all.

She felled one last time. Her clitoris burnt. The novice was licking her. Her lungs burnt also as she was unable to breathe. The novice stimulation and the lack of air provided her the most stunning orgasm she never had.

Sheena, the novice felt the high priest was not moving, and then she tasted something ugly in her mouth: the high priest had lost her bladder control, she was diing.

Several months later.
-Sheena called Rebda!
The young priest came to the high priest that was recovering from his communication with Thana.
-Sheena, Thana asks for a sacrifice, I want you to verify the cards deck is right.
The priest remembered when the Ubuka died as she was licking her. She was still a novice at that time, but became a priest a few days later as she was the one who was able to send Rebda to speak with Thana.

She ran to the inner temple. She took the cards and look at them.
She was surprised all the sacrifice way were impaling cards. A chill passed along her back. She looked at the priest people cards. There was only Rebda and her own cards. She began to run to tell Rebda what she found. Then she changed her mind. She removed some cards from the Deck, and ran to her room.

She was in fear and excited at the same time. In a few hours she will know. She looked again at the cards she had stolen from the inner temple. All Rebda cards.

She hoped the high priest would pardon her but she really need to know how is it to be sacrificed.

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