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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Death of the High Priest

The high priest was concentrated. She was in communication with the god. Teisha and Bedba were taking care of her. But soon at the way she was moving they understood the god was asking for a sacrifice. Such a thing was common near the light fest. The days were short. The air was cold. But with this sacrifice the god will allow the light and its heat to come back again. So the sacrifice was a good thing to do, both Bedba and Teisha knew it. But both were anxious not to be chosen. Making a sacrifice was a good thing, being sacrificed was not.

Once the high priest had finished she returned in her cell to have some rest.
Teisha took the opportunity to prepare the card game. Like she did for the preceding sacrifice she changed some of the priest card, hers by example by cards of other priest she had on her own. That way she had most of the experienced priests sacrificed, Bedba, Rebda and Ubuka were the only one left. In a few hours one of these would be dead, and Teisha would be nearer again to be the next High Priest.

Bedba was anxious because all the preceding sacrifice concerned priests of her grade. No novice had been chosen for almost the ten preceding sacrifices. She was afraid Ubuka the high priest had something against them. So she decided to go to the inner temple. When she discovered the card game her fear was completed. The three first cards were hers. Not looking at the other card she changed the whole set of card by one she had prepared on her own.

It was night when Ubuka called all the priest around her. All the novices were on the lower temple. Ubuka, Teisha, Bedba and Rebda were in the inner temple. Rebda took the holly trail. Bebda took the oil and Teisha took the cards. Ubuka was at the sacred altar. She washed her hand with the oil. Put the card set on the altar. Then took a card from the first heap and put it on the first drawn place on the trail. “The way of the sacrifice“ Rebda said with his eunuch voice.
Being priest of Thana was forbidden to men. But in Rebda case it was different. As far as he could remember he wished he would be a girl. So he decided to become a priest of Thana, which required he was nullified. The priest girls appreciated him a lot as he was still muscular. Ubuka returned the card. The four priest near the altar were having a chill in their back. “The way is crucifiction” announced Ubuka with her high voice. Rustles passed through the novice. Crucifiction was not a common way of sacrifice.
Once again Ubuka washed her hand with some oil and then took a card from the second heap and put it on the second trail place face down. “The dress of the sacrifice” Bedba said has her voice betrayed her fear. Ubuka returned the card. Her throat was dry to announce: “The dress will be: high humiliation: naked and flogged”. Ubuka’s Hands were trembling as she washed then for the third time. What was wrong with Thana today she was wondering? As she put the third card on the trail it was Theisha voice to say:”The sacrifice preparation”. Ubuka returned the card and read for the novice:”The sacrificed one will be sexually excited but never released for the day and the night before the execution” This sentence was usual, but Ubuka was amazed, what if Redba card was drawn? She liked that part of sacrifice: Teasing the condemned one. In fact the teasing excited the priest so much that it was a sexual orgy in which all priest but the condemned were masturbating. She was getting wet already. “Wahooh she thought high excited then flogged and crucified naked by that cold weather his sacrifice would not be an easy thing for the chosen one” and she was satisfied she had removed her own card years ago. Once her hands washed in the holly oil, she took one card from the last heap, which was made of cards with the name of a priest from the novice to the high priest if some of them had not changed some of these cards. As she put the card on the silver tray the colour the metal reflected made her anxious and some of the other priest might have heard it as she said : “And finally the chosen one to be sacrificed to Thana our generous god”. She hesitated before returning the card, then did it.
She then heard form far away Redba high voice:”Thou, Thana, hast chosen our high priest for the most difficult form of sacrifice one can submit to, she is thine”
Every priest of Thana knows that she can be chosen to be killed for Thana highness. But that was a shock. Most sacrifices were fast killing. But Ubuka knew she had no choice from now but to die on the cross, even if she did not know where this card came from. “I no longer am the high priest. I ask Redba which cannot be high priest to assume my role up to my death and to choose your new high priest. I’ll try to die bravely for Thana and for you” Then she removed her high priest crown and gave it to Redba. She took the cuff and fasten them to her own wrist. She knew on day or the other she would have to put her card back in the heap, she only regretted to get so hard sentence. Perhaps Thana was behind that and was punishing her from her deceit.

Once in the coldness of the temple cell Ubuka tried to think to something else than the sacrifice to come, but what else. All her life was this sacrifice now.
She looked at her high priest dress she will loose the day after to die naked and humiliated in front of all to see. Most sacrifices were done in the temple but crucifications were done in front of the temple.

Redba was sad. He was in love with Ubuka. He liked to caress her body and to excite her near the edge of ecstasy to improve her communication with the god. As his genitals were removed he was unable to reach this state so unable to be high priest. He had to choose between Teisha and Bedba. Bedba was cool and open minded but lack the authority of a high priest. Teisha was the opposite and Rebda was wondering how the temple would be under Teisha rule.
When he tided the trail and the card game Rebda saw something he did not understood, so he looked at the cards…
All priest card were Ubuka’s card, so she no chance to survive. The death cards were all impaling or crux card and so on. The card set has been changed. And no novice can access the inner temple so the guilty one was Teisha or Bedba. He tried to talk with Teisha, but she was with a novice and not to be disturbed. From the sound that came from her room he was preparing for the next day orgy.
When he knocked at Bedba’s door she offered him to join. She was in the nude with a novice also and it seems Bedba was preparing to enter in communication with Thana…

Teisha and Bedba and the novices they had chosen slept well that night. Rebda and Ubuka did not. So Redba went to see some of the novices and aked each of them if they saw somebody near the inner temple. Soon it was clear Bedba went to the inner temple as Ubuka was having some rest. On his investigations Rebda caught a novice with a stick of joy. Sex was not restricted to the priest but they were forbidden true or artificial dicks. But the novice proposed Rebda to try her toy. Slowly as the novice worked her toy in his ass the priest was discovering the feeling Ubuka was getting when he was making her in the mood of communicating with Thana. The novice was afraid at first by the smooth sexless crotch of the priest but she was also excited and rubbed her breast against his muscular body. She knew a way to pass from novice to priest was helping the priest to communicate with the god. And Rebda was known to be unable to get sexual stimulation but great at giving it. So helping him was a challenge that could help her progress in the temple, or at the opposite can lead her to have her clitoris burnt for using a stick of joy. Once she had been successful at giving Rebda a pleasure he did not knew, he rewarded her. She learnt quickly to moan at the man tongue slow rhythm. She was near to orgasm when he stopped to caress her breast. Her excitation was slowly growing. She never had a lover that was ready to take so much time. And when she orgasmed at last she was sure she saw Thana a little.

When the sun arise Redba went to see Ubuka.
“My highness I found a novice that can make me see Thana”.
Ubuka was surprised. Like all the other she thought Redba was unable to get that state despite he was with no equivalent to send some body in front of the goodness. She was happy for him. She was annoyed when he explained that the novice used a stick of joy.
-Chose Bedba, said Ubuka, she would let you happy with that novice. Do not say it to any one.
-I have reason to think that Bedba changed the card deck my highness”
-I thought it was Theisha… I cannot imagine Bedba doing such a thing.
-Several novice saw her in the inner temple with a lot of cards.
-I would have preferred anybody else as you are an expert, but you will be the one that will began my sentence. And you will send me toward Thana.
-You want me to send you so near from ecstasy as you will be offered no release?
-You met Thana that night, didn’t you?
-I think so my highness.
-Otherwise it won’t be a problem for you to send me in high levels of frustrations as you did for other sacrifices. I’m not happy to say it, but you have to. I’m already wet at imagining your tongue and that I won’t get any release… I hope I will be able to take it. But I won’t have to choice.

When Ubuka entered the room they were already there waiting for her. All were excited also. Ubuka asked to strip herself. And she lay in the condemned chair.
Her spread legs were secured as her arms.

-I ask for a favour said Ubuka
-She will ask for Rebda not to touché her too soon thought most of the crowd.
-I want to submit to Rebda first has he often sent me saw Thana. I know I will suffer to be near my god all the day long, so let me go to see him by my usual way.
-everybody was surprised. Each of the priests and novice felt their clitoris hardening ready to be licked by the man’s tongue.

As he knelled in front of that twat he worked so often he was surprised at the size of the high priest clitoris. Her fluids were already flowing. From the tip of his tongue he passed on her inner lips, and got a moan that confirmed the level of excitation Ubuka had already reached. He stopped unsing his tongue and slowly inserted his fingers in her cunt.
-Not so quick you’ll make me cum she said!
-Do not hope for that, I know want I’m doing.
She felt two then three finger quickly entering and exiting her slit. She tried to move to get them near her clitoris but the fingers were too low, and the strap that secured her did not allow her to move. Each time the fingers where doing deeper. And she was breathing at the rhythm of them. With the tip of them he brushed her g spot throwing her very near from the orgasm.
-Yes she said… but she was now empty. The man’s hand were on her crotch and thighs.
-Oh inside please….
-Like that he asked slowly stroking her clitoris from his finger.
-Yes quicker please….
-His finger moved lower and quickly brushed her G-spot again. To return to her breast.
Then she saw Thana. He was still far away. But she knew Rebda couldn’t take the risk to make her cum. But he was sure of him and each of his caress made her nearer from the goodness. It was the first time she approached him so slowly.

She was unable to fillfull her pleasure for hours when she was given a pause. She opened her eyes and saw the novices and priest that were caressing each other all around her.

-I saw Thana she said! I spoke to him!
Every body stopped to hear the high priest. Seeing Thana was not difficult, but speaking and hearing him was something else.

-With my death it is an era that must close he said. It is the reason I must suffer A lot. To make an example for this temple of luxure. With her high level of excitation taking and breathing was not easy.
-From know on, the high priest must have her clitoris burnt or removed. And the priest will have to wear belts that prevent them from having sex. The high priest will reward them by some time out of these belts when he want.

Every body looked at the three priests.

The teasing of Ubuka resumed and when she was near madness when the night felled.

The room was empty when a novice came to her. Ubuka was surprised as the novice put her tongue lower. The she realized the girl was licking her little hole. Ubuka did suspected that place was pleasurable. Then she felt something being put and pushing her hope open. She understood it was the stick of joy
-No there she said.
But when to object entered she felt waves of pleasure she did not know.
And when she felt it exiting she said
-Oh no !
-You do not know what you want said the novice as she laughed.
-This thing is forbidden you should have your clitoris burnt.
-I knew it. It excites me. As being belted does. I’m very happy you made Rebda the next high priest. He said I will be the next one. I’m in fear at having my clitoris burnt, but I know I deserve it.
She kissed Ubuka’s clitoris that was still erected. And showed her the belt Rebda locked around her belly and that covered her sex.

Every hour a novice came to Ubuka and caressed her so her excitation wasn’t going down.

When sun rose Rebda came to Ubuka.
-It is time. Teisha and Bedba aren’t happy about the belt, and they prepared the cross.
-Oh the cross said Ubuka, not really sure of who she was. Oh please fuck me.
-I cannot, but it is nearly finished.

Ubuka took her dress again, and remembered she was the high priest. She cannot ask for sex like that, but how she needed it. Rebda led her to the temple gate.

The outside coldness stopped her. There was snow everywhere, she no choice sha had to walk barefoot on the snow and her dress was so thin. When she reached the street she saw a whipping post that had been placed there. It took time for her to understand it was for her. Teisha and Bedba shredded her dress and tied her hands high. She was on her tiptoes when the two priests looped a rope around each ankle and spread her legs and secured them to the post. Ubuka looked around her and saw that some people were looking at her. She no longer was the distant high priest, she was no longer half a goodness, she was a human being that was strip in front of people in the snow.
When she felt the first whipping she discovered how painful it was and shouted.
But before she could get her breath the next one hit her. And the next again.
At the beginning it was her shoulders that were hit, left then right, and slowly it was getting down, as she asked for other sacrifice. She liked when the girl was having horizontal red welt on each side of there back. At breast level the side of her breast was hit. She was afraid as Teisha and Bedba were on her butt. The was anxious about her thigh and genitals. The women knew their jobs and Ubuka that thought she had no more voice found herself shouting at that new pain when her crotch was hit. But she remembered it was her instructions, but at that time she was with the ones that enjoyed the show. Now she was the one whose back was welted in red. When her calf had been whipped they untied her, and helped her not to collapse. She saw the snow there was red from her blod.

She wanted a rest, but novice were holding her arms. What did they want she wondered. Then the beam was put on her shoulders. How could she had forbidden. The process continues on, no matter she needed rest. Her hands are tied to the heavy beam, and every body began the procession. She was the only one to be bare foot on the snow, she was the only one to be naked in the cold, she was the only one to carry a heavy beam on the way to the temple garden on the hill. Then she realized it is the wrong way… oh no ! she had to be paraded in the centre town. naked and humiliated said the card. Every body’s eyes are on her: A naked woman in her last thirty. She couldn’t fell her foot as they are frozen. She’s still excited, but perhaps this humiliation is exciting her. Back to the temple she’s exhausted and the way rose. She tried to look at the top hill and saw the stipe the patibulum will be affix to. With her hanging naked from it.

At least she was at the foot of the stipe. How will they hoist it? She didn’t understand why they untie her. The beam was on the soil. She glad it is not on her welted back, but novice force her to down on her back! She shouted at first but then the snow clam the heat from the whipping. She appreciated the rest then was the hammer being raised. Her left wrist exploded in pain. She’s surprised she still can shout… and once again for the right wrist. She saw she pissed herself, as everybody look at her, look at who has been the high priest.

Then the beam is raised The pain is unimaginable. She discovered a world she did not imagined before, the world of pain. It increasing from the bit of cold to the whip, the nails and now she hoisted her back against the stipe by her broken wrist. She holed in pain. The patibulum is fixed and they grad her legs and they put it to the side of the stipe her legs bent. “With rope she tried to say” but a new pain exploded as new nails were driven through her ankles.

No one has been crucified for years, so the procedure had been forget and Ubuka herself did not remembered exactly how it was, but Teisha seemed to know exactly how to proceed, even if she was surprised that the crucified was not Bedba or Rebda.

Ubuka was hanging there, lost in her pain when she felt she wasn’t able to breathe. The pain in her ankles was so great but she couldn’t help she was trying to push on them to stand and finally breath. She tried to keep the position but she was exhausted and the pain was so high that she felt down.
When she felt the need to breathe again, she did it again but tried to make it slower to control the pain in her ankles and wrists.

A novice shouted look at her clitoris, she’s still excited. She realized her legs were open and she couldn’t close her legs. She was ashamed.

After a few minutes Teisha came to her as she was up: “You offered us the belt, I have a gift for you my highness” and she fixed something in a hole on the stipe. Ubuka felt the sedile as she went down. That thing was so small that sitting on it was a new pain. Of course it was better than hanging by the nailed wrists. Quickly she learnt to deal with a new predicament. It was so short that it could not reach her pussy. And it was not horizontal so it pushed on a point on her perineum and quickly it was difficult to bear, and lead her to a new position. Being sit on it was better than hanging but she still needed to stand up to breath, but less often, and each time she sit on the sedile that wooden stick pushed at another place between her legs. As her perineum was hurting she was going forward, and each time the sedile pressed at a point rear than the preceding. When the sedile was between her cheeks, Ubuka remembered the novice and her stick of joy. It took her several times to put her anus on the sedile. She was not lubricated there, nor was the sedile, so the penetration was slow difficult and painful. She was really impaling herself onto that thing, and she had no force enough to avoid it, she needed time to recover and being able to stand again. At that moment the stick had made its way into her ass. When she got up again she tried to disengage it, but she was unable to stand high enough so she felled again impaling herself. She felt as she was being fucked in the ass the rough way. She looked away and saw the sun low in the sky. The day was just beginning, how long will it take for her to die.

The cold weather numb her limbs and soon she felt as if her limbs were cut. The heat of welts in her back that rubbed on the stipe, died in the coldness.

The snow was still falling on the town and even the red marks of her blood were erasing under that cold white layer of snow that was recovering everything.

In her pain, the once high priest closed her eyes. She was in high pain, and great distress. An then she saw him nearer than she never had seen him: Thana.

-Thou art mine now. Thou hast cheated on me too long so I had to find a way to call you near me. Thy sacrifice is accepted because I know thou sincerely accepted to suffer and die for me and for thy friend. I’ll provide a short winter for them.
-Thana, take me with thee !

Ubuka opened her eyes. She was still on her cross. She used her last force to stand on her nailed ankles.
-I am near to join Thana, I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a happy new year!
-Do not be afraid by the sacrifice Thana asks you. Walk willingly to your death It will be usefull for all.

She felled one last time. Her clitoris burnt. The novice was licking her. Her lungs burnt also as she was unable to breathe. The novice stimulation and the lack of air provided her the most stunning orgasm she never had.

Sheena, the novice felt the high priest was not moving, and then she tasted something ugly in her mouth: the high priest had lost her bladder control, she was diing.

Several months later.
-Sheena called Rebda!
The young priest came to the high priest that was recovering from his communication with Thana.
-Sheena, Thana asks for a sacrifice, I want you to verify the cards deck is right.
The priest remembered when the Ubuka died as she was licking her. She was still a novice at that time, but became a priest a few days later as she was the one who was able to send Rebda to speak with Thana.

She ran to the inner temple. She took the cards and look at them.
She was surprised all the sacrifice way were impaling cards. A chill passed along her back. She looked at the priest people cards. There was only Rebda and her own cards. She began to run to tell Rebda what she found. Then she changed her mind. She removed some cards from the Deck, and ran to her room.

She was in fear and excited at the same time. In a few hours she will know. She looked again at the cards she had stolen from the inner temple. All Rebda cards.

She hoped the high priest would pardon her but she really need to know how is it to be sacrificed.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No more masturbation

Edward was being driven for the sentence in his trial. He was confident as he was innocent from the rape he was accused and none of the beholders recognised him. He had spent one year in jail, but he will be free soon. When the car stopped he looked once again at the clothes he has been given by the state prison. He was perfect, but if had not been what could he have been able to do, his hands shackled in his back.

A few minutes later the judge was joking. “So trial was useless, and you are now free from the charges you have been accused. It seems to me that you have some things to see with the prison, and you will be definitely free.”

So he was driven back to the prison. Despite he knew it was forbidden, he began to masturbate as he was waiting in his cell. In fact he really needed a release as he had been wearing a chastity belt for months, since he had been caught masturbating at the beginning of his stay in jail. At that time he did not know that this was forbidden. Immediately after having been caught he had been placed in a discipline cell alone with his hand cuffed in his back. And he left that cell with the belt on. It was only removed when he was driven to the trial, and then it was put back as soon as he was back. But that day the belt was not back, so were the clothes. Then despite he knew it was forbidden he couldn’t resist to temptation as he had not any access to his penis for months.

At the beginning some prisoners raped him as he was under a rape accusation and wearing a belt indicating he was a masturbator. The first time it hurt his ass, and he was ashamed because he cum. So he was frequently asked to be fucked, or to suck, and became the cell whore. Beside the shame, it provided him a release from his sexual need he was no longer able to get by himself. But once again he had been caught, and got to be alone in his cell, with no means to release himself. So this wanking was giving a great satisfaction for him, until the cell door clang open before he had time to cum.

The wardens did say nothing but cuffed his hand in his back, and lead him in a great room much like a court room. The prison director was at the judge place.
-This is a prison court. You are not allowed to plea. We will just enumerate the infringements you commit to the rules, and the sanctions with or without deferment.”
-First on the 22 of December last year you’ve been caught obviously masturbating. The sanction, which is usual, has been to put you in a chastity belt for the time left before you leave the prison. A second sanction has been pronounced but with deferment.
-Second, on the 18 of February this year you’ve been caught obviously in sodomy. The sanction which is light, has been to put you alone in a cell for the time left before you leave the prison. A second sanction has been pronounced but with deferment.
-Third, Today you’ve been caught masturbating for the second time. As you are to be released soon, I will be generous and will not inflict to you another punishment than what had been decided previously in deferment”
He tore the wrap and read:” Condemned will get a complete ablation of the penis in case of recidivism”
-So the sanction will be applied as soon as possible and you will leave the hospital free.
-Err but that’s not possible, I should be free now!
In no time Edward was in the car again and was driven in a prison hospital, his hands had not been freed. Once there the nurse cuffed his hand to the bed head, and removed his clothes. She shaved his pubic hair. He tried to speak to her, but she just explains that she did nothing but her job, but according to the justice he got what he deserved.

The night was long, and early in the morning, a young nurse came and drive him to the operation room where the surgeon was already waiting for him.
-Do not be afraid, there will be very little pain, did he said as he traced some lines around Edward’s genitals.
The young nurse applied a brown liquid over his crotch. Edward would have asked her a last request when another doctor injected him a product that made him sleep very quickly.

When Edward woke up, the young nurse was near him. Little by little he remembered what happened. But his wrists were still cuffed.
-You want to see did she asked.
-Err, it is part of myself, isn’t it ?
-No longer. There is bandage so you won’t be able to see much. But in two hours I will change them so I’ll show you!
-Err OK!
-Why did they ask that for you? Are you a rapist?
-I just masturbated as I was in prison.
-Masturbation is not punished by such a penectomy unless you are a rapist…

A few hours later the nurse removes the bandages. Edward was in shock, His penis had been changed in a slit.
-Can I touch myself, did he asked
-Not yet replied the nurse, And you should avoid, look the result of touching yourself!
She passed her finger on this crotch and he understands by the sensation of her finger that his scrotum had been sliced so it made lips. She explained that between the lips were his urethra and no more. This balls were still there one in each lip. She also explained that he now needed to sit to urinate. And she helped him to use a basin to empty his bladder in his bed.

Edward healed quickly. At first been free was good enough. But quickly he needed a sexual release. As when he was in the belt he was unable to get it by himself. He would have found a girl or even a whore, but find it weird, as he no longer had a penis. So he began to go in gay bars, hoping to be fucked in the ass as he as been when he was in prison.

As he found somebody, Edward felt ashamed of showing him his slit, but the guy seemed to know about that and was exited. As he was fucking Edward in the ass doggy style, he grabbed Edward wrist and cuffed them in his back.
-Hey, what are you doing?
-Do you know that sodomy is an offence for the one that sucks of is fucked in the ass, but not for the one that is sucked, or fucks ?
-What do you mean?
-I’m the sheriff, you are under arrest!

In the court, Edward felt alone.
-So you’ve been caught in oblivious sodomy. I see that is not the first time. As there is a prison sentence it cannot be plead or avoid, let us see what the sentence is. The judge tore the warp and read :” The condemned is sentenced to be impaled until death”.

A few days later, Edward was naked in front of the spike. His arms had been bound wrist to elbow in his back. As the wardens were grasping each of his arm and his feet were not supporting his weight as they were holding him to him execution place. Two other came from behind and grabbed his knee. He was being raised and saw the spike disappear below his crotch. He cried no, as he felt a fifth warden leading the spike top into his anus. He tried to kick but the wardens released his legs. He tried to shut his sphincter closed, and to rub the spike with his foots. But the spike was inside his hole already and the foot did not grip on the slippery surface of the metal. So when the two last wardens released him, he felt himself slipping onto the pal. Soon the pain came and his fear cry were replaced by pain cry.
Slowly but unavoidably he felt the spike advancing through his flesh and guts.
When his feet touched the floor he has no force left to stop the spike and he slowly collapsed in a blood pool.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'll hang with both of you !

As usually they were occupied at each other when Helen came to their cell.
How have they managed to be both in the same cell, with no body else?
The death corridor cells have bars behind the door. And both of them appeared nude behind the bars, absolutely shameless.
-I'm coming there for some explanations about, your, Err, execution, may I go in ?
They both turn around showing their back and giving their wrist to be cuffed as the procedure imposed before anybody can get in the cell with them. Helen quickly cuffed each of them. The guard open the cell and as Helen get in she asked for the door to be closed also.

-Hi, said Helen, I'm no judge, My job is to help you preparing this event. There is some choices you can do, I can do them for you, but it is better we choose together. I imagine you're scared about it. It may help speaking about it. I'll sleep at thejail, so you can ask for me whenever you want.

-Will,... Will we be executed soon asked Melinda who was weeping since she heard the execution word...

-Maybe answered Helen. In fact it is one of the things you have to decide...

-We really can decide that asked unbelieving Melissa  ?

-You can choose tomorrow, the day after, or to have it delayed for four months, but please..

-If we choose to have it delayed could we choose to have it delayed once again then?

-Of course Not, The execution is confirmed, it means you've no way out, but I have things to explain to you before you can make a choice.

-No matter, said Melinda, I choose to have it delayed.

-Hoo! please let me explain... If you think you're not able to hear what I've to say let your friend choose for you, and if none of you can choose let me do it for you, but do not choose without knowing.

Melissa who seemed to be brave asked Helen to explain : "I'm afraid of the execution, but now we're here for months and I've realized it will happen, and I'll try to have guts up to the end, but Melinda doesn't. And even I'm not sure of my reaction when I am facing it. I think it will help a little if you said us how it will happen."

-You've been sentenced to be hanged to death...

- Yes they will put a noose around our neck and throw us in a hole and we will be dead that's all, cried Melinda...

-That's long drop hanging, it's very short, once the rope is tighten you're dead, but there is also short drop, in fact nowadays there is no longer any drop, the rope is hoist up to when your feet don't touch the floor. It took between 5 to 15 minutes before you loose consciousness, and half an hour before you're dead.

-My god cried Melinda, will we be hanged that way?

-In fact you've been sentenced to short drop, but it has been commuted to a fixed time hanging...

-It means ?

-It means that you won't be "dropped", you'll have a support, and if you survive the fixed time you won't be killed...

-Tanks my god ! Shouted Melinda

-How many time is it, asked Melissa ?

-I do not know, but generally it is out of reach, something about two hours, and the support is trapped, The only one person I've seen who has survived to it was a man, is support was a kind of ant-hill, and he had been covered with honey. He survived, but with his leg and genitals were burnt. He had to be castrated...

-Ho! My god! Cried Melinda again, why, why ?

-So my advice is to kick the support away. Perhaps they will give to you once again, but not twice. It means to be brave on the moment...

-It's easy to say, asked Melissa, but hanging is hurting a lot also, you might not know.

-Well, I really know how hanging is. If I was to be hanged like you will be I would kick the support.

-You've been hanged?? asked both Melinda and Melissa

-Several times, and a couple of time up to loose consciousness, answered a redden cheeks Helen.

-How it's for your job ?

-Err, really not, I choose the job because I like to be hanged, and I thought I could help sentenced people.

-But How could you like...

-Please, let me explain again. There is in and out execution. "In" executions take place in a room in the prison. Each condemned can invite one people sometimes two. "Out" executions take place in the prison yard and every body can go and see it. There is an admission charge. Your execution will be "out"


-Normally the sentenced persons choose their clothes for the execution, unless they've been condemned for sexual offence in which case they will have to be nude.

-So, Nude, outside in our case said Melissa, we are to be an example...

-It's possible, in four months we will be In January, so If you want to have to walk naked in the snow to be hanged, up to you. In your situation I'd prefer to be hanged a sunny day of August. It's sexier to be nude when it's warm than when it's snowy. said Helen winking."

Helen's last sentence convicted the two girls, who realised that they were nude almost all the time since they
were imprisoned. Melinda inclined her head onto Melissa's shoulder.

-So it will be tomorrow asked Melissa?

-The executions began at ten in the morning, whatever you choose it will be published this evening. There will be more people the day after than tomorrow, but perhaps, you want anybody to come to be with you. Perhaps you need some preparation."

-Will we be hanged together asked Melinda?
-Will we be hanged with other people asked Melissa?

-If you choose the same day, you'll be hanged at the same time because you've been condemned for something you've made together. Nobody else can be hanged with you. You won't have to wait for somebody else execution. The only exception would be for someone who would have helped you to escape."

-You said we had choices to do?

-Err yes, the choices...  In fact the choices concern your body. I propose you could do to a hairdresser and an aesthetician. So that you could have removal of hair if you are interested. Not that you really need something but often women like that. Often also those that are to be executed nude wanted a pubic hair cut or even to have it shaved."

-The prison hairdresser asked Melinda and Melissa.

-No, I get the right to have one or your choice. Mine is ready to come this afternoon to show you some examples, and to come tomorrow morning, or the day after. So is my aesthetician, and I also know a masseur.

The two girls looked at each other, and then at Helen. "What is the best pubic hair cut for hanging asked Melissa."

-It's you to choose, said Helen raising her dress, and then pulling down her G-string revealing a heart shaped public hair with hairless lips, That's my choice."

-I wonder why not shaved said Melinda.

-I find it girlish answered Helen, Try to keep a small area of hair there at first, and if you don't like it you could have it removed then.

-It's a good idea said Melissa.

The door opening sound make Helen jump loosing her pants. She quickly pulled her dress back, hoping the guard hadn't seen any thing.

-You're called at the head miss.


-Tomorrow said Melissa and Melinda, we don't want any body to come. Will you come and see us this afternoon ?

-Of course Said Helen.

Once Helen had left the cell, the guard removed the handcuffs

-Oh! please Helen asked Melinda, Can I ask something to you?

-Of course, from now you're under my responsibility

-Do you think we could have a dildo, Melinda said slowly so that the guard cannot hear, you know, theses with two ends...

-Such objects are forbidden Melinda said Helen, I'll see what I can do... but please do get dressed by 2.00PM.

Helen was wondering why she did show her cunt to these girls. Hopefully the guard did not see it otherwise she could have been accused of homosexuality and she would have finished like theses girls whose crime was to love each other. What is more a sexual offence in the prison and the sentence would be immediate. In fact Helen did not fear being hanged; she was used with her husband. But being hanged in public would be different.

The prison director was laughing when she found herself in front of him. As usually Helen's wants where accepted. Since she was here death executions were easier and the small things she asked for sentenced were nothing for getting peaceful sentenced people. But she didn't dare asking for the dildo.

Driving back to home Helen was surprised, she dreamed awaked that Melinda was pushing this dildo into her cunt as Melissa was pinching her nipples and they where laughing... She never really had sex drive to another woman, Of course she had dreamed a woman would caress her but there was a man in that dream and the other women rope was more teasing her than anything else. But in that case it was true women in the dream... In the need for touching her, she realised that she had lost her string in the girls' cell.

Minutes later she found herself in front of her dildos. When her husband hangs her, he sometimes teases herself with one of them. Why was her here ? She ate quickly after having the hairdresser, the masseur and the aesthetician called. She had to fill the time her girls had left before their execution.

When the girls' cell opened again a few minutes later, they were not dressed as Helen expected. But what's more they were in a funny position to rub one's cunt on the other. The guard was laughing as Helen cuffed the girls. Helen turmoil was great as she entered the cell and she felt herself wet. The girls were dressing up and Helen saw her G-string on a bed as they had both their strings on. Then she dropped her bag on the floor and a dildo rolled out from it as the guard bent down on it...

A few Minutes later, Helen found herself handcuffed, her hand in the back, in the director office, The dildo and her string with her name written on it on the desk. The director asked to the guard to leave.
-What have you done Helen! If only you asked me? Why do you think these girls are in same cell? Because one really love the other. I don't mind they are lesbian. I'm not happy to have to kill them because of their sexual orientation. They asked me for the dildo, but I refused. The reason is I do not want any questions from the guards. And imagine, with their continual sexual orgy, it's not easy for me. If only you've asked me, But now I have no choice, I must have you hanged tomorrow with them"
-I understand, sir"
-I have nobody to replace you, so... Err, what really does the hairdresser ?
-Hair cut, sir, people do not want to think to their execution, so...
-I understand, I imagine, I should propose you to go...
-I'll share Melissa and Melinda hanging, Shall I share their afternoon.
-That's what I proposed to you. But I also ask you to have the responsibility of the group.
-But I'm no more...
-I know, but ... I always trust you... ...I tried to get you out of that, but the sentence was already done.
-I've made a mistake, but I'll deserve your confidence.
-Helen, are you a lesbian ?
-I do not know... 
-Do you want to share Melinda and Melissa's cell
-I... I think
-Tomorrow you will say me...   ...if you're lesbian
-Yes sir.
-Have a good afternoon.
-Can you ask my husband
-I want him to put the noose around my neck
-Of course Helen.
-Thank you.

An finally Helen found herself her hands cuffed in her back with strings from her hands to her legs with anklecuffs as Melissa and Melinda where cuffed in the same way but with there hands ahead. Some strings were added from Helen to each of the other Girls. "Here are the keys" laughed the guard putting a necklace around Helen neck. Due to the anklecuffed they travelled slowly throught the prison. Helen shame was high, it was perhaps what was arousing her so much. If she could she would have tryed to touch her clitoris, but that was not possible she will have to wait to humble herself before her hairdresser and asking him to uncuffed them and to cuff them back to the hair seat.
-Hi Helen, said the Hairdresser. You make me confused, I do not now how it works, you did it every time.
And He quickly cuffed the girls to the seats, and proposed them some coffee.
-I propose to wash your head today so that you'll be better before the aestetician, and we choose a hair cut.
-Do we have to choose something Helen Melissa asked , who was comforted by Helen sentence, as she will share their fate her advice will not be so bad.
-Try short hair, or something like, bun plait or ponytail. If long hair get traped in the noose it's not funny, and
you usually have them at your front when you're cuffed...
Every body laugh as Helen Hair were in front of her face...
-Buns are for oldtimer said Melinda
-What about dreadlocks ? proposed the hairdresser.
The girls finally choosed bunches for the end of the afternoon, because it's so girlish, and a ponytail for the next day.
Helen got a plait.

The French man kissed each girl on her mouth and let them cuffed on their hair seat in the prison hairdressing salon.The keys are on the table near the door he said, good afternoon girls !

A few minutes later came the aesthetician.
-Hi girls, Helen you spoke about two personns, and the director just said that you're three, I'm not sure I would have time !
-Hi Chantal, How are you ?
-Envious, I understand the reason why you choosed to be hanged Helen, these hair cut of your are the best I've ever seen.
-I can let my place for you Chantal.
-I don't want to deprive any of you, so who's the first ?
-Melinda Is the youngest of us, I think she should go first ! replied Helen.
-So where's Melinda's Keys, You'll have to strip naked and lie down on the table.
As soon as Melinda was on the table, Chantal shackles her wrist and ankles so that she cannot move.
Helen and Melissa got back their handcuffs and anklecuff to be able to see Melinda.
-What do we do asked Chantal
Before Melinda could answer Helen replayed
-Hair removal from legs to waist with a square of hair left over the sex.
-Eh! Said Melinda...

Chantal was professional and Melinda was happy at the result when she was uncuffed to turn onto her belly.
The buttock hair removal was not so easy... And when it has been finished Melinda and Melissa asked Chantal
if Melinda could keep naked. That worried Chantal who agree if Melinda Hands were cuffed in her back.
The program was the same for Melissa who got naked and cuffed hand in her back as Helen stripped. For Melissa and Melinda who were near from black hispanic girls the white body of Helen seems unreal. She was a true blonde.

Before Helen can answer Chantal, Melinda and Melissa aked a full Hair removal from legs to waist, and nothings on her pubis. Chantal asked Helen, who first reaction was to close up her legs realised that she did not unlike to be tied and humiliated, so she said to Chantal to make what the girls said. delighted Melissa and Melinda  also asked Chantal to remove Helen's moustache. For the buttock hair removal Melissa suggested that Helen were tied so that she could kneel down. When Helen had been untied she discovered that her pubis was shaved, but a H shape was left over her lips. She wanted to touch it, but Chantal cuffed
her like the girls were.
-What do you think about that ? asked Chantal
They looked at each other and finally they all asked to have their pubis shaved no black square for Melinda and Melissa and no yellow H for Helen.

They had some cream on their breast, and all sort of treatment, Chantal performed for her.

They were cuffed and naked when the masseur remplaced Chantal. Melinda and Melissa felt ashamed to be naked and shave and asked to dress up. The man let them do, one after the other. At Helen turn, Melissa said that Helen could stay naked and that she would start the massages. Helen found herself tied onto the table as Melinda and Melissa asked massages for her. Strangely the girls asked for massages around buttock, pubis, thigh and breast, and Helen hardly hold back her sighs.

When Helen's Massage ended, Melissa said Helen could stay onto her table during their massages. Poor Helen felt more and more humiliated tied spread onto the table, with her sex wet and open. She even realized that she was unable to hold back a waist movement. At the moment Melissa and Melinda were tied onto table but with their underwear on and their legs tight.

Finally Melissa and Melinda got dressed and cuffed and before Helen could leave her table the masseur spoke about sexuality

-I've heard you've been sentenced because you're lesbian. Are you interested in an aphrodisiac ?
-I do not think we need it replyed Melissa, and do not hope anything from us...
-Do not repeat it, I'm gay... I'm not interested by women. What I proposed to you is a branch of tree.
put some sap onto somebody genitals and you'll see the arousal about 5 minutes after and about 1 or 2 hours...
-How can we get it back to our cell ?
-I have a solution, did he said taking a condom, sliding the branch into it, and closing it by a knot. Melissa take from the masseur hand and directly drive it in Helen's cunt saying, "Its long since she wait for having somethings here". Helen would have cryed, She was wondering why Melissa was so cruel to her.

A few minutes later Helen was dressed and cuffed the girls stringed to her, and she was driving them through the prison, the branch moving into her cunt. Walking was made hard by the branch, the ankle cuff Helen wasn't used to, but also by Melissa who wasalways pulling at her string.

When they were back at their cell, a bed has been added in the cell for Helen. The three girls were happy not to have to wear these strings and cuff. The door wasn't closed that the director came to them.
-Helen, here are the tieing solution. call for me when you have chosen.
Melissa took the bag from Helen's Hands, "what's that !" did she said. As Helen began to raise her dress to get the branch back, Melissa said : "Stop, what are you doing"
-I just wanted to remove."
-Do not. I decide who do what and when. stay here, and she emptied the bag on the floor.
There were here, Helen's dildo, ropes and a pair of cuff. Melinda tried to get the dildo but Melissa stopped her also.
-Melinda, Helen, strip. Helen, tie Melinda hands in her back, and do not touch to your cunt.
As Helen was tying Melinda Melissa stripped also, and then she cuffed Helen.
-Sorry, but I'm not good at knots she said removing the branch from Helen's belly.
She sat onto a bed with her legs put together with her butts so that when she spread her knee her cunt was
visible to the two other girls. She began to put he head of the dildo on her pussy.
-OK Helen, you wanted to see lesbian girls in action, so you will see... explain us this tying story.
Helen and Melinda was aroused at Melissa sight, and Helen hardly can said
-It's the way they will tie our hands for hanging.
-Is there a "choice" asked Melissa whose eyes can hardly stay open
-Err, yes you can choose handcuffed as I am
-And ? aked Melissa trying to put the dildo head into her opening
-Like Melinda with the hands crossed
-Melissa seems to have an after tought, and she stand up and undo Helen's cuff which needn't any key
-Please tie me in the next solution she asked.
-The next solution is similar to Melinda's but with the hands joined, It's more uncomfortable in my opinion,
but it forces your breast.
-The position hurst a little... Helen Take my place on the bed, you can play with your toy but only on yours lips

Helen hesitated, but finally she sat opening her legs to reveal her cunt and clit to the two girls. After such a day
It was good to feel that plastic penis onto her sex, she closed her eyes...
-Stop ! shouted Melissa...
The dildo head was near Helen's opening...
-Untie Melinda please... I know that's not easy to stop at that moment.
Helen was disappointed, but on the other hand she was happy the feel the arousal growing...
Melissa ordered that Melinda ties Helen in the next way which was crossed hand in the back with a rope around the belly
-That way you cannot use your hand on on side explained Helen.
It was Melinda turn to show her play with the dildo, and she seemed to be used to take her time, she didn't tried to make it slide into her. She sat on the penis laying on the bed an make it roll from one butt to the other as she was looking at the cuffs
-Why didn't you choose a double ended one she asked to Helen.
-Err, I didn't buy it today, it's mine... Eh Stop Melinda !
Melinda was trying the cuffs
-Tied as we are, we hardly could uncuff you, you know !
-But I want to try the cuffs
-Let's try the next solution proposed Melissa
-It's the cuffs I want to try. clic!
the first loop was closed around her wirst. Then she untied Helen, who closed the other loop.
-Ehh! there is no keys but it's not possible to uncuff
-Of course, said Helen laughing... They are real,
-What the next way Helen, asked Melissa
Then Helen warpped Melissa elbows for the next variation.
-It's worst than before, said Melissa laughing.
Then Helen untied the elbow rope to tie a new one around Melissa's belly
-It's the analog variant as the one I was tied, but with joined hand.
-OK, All these joined hand variant are not comfortable...
-And what's more, they tend to make you bent forward, what is not a good thing when you're going to be hanged
-So your advice is...
-Hand cross tied, with the belly rope, if you think you may try to escape your fate, but if you aren't ashamed
of sexuality I have a better advice.
Helen Untied Melissa who learnt how to make knot. Helen make her tie a loop around her belly, and then pass the
bit of rope between her legs and use it to tie her hand crossed but behind.
-Great ! said Melissa and Melinda together...
-That's the only "hand behind" solution for women.
-It doesn't work for men ?
-They don't need belly rope since the hand are tied to their balls...   ...The idea is you cannot reach your neck.
-But can masturbate !
-Unless you have long arms you cannot, because, once hanged you will be streched, said Helen on her tiptoes to show, but you can use the crotch rope, It's harder, but it works
-Eh! Stop that Helen said Melissa laughing...
-The last solution is for violent people.
Melissa insisted to Tie Helen this way...
-The rope around the wrist pass over the shoulder, over the nipple but under the other one and under the arm, you turn around the back and pass under by breast, another turn which pass over the breast, and the last one pass under the nipple and over the next at the opposite a the fist turn, finally you pass over the shoulder and tie to the wirst...
-It makes you a bra !
-Sort of, but it's very hurting if you try to use any muscle from your arms. For very violent people, they tie together the over and under breats rope, oh please Melissa no...
Of course Melissa tried, and found herself satisfied by Helen tied breast which was turning red or purple...
-Do we have other choices ?
-Err, This tiing is not a choice, it will be used if you try anything. We will be tied in our cell about one hour
before the execution. You can choose to have your ankle free, cuffed or tied, but this will be done on the gallows.
From the cell to the gallows we will be ankle cuffed.
-Want do you suggest, asked Melissa slowling spanking her.
-I've no opinion on that. One girl chosed to be tied at ankles and knees because she was to be hanged naked and did not want to show her genitals... It's up to you. I think I'll choose free ankle.
-OK, said Melissa whose fingers where visiting Helen's Ass.
-The two last choices are more... Hummm! ...lavaltorial..
-Often hanged people defecates or urinates, so It's proposed that they put a kind of cork, in the anus or urethra.
-Once again what's Helen advice for being hanged with pleasure.
-The cork in the urethra seem to be very painful and it's place about one or two hours before, so choose it only if you're so bothered by pissing in public. For the anus one, every people that chosed it said that it tooks five to tens minutes to be used of it, so I think It's a good choice.
-Does it really happens that people craps ask Melinda worried.
-Never with corks, but the more scared they are, the more it happens.
-You've already been hanged Helen, and
-I pissed as I loose consciousness, but I wasn't scared
-Are you
-Of course, I am, this time it won't be a game...
-You're not scared of being Hanged but of being killed asked Melissa
-That's right
-I'm scared of being Hanged but not of diing replied Melissa
-I'm scared of both criied Melinda.

-Take it as a game, being breathless is arousing...
-You think asked Melissa whose finger were back on Helen's nipples, pinching them
-More than you can think.

-How a hurting thing can be arousing asked Melinda coming next to Helen caressing her Breast
with her own breast
-Look at what Melissa is doing to be, its hurting and arousing
-But you seem to like it said Melissa
But Helen was looking Melina's breast flow onto her breast and belly to her pubis. The cuff girl thrust
her breats between Helen's thigh who imagined a moment that it will enter her cunt like her Husband's penis
-Shower, it will be meal time.
Once untied Helen would have touch herself but Melissa was keeping an eye on her.

When they came back from the meal the girls asked Helen to strip, and cuffed her once again.
-Oh! Please, tie my hands crossed in my back but not the cuffs please.
Melissa agreed, but has another idea and Helen found herself with her wrist tied to her knee,
so sat on a bed she was unable to close her legs. A ripped piece of sheet sank in her mouth.

-So you wanted so bad to see lesbian girls, you'll just have a look... said Melissa

Helen saw that Melissa ruled the couple, Melinda would have played with Helen, but Melissa only authorize some kiss on Helen breast or cunt...

It was night, when they stopped exhausted. Poor Helen had never been so excited, and was hoping her patience would be recognized.

-Do you know the aphrodisiac, Helen asked Melissa ?
-Err, It's not an aphrodisiac, it irks, so on gentials its arousing as a side effect. If you abuse of it a side effect it a burning, but it can appear only one or two day after use, so we do not not have to worry about that.
-So lets try it.
Melissa make Helen rotate so that she founded herself the butt in the air, and face on the bed, and she felt the
branch thrusting her arse-hole.
-No please, the sap only the sap and not there...
-How do I get the sap ?
-munch it...

A few minutes later Helen was unable to control herself with munched sap in her arse and on her nipples she was trying to rub herself on whatever she could get. But Melissa only give permission for licking the girls cunts and asses.

When Melissa decided to go to bed, Melinda asked for Helen, and got the right to fulfill her but with the hand tied. Helen never had a so violent orgasm before. It was growing slowing since the middle of the afternoon. and she finnly felt aslept next to Melinda both tied, with their respectives taste in mouth.

They were awaken by the guards who drived them to the hospital room.
-Hi girls said the doctor, I'll ask you to strip and to show me what kind of cork you want."
Helen went first and asked for the shit one. The doctor stick something in her ass as she was kneeling. Once more she felt humiliated, does she need that ? When the doctor turns something and the thing in her ass
began to swell slowly. Do not try to resist Helen. The other girls were shackled to other tables and got
the same treatment as Helen. But Melinda asked also for the piss cork. When a small pole was inserted into her urethra she began to change her mind, But cryied when it began to swell also. I'm just dilating these hole so that they will tense arround the corks.

It was Hurting at the begining but Melissa and Helen began to enjoy it with time.
-How more than an inch, Helen, You've ever been sodomized ?
-Err... Yes, I have been...
suddenly the stick contrated and she felt something round and sticky being pushed into her anus.
-That's right for you...
She saw the the doctor choose something like a pingpong ball with the right size coat it with glue and push it in Melissa and Melinda Ass. Melinda was in Tears when a glued rag had been pushed into her urethra. The way back was strange. Melinda weeped all the way and seemed to have difficulties to walk. At the opposite Helen and Melissa felt a stange sensation of massage in their anus which was not so bad.

When they arrived at their cell the airdresser was waiting for them. So they were cuffed with their hand in their back as the procedure imposed when a non-captive is in a cell. He arranged their hairstyle that were broken by the night. Sitting provided new sensation and Melissa and Helen look at each other and laught. The airdresser laugh also, it's not bad being corked ?

Helen plait has been fold up on her head to clear the nape of her neck. When air dresser proposed it, she felt scaring waves from her belly. In a few hours she will be dead. Seating and seating again helped her to chase away that idea thinking at that arousing cork.

Looking at the girls, she felt that Melissa also found that way not to think to future. Melinda at the opposite was fully scared, and only found pain with her urethra cork.

As a leaved, the hairdresser give them a box they hide for the guards.
-Your husband gave it for you. You three are marvelous, bye !

Once uncuffed Melissa opened the box
-What're thoses balls ?
-They are for us. It keeps you aroused when you walk or run. You silde a pair in your vagina and they will give you sensations as they clink together.
-It's a choice we have, or ... asked Melissa.
-The best way to avoid pain and being scared is to focus onto pleasure, that's why I provide such things as theses balls or aphrodisiac to sentenced people. If you concentrate onto sexual excitation, you'll be able to forget the pain.
-YOU LIE shouted Melinda...
-try the balls Melinda, try to get sensation from your butt cork
-I don't fell anythings but from the piss cork, it's unbearable it burns, It cannot stand it, I don't want to hang, I don't want to die...
-Keep cool, try to focus on your butt, said Melissa as she tried to touch Melinda but cork with her hand...
-Stop, You just think about sex and hurting people, let me alone throwing herself on her bed.
Helen and Melissa tried to put their geisha balls, but they were too big so they had to help on the other and to add spittle.
-It hurts a little, but hoo, each motion is a new sensation. Its very little but non-stop, I won't be able to have it out of mind.
-I asks for big ones because I don't want them to slide out a the wrong moment.
Melissa laughed, but was scared thinking about loosing that at the end of the rope.
-We should ask for our hand behind ? asked Melissa
If you think about sex, you will build your orgasm whatever you can masturbate or not, but there is more frustration if you cannot.
The problem come from you. When you will be hoisted you may try to take the rope with your hand, If you do that you will hurt yourself because of the crotch rope.
-I imagine men tightening their balls, said Melissa too scared to laugh.
-Some time at the end of the hanging some reflex does the same, for the begining you can try to have the rope on one side to avoid it to be between the lips. But the action is too violent you will hurt yourself. It's you to choose, It will be mine. I think Melinda should take her hands crossed on her back, perhaps with belly rope.
-I hesitate, said Melissa, I do not want to hurt myself I think I will choose hands in the back.
-We should strip, do you want me to spread the aphrodisiac on your lips ?
-I do not want anything from you two, Its hurting so much
-It would help Melinda, said Helen munching...
-Isn't it too early ? ask Melissa
-In a few minutes you will have you hands tied in your back, so...
-Hooo no...
Helen and Melissa spread the sap onto their lips, clitoris, and nipples, but also liked themsleves when Helen asked
-Please can put some of it on my ass
-You like it yesterday ?
-A lot said Helen blushed.
-Have you really been sodomised asked Melissa spreading the product between Helen's butts Hoo I can see the white cork !
-Yes, but I didn't like it, I was frightened by the cork, but as all sentenced that tried it were convinced, I decided to try... Ehh! don't touch it...
-If you continue I won't be able to prepare your butt... Hooo that's too good...
-Do it slowly as you prepare me...
-I see yours also, that's curious Hooo please...
-I never though I could get that from my butt... Melinda come and yours to us...
But Melinda was crying on her bed.

These play did not had time to finish, that the cell door opened.

-Helen, It's time to be tied, That's good you're naked.
-Hey these ankle cuff have a very short string !
-That's the rule.

And Helen get into the cell her hand tied behind with the crotch rope, unable to make a step longer than a feet. Melissa laugh at her trying to hide her fright. But with her hand in her back walking with a so short string was difficult. Melinda did not moved, so the guards had to get and strip her. As she babbled something like behind she got the same tiing as Helen.

-I hope we were tied in the same way said Melissa to Melinda... But... But how can I masturbate now ?
-I warn you laughed Helen.
Helen and Melissa tried to lick one the other, but the so short ankle cuff made it too difficult.

Helen began to scare about waiting the execution for an hour like that, but the door opened.

-It's time to go !

-Now ? asked Helen the execution is in 50 minutes.
-With the ankle cuff you have that's what you'll need.
Throat dried, the three girls began a small steps walk through the prison. Helen anxiety was false, the situation required all their minds not to fall with all the arousing stuff they had. Even so they were frozen dread when they saw the tunnel light with their gallow in front of them. Melinda was supported by a guard as she refused to walk. Helen and Melissa were as they were drunk. each step giving them great sensations.
-How could we get up this scaffolding, Melissa asked in a blow to Helen.
-They will uncuff on ankle...
-Please it no longer time to speak.
Melissa was surprised that she was so excited and so little scared, perhaps the show was begining.
For Melinda it was a true nightmare.

When they get out of the tunnel they felt the hot sun on their skin, and it helped Helen and Melissa to be brave.

In front of the gallows a guard asked Helen, and unshackled one ankle so that she could get up. Melissa had to wait until Helen's cuff was shackled again. "How do they want she escapes" she tought. Being able to make normal step was good, but once up she realised that Helen was on her support, and with her ankle string she couldn't get down. She soon was on the same situation standing on a box a few feets behind Helen on her left. On her left a thrid box was for Melinda. Looking up she saw two beams. one passed over Helen with one noose, the other passed over herself and the other box, with two nooses. She felt scared and tried to play with her cork and balls to change her mind.A few meters from her she realized that Helen also was moving her waist in a way that let her think she was doing the same thing. Melinda had not been unshackled, the guards carried her.

A guard came to Melissa : "Usualy it is Helen, who noosed the women sentenced, do you care if it is a man ?"
-I would have prefered Helen, of course, or a woman, but if it means to wait any longer...  Who will noose
Helen ?"
-Her Husband"
-Can he noose me also ?"
The guard asked Helen's Husband who smiled at Melissa nodding from its head saying yes. Melinda didn't answered the guard. The guard was still near Melissa, so she asked him, what they were waiting for.
-There is a preparation for Helen, It's coming
-What kind of preparation
-She had to be smeared with honey.
Melissa felt highly scared, and when the guard saw it he said.
-Only her, not for you.
-Thank you
-You're very pretty, you know, I like your hairstyle.
-That's kind of you.
-I'm very unhappy, you know, Helen changed our job, before all sentenced were like your friend or worst
-Do you think it's easy to have to be strangled ?
-Do you think it is easy to do that to pretty girls like you.

A man came and coated Helen with honey from waist to legs. Helen tried to blink at Melissa and at Melinda
"She's so brave" said Melissa's Guard.

Helen's Husband took the noose that was going down and put it around her neck, tighten it and set the knot
behind her left ear. He kissed her. As soon as he released the rope it tightened and Helen was on her tiptoes
with a gurgle. Melinda cried.
Two men came from each side pulling each half box releaving Helen support : a Ant-Hill. But as the box opened Helen took her foot high and kick the Ant-hill braking it in pieces. She was dangling and seems so quiet.

Melissa saw her hands and the undulations of her body, she understood, what Helen was doing.

A voice came from her left : "You want to catch up with her ?"
-I do think said Melissa a little scared, you're her husband."
-Yeah, I some way you stole her, But I've not grudge against you. Do you prefer your knot on the back or on the ear"
-Like hers, exactly like hers". She couldn't leave her from her eyes. She was turning so quietly.
-It is a good choice, I think you will have a good time, can I kiss you ?"
-Does it hurts her ?"
-When I kiss her ? I don't hope so"
-Noo, "
Melissa looked at him laughing.
-A least a look ! Did he say putting the noose on her neck.
She felt something in her legs, the guard unshackled her ankles. The knot tighten around her neck, so was Melinda as she see without fear. She felt the kiss with a tongue on her mouth. Before she could say anything, he released the rope and she was on her tiptoes. Then she felt the pain around her neck, but also the arousing between her legs. Breathing was possible pushing on her legs, and in her terfull eyes she saw Helen kicking.
Helen lungs were burning and she couldn't help kicking for a support. Melissa was controlling the events. The pain was bearable, and she remenber to focus on sex. She even asked Helen's husband to fuck her, but her stangled voice couldn't be heard from anybody. Her head was pushed on the right, but as she was slowly truning around she saw Helen near from purple, and then Melinda which might be as red as she might be.
Up to now hanging was not so bad for Melissa. For Melinda things were different. She only concentrated
on the pain, the pain from her neck, from her head, from her lungs, from her urethra. She was already panicked and she was trying to jump to get her breathe, sawing her crotch with her hands.

Helen was fighting her burning lungs with the pleasure she was building between her legs. The tears in her eyes did not allow her to see any things around her. She was alone between the floor and the sky. Flying in her dreams...

Melissa began to panic when she felt the support sliding... Then she saw that Melinda Box was being opened, so was hers. Unable to see what will be in she couldn't find the force to kick it and posed her feet on it. Melinda was already so paniced that she did not realised her support had been changed. It is only when she felt cold she realised that it was not possible for her to let her feet on this icy support which was slippery. At the opposite Melissa understood quickly what to do when she got her feet burnt. Thinking to Helen she tryed to raise her legs, but the pain in her neck was unbearable. Hopefully her position change gave her a pleasure wave from her balls, so she got the force to raise her feet and kick the hotplate. The dangling helped her by sanding waves of pleasures, so she managed to balance herself from her rope. She realised that she was pulling at her hands, and thanks Helen for her advices. The guard put the plate again but as she was balancing she kicked it again without knowing.

Suddenly Helen felt the orgasm exploding low in her belly. It was the most violent orgasm she never had before. All her body was shaking form it, and it seems for her during hours. When the last waved had passed she felt exausted unable to raise her legs. She hardly felt her legs moving, but was unable to control them. Up to there she felt so hot and now all seems so cold. Then she felt something hot flow on her legs. Was she able to understand ? She did not exactlyremenbered who she was and flet unconscious as she pissed.

Melissa had more difficulties to fight pain from her neck with the waves of sexual arousing, and when her lungs began to burnt she would had shouted. Her dance was more hysteric, as she wanted so bad to find any support, even the hotplate. Fortunatly her legs fidgetness made the balls to bang together stronger. She was surprised by the orgasm waves that made her shake. Around her a few people understood the reason why she was rubing her legs together so quickly. They would have help her but she needn't them in her imagination the rope was passing through her cunt like a big penis she would impale on. At that instant, she regreted not to have meet any men. She thought about Helen Who was dying for a lesbian experience. Would Melissa have enjoyed been sodomized ? That is what she wonder once exhausted by her orgasm. A few hours ago she was scared by hanging, not diing, now she enjoyed hanging, she would so badly to have to live enough for some more experiences. She would have retained her piss but realised she couldn't, all hers though became blurred and she tought she felt asleep.

Melinda was pain only, her feet were iced, her legs were cramps bounded, her crotch was hurting like hell, sawed by the rope and burnt by the cork glue, her neck was constricted by the noose and made breathing difficult, her blood drumed at her temples for the most formidable headhache she never had, her lungs began to burn. As she concentrates on each pain she decovered one another to concentrate on. Of course she felt some arousing from her lower belly, but she never help it to build, as she needed to bequiet to concentrate on sex. When her lungs were burning too much she overcame her legs pain to get some new air, but the reward
for some much efforts was very little. Her eyes were blured by tears so she could only see colours and movements. Perhaps did she noticed, Helen and Melissa were not moving so much. At one moment the ice cube leaved and she felt. She hopelessly kicked But never though it was a chance for her as Helen explained her. As soon as the guard give her the block of ice again she pushed so hard on it, to get some air, but the knot had thightened, and breathing was made so difficult that she lost awareness and hanged limp from her rope.

It is only three days later, that she awaked. She had been successful. But the noose broked her voice box, so she never had been able to speak again. Unsticking her corks resulted into incontinence, and her clitoris and sexual lips had been so badly damaged by the sawing rope, that they had had to be removed, so were some of her toes. Fortunaltely, her nurse felt in love with her. The girl had been burnt in a motorbike fall, and she helped her to live in her damaged body has she had to do with her own body.

Helen's husband, the hairdresser and the prison director were judged guilty of sexual offence for the help they provided to sentenced people. They were hanged naked a snowy day of February in the prison yard. They had been castrated a few days before to avoid any sexual pleasure to disturb them from their punishment.

Anna looked at them dangling between snowflake from her cell. The new chastity belt she was wearing prevent her from chasing her fear by masturbation. She knew that she had to have her clit and lips removed and her cunt sewn before she could hang like them. She never really choosed to prostitute, she did not choose to hang. However her black skin would look better between the snowflakes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The War Eunuch

I was leading a small group of soldiers. Our purpose was to attack the opposite general, by a side back attack. We had circumvented a hill and we had engaged in a narrow passage, which emerged close to the opposite headquarters. We were near to use our bow to try killing the general when we found ourselves in front of a cavalry unit, that were watering their horses before to ride back to the battle. We changed our way, but one of them saw us, so we had no choice but to engage the battle, but the place was not at our advantage, Or course we killed lot of them before they reach us, and quickly the horses were trampling us, when I received a sword through my shoulder. I succeed in breaking it so the blade stayed in the wound. Finally the cavalry unit ride away from us, and I discovered that most of my men perished in the attack. We tried to continue our mission on, but as we were discovered, a new unit came to us. I collapsed after being hit by an arrow in the next battle.

When I wake up, I was tied on a bed.
-Your shoulder has been cured from both the sword and the arrow” said the man just by me.
-Where are we ?
-You’ve lost the battle, you’re prisoner, but the your bravery has been recognised.
-So ?
-You’ve got the care that are reserved for upper officer.
A woman came and told something to the man.
-Vassilia want to know if you’re able to walk a little, so you’ll be untied, but don’t try to escape”
The woman smiled to me. I could stand up but it was difficult.
-You’ve lost lot of your human forces she said.
I didn’t understand what it means. But Vassilia came to me and help me to walk around the tent. The man was translating what she was saying to me
-You are a powerful male. I’ll have you proceed tomorrow. It will be one more test you’ll have to pass through. You’ll be given some meat this evening.
I didn’t understood at first. And my ankles were cuffed to a big stone in the middle of the tent.

The tomorrow morning, the man helped me to stand up, and drove me to another bed. I was half sitting, and my legs were tied on each side so my thighs were spread open and my cock and balls exposed. My hands were tied on the sides of the bed.

Vassilia gave me some leaves to chew. The man left. She poured some oily liquid onto my shaft and on my balls, and began to rub that area. I was erected, but it seemed not to bother her. But when she came with a razor blade I began to shout, But she show me that she wanted to shave my crotch. I had no other choice but to let her do. She gave me more leaves and began a blowjob. As I was making too much noise she came with a piece of wood she used to gag me, and then continued the blowjob. I hoped she would came over me, but she only make me cum in her mouth.

She came back with a long wooden stick she threaded inside my cock. I began anxious and tried to show her I did not enjoyed that. By sign she reassured me. But continued to thread the stick down to the base of my shaft. Then she took a lace around it and tightened it. She insured that the lace was on the stick. I wasn’t able to move, wasn’t able to shout, but I was in great pain. When she stopped my shaft under the lace was not thicker than the stick. I was in sweat but she seems not to care saying something and putting her hand on my belly.

She let me like that for a few minutes, and came back with bowl full of glowing embers. She took a blade and pass it over the embers and pass it on the lace cutting both the lace and my shaft. She turned around the stick and draw my shaft over my belly. Then she cut the stick, so one part was in my shaft while the other one was still in my crotch. She applied a metal stick that was in the embers on the base of my cut shaft. She removed the lace and stick an no blood flow from it. Then she applied another metal bar onto my crotch. The pain made me pass out.

I wake up in the previous bed. The man was near me.
He explained that this was done to all defeated prisoners. He help me to walk outside the tent and show me carts full of cut phalli. When I asked him what I will become, he explained that I will be sold as a slave, I shouted at him that this was barbarian, he show me his crotch, I saw he was dickless. He was Vassilia’s slave. Vassilia was a doctor the army used for castration because most of the other men she castrates survived often. The man says that if I had any problem I could come and see Vassilia.

I quickly leant to use my pee hole.

A few days later a blond Arab girl came and after turning in the camp looked at me.
-“You the man fight cavalry unit?”
-Err? I suppose I am!” I replied.

And I left with her. Her master has bought me, as it was written on the metal ring at my wrist.

I was to command the security section of a harem. As a eunuch I was allowed to go both in and outside the harem. The soldier I command were not eunuchs so they were not allowed to enter the harem. Samia had been abducted, because of her hair color, but as she fought not to become one of the concubines, she get to be a female eunuch, so she was allowed to travel in and out of the harem also. She was working for the harem security too. She said we have to share the same room. Slowly, she taught me the language. As we shared the room I quickly saw that her crotch was sewn closed, as were female eunuchs

We immediately appreciated each other and one evening she asked how I felt from my castration. It was not easy because I still had desire but was unable to realize anything. It was the same for her. And we began to caress each other a few minutes some nights. Samia liked when I played with her breast, and I found it very pleasurable when she played with my scrotum and balls. It took us near six month to find a way to get an orgasm. The way was not easy and we needed hours to reach the orgasm. One day Samia show me a dilidoed belt she had got from another eunuch who was in charge of delivering such toys for the master’s wives. She insisted to ass fuck me, saying that many men like that. It was rough at first, but I must admit that I liked it. I was ashamed, but Samia explained that was normal I was no more a man, but a Eunuch, and I had to learn Eunuch ways of pleasure. She said that She liked being ass fucked also, but she didn’t said it to me as I was dickless. I also learnt to suck the wooden dick. Of course I would not have done that before loosing my shaft. I did not know if I got pleasure from the thing itself of from the shame of doing it, or if the shame came from the pleasure I get. Samia and I liked also to see the cum come through my pee hole.

One day Samia tied my hands in my back before caressing me, and lead me near the orgasm, but she stopped and showed a dilido I had to impale onto. I was ashamed, but I had no other choice. I came hard. And from then we usually tied one of us.

One night I was tied, someone came to us because there was a fight between two of the master’s wives. It was Elbaran the Eunuch that provided Samia with fuck toys. He saw me tied, and helped Samia to untie me. Samia and I separated the wives and locked each of them in Harem cell, and prepared to explain the master what happened. Elbaran helped us, as he was the only witness. Once the report was ready, Elbaran asked us what we were doing. We became red, but Samia explained. Elbaran seemed interested and ask me if I could show him my genitals as he never had seen a war Eunuch before. Little by little we finished in the nude speaking of our Eunuched genitals. Samia explained that she only sewn unlike most of female Eunuch who also looses their clitoris and lips. Elbaran explained that he lost his balls at the beginning of his puberty, so his body stayed near a child one, not a too low voice, no hair, and a small penis that was almost never hard, but he also had a very low libido. As we asked we all become aroused, and I saw him hard, His shaft was still small. I explained that my libido was the same, but very few ways of experiencing an orgasm. Elbaran asked to participate to our game that night, and finally they tied me, and I found myself sucking Elbaran small dick as Samia was caressing my balls. After we tied Samia. Elbaran would have sodomized us, but his shaft wasn’t hard and long enough for that.

Since that night Elbaran came often to participate to our games. Several times I had been obliged to let them play alone as an intense pain came from my pee hole. Elbaran was looking at my crotch with envy, and little my little was imagining he no longer had any shaft.

We were playing together when one of the master’s wives discovered us. The later morning the master asked to see us, and sent us to Vassilia again.

She explained us that she had to remove Elbaran’s shaft, Samia’s lips and clitoris and my balls. We were desolated. But she explained also, that she could try some experiment for us. So we suit that Vassillia would built us some lips to mask our pee hole, so our crotch would be like girls ones. This would take time, and during this time Samia would have her crotch free.

The time we spend at Vassillia our games were much better as Samia was no longer an Eunuch. Elbaran tried to fuck her, and lost his shaft the day after.

The days after Vassillia built us some lips were difficult, but she explained that these lips would help us avoiding the pee hole pain I had had.

After Samia was proceeded, she seemed happy, saying that she like us now. But we all knew that she was the one that lost the most of her.

Once back at our Master, We took our games again. It took us longer to orgasm. I miss Elbaran dick, but he was happy being like he was. Of course we quickly had been caught again. The master explained that was enough, that time we would be killed. But Samia wasn’t there. We learnt that she gave us to the master.

Two day later, Elbaran and I had two huge dicks to be thread in our asses. We were to be slowly impaled. The pale was big enough so we had to stand on our tiptoes. Each time we slacked the pain was unbearable.

A noose was in front of us. Samia came, and apologized. She put the noose around her neck. Then she had been hoisted slow nacked in front of us up to her tiptoes.

At noon, Samia was still fighting to breathe and Elabaran who was fat, had put his heel on the soil. Blood was running down his pale. I was on my toes, but near from exhausted.
At night fall, Samia was dead, and Elbaran was still breathing but was slowly collapsing on the pal, He was near his death. I had accepted the pain of putting my heel on the soil; I had still long hours of pain before being delivered by my death. I must say I appreciated my sexual life as a war eunuch.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long term chastity

It began when I realized my boyfriend was surfing on some kinky site over the web. They all do that would you say? But I was not prepared. At first I threaded him to broke, but I loved him so much.
The second time I caught him I had a look at what he was reading. I remember stories about bondage. Would he have me tied to rape me?

The third time I realized it was part of him so I had to let with his things I hated.

Things continued on, and some times I caught him on different sites. One attracted me. It was about chastity belts. I did not know how to say him I wanted to know more, so I managed to catch him when he was reading these stories. It was not so difficult. One week later we received the CB6000 thing…. At first I was happy, so was him.

His penis was mine. But very quickly I found it annoying. He passed less time on his sites and was gentle with me. But to have sex I had to open that thing. Locking was not easy if he had an erection, and I realized that what I liked in sex was his penis, so punishing him was punishing me… And little by little we were letting the CB in the drawer. At first he asked for it, but as I was not in the mood we forgot it.

As he wasn’t wearing the CB he was surfing again. His erections were harder and he took much more time to cum, so I was happy. One day I saw a film over his shoulder. I remember the chill in my back. The girl on the screen was locked in strange stainless steel thing. For the first time I asked him to let me see it. I was captured. He explained she was locked in a chastity belt that fit her exactly so she was unable to get any stimulation on the genital area.
As his hand reached my crotched I had no way hiding I was highly excited.

-Do you want one? He asked. Before I realized I was saying “for sure I want it”.

We looked at different manufacturer, but all were expensive. We chose Neosteel.
He also began to caress me without letting me orgasm too quickly and I found it marvellous.

When the belt arrived I could not wait but tried it immediately. It was a close fit, but that was OK. I thought at the CB, this was easier. The click made me wet. What did he felt when I closed the CB? I passed my hand on the front shield but only found cold steel, the frustration was already there. When he arrived I showed it to him and gave him the key.
-Can I have a blowjob? He asked.
He didn’t dare asking up to now, but I was so excited that I knelled in front of him and took his already hard dick in my mouth. I tried to caress myself but no way. My clitoris was throbbing in his steel case I had no way to touch him. He proposed me to remove the belt, I was to say yes when I said, let’s see if I can wait up to tomorrow.
-If you cannot I’m allowed to sodomize you!
My god. I was so afraid of sodomy that I waited. I was so exicted, that once out of the belt we had sex all the night long.

The next day he proposed me to use a dice. We decided that I will not be locked during my periods.
The first throw I got a six. Of course I was allowed to go out of the belt before six day if I accepted being sodomized. It was not easy but I did the six days.

Slowly we used several dices, and teasing, I was allowed some time out of the belt to caress me but without cumming, then back to the belt.
It was not easy but I liked the frustration, I liked being excited all the time.

As amount of time was greater, I learnt to manage the belt during my periods, Then we decided that I was to wear the belt all time and allowed one night near my ovulation.

I really liked that. Then when that evening was to come I was really horny.
Several time I had been near to accept sodomy, but each time I did it.
After six months it was routine. My boy friend was really happy as I gave him blowjobs or hand jobs as he wanted. At the sixth month he proposed me to tie me before removing the belt. I was so horny that I accepted. But as he was caressing me he asked me if he could close the belt again…. I laughed and he did it. It was hard at first, but we went on opening the belt every two months. The ovulation days were always difficult. I was horny with no way to satisfy me. I tried to caress my breast. I never realized how good it was before but I needed more than that. I was so exited, that I sucked my boyfriend very often finding some pleasure in his own. As his hands slid to my butt I learnt I was sensitive on that area but I still refused sodomy. At the second ovulation period I was like mad. Sometime I was in shame.
We did it three times. Then I asked for a pause. I was wearing the belt for one year.

At first I felt nude. When I was not wearing the belt something was missing. It was amazing how I was used to it. At the beginning I was sure every body saw I was wearing one, now that I was free of it I felt nude and vulnerable.

Then I appreciated being able to have sex when I wanted, but soon I realized being frustrated missed me. I tried to restrain me but I was unable to do it.
During my period I was happy to be able to use pads the belt prevented, but my boyfriend complain about my lack of libido and that I was not to give him blowjobs as when I was locked.

So after one month only without the belt I decided to wear it again. My boyfriend was having an evil smile.
-When will be your next “ovulation day” he asked.
-I think about Saturday, we could lock the belt on Sunday.
-I have something I want you to test; we could do it on Saturday.
-What is it?
-It is a surprise. I want you to wear the belt Saturday up to the evening and then you’ll be free up to Sunday evening.
-Err If you want. I can lock it right now if you ask me.
-If you want. We can have it lock all the day long and free you for nights, up to this weekend.
-Ok I said.

I really wondered what would be special on Saturday. I was happy to be in the belt again even if I hoped nobody saw it. I laughed that my libido was increasing as I was locked.

When I woke up Saturday he was already up. He asked me to close my eyes. He looked at my slit. I was wetting as his fingers went in this special area. “Is that what he want me to test, to tease me before locking me?” I asked to myself. I hoped for something new, but I was pleased he tried something to make me frustrated. Then I felt something being pushed inside, but it was not a god or his sex, as it seemed to be round.
-What is that? I asked.
-Keep quiet he said. I was being anxious as I didn’t like to have things I don’t know being inserted there. Then a second ball came inside. The felling was not bad.
-How many will you add…
-It is finished, he said, I’m locking you right now.
As he locked me I was on the deception. But as soon as I stand up I understood. The balls where moving inside me as I moved myself. They where getting high and down, touching together and rubbing me from inside. My clitoris was not stimulated but my G point was.
I decided I was able to deal with these Geisha balls. But soon I discovered their power. I was truly excited. And had no way to calm myself as the balls were moving and pushing me toward the edge, but they were unable to make me cum. Several times I tried to lay down on my bed, but the sliest move of my hips made them rub my sex. I fact the only position I can dominate them was to sit.
When he proposed me to go to a dancing, I was anxious. Very soon I was more frustrated than if I had passed two month in the belt.
Once in our bed he asked:
-I really want to sodomize you, so I propose you sodomy or tomorrow the belt will be lock for one year.
I was in such a state that being locked for one year turned my head, as sodomy wasn’t something I wanted to test.
-Ok so tomorrow evening you will be locked for twelve “ovulation day” and if you complain you will have to pass one day with the balls also.
I agreed and he unlocked me. I began to moan when he slowly removed the balls.

Very quickly I felt good in the belt. I liked the frustration. I was in fear with balls as I knew that if I got them for one day I will not have any release the evening. I did blowjobs very soon trying to get pleasure from his own. At the second ovulation day, we tried to play with my breast for long time. That was pleasant, but not satisfying. At the third month I enjoyed his caress and despite my high frustration refused the sodomy. And month after month the frustration was higher and higher. I needed to be cuffed when he removed the belt for shower, but I succeed in not complaining. After all I agreed in this.

A few days before the seventh month, I was crying. I had passed half the time but I couldn’t take it any more. He said I was complaining so I would got the balls for my ovulation day. I was desesperated. After the balls were introduced, my frustration was very high and I tried to move a lot to pass the edge but did not succeed. I tried to caress my breast but it didn’t work. As I was going to urinate he asked me what my felling was.
-I fell in hell in front of heaven doors.
-You like it
-Like and hate, but know I need to pass the gate it is to long since I’m here
-And how is it to have your bladder full?
-It makes the balls stronger.
-So drink and wait….
He asked me to strip. My god I think I never felt so excited. I never needed so badly to cum.
I was just naked when he produced something; I learnt later it was a plug.
-If you accept to take it in the ass, I will help in caressing your breast and hips.
The plug was smaller than his sex, and I was in such a state that I accepted.
I felt highly humiliated. I was somehow defeated as the lubed plug entered my ass. I was very surprised it felt good. Soon I discovered that the plug and balls where pushing themselves and I liked this interaction. He caressed me and I was making very small steps toward the heaven gate. But as I was able to see what was behind the gate, the pressure in my bladder became too high and my need to pee was too much. I didn’t had any orgasm, but what I felt was stronger than everything I've ever felt in the belt.

He asked me to hold my urine and the plug for 30 minutes. I was paying for the pleasure I got.
I was crying from the pain when I wet myself unable to hold on.

-I want you up my ass I asked.
-You are a bad girl that pissed herself… you’ll have to wait for one month more.
-Then could I have the balls and to hold my urine on and the plug for some time before.
-Of course. he said.

Tomorrow is the eighth ovulation day. I am in great frustration. I have prepared the balls, the plug, and some lube. I’m afraid of what will happen, but I know I will see heaven’s gate, will I pass them?