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Saturday, January 15, 2011


When Emilia entered the gymnasium, she was afraid of the crown that was here. Helen went by another way and did not notice the people that were on the other side. She was glad she had had not to queue and present herself to the right man.
-I volunteer for fatal execution she asked.
-You’re at the right place, what kind of execution do you want to volunteer for?
-Well, being broken at the wheel she said as she blushed. She ashamed, but that kind of execution what a real turn on for her. And since her boyfriend died in a motorbike accident she really hoped for dying soon. So when the EU decided to change its death penalty policy and to introduce medieval or antic way of execution, she was listening. This had to be done with an experiment part. During that time volunteers would be executed the way they choose: hanged, broken, crucified, drown, disembowelled and so on. As the executed volunteered, they could ask for some changes from the official way of execution. When that part would be finished one kind of execution had to be chosen as the official one through the whole union.
-That’s right the man said, he was taking a sheet of paper, do you have some asking about the procedure.
-I want to be allowed to say enough and being strangled to death from that moment.
-Err… It is difficult to say. Normally the changes are having 2 or 3 limb broken. Your asking can be to stop before the first limb is broken. Therefore, we would choose someone else, so please set a minimum before you could ask for stopping.
-I understand. Helen said. She was lost. I think I would go for a minimum of 2 limbs and then I’ll try to continue on. She was shaking hoping she would not regret her choice.
-So if nobody asks for more than 2 limbs you would be chosen, if somebody asks for 2 limbs, it will you who will go onto the wheel, is that OK?
-Well I think so Helen said as she took the sheet of paper.
-So fill the form, and go to ladies door behind.

Emilia arrived as Helen was leaving.
-Hi! She said, is that the fatal execution experiment gate?
-That’s it answered the man.
-I want to try crucifixion, Can I ask for a fixed period?
-Of course, replied the man, we have several asking from 30 minutes to 4 hours right now, the longest will be chosen.
-How, so I’d better ask for 6 hours, what do you think? I will be able to make it!
-You won’t have any choice but to make it all the time long if you’re the chosen one!
She laughed and took the paper.
-Fill the form and go to the ladies door behind he said. What he did not say, was that right now, the periods longer than 2 hours were only asked by men, so Emilia could have asked for 3 or 4 hours. He did not said either that no woman volunteered for being broken at the wheel yet. But of course some women could come before the due date tomorrow evening.

Behind the door, Helen was greeted by a nurse that took the form, wrote 611 on it. She took a kind of identity bracelet with 611 embedded on it and locked it on Helen’s left wrist. “Strip naked, fully naked no bra or panties” she said “put you clothes and other items into that box.” And she gave her a big red box numbered 611. Once the box filled, Helen was embarrassed to be in the nude. The nurse closed the box. And lead Helen to the medical wing. Once she has been examined, she was given yellow jumpsuit. A string linked her wrist and ankles so she could only walk slowly and she had to sit and raise her feet to scrap her noose. She was asked to wait in a chair for the bus. Helen was in fear.

When Emilia pushed the door, she was surprised to find a medical lab there.
-Hey what are you doing she said to the nurse, as that one locked the steel bracelet around her wrist.
-That’s the procedure explained the nurse. You are prisoner 612. You have to strip naked, to be examined, then you will be given the prison uniform.
-Prison? I’m to be lead in jail? I thought I would wait my execution at home!
-Of course not, no matter if you change your mind now you signed the form.

Helen heard that and felt a ball in her belly. She was becoming to hope someone would volunteer for more than two limbs broken.

She looked at Emilia body. She had been interested in women, but Emilia tanned skin with a flat belly was near unreal. She looked at the tall girl being monitored, as it was the only thing she could do to avoid thinking about the choice she had made.

Soon the two of them were waiting for the bus, cuffed.
Helen wanted to speak to Emilia but was unable to break the silence. And she was unsure she was allowed to speak.

When she asked to go to the toilets nurse answered.
-I’m sorry, didn’t I show you? The toilets are there and the suit opens at the bottom like that. As you have no underwear there no problems.
Helen was ashamed the nurse opened her suit in front of ever one. When she returned
The nurse blink at her: “I called a car to avoid you to wait too much. I do not know what I should wish you, so courage be brave. It is wonderful some people volunteer to help the country.”

A police car drove the two women to the prison, where they shared the same cell.

Each of them took a bed. They were satisfied to have the string removed.

-I asked to be crucified said Emilia. What did you asked?
-I asked to… to be broken at the wheel.
-Whouh !
-You think I’m crazy?
-Of course you are, not less than I. I think we will experiment suffering as very few have experimented. But we chose it didn’t us?
-I did, but I wonder was I right? I want to die, and that way my death will be useful, but I’m in fear.
-I am also. I hope I’ll be brave at the foot of the cross.

They tried to calm down, but did not succeed in sleeping. Helen looked at Emilia, and it seemed to her that Emilia was caressing herself through the jumpsuit. She hesitated but tried to know how it felt. She thought again at Emilia’s body she saw at the gymnasium. That girl was next to her and was caressing herself. Helen often caressed herself. She was in shame about it. Girls no not masturbate said her mother. But it was exciting her boyfriend when she did it in front of him. By the time they passed together she was used to do it but to stop to let him bring to the orgasm. He often did it by slowly massaging her clitoris and stopping when she was about to cum and then asking her to suck him. That way she very excited when his penis penetrated her cunt and the pleasure was high wave that washed them. Her hand were between her thigh when Emilia asked:
-Hey what are you doing?
Helen felt as a little girl caught doing something forbidden.
-I just… thought you were well, and then I tried how it felt through the suit, then I lost my mind.
Emilia put her hand at Helen jump suit and unzipped the crotch opening design to let her go to the toilets when strung up, then threaded her hand to Helen intimates lips.
-You’re more than wet!
Helen face was red.
-Strip for me! Slowly! The tall girl asked.
Helen was smaller and fatter than Emilia. She began to dance slowly an uneasy as she was unzipping the main suit’s opening showing her neck, then her breast.
When the zip was below her breast, she removed her arms from the suit and showed her breast to Emilia, who sucked then, happy to see such a huge breast.
Helen took Emilia main zip, but before she could lower it, Emilia tapped her hand as she would have done to a kid. Helen turned around her and lowered her own zip to show her while belly. She turned on herself to show her ass. She excited now and her dance was easy and natural. In one movement she lowered the suit, her legs clenched. She was about to remove the jumpsuit legs when Emilia said “Stop, do not move”.

Emilia stood up and came behind Helen and began to caress Helen’s ass. “Spread your legs”. She immediately did it as far as the suit allowed it, and Emilia’s Hands were crawling on her white skin. “Put your hands on your head, and turn around”. Helen Obeyed.

Emilia sat on her bed, and lowly lowered the main zip, a caressed her breast with one hand. Then she unzipped the crotch zip and raised it up to the main one, and one hand disappeared at her crotch opening. Helen breathed as she was excited to see Emilia. And she began to lower one hand.
-Who has said you where allowed, little bitch?
Helen immediately put her hand back on her head.
-Come here and suck my belly button” Helen was anxious. She would have preferred a cock, but she did it. Her noose was in Emilia’s lips. And little by little she realized she liked pleasuring Emilia. She tried to close her legs, but Emilia said no. She liked to be excited but not being allowed to satisfy herself. After Emilia cum, she asked Helen to remove the legs.
Then they realized the lower part of the pants where locked. Then they could not remove the jumpsuit by themselves. Then Emilia asked Helen to take a doggy style position, and began to caress her. She brushed her G-spot, then her clitoris. She explained that She was the master who cum first, and Helen was the dog who cum last if she cum, and that in only allowed to cum doggy style. Helen was near heaven and said “Ho yes, I’m your dog”. Emilia slowed down. “Ho please master let me cum” If you promise to ask be before going to the toilets.
“I promise”
-So move on my finger, like the dog you are… And Helen moved on Emilia’s finger to reach her orgasm. She was ashamed, but happy.

They hardly slept that night and at the sunrise the guards came to ask them to come with them. Helen felt a ball building in her stomach. She didn’t say anything. Emilia suddenly was afraid:
-Not right now, please!
-Shower time said the guard.

They were driven to the shower where the guard unlocked the legs of the suit. They had 15 minutes, and then were driven in their cell.
They were proposed individual cell, but both declined. They passed their second day in prison playing as teenagers who are discovering their bodies. None of them were lesbian, but they had to make the time go faster and to think to some thing else than what they have chosen for them. In fact as they hoped they wouldn’t be chosen. Their minds were changed.

The second night wasn’t easier than the first one. Both knew that application were over. They soon would know is they are chosen or not. Perhaps if they hadn’t they already would have been set free…

The next morning the guard called:”Shower time !”.
It was the only part of the day they could remove the jumpsuit. They looked at themselves nude with the water running along their body.
-I’ll try to make you wait until tonight before you can cum said Emilia.
-I’ll love it said Helen.

At the end of the time devoted to shower, they were surprised, the jumpsuits had disappeared.
The Guards shackled them nude.
-What the matter asked Emilia.
-They’re driving us outside the prison if they shackle us, but nude answered Helen
-My god! Said Emilia as the guards confirmed shaking their heads.

Passed the fear to known they were the chosen ones, Helen was trying to calm down. Emilia was thinking that it was 6 hours to pass, after that it would be OK and she would return home. She was conscious it won’t be easy, but she so often dreamed of being crucified, that she could avoid the opportunity that was offered to her to try it. Both did not thought they would be led to a truck nude. Helen was lift on the truck plate form and her hands were secured to the top of a pole erected there. She was in display for every one. I cannot avoid it thought Emilia. But as she moved forward to the truck the guard stopped her and showed her a beam on the soil. When the truck drove out of the prison Helen was displayed naked on the platform but Emilia was walking behind it; the heavy beam on her shoulders her hands secured at the ends of it. A leash linked her to the truck.

The truck did not move too fast so Emilia succeeded in following it, but the people in the streets of the town were having time to see the nude women that were driven to their fate.
Both were I great humiliation as they thought the execution wouldn’t be public and they would not be displayed as a preliminary.

Emilia’s mind was occupied by walking bare footed on the streets, but Helen noticed that the truck wasn’t going strait to the place of execution but was parading in the streets of the centre.
It took almost half an hour before it stopped in one of the biggest town’s place. It was crowded. But on each side gallows were prepared. Helen immediately saw the wheel. Next to it stood the cross on which she would be broken prior to be displayed on the wheel. Her mouth was dry. Emilia only realized the walk was over and that she was unlinked for the truck and she was glad as her legs were exhausted from the trip. As she was led to the place she raised her head and saw the cross. She stopped as the fear froze her body. But the leash went tight and she moved again toward the instrument of torture. Helen also was untied and driven to her side of the place.

The nearest church bell rang the ninth hour. Emilia counted 9 plus 6 giving 3 in the afternoon. She would have finished when she would hear the three hour bell. She was at the foot of the cross and the beam was untied. Before she do any thing her wrist were tied with leather strips. They seems large enough to hold her weight so she wont fall from the cross she thought with a chill in her back despite the sun. To her surprise the leather strips were tied to two other poles she didn’t noticed before next to the cross. She was on her tiptoes. She did not dare asking what’s going on, she was to be crucified…. But the pain in her back broke her thought.
The thing she knew was:”flogging I’m being flogged”….

On her side Helen was shy but let the men tie her to her cross. Hers was more like an X than a T and was horizontal. She laid on it. Then small wooden squares were posed under her elbow, wrists shoulders knees and ankles. Leather straps went through holes the cross deepness and were tied over her articulations holding the wooden square in place. That way her limbs were not in contact with the cross. They were elevated of about half an inch. The straps were tight and she could move but for her head, hands and foots. She was not pound of having her legs spread. She didn’t knew the execution would have to be done in the nude. She felt the humiliation; Humiliation from having been displayed nude any where in the town, Humiliation to be there spread-eagled naked in front of these people, Humiliation of the suffering to come.
Then she heard the whips and shouting from the other side. The men moved to let her see. She saw Emilia’s back with red crosses as she was hanging from her wrist.
-Wasn’t she to be crucified? did she asked.
-Of course replied a man with a black hood on his head.
The fear was so high for Helen when she saw her executioner that she loosed bladder control.
The noise from under the gallows added to her shame. The man looked at her bones.
-Did it hurt did she asked…
-The flogging, for sure!
-I mean the breaking.
-I’ll make my best for it did he said as he smiled.
-Oh my god….
-But you choose it, didn’t you… You’re afraid of the shootings?
-Will I shout she asked in fear?
-Normally you will, but I can help you not to do.
-Oh please I would like it. She hoped for some way to save her from the pain.
The man went to the bench tool and then came back. He closed her nose. She opened her mouth to breath, and he shoved a ball in it, and tied it behind her head.
-Pleased to help you, so you won’t shout to much!
On her platform form Emilia was untied.
-It is us to begin dear lady !
Helen felt her cross rising. In fact it was rotating for her to face the crowd. It rose up to 60°. The man came to her with a steal rod in his hand. She could only follow it from the eyes. The man put it on her forearm. She bit in the ball and the rod was raised. But instead of dropping it on her arm, the man moved to her left. She began to wonder, but before she could react the rod was raised and dropped in one movement on her arm. The bone crushing sound was clearly heard.

Emilia was sitting on the wooden floor. Her back was hurting as didn’t know any could be hurt. She was asked to lay on her back on the beam. She was weeping but spread her arm on the beam waiting for them to be tied to it, wondering how it would felt to hang like that. Will it be different from being hung between the two poles? She closed her eyes. Then she heard the bone crushing noise and the gurgle sound that followed. She opened her eyes and looked at the other side of the place where Helen get her first beating. Before she could understand what had happen she heard a metallic sound and yelled.

Helen heard it. It helped her to go out of her pain
-They drove the first nail, her executioner explained.
She looked at him breathing heavily to control her pain. He was looking at the other side. She Looked at Emilia. She saw the second nail being positioned over her wrist, she was pleading
-Not nailed, tied with ropes, I don’t want to be nailed…
Then the rod landed on Helen’s second arm, and the pain urged to her brain.
Emilia was cut as she was arguing by that noise, and as she looked at Helen, the second nail pierced her second wrist. She yelled again. She was in real agony.
Helen’s executioner was rubbing her crotch with his steel rod. Helen was in fear about what was to come. She breathed heavily to compose with the pain in her arms.
Near the cross the guards were raising the patibulum to affix it on the stipe. The movements were increasing Emilia’s agony. As she knew he could ask to stop now, she tried to move with them to minimize the movements between her wrist and the beam. So she was rising her arm to avoid the guard to have her weight to rise with the beam. A support was provided so as she stepped back to the cross, she could follow the beam rising to the top of the cross, but some inches more were needed and despite she pushed on her tiptoes she soon was hanging by her wrists. She felt the beam moving as the guard where searching for the point, then it fell a little and didn’t move any more. It was affixed. The people look as she was in great agony. With her legs she tried to use the pole to shift herself up but it was useless, but for the show she gave. Then the guard came and took her ankles. She was relieved. They bent her legs and pushed them to the sides of the stipe. As nails where driven through her ankles she fainted.

Helen looked at the spectacle with horror, but she was aroused both by the spectacle and by the executioner. She was ashamed and hoped he would not realize. His steel tool was still near her genitals. And Helen thought me might be waiting for the ankle nail to be driven in before continuing. She was true. As the guard posed his hammer the executioner raised the rod than fell on her forearm in one quick movement. The blow was so violent, and the blow came at the right position in the middle of the limb segment where the wooden support at the wrist and elbow where not so near, that both bones broke simultaneously in several pieces. Poor Helen yelled but the sound was deadened by the gag. She thought that part was numb by the pain in her upper arms, but it was false. The pain radiated and the adrenalin from the first blow was short to avoid her suffering. Just as she was recovering from the shock and opened her eyes again she saw the rob turning in the air before blowing away her other forearm bones. The pain was so high that she fainted.

The lack of oxygen awoke Emilia. She was choking. Without understanding she pushed on her ankles and raised herself in a position that allowed her to take in a breath of fresh air.
The pain in her ankle was so high that she couldn’t maintain the position and fell. Then the pain was in her wrists. She was discovering what would be the hours to come. But she was angry as she didn’t ask for that level of suffering. She wanted to be tied to a cross in a quiet place, to be nailed in public.
She looked at the people in from of her and following their eyes she saw what they where looking at. She tried to clinch her legs to hide her womanhood, but the way she was nailed did only allow her to stand with her legs open and her crotch visible from the mob. She felt ashamed and helpless. Then for the second time she was choking. She pulled on her arms as she pushed on her ankles. The pain made her weep, but she raised herself up enough to breath and then slowly lowered herself. That movement let her exhausted, or what she thought was being exhausted. At that moment she wished to die and not having to wait for 6 hours in such pain, shame and agony.

Helen was awoken by her executioner. As the gag was removed she asked
-No more, I can’t take any more…. She was felling like her arm had been quartered.
-You take it very well. You are wonderful. But the two limbs are not finished yet.
-Oh please not any more.
-I’ve no choice, but if you want I broke a leg part before combing on the arms again.
-Yeah, err, no, no !
-Is the gag right, or do you prefer a leather piece that would be easier to bite?
-No not the gag.
Helen was then given a leather piece she could bite in.
The rod rose once again and the blow landed on an elbow. Without the gag her shouting were better heard by the crowd. It took her several minutes to calm down. Perhaps the elbow is a most sensitive area or it is the crushing that pushed an pulled on the other broken bones. Once she stopped yelling she was given back her piece of leather. The next two landed on the hand. It was amazing to look at that arm and see the different shades of color and swelling from the shoulder to the hand whose finger were doubling in volume in no time. But Helen seemed no to appreciate that spectacle. She asked to stop now, but the executioner explained her that the other arm has to be done also, and the double blow landed on her other hand. The executioner then didn’t wait for her to calm down and crushed her elbow. The sound that was fading was given a new force.

From her cross Emilia couldn’t do anything for her new friend but to look at her being slowly and methodically broken. But even that she did not. She was occupied in her own suffering.
The Church bell rang, and she knew she still had 5 hours to endure that. She was wondering how they would remove the nails. Will it hurt her also? How much time would she need to heal? If she survived, that she was not sure. She was also feeling her bladder full. Empting it would be a shame, but she was aware she will not be able to hold on for 5 hours. She was afraid of loosing control du to the pain she endured at getting up and down.

Some guards came to Helen to wipe up the sweat her body was wet with. They did not insist on the arms. She tried to say something but her speaking was not coherent.

-So young lady, do you want me to strangle you right now.
-No cried Helen. And before she added “No more breakings” the executioner shoved the gag in her mouth.
-You’re brave, so we continue on”. Helen’s eyes widened, and she shouted, but the first blow landed on her thigh. Once the blow passed she tried to move using her only un broken leg, and the pain in the other limb was incredible.
-The other leg? The executioner asked. And only seconds later or other leg’s calf bones were shattered.
-You’re marvelous the executioner said. The man I broke yesterday wasn’t so brave after I broke him two limbs. Helen did not want to be brave, but had no choice, but to take two more blows. Her legs were broken but the articulation. That is enough she thought. But the executioner did not ask her mind and went forward in his destruction work. Her knees are broken. She needed minutes to stop shouting after each blow. Then the feets. Two blow for each. The executioner pause again and the guards come to wipe the sweat again. Her limbs are so swelled that the leather straps that are designed to hold her are now constricting her bruised flesh. As her gag was removed, Helen was to ask to be strangled now, but what happened? She was afraid of diing. She was broken now. She was waiting. What worse could happen now that her four limbs were broken, perhaps it was possible to heal her.
-The lace, or not asked the executioner
-No…Let… Let me… some… time… reco… vering…
-That’s right, I allow you 5 minutes more, and then we finish.

Helen wasn’t concerned by Emilia on her cross despite the spectacle was on display for her.
Emilia wasn’t concerned by Helen whose beating was not finished as she thought. The pressure in Emilia’s bladder was now so high that she let the urine flow. In the mob some discuss the ability of Emilia to participate to the boy familiar game about pissing far away, but her upstanding position would have disqualified her. That shameful event was not the only problem that annoyed Emilia. She was also having cramps that made some position even more painful that they already are. A guard came to her to give her some fresh water she drank greedily.

AS the time was elapsed, the executioner came back to Helen. She knew the next step was being braid onto the wheel. And as a dark fantasy she wanted to know how it would be. Now she was fully broken, she would ask to be healed, or braided and strangled. She was surprised to see the executioner with a heavier rod than the other one and the gag. But as he gaged her she couldn’t ask what she had forgotten in the process.

-This is a difficult part of the process. If I’m bad I broke a vertebrae and your legs won’t hurt you, If I succeed then…. Then you will see….
The fear came again for Helen as the rod was raised. That time He stopped At the upper stade, then let I fall on her hipbone.

The sound of her shouting had frightened lot of people. The pain was over she could ever imagine even after being broken like she was. The executioner was successful.
Then with a lighter rod he broke her ribs and collarbones.
They removed her gag, but she was in delirium. Nothing she tried to say was understandable.
So the removes the straps, and let her a few minutes. Then they folded her legs onto her torso, and hold them by knotting her arms together. The shouting she made was all but human as the fractured bones where moved. They lifted her. Her head hung below as she was now unable to hold it without collarbones. Once they laid her on the wheel they unfold her and braided each limb around the wheel’s wires.
As they finished the church bell rang again. As to let Emilia know that she still had 4 hours to rest on her cross.
Helen’s mind was gone with suffering, and She did not asked to be strangled, they displayed her to the mob who passed to she her on her wheel.
As the church bell rang again, the wheel was put onto a pole and lifted high in the sky.

Emilia was near to ask mercy in being killed when the main guard came to her.
You’re at mid way. I’ve a gift. They helped her up, and when she lowered herself she founded a stick she could use as a sit. It wasn’t comfortable but it avoided the pain of being hung by the wrist. She was given fresh water.
The Guard left, and Emilia felt alone. The mob was gone. She heard some gurgles from wheel from time to time, but she felt as she was forgotten there.
The wooden stick helped her. She didn’t know it was called a sedile. She was glad to have it. With it she had to breathe less often. But the stick was hurting because all her weight was on one point in a soft area. She tried to have it near her vagina, but the stick was too short. She was imagining a man’s cock, but she only rub on it, no more. But with her repeated up and down, once or twice she landed with the stick in her ass… and slowly the stick was making it way. At first Emilia refused the idea, but with time and pain, she was trying to have it in her anus. Once it was on it, There was nothing she could do: With all we weight applied on it, no matter there was no lube, the stick and it’s bulbous end entered her virgin hole. Then she heard the Bell again… Still two hours to go!

The sun was still high in the sky, and with nothing to look at the time passed slowly. And now the sedile was in her anus it was raping her.

The next bell helped her. Only one hour to go. Nobody gave her water and her mouth was dry.
And finally the sun went low…. And the bell rang again, but nobody was here to help her down the cross. She was loosing hope.
It took about 15 minutes for the main guard to come.
-What you did is wonderful.
-Plea…se   do…wn
The man produced a hammer….
-No …. Let ….me …. Down
And he broke both her knees.

It took her about twenty minutes to suffocate to death impaled on her sedile and nailed to that cross. She felt betrailed as she truly hoped that if she survived the execution she would be saved.

This demonstration had been examined to know which execution was the most dissuasive….
What would be your choice?

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