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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After the War, all developed countries disappeared. States, as you understand them, collapsed and were replaced by small local structures. In some region democracy maintained, but was ruled by mayors that have death and life power over their population.

My husband was one of them. He had his own farm and we were living there with slaves and soldiers. The rule for slaves was easy : you could do whatever you want to them. To get slaves you can bought them, but it was too easy. To get new slaves you only have to capture somebody and mark it. So everyone moves with some soldiers around him. To extend your territory you just have to enslave the owner. Some time ago, My husband was under attack from our northern neighbour as he was coming back from a meeting. Thanks to god he was not captured, but killed, so I got the ownership of the farm. But keeping soldiers was not easy for a woman. And I knew that I was not able to win the fight against my powerful neighbour as my territory was the smallest in the area. I knew that Lidia, who ruled the south-west farm, was ready to invade me to avoid my farm to fall to her enemy. So I decided to go to her farm to make an union. But I knew that I cannot hope to keep my rank as farm owner…

During my journey I was anxious, but we weren’t attacked. As we arrived Lidia organised a big party for the following day. I was happy to see how friendly she was about me and my people. One of my fighter came to me short after we arrived
-My lady, I heard something I must tell you.
-I heard an attack is ready to capture us on our return journey.
-I understand. Lidia could have captured us already if she wanted. She did not. She cannot afford to have our farm fall. So we have to find an arrangement.

Lidia provided us superb rooms and some slave to help us wash after the trip.
I was excited as I knew Lidia’s parties were often orgy, and I was anticipating it. I remember such an orgy that I finished in her bed. I was wet only to think about that. I resisted the envy to masturbate, or to use one of her slave. I had my preferred male slave with me, and I had in mind to ask her to have it with us for the orgy, I was even in mood to share him.

I was dressed for the evening session. When her people came to give her informations about what happened today. A slavegirl came to complain about a soldier who raped her. These questions are always difficult. The slave must not complain, but it is not fair from the soldier to rape salves as there are sex slaves who are in charge of satisfy them.
-Samia, How would you rule that? Lidia asked. I was annoyed as I did not rule like her.
-Err, first a slave would not have to complain as a soldier found her pleasant, so I think she deserve a light flogging. The soldier abused his position, if he was in need he should have gone to the sex slaves; I suppose you have some of them Lidia, so I proposed a few day in jail.
-you’re weak, she said. Both will be flogged so they’ll learn the rules.
Both were stripped naked and their wrists were tied to poles so they were on tiptoes.
She came to the girl and a brasero was put there. She took a mark and applied it on the girl’s shoulder. She then did the same to the soldier.
-That’s the first time you are punished like that, so 10. The next time it will be 20. The third time you will be executed. And the whipping began. Both were given leather to bite. The flogging wasn’t light. Once finished Lidia turned to me…
-Why are you here?
-Err, Dear Lidia I’m under repeated attacks from my Northern neighbour. I know you wouldn’t like to have him as neighbour yourself. So I ask for your help to fight him. Of course I am willing and I understand you cannot help all your neighbours like that so I propose a union in which I will be your obliged.
-A union ? Hummm…. I save you from that darken man, and you give me honours ?
-Err not only…
-Stop babbling! Your proposition is a joke. I cannot accept it. You came here because you were about to be captured and set slave, so you run away from your fate.
I did not know what to say.
-So now accept your fate and say you volunteer to be my slave.
I was humiliated, but I knew I had no other choice. If I did not ask for being her slave she would have captured me. If she captured me some of my soldiers would be injured or killed.
-Lady Lidia, I don’t want any of our soldiers being injured or kill as we will have to face our enemy, so I accept your condition and I ask you to take me as one of your slaves.
-No, That’s not what I want to hear. First stop parading with these high valued clothes. Strip, and ask me to spare your miserable life and to accept to have you as a slave.
The words she used were hard to hear. Every eyes were on me. I began to strip. I saw the smile on her face. I had not finished that she added :
-Strip naked like the fellow slave you want to be.
I hardly avoided tears, as I removed my underwear.
-Lady Lidia, spare my life and make me one of your slaves.
-Mistress Lidia from now on. Take the iron collar that is on the soil at your feet.
The humiliation was complete I thought. I took the collar and slowly applied it around my neck hoping she would say stop. But she did not. I was fully ashamed When I felt the collar closed. Lidia made a movement from her hand and another slave come to me with the ember pot, and then closed the collar around my neck.

Usually slaves are branded with the mark of their owner. That way the could not be sold or stolen. Of course if the owner is made slave his mark comes to the new owner. The slaves can also be collared. That way they can be sold, given, or set free. Usually when somebody comes to ask being slave, he is not asked to strip and is not marked or stripped in public. This is reserved to captured slaves you need to break down.

Lidia came to me and fixed a leash to my collar, then pulled on it and made me fell onto the table. My arms and legs were grabbed, and then Lidia’s red hot mark was applied over my butt. I screamed from both surprise and pain.

Then my soldiers’ captain came in.
-Captain, Lidia said, who do you take your order from?
From what just happened I was afraid about what might happen to him. He took his time prior to answer.
-Lady Lidia, I used to take my order from my mistress. She decided to come here to make a union with you. So I suppose that from now on I take my orders from you or the person you chose to command me and my men.
-You are advised Captain. I want you to prove me you’ll obey my orders.
-I’ll be happy to take your test Lady Lidia.
-Rape my new slave in the ass….
I was afraid of what was to happen. I never liked sodomy. But it was there being sodomized without lube and preparation. I knew that my captain would only have to do it or being enslaved also. I heard his trousers zip. I knew what was to come. I wanted to see him before, to see his member size, but my position prevented that. Finally I felt something between my butts. I imagined it large very large. I began to panic. His hands were on my hips, and he began to push. I felt my little hole opening under his pressure. I tried to push to help, but without lube the friction was intense, but what  could I have done ? That thing was entering my ass whatever I did. I hoped that once my sphincter would be passed it would be easier. I was false. I was shredded. When I felt his hips to me I supposed it was finished. But the return was hurting also. He was about to exit when he entered again, but quicker. With time I must have been opened, but he moved easier and quicker. I learned later that my own blood lubricated my ass.
I felt him cum. I was still there exposed. And the more important of my officer came, and all of then had to rape me to prove they will obey Lidia. Once finished my arm were bind back in my back and tied together. A man took the leash and led me somewhere in a kind of hospital wing.

It won’t be long, first I will wash you and cure your ass, because you’ve been hurt. Without untiding my arms he inserted a noodle in my ass and turned the water on so water flowed in my bowles. I looked at him
-Is the temperature OK ?
-Yes but
-It hurts, there is disinfectant in it.
When he removed the noodle he asked me to hold on. I tried. I had cramps. He was looking at me. And finally I loosed the battle and emptied myself….
-Did I hold on the required time? I asked with fear.
-Of course you did, the time is as long as you can. He said with a smile.
Then I had a shower and he looked at my pussy.
-You have the right configuration for what the mistress asked for you, I hope you’ll like it. Do not move, there will a short pain and it will be enough.
I wondered what he would do. The tool he used on my lips near my clitoris was big. I was anxious. As he said the pain came and it was finished. He worked on my pussy for some minutes. Then he provided two balls tied with a string. He pushed them into my cunt. As he had lubricated them before the insertion was not painful.
-What is it ?
-Did you liked sex before.
-Euh, yes, but
-You’ll see the effect soon he said with smile.
He then provided a steel belt. One part goes around the waist, but another part come on the front of my crotch and prevented me to see my slit. There was a slit on the metal. He locked it on me
-It is a chastity belt, so you won’t be able to caress yourself, or to have sex. Be careful, your ass is unprotected.
-But why….
He lowered his trousers and I saw his chastity belt.
-Our mistress likes to control that aspect of her slave life.
Before I left he untied my arm to make me wear a straitjacket. And I was led to a small and dark cell.
I was surprised because I was aroused. I have been highly humiliated in public and I was aroused. I was ashamed. But with the strait jacket and the belt there was no way I could satisfy myself.
At the sun raised the man came to me. He opened my belt.
-You’re wet, do you like it?
I was ashamed; I never had been so aroused.
-What did you do to me?
I pierced your clitoris hood, so a tool push it and caress it every time. I also inserted balls that internally massage your cunt. From now on you will be always aroused.
His fingers on my lips and clitoris were wonderful, be before I could cum he closed the belt again.
-Sorry, It was just disinfectant, nothing more. And he let me alone in my cell. Later a woman came and helped me to eat as I still was in my straitjacket. I would have asked why I was in a cell, but as a slave I had no rights now. It was very hard to accept that from now on Lidia could decide to kill me when she wanted. She can decide to have my clit’hood pierced without saying it to me. And she can have me locked in that cell for how long she wants.

There was nothing in the cell and I slept on the floor. Getting up and down was very difficult as I was in that jacket and could not use my arms. I spent most the day there. I used a pot to pee and someone passed to help me to eat at noon, and to empty the pot. She passed often to see if needed something and to give some water. I was pleased to have her to distract me.

The sun was getting down, when a man came. He put a blind on me eyes and pushed a ring in my mouth. Unable to speak or see he made me walk out of the prison. I tried to use odour and sounds to know were I was driven. The quick walk was difficult at first because I didn’t knew were I was going, but quickly I was in confidence as the man announce me the obstacles: “three steps up”, “an open door on the left”. My only distraction came from my crotch as the balls were excited by that walk.
-Oh no ! She did not deserve to be blind. I recognized Lidia’s voice. There way lots of people around her.
My jacket was removed. I wanted to use my arm and protect my now nude breast, but they were grabbed and tied at the wrist to something high. Then my ankles were tied also. I was being tied in X. It took me some time before understanding: I was being tied to a whipping post! I was to be whipped. I tried to calm down, but why to tie a slave to a whipping post if not to whip him or her. It took me some time more to link the whipping post to the sound around me. I was at the party. I was being displayed as a new slave to her friends. These friends were mines 24 hours ago.

I was already ashamed when the blind was removed. But what I saw was just incredible.
The tables have been disposed so every one saw me. I never had been in a party were a new slave was displayed like I was. All our neighbours were here. Of course, that way they all knew that from that day, both territories remained to Lidia.
-We have decided to have you with us. Of course, as a slave you cannot pretend to sit at our table, but that way you are with us in way that fit your new condition. I hope you like it.
Answering Lidia was impossible with the ring in my mouth. In front of me on the table there was a plate with knife and fork. Another slave was at my feet.
-I know, your position will not be easy to eat so I provided some help for you.
But what was incredible was the man that sat in front of me: My Northern neighbour. As I was looking at him, Lidia said.
-You are a slave, do not look at the free people like that.
I moved my eyes down.
-I must give you some explanations. Morthdath never attacked your husband. I did it.
I looked at her I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
But he killed himself, so I made some evidence for you to think Morthdath did it. And we had a meeting. We decided that he will make small attacks on the North of your territories so you would think you need some help. Isn't it what made you coming here ?
The Northern part of your territories is now Morthdath’s. The rest and the people are mines.”
I had been betrayed.
-Now I’ll use you as a sex slave. Oh you’re not young enough, but I know you will be a willing sex slave, won’t you ? She’s a real whore you’ll see later.

During the meal, the slave in front of me cut the meat or aliments and gave them to me, but with the ring I was not able to close my mouth so unable to chew. Some of them felled on the soil and I swallow the other without chewing. Little by little my breast and belly were covered with food. The slave also gave me water and wine. It was easier to swallow but I did not control the amount and I drank too much wine that evening. Another problem that was growing during the meal was my bladder. It was filling. And I had no way to ask to have it emptied. It was near the end of the meal. I was tired from my position and I could not hold on any more and I pissed in front of every body.
-That’s the reason slaves aren’t to be invited at table! They are unable to eat properly and piss as they are still at the table. Then I felt the flog hitting my back, then again…

Once the beating finished, they untied me and I fell on the floor. I tried to get up, but the beating and the alcohol did not help.
-Then now you’ll see the whore she is. She will suck each of you with her hands in her back. And you’ll see she will ask for more.
I had no choice as my hands were tied in my back and with the ring in my mouth. The kneeling position and the movements I had to do made the ball furious unless I was aroused my having so much cock in my mouth, and none in my pussy, but my excitation was increasing. I was more than wet. Around me several sex slaves came. They had no belt so I was the only one that was unable to be satisfied. Each of the men ejaculated in my mouth as they were amused to see how I tried to swallow their cum. When all of them used me, I my face was covered with cum. I hardly could see where I was.
-Guila, come, and with your tongue wash her Lidia said.
I was told not to move. And a slave-girl came to me and she began to lick my face. I was so excited that humiliation began to be far away. I was beginning to be a toy for my mistress pleasure. When the girl licked my face her breast was in contact with mine. As she began to lick my lips I kissed her.
-Look at how she liked that !
My ring was removed.
-Guilia has licked-washed your face, would you thank her.
I was still kneeling, and Guilia was up, so I began to come to her sex.
-Can I ? she asked.
-Good slave, you can said Lidia.
Then I began to lick her pussy. It was the first time I did it, and I liked to do it.

I was afraid I would be sodomized, but nobody asked me.

At the end of the orgy Lidia took my leash and knotted it to her bed. I first thought about laying on it then I realized I was a slave so I laid on the soil. I was still aroused.
-Is it difficult to bear to be so aroused? she asked
-I think I can….
-You can because you’ve passed the humiliation?
I looked at her. And I agreed.
-I like having aroused people around me. Perhaps you’ll never cum, you know that?

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