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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bitch on the beach

She is laying on the sand. Her dark skin contrasts with the light sand of the beach. The temperature is always high in this little private tropical island, and the sun is rising in the sky. So being near the sea in the nude is what every-body expects. Some of you might think she is lucky.

As she wake up she need time to understand. Time to realize where she is: On the beach sand. She hears the noises of the sea. She can even see it if she turns her head to the right and look behind. She lays on her belly so her mouth is easily covered with sand. Her hands are tied in her back, and it seems to her that her ankles are tied to her hands. In fact it is not exactly the case; she lacks suppleness for that. But a rope is taunt from the ones to the other. The way her ankles are tied forbids her to clench them.

She tries to move. But no way, even pushing with her knees she cannot crawl or gild. She looks up and over the beach; on her right she can see the house. On the balcony the blonde is looking at her. Her soft light skin is protected from the sun and she is contemplating her victim. She is happy to see the brunette waking. She is glad to see her trying to move. She is delighted to see her testing the knots.

On the beach the darker girl begins to understand, she is the other's prisoner. She hopes her new master will come and untie her, as the pain in her legs is just bearable. She is afraid of the sun which will become hotter as the day will progress.

On the balcony, the lighter one drinks and waits to see what will happen from now on. Will her rival be overflown first or will she die from dehydration first? She hope the master of the house will not be back before the other girl have died, or she will have to rescue her. She removes her short to be in the nude as the beach girl. Her fingers move near her thigh, between her thighs. This area is soft and wet. But she takes her time she don’t want to cum before the other’s death.

The beach girl sees that. She looks at herself: she only realizes she is naked. She sees the blonde beginning to masturbate and she is excited. She still hopes to be rescued, but she knows that if the positions were inverted, she would have let the blonde die. She is sorry she loses. Her trick did not work.

The slit is wet and opening as the fingers glide on each lips below the yellow patch of pubic hair. The girl moans with pleasure and anticipation. She is excited; excited to see the other dying, excited of wining, excited because from now on she is the only master’s wife.
She thinks the little pain in her stomach is about the master reaction when he will be back.
But the pain is greater and greater, and soon she is not able to stand up.

The water now reaches her knees. On the beach the darker one does not want to die, but she knows the rising tide will drown her, there nothing she can do about it. The cold water is slowly rising between her thighs.

The Blond now realizes the wine she drank was poisoned. She would have ran to the other girl to have the antidote, but she is unable to walk, unable to move, she is slowly dropping to the floor.

As the waves get at her slit the girl tied on the beach realizes the blonde is ill. She has drunk the poison. At last her trap worked.
On the balcony the agony hurts and the blonde is distorted by the pain in her belly

On the beach, she has cramps in her neck as she holds her head high and keep her breathe.

Both struggle to live but lose their battle.

When the master plane land, the new Asiatic wife which his near him, wonders how the first two wives will accept her. She cannot imagine both are dead.

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