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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accepting her fate

When I woke up that morning, it was cold, and I was so tired that I just took my shirt on and felt asleep despite I was alone. I was dreaming half sleeping that he was still here, and I could even imagine his hands on my body. I cannot say that I’ve slept a lot this night, I had found a wonderful lover. Just to think back to it, my hand was slowly moving down to my crotch despite it was burning a little for the overuse of this night.

Then I heard him, he was coming back in the room, I was surprised not to smell coffee or tea, and I was wondering he would ask me what I take for breakfast. Then I felt his hands on my arms, he was bending them backward, and when my hand touched the other in my back I understood that he was cuffing me. Instantaneously my cunt became wet, I felt aroused and cannot stand but asked him, ”wouldn’t it be better if I remove my shirt”
-I’m sorry, did he said, I wanted it to be surprise and…
-That’s a surprise and I keep my eyes closed if you like it.
-I’d prefer so.
I removed my shirt and put my wrist on my back crossing them to him. I then heard the click of the handcuffs closure. I felt helpless. I tried to sit on the bed, but failed. As I was turning my head to kiss him, he put a blindfold on my eyes. It was the first time for me and I was out of state. I imagined myself sucking him all the way long despite I dislike it…
-Open your mouth!
-hey! Hummmm!
He pushes a big ball in my mouth, so that I was unable to speak any longer. I would try to say no, that I wanted to be able to say stop if I needed it, but that was over, and this frightened me a little.
I hoped to fell his hand, now but instead of I heard him.
-Please try to get up, I’ll help you, we have to go the next room, I’ll drive you in the corridors.
I felt like I received iced water on my head. Naked, helpless unable to see or speak, I was to be driven some where I’ve never been. Perhaps there will be other people there. I tried to say that I disagreed, but I had to get up.

When I tried not to walk, he promised me a spanking, so I did as he said. How humiliated I was, all the semen from the night was flowing down from my cunt along my legs…

Then we entered a room I imagined larger than the bedroom I felt the sun warming my skin and after a few minutes I supposed several respirations sounds in front of me but lower, near the ground.

-Can you stand on this stool, please?

My head was empty, he put my feet on the stool, so I get onto it, and then he cuffed my ankle together.
-Do not try to get off now, you would hurt yourself.

I was trying to imagine what I would become. I thought to some sexual abuse. But not on a stool with my legs cuffed together. The answer came quickly.

He put something around my neck, but I wasn’t the necklace I used to wear, I recognized a noose he tighten a little. I felt panic along my body, I was trembling, I would have shouted. So it was true. The day before when I asked for his job, he said he was in women hanging. I founded it a nice joke, but I understood at that moment that it was not.

I succeeded in controlling the panic. I tried to look like determined but not against the rope, but against the gag, I pushed it with my tongue, but I was not able to remove it.

-Hey! It seems she wants to speak, a male voice said.
-If you promise not to shout I remove the ballgag, Is that what you want ?
I nodded yes, and he removed the gag and everybody laughed when I had my tongue around my mouth.
-Please, I’ve understood you’re determined in hanging me, I don’t plea for myself, I only wanted to know how you want to proceed.
-Don’t you think the surprise’s better ? asked a feminine voice.
-I’m not in a position I can impose anything, but being hanged I would prefer a slow hanging
In some erotic stories I had read I had discovered that slow hangings were much more erotic, and so I tried to ask for that. The answer was silent. And finally
-Were not equipped for that said my lover.
-It’s her last will; we have to slow hang her.
-Do you accept to be hanged to death ?
-Do I have the choice? If I could choose, I prefer not to hang, or to hang but not to die, but it seems you let me no choice.
-Errr, You’re not the first one we hang, all the other insulted us, cried, and begged for mercy, why you don’t?
-I would have done, did I say tears coming in my eyes, if I had thought that had a chance to succeed. I think I hope you’ll hang me, look at me dancing, and finally save me before I die.
-Do not have such hope, the woman says, but if you have other wills about your hanging let us now.
-I… I would like to have this blindfold removed, and… and to be hanged onto my tiptoes and having my sex massaged slowly as the stool is removed.
-Err! For the blindfold, it is definitely no.
I felt the nose being removed. So were the ankle cuffs. Some thing was being put under my feet “It is a book. We just have to remove it to get the line taunt” and the noose came again.
-“Walk a little, please”
And the book was removed…
How thick it was! I was now on the very tip of my toes, my head was pushed on my right, and I only could breathe by pushing hard on my toes so they were hurting. I was wondering I had a bad choice, but I also felt a hand on my vaginal lips, and then a second on my buttock, and … and a third began rubbing my breast. The only sound I was able to build was a sort of “gurgle” but as I tried to focus my attention on the hands; things were not too bad, just pushing to breathe every twenty or thirty seconds. As the climax was building up I felt it harder and harder to push and my thigh were opening against myself, and I began loosing the breathing rhythm…

Suddenly fingers push themselves into my cunt and ass as my nipples were pinched, I tried to shout and I accidentally jumped. I felt the noose completely close my windpipe. After an instant of panic as I found that no ground can be reached by my legs, I’ve got the control again and then open my legs and focus myself on the climax that promised to be the greater I’ve ever known, the last also. As the climax was washing me I lose the control, not breathing was hurting, my body was dancing and kicking and there was nothing I could do against that. Then I felt my legs so heavy. I think I was limp and I finally felt myself urinating.

When I wake up, I was strapped on a hospital bed, the room was plugging white. Was I dead or alive? My hurting neck pleaded for life. I tried to call for somebody only succeeding in hurting myself a little more.

The man who had been my lover the night before my execution came to me:
-You’ve been so great that we decide to save you from death!”
I was unable to reply, but I suspected things not be as simple as that.
-Our execution are filmed, do you want to see yours?
He switched the TV on, and I see myself as he removed the book. I felt a little aroused by that girl that tried to make her taller, that pushed onto her toes to breath. Quickly I saw three people that plays with her, I saw that the breathing rhythm accelerating, and suddenly the girl on the screen had got her leg up and before she put them back on the stool, the people there removed it so she was hanging. I was humiliated at seeing myself becoming a sexual object on the screen, but I must say that I felt aroused by what I saw. Finally she’d got her orgasm and began to kick the people went away to avoid being kicked. Then she clamed herself with some spasm I didn’t remember. I saw her pissing and then the biggest spam and then the video stopped.

-Relax, he have a new idea for you, tomorrow we will try a cruxification with you.

Latter a woman with a mask on her face came to feed me. And I felt asleep.

They woke me the day after. That time I cried and tried to escape but all these masked people were the strongest, and they finally got me naked my wrist tied in my back, and a blindfold on my eyes.

I remember going downstairs and walking in wet grass. Then my wrists were tied to a large beam. I was afraid of What to come next. The beam was then being hoisted, so do I. My breathing become difficult has my feet were up. They were caught and tied to each side of the checkmate on which the beam seems to have been fixed, so that I was unable to tighten my legs. This humiliating situation was made harder by the coldest air on my naked skin and the difficulties in breathing. I quickly learnt that this is like being on tiptoes, push on your leg to breath and fight against tire and pain.

Some time was spent when I felt the sun on my skin. Still blindfolded this felling was the only sight of time I would have. As the sun was heating my body, I was surprised that I imagined a marvelous dick I was fucking on but that never introduce into my pussy. I was able to rub my pussy on nothing, and that was so frustating.

One advantages of hanging is that it is fast. The sun was warmer when I needed to urinate. I tried to wait, but with nothings else to think about it was difficult and I was hoping nobody would see me, but I supposed I was being filmed. I pushed my hips forward and pissed off. But pushing I got cramps in thighs; as I was unable to change my position the pain quickly become unbearable, but I tried not to cry or shout.

Some clouds must have passed since felt the sun disappearing for a few minutes. I was sweating and thirsty and I hardly can prevent my tongue from hanging out of my mouth. Somebody came and proposed me something to drink. I’d got what I believed was lemon juice. I was proposed some help to sit and as I accepted I heard several people coming to me and asking me to get up. When it was finished I drop myself and discovered that they just added a stick to the checkmat. Too much narrow this stick was hurting my crotch when I was sitting on it, but I least I could breathe easier without pushing on my legs, not as easier as when I was up. I was nearest from the dick as I can felt it from my crotch, but it was to lower to be rubed with pussy. The frustration was going on.

-Can I cherish our pussy? asked a voice I known
-Oh please, yes do it! I heard myself replying.

Then I felt something touching myself slowly, very slowly. I cannot say what I was asking for; my frustration was at top. Quickly the hand did not touch my pussy anymore but was on my thigh or on my public hair over my pussy, and I cannot control myself trying to following it with my pussy.
-I’ve finished the voice said”
Then I realized that the stick has been changed and the new thing has two ends finishing into by cunt and ass.
-Please, not my ass” did I say. After the frustration the humiliation was on, I was so aroused that I was masturbating onto that thing. After the climax washed me out, I felt a cutting pain as I dropped: It was too long. But with tire I had no choice than little by little to drop onto it up to the moment it was hurting.
The worse thing was that having these things into my genitals I quickly became aroused again…

The sun was not so hot when a man came and removed it saying :” I’ll come back in an hour to give your sit back, not this one the previous one. I’ll bring drinks also”. And I began waiting. I was able to let me hang from my arms without this pain into my belly, but I was having got cramps in all my body.

The air was becoming cold again when the voice asked if a wanted to sit. The first time I sit again I get into minds that I had forget how hurting this sit was. Then the voice proposed hot drinks chocolate or coffee.
I never though I could get a so wonderful coffee.
-Good night, try to have rest, see you tomorrow”

This sentence frightened me. I could not have imagined that I had spent the whole day in this situation. And I did not want to spend the night there.
I could not have imagined how much the night was worst than the day. It began by the lower temperature and follows with need of sleep. Each time I fell asleep I woke up in need of breathing.

At some time I heart a sound I know: thunder and the rain began to fall. My body was shaking due to the cold water. My blindfold was soaked, and fell, but with hair on my face I was not able to see much more. At least I saw a camera in front of me. I was humiliated that every thing I’ve done had been recorded.

I was near from exhausted when the sun rose.

When they came it took them a moment to realize that I was alive and able to see their face. Most of them were in their forties, I only see one woman.
-It is time breaking her legs
-Hasn’t she won life?
-She will at noon, but when she wants she can have her legs broken to make it finish” Said the woman looking at me in my eyes.

They give me some hot coffee with lot of sugar. They also brushed my hair so I could see the house in which garden my cross had been put.

The sun was much less warming than the day before as there were clouds.

I remember passing out several times but the last time I woke up I was strapped on the bed as after the slow hanging.

-Francesca insisted so you spent 30 hours on that cross” said the man who hanged me.

I looked at him sadly.
-Some of the video is lost due to the rain, and you have not been filmed the second day, but the video is wonderfull.

He put his arms on by body
-No, please stop! I said.

Later the woman came to feed me.
-You are sexually wonderfull, but as you have seen each of us we have no choice but to kill you. Is there something you wanted? I thought of a garotte, as you like slow hanging?
I looked at her:
-You are slowly strangled, and it is possible to stop at any moment. You could have sex then coming back to the strangling she added.
-You think I’m a whore.
-I had another idea: we build gallows and you’re free, to come to it, strip yourself, and hang yourself.
This idea was not bad to me. It I had to die, why not making it on my own.

I get collared and chained to a wall always naked for the following days. I thought about my execution. I thought about that it has to be a snuff film as it is the films they’re doing there.

Three weeks passed since they agreed my idea. I was aroused. For this period I was tied so that I was unable to masturbate, and the execution would take place near my ovulation period so I would be easily exited. I wore princess clothes. As I came to the frame I began rubbing with it. On the frame they made for me there where a hole for head. And then I began to strip. Once I was naked and had rubbed with the opening I kneed in front of it.
I put my neck in the opening, and began to play with my body. Remove my head and look at the closure, then put my head again and close the frame. I hear the click. I was definitively trapped in this. For the camera I look embarrassed and try to open it, but I know, that can only be done with the handle that is under my chin. But I cannot reach it with my hands.

One of the men came at this moment. His hand on the handle he freed me, I take a smile, but he closed the frame again and I look crying. He shows me his dick and I sucked it. One another came with something I cannot see. That was not what has been envisaged. I fell something hard and big pushing at my ass. A second camera looked at it. My hands are grabbed and tied in my back. I sincerely cry as it was not what I had wanted. I felt a dick at my pussy but the pleasure from it is killed by the pain at my ass. I choke when the dick in my mouth went too far.

Francesca come near me and turns the handle that closed the opening and strangled me. The dicks removed before I really got pleasure and I had my mouth full of cum I cannot swallow due to the strangling.

A that moment the alarm rang and they let me alone in this position.

-It is in this position the policemen found you
-a bludgeon in the ass
-That’s right.
-Could you strip so that I can take picture of the marks on your body.
-Errr, I’m sorry
-I am a policeman, do you want me to ask someone to be with us ?
-No I don’t
-Ok that’s right, kept your panties on. The rope marks are visible. I just want to check with ours arms you understand the policeman said as he shows her his handcuffs
-I’d prefer not if it’s possible.
-It will not be  long enough.
-What’s that node for?
-Just for picture with this around your neck
-Lay down on your belly.
In a few minutes she is on her belly a nose connected to her ankles
-You really know too much of us, for not dying. Do you want dilido in your ass
-I can put it in your cunt
-Want a wet cunt, You like this, not true. Don’t be afraid your panties will keep it in position, and I switch the vibrator on.
-Let me change your hand position
-Yes it’s worst, but it’ll help you die faster…

She lays there in the officer room stangling herself with her own hands and ankles.

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