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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A dickless man

They were renting a big flat and they were lesbian but Melissa was having
some interest in men, so at the end of a party they decided to invite two
boys from the engineering department of the university. Brian and Mike
were surprised because Melissa and Sandy were well known for being lesbian,
but they agreed.

The rendez-vous was taken for a few days later. Brian was wondering they will
have sex with the girls or not. For his own he would have chosen Melissa. Mike
was sure that Sandy would open her legs for him. Melissa was wondering how
a real dick would fit in her pussy, if possible Brian's one. Sandy couldn't
imagine having sex with a man. She had imagined lots of ways to avoid having

So, when the boys arrived they were proposed a dice play, at each turn the lower
one lose one clothe, but when a one is run the player loose twice and so
remove two clothes, at the opposite rolling 6 allow not playing a the next turn.

At first the girls loosed and they quickly were in bra and panties...
-I propose a game extension said Sandy. We continue on playing once naked, but
the first naked looser win a bond, and the upper number choose which arm or leg
will be bound to the bed, the game can continue up to the looser is spread eagled
on the bed, and blinded...
-Err ? Why not replied Brian
-What about the second to be naked asked asked Mike
-The second will be tied his hands in his back said Melissa with a smile, then
a spreader bar between is legs, The two count double but are put at once.
-How rolling the dices with the hands tied ? Isn't better to tie the hands
at the end of the game ?
-You'll ask somebody else... It's the same for the one that will be spread eagled.
-Isn't possible that a third one loose as naked, not ?
-Of course, it is possible, but not sure. This one will have to obey the
winner said Sandy. The game stops when the first occurs one is spread-eagled
and blinded and loose once again it means loosing six times since naked.
One has his hands backtied and his ankles locked, and is blinded and loose once
again, it is also 6 under naked. Or one is the third naked and loose.
-OK! they all replied.

The following of the game changed, and it was the boy time to loose. Brian
loosed his briefs first, and loosed the next turn. It was Melissa who had rolled
the higher number so she chose to have his left leg bound. Brian was not very
happy, but tried to be a good looser. Mike was laughing at him, but loosed his
briefs rolling a one. Brian who was the turn winner chosed the spreader bar.
Mike began to argue but stopped when Sandy proposed him to leave as he had
accepted the rules. Of course he did, but he was thinking that the girls would
loose. Both boys were ashamed of their rising dicks.

-I win said Melissa has she rolled a six and Sandy rolled a 1.
-No I'm naked replied Sandy removing her bra and panties, but I'll be your
slave only if I loose once more.
-No you're the third to be naked, so you'll be my slave, but the game continue on
-No, No. I loose two items bra, one, panties, two.
-That's right you loose two items, you're the third to be naked...
-I'll become your slave if I loose once more.
-Euh, I understood the same as Melissa said Brian but it wasn't clear
-No, No, It's clear that the game end the last time you loose, so she's already
-Stop said Melissa, the game go on, if you loose once more You'll have to wear
this belt you bought two weeks ago for the whole night, If I loose once I'm
naked loosing and belted, is that right ?
-Ok for me answered Sandy.
-If none of us loose, the game continue on up to the first boy to be tied and blinded.

When Sandy loosed, Brian was spread-eagled and Mike had his hands tied in his back.
Both of them were waiting with fear the following. Tied as they were, they weren't
able to hide their excitation. Melissa came back with a chastity Belt she locked on
Sandy. Of course the dices were fixed and Melissa and Sandy adjusted the scenario
to be sure the boys won't be able to force them and Sandy would not justify herself.

Both girls were excited, Melissa came to Brian...
-I know that you did not loose up to this point, but would you accept to wear that
hood ?
-I'm not sure I'm in a position I can say no, and you are the winner, but I would
prefer not to wear it, not at first...
-You are afraid of the dark...
-Not at all, wrap your tights around by head if you want, but let my nose free
Melissa laughed and blinded Brian.
-I'm the winner, so would you accept to suck my pussy, Brian.
-With pleasure...

On her side Sandy convinced Mike to lay on the table and was caressing his balls.
They freed the boys late that night, and when they  took a shower Melissa refused to
remove Sandy's Belt
-Oh no, I had to satisfy both of them, my cunt is exhausted, I cannot take any more,

The Four of them were satisfied and decided to meet again. Melissa was beginning to think
that sex with a man is really wonderful. Sandy liked to rub herself on a man's skin, but
wasn't sure about their dick...

A few days later the boys were invited again.
That time Sandy explained a new game :
only one rolling time...
1 and you get naked and tied blind onto the table
2 you're blind and hand tied
3 fucking denied (chastity belt)
4 nothing
5 nothing
6 master the other will obey to you...

They all agreed and Sandy rooled a 3...
-No not again !
-I propose that you roll the dice again said Melissa ... to know how many days...
As she was finishing Sandy rolled a 5...
-That's nothing
-That's 5 days Sandy...
-She already was in chastity belt last time tempered Brian rolling a 4.
-That's right but that's the game laughed Mike as he rolled a 1...
-Ho... No, that's not fair
Melissa rolled a 5.

Finally Sandy got her belt and Mike got tied onto the table.

-Did you liked my caress last time?
-Hummm, answered nodding Mike.

-I propose you a female orgasm, do you agree ? You might find it slow and long
but I'm sure you'll like it by the end.
Mike nodded again.
Sandy caressed Mike's balls and crotch slowly, going down to his ass, avoiding his
dick, she was pressing between his balls as she wanted to push her hands in a hole
that wasn't present. At his oscillations Sandy thought Mike appreciated her caress.
she stopped for kissing him on his gag caressing his nose with her breast, her hands
running down his belly.
-Is that pleasurable ? Are you right to continue on ? I'll began to touch your
dick, but very slowly do you agree ?
Mike nodded to her questions, and she continued on to slowly caress and kiss him
between his legs using her lips and hands but also her breast.
-You're so hairy here, I think we could remove some of it, but not today...
Mike didn't seem to agree, but his butt was moving searching Sandy hands
-That's right you're like a hot slut, Do not be ashamed, I'm like you when Melissa
does that to me, I like it so much, and now with her belt I'm not far from your
state... I've read that men have a pleasure spot in their ass Do you allow me
? She said as she fingered his little hole, Mike's shaked violently "no",
and his hole become thighter...
-Ok I just come back in a few minutes Mike, I obey I won't fuck you in the ass
The minutes were so long for Mike... but Sandy finally went back. Her fingers
were cold and wet...
-It's some oil, do not be afraid it's not for your butt, unless you change
your mind. You know what, if you accept to open your ass to me and if I hurt you
I'll let you fuck me in the ass, but only if I hurt you
But Mike wasn't ready for that, despite his mind was concentrated on sex and the
growning orgasm that seemed not to come so easily...
-It's the first time it take so long to you to reach an orgasm ?
Mike nodded.
-I really need more than that, I'll be glad you agree we take our time to build yours
I won't be bitch to stop and let you unfinished, I promise.
Mike nodded, but it was not so clear...
tweenty minutes later, so fifty minutes after they began, Sandy stroked his dick and
he cummed stronger than he ever had.
Sandy untied him, and they went to take a common shower.
-I'm sorry you're belted is there something I can do asked Mike.
-Would you like to caress and kiss me...
-But You'll be unable to reach an orgasm.
-We do not have enough time... but if you agree to be belted also, I'll
ask Melissa to give you my key, you'll the one that will be able to set
me free...

After she promise to set him free the day after, Mike got a CB the girls had bought.
Melissa gave him the key of Sandy's belt but promise him a month in his belt if he freed
her defore the due date.

The following days they met every evening, Mike learnt to come with less and less stimulation
on his dick and finally accepted ass penetration and hair removal on all his crotch.
-Tomorrow I'll be free from the belt, but I want to ask you something...
-No matter what it is... the answer is yes
-I would ask you to keep your belt tomorrow...
-Err...  I thought you would have asked me not to use my sex... but keeping the belt...
I've already said yes... Will have I to keep it for five days ?
-Oh it's wonderfull from you...

At first they tried with Sandy tied as was Mike before, but quickly they understood. Mike
was not the dominant, and soon he was tied again.
-Sandy, please, I'm tied I cannot touch myself, remove the belt so that I could be erected
without hurting... Of course we won't use it unless you want use it.
-Do you want me to use it ?
-I would be pleased to give you some pleasure with it.
-For you what do you prefer ?
-I think I prefer being caressed.
-You like being fucked like a girl more than to fuck like a boy ?
ashamed Mike nodded...
-Do you mean this dick of yours is useless.
-We can use it to share some pleasure, but one some other side it's a little troublesome
because I cannot control my erections
-Poor of you... Would you like to be cleared of it ?
-Err ?! I didn't think of it...   Do you dislike it ?
-Of course not, But you mean you would be happier without it...

It took a few days for Mike to agree with Sandy. But despite he recognize that he
would be happier without his dick, the irreversible step was difficult to pass, until
Sandy Asked Brian to have his dick sucked by Mike and then to fuck Mike in his ass.
There were not gay, and it was difficult for Brian, but Mike finally find it not bad
and finally accepted to loose his dick.

-As a surgeon to be, I can do it myself for you, By example I can change the urethra
so that it came lower between your legs, but you'll have to sit to pee...
-What about my balls ?
-If we remove them you'll loose your libido...
-That's not the purpose...
-I'll prepare a contract for the hospital...

A few days later Mike was on the operating table, and as Melissa was to anaesthetize
him Mike asked :" How will I look like, my crotch I mean"
-Err You have an idea about what you want ?
-I think I would prefer a vulva look, than just a pee hole, if you can...
-I'll try Mike answered Sandy

As Mike was sleeping, Sandy's surgery professor came in...
-Young Lady, Stop, I'm not sure you're qualifed enough to perform such a castration,
And first did he agree.
-Of course said both girls showing the signed contract.
-How will you do it ?
-Err... I thought about a simple castration, but he just asked for a vulva look and
-I see, I'll do it with you, but you'll have a debt over me...

Once the operation was finished, The professor asked Sandy to come with him...
... for the whole night.

The tomorrow morning she met Melissa : "I love Mike, and I changed him into a
dickless man, because I was so lesbian...  
...And after this night I discovered how good it is to have a big dick into my cunt".

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