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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jail Bonus

 A fantasy story by Beynazura

I have got a 30 years sentence for swindle. As I’ve made 5 year already I have been allowed to earn leave days. It works like a Casino. The prison allows 720 point per prisoner. For each point you win you get 4 minutes outside the jail. So if you double your point account you get 48 hours outside the prison, a free week-end. Of course this is available only once in three months.

I was really happy to participate to this, and as I’m not bad at poker I easily won 360 points, one day outside. Then I was the fourth at a table, the minimum bet was 180. The wind changed and I quickly lose not only the 360 points I had won before, but also 360 points more. So my day free was off. I left that table and tried to win quickly some points, but all my trails were lost and when the casino closed I had lost all my points. Not so bad did I think. It will be better in three months, when I heard some behind me saying:
“I have lost 60 points, I’m in fear” What would I had to say as I had lost twelve time more points.

-So the ones who have lost some points leave by the red door, the other by the green one. A voice said”.

We enter in a room where we were dispatched, the ones who had lost less than 5 points, most of us in one part of the room, and the one who had lost less than 360 points in another part, and I. As I was alone loosing more than 360 points I was said to go with the ones that lose less than 360.

All of us stripped as asked and we were locked in small cells with our hand cuffed in our back and the number of points lost written on our shoulder. At that point I expected that we would stay in these cell for four minutes per lost point, as a balance, it seems to me it was right.

At sun rise the next morning I was woken up and driven to a yard I had never been before, there were upstanding posts there.
One of the wardens knocked me down.
-As you’ve lost the more, we began by you, you know the fare? One minute per point.
Before I understood they had grabbed my wrist over a wooden beam, and I squealed in pain as a nail was driven through it. I had no time to recover another one was driven through the other wrist. When they raised the beam I realised I was to be crucified. The man in the mob of prisoner was worrying for one hour on a cross. I would have 12 to go through.
Each move of the beam was excruciating, so I tried to follow their moves.
-Now step back on the box, asked one of by executioner, right, get on your tip toes...
Then a heard a kind of wooden click, and the beam was affixed.
-Don’t worry we won’t let you in such a position laughed a guard, as I was half hanging from the beam half standing on my toes. And then he kicked the box. I was hanging from my wrist; I let you imagine the pain.
They came and grabbed my legs.
-Get them loose, Said the guard.
Then they bend them so my ankle was against the pole, and then, they drove nails into each of them although I bawled all I could.

The main guard came to me and put him hand at my crotch
-It’s lubricant, we’re not monsters!
I get the cool sensation on my anus, but next he provided a wooden stick he shoved into my lubricated hole, then he affixed it to the pole.
-Time count form now on! But you have the best place to see the other. You’ll see them being put in crosses and being freed, how lucky you are!
With that thing into my ass I was having an erection I was unable to hide naked and nailed onto that cross. What’s more breathing was difficult, but by pushing on by legs I could get a position in which breathing was easier, and that relieved the pain of wrists to the detriment of ankles. In that position the wooden stick was lower in my anus and it pushed my hips forward. I wasn’t able to maintain this position very long, and finally I felt hanging from my wrist, relieved the pain of the ankles, and felling the stick sinking into me. At first it was a rape, I was being raped by the stick.
-I see you enjoy your position said the officer his eyes onto my shaft. But don’t worry. It’s usual. You are our champion today. I’ll stay near you for this morning. You’ll see there is nothing difficult in what you have to do, just stay here on that cross, getting up and down, and enjoying the show. But you’ll see the show won’t last as you are the only one to stay here for more that six hours. Our champion I say. I’ll take care of you.

And then the other were coming, but I saw there were not nailed as I was, but only tied to their cross, so I asked the officer.
-You didn’t read the notice about the Jail Bonus and the Casino carefully, did you? I Think so. I won’t ask you to get it back from your cell! It’s one of the differences between more and less than six hours. For less than six hours like them they are just tied, it is quicker to do and to undo. Being nailed is only for champions. They have no sedil also. Do you enjoy yours? At first it is invasive, isn’t it? But soon you’ll learn to play with it. You have plenty of time for that.

Effectively little by little I was used with the stick, and its way up and down my anus was becoming arousing. I also find a way that was near pleasurable when it pushed forward, but that position was painful from both ankles and wrists, and I wasn’t able to raise and lower myself so quick to get any release.

-It’s your first hour there! You deserve a drink!
It was awfully strong
-Vodka and Lemon juice, you’ll see you’ll appreciate it. This afternoon will be sunny.
I saw that the other crucified were given a drink also.
I taught I would be able to be used with the pain, but it was the opposite. I was in sweat, and mosquitoes were happy I wasn’t able to make them fly away from my tender flesh.

-Ah look all the cross are dressed. Now it is the turn of less than five minutes. They are not crucified.
Looking at the other was the only way to focus my mind on something else than my pain so I looked at them. They were only hanged from their wrist from the top of the pole, no transversal beam. I saw them lined up, kicking as their feet were not bound to the pole. Some tried to use their feet to push them up.
-It’s a bad thing being hanged like that. In my mind I would choose to be crucified 6 minutes rather than being hanged like that for 4 minutes. Nobody dies on a cross in 10 minutes, although some dies in three minutes being hanged by the wrist on a pole.

The last one, which had been hanging only one minute was removed, So were the other, and I saw them getting out. Some died on their pole. After, it was the turn of the last that have been crucified. For some of them walking was difficult, and they were put in cross, I was there for almost one hour.

Nobody was left and the sun was hot and high in the sky. Ants were running on my body but what could I do against them? I asked the officer but he said he was only allowed to give me a glass of lemon’n’vodka each hours, what he had done.
Then my dick was beginning to hurt.

-It’s your erection champion. It’s not an easy game you play staying twelve hours on a cross. It’s several hours since you are in erection. Your cock cannot bear it. You have to cum soon or it will die. It happens sometimes when you are in cross for more than six hours. It is nearly always the case for twelve hours.

He put his hand on my dick slowly wanking it, and then took my balls in his hand.
-That’s right, use the stick to make you cum, you have about one hour perhaps two. But even if you are successful, I doubt you’ll be able to do it again this evening as it will happen again.
I was desesperate. I thought that this evening it would be over, I would be taken off the cross, my wound healed. I never imagined I could lose my dick.
-It’s noon champion. I’ll let you there. You were put at 6:27 am. You’re near the middle of your time, but you’re alone now. I’ll come to see you near 6:00 pm, but I’m sure you understand I cannot spend my whole day with you. But there is a reporter that asked to see you.

-So we are!
-Yes, you know my entire story, and why I’m there.
That was the situation of the prisoner when I arrived. It was impressive to see him in that position. He was covered by sweat. Fly were going on his body and he seemed to ignore them. His spelling was difficult. I took some photograph he allowed me. I even take a photograph of his butt with that sedill that obscenely sink into his anus, and was soiled with shit and blood that drove lots of insects. His dick was massive and purple was I arrived. He asked me a hand job. I would have been happy to remove one of his pains, but I had been told that if I helped him I would be crucified like him, so I didn’t. But seeing him getting up and down was very erotic, and I hardly could stop me from touching myself. I was wet. As time passed I saw him more and more exhausted, but still getting up and down despite the craps he said.

At 6:00 PM the officer arrived. The man was happy to know there will be 30 minutes left to go. I saw a smile on his face.
-You really are a champion, you know? The officer said.
-How will you remove the nails? The man asked anxiously.
-Each thing after the other said the officer giving him two glasses to drink. We’re near the end of the procedure. Being nailed was a bad part, wasn’t it?
-Getting the sedil was another one, wasn’t it?
-Having priaprim on your dick also
-So we are on the last one, I promise!
-What will happen?
-I’ll brake you’re legs
-What? Did he ask.
-That’s the procedure
-You need to break my legs to remove the nails? But I won’t be able to breathe!
-I don’t know, in fact we won’t remove the nails, I’ll break your legs, and you’ll be still breathing for a quarter an hour, then you will die. It’s the procedure for more than six hours.

He shouted until his legs were broken. He tried to get up but his legs did not support him any more. I saw him crying. His face slowly became red, then purple
At 6:30 pm he was dead. The nails were removed from the pole and the beam by crushing his wrists and ankles. He was buried with them still through his flesh

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