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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's try... or The emperor favorite

This story is a fantasy by Beynazura. 

I was the emperor favourite since one month when I have been overthrown. The preceding favourite created a spectacle in which she was garrotted for the emperor pleasure. Of course he didn’t let his second concubine die slowly smothered. So the concubine apprentice he was with changed her place with the now new favourite and died slowly as they were having sex.

I had an idea, and I contacted the executioner and we prepared a show for the emperor. He was happy to have a young and beautiful girl to execute and to execute that way.

I am very anxious, I don’t want to die, and I know that it will hurt, but tomorrow I will be the new emperor favourite, or I will be dead… Or I will be waiting to die suffering a lot. But he cannot be insensitive to the fate I have chosen, the other girl will die in my place.

I prepared myself carefully. My body is fully epilated, I am in the nude. The emperor came in with one of the concubine apprentice. She’s shaking she knows she probably will die there in my place. She’s nude also, and I must recognise she’s pretty.

The emperor’s doctor comes in. He will say at each stage if I can be healed. When I get the mercy he will say if I’ll be back near the emperor to be healed or if I will be quicly killed. This thought makes me chill.

I lay myself down on the cross and close the shackles around my wrists and ankles. They are not tight yet.
The executer comes in.
The emperor says him: “ This is not a common execution. This young girl has not done anything wrong, she just want to offer me a show. So there is no need to cut her hair. If she asks for a pause it will be granted”
That’s the way I understand it my emperor. We had a meeting together so we already had an arrangement, replies the executor as he stretches the ropes. I am spread onto the cross. My legs are opened so the emperor as a view of my slit. I see he is excited. The concubine is still undecided on what to do, with such a dummy she will be on that cross in no time.

The executor doesn’t hurry up as he places small wooden plates under my elbows wrist knee and ankle. My scar rises up a level as I am even more stretched.
What are these for? asks the stupid young girl.
It raises the height of the bones over the wooden cross, so they will easily shatter, replies the executioner. I am really anxious, he speaks about my bones! I feel a need to piss despite I was precautionous about this.
My emperor we decided with your second concubine that she will be blind for the first blow and not for the second, so she will say what is worse. It will help us.
That’s fine if it can help you making your job better.
I am near to say stop as the blindfold is put around my head. I hear him. I want to know where he is. He moves around me. He’s near my leg but we said he should begin by my upper member so I will still be able to make love with the emperor when he decides to … Outch!
The blow came on my left forearm I felt both bones being broken. I breathe heavily to avoid shouting. The blindfold is removed and I see my arm with this odd form. The pain is much more that I thought. I look to the emperor. He smiles to me. The concubine caresses his sex through his dressing. But he doesn’t say anything. And the executioner comes again to me. Oh! No not yet, but I want to be brave I do not say anything. He slowly put the bone breaker onto my upper left arm. My breathing is synchronous with his moves. I see the bone breaker rising, I close my eyes trying to be ready for the blow but nothing comes and I loose my bladder control. I am ashamed. I open my eyes and realize the executioner is now on my right, not on that side if he strikes there my both arms will be broken, too late. My right forearm is broken. My eyes are in tears. The pain is terrible. I cannot imagine being broken any more, but I cannot imagine being fucked by the emperor looking the other girl being broken. I hope the doctor would relive me.
What is the worse? The executioner asks.
Both are terrible. But the way you changed your mind is the worse…
I’m skilled, you chose well. He replies smiling.
The doctor inspects my forearms.
The breaking is clean It can be healed. I also can give her a medicine for the pain.
Oh no ! replied the emperor, she has chosen this execution and up to now she is the bravest of all the people I have seen being broken. I want to see how she deals with it further.
The doctor only mops the sweat on my body, I wasn’t conscious I was in sweat. I didn’t expect the emperor would let me there after the second blow.
The executioner comes back again, we said that the three first blows would be on the arms, and he put the bone breaker on my leg. I’m shaking. I try not to react; he smiles as he sees the surprise in my eyes, then the bone breaker moves along my thigh. The end passes on my sex a chill runs along my body as the stick runs on my skin, passes over my belly I hope he will not smash my ribs. It is between my breast…
the emperor asked me for your thighbone to be next.
Before I could react the pain hit me in my right thigh. Once again I screamed with the blow but I succeed in not howling between the blows. But now I’m weeping. When I open my eyes I only see the rod falling down and a new pain rising up my other thigh. That time I’m howling as the doctor looks at my crotch. It can still be healed he says. The emperor comes to me. It is not too late, I know he will decide it is enough.
Can you stretch her any more? I mean for having her pussy more opened than that.
I cannot believe what I hear, but the executioner makes my legs spreads more, more than what I could have done.
She’s in pain, the emperor says, can you make her come? The concubine puts her tongue on my belly button. “If she doesn’t come by this hourglass you’ll take her place” At last, as I’m sure I won’t come, it’s finished! But the tongue of the concubine is pleasant and thinking about it helps me to forget my pain. The pleasure is building inside me and there is nothing I can do about it. I have a look at the hourglass, it’s far from finished. Frightened I look at the concubine. She winks at me and stops licking for a second, and come back quickly. That time her tongue is quick and sharp there is nothing I can do and everybody laugh as the apprentice show me she was mastering. I’m still on the cross. The executioner replaces the wooden plates under my knees and ankles as they have moved. I cannot stop this anymore, I bite my lips. As the executioner sees that he gives me a piece of leather, and turns around me putting this deadly tools on my upper arms, then on my calf, so I am really surprised when it squashes on my hand. He plays with my crotch with the end of it, and smashes my right arm.
I’m allowed a new pause. The doctor is not sure my hand can be healed, it is possible it has to be removed. I want that to stop immediately but before I can say something
Please do not break hands and feet now, we need to be able to stop at any time and heal her. The emperor says.
I am eased that he is still in that mind, but why doesn’t he stop this crashing game now. As I look at him I saw the concubine with his penis in her mouth. He is not naked yet.

The show goes on. The bone breaker tickles my breast and breaks my left arm. My teeth must be deep in the leather. The man that breaks me is between my legs. He smuggles the stick in my pussy, then play with my clitoris and then in one movement breaks both calves.
I woke up after having passed out. They are all around me. The doctor place a paste on my tongue to help me. I am broken. All my limbs are broken. Perhaps I really wanted that. All my limbs are swelling and hurting.
My dear you are really brave. So you’ll get another chance to see this apprentice replace you.
If she’s unable to make you come she’ll be there to be broken to death, but that time she’ll be allowed to use her hands. If you loose, you’ll get another chance.
Once again the hourglass indicates the time. But she’s very skilled. Her hands pass on my butt then on my pussy, she takes her time, she must be sure she will win. I am divided, I want her to go deeper quickly but I know I must not come that time. Otherwise the unhealable breaking would begin, it is her or me. I have a look at the hour glass. It is almost passed, she cannot win. I make an evil smile at her. She gives it back to me, and knocks three fingers in my pussy and one in my butt, once, twice… there is some grains left in the hourglass when I find my breath back.
You loose the emperor said, I should have said Melina is an expert with women! As the new breaking might not be healable we can say you’re playing with your life. So now Melina will urinate and you will swallow. If she moves too much around your mouth or does not piss enough she looses. If you cannot swallow all you loose. I look at Melina. She’s not smiling any more. I suppose she doesn’t need to piss. Slowly she takes place over my head. It is the first time I see a woman slit so near. I can smell her. I open my mouth, but nothing comes. She lowers herself and I have my noose in her slit.
Melina, you have to piss right now or you loose.
I fell some drops on my tongue. The taste is strong. I swallow. Some drops more, then a stream… I swallow with my mouth open, but I cannot empty it at the same speed she filling it and finally the urine overflow…
Oh!... It seems Melina is lucky today.
I am in shock, I will be broken more than I already am. I still hope to be replaced by Melina but I know that I may loose one limb…. I’m lost in my thought when the shocks comes to me the elbow has been crushed. Without any stop he strikes again on the wrist. The pain that was already unbearable rises from one level to the next one. Melina is playing with the emperor balls as the rod crushes my other elbow wrist and hand.
It is the next pause. I hope a word from the emperor. But the doctor says he thinks my arms cannot be healed.
We could have you armless it could be amazing, what do you think the emperor says.
It’s a good idea my emperor, I reply, hoping to leave that place of torture
There is just one thing I want to experience I suppose you don’t have any objection he says with his hand on my pubis.
Oh ! no, and I’m not in a position to say anything.
I should have been quiet.
break her hips and spread her legs more!
The pain is really unbearable and I suppose my pussy is wide open. The emperor is naked now.
I’m sorry but a really wanted to fuck a wide open pussy, It not something one can experience everyday.
Each of his penis movement was a great pain as it rubs against my broken hips
you’re not happy to feel your emperor dick in your twat, you prefer a whore tongue?
I’m sorry with my broken hips it is painful
And you’re not tight enough. You could make an effort for you emperor!
Once again I am alone on that cross. Unable to move, but even if the ropes were removed I would be unable to move broken like I am.
 So What do you prefer asks the executioner, knee or ankle? I still fell his work tool inside my legs near my knee. Before I could answer the blow smashes my right ankle.
They need to wake me. I am overmelt by the pain. I think there will be a pause, but the executioner continues with my knee on the opposite side. He insures I am still conscious and breaks my other knee. I need time to understand that this yowl comes from me. I cannot speak I want a pause but the pain is too much to speak so I cannot stop him before he works on my only ankle left.
That’s right, little girl, he says in my ear, we’re near from finished now. He turns around me to finish my hands and feets. I am near from mashed meat.
What’s next asks the emperor.
Normally I should break each limb segment once more says the executioner
Please make it stop I ask !
But you know, one other concubine may try the same thing you did, so I must not let you survive to this. And you’ve  been very brave so you’ll get an easy death. Believe me it will be an example for all concubine.
Melina is not an apprentice I ask
Not really he replies with an evil smile, she should have been hanged for homosexuality. She accepted the challenge. She has won her liberty, hasn’t she ?
She has… I reply. In some way I hope she will play with me once more.
The executioner winds a leather lace around my neck. I should not have tried this.
This kind of death is normally for girls that betrayed me and you didn’t so I don’t want you to be braided on that well. Oh please Melina could you show us how uncomfortable the wheel is.
I look as Melina lay herself on the wheel. She is anxious about the emperor. The wheel hub is in the middle of her back making her rear.
You see how uncomfortable it is, Thank you Melina. And she is not broken. So As you did not betray me You’ll be quickly stuffed now, but before I want a favour from you.
Thank you my emperor, and I would be happy to grant you a favour.
Would you, please suck you executioner dick? I am surprised
… err? If you ask for it my emperor…
would you like Melina to do something for you ?
…err… she’s very skilled and I would appreciate if she wants to.
Of course Melina says. Her face is open-minded this time.
Despite the pain I enjoyed the game. The executioner dick is big. It is the first time I see another dick than the emperor one. I laugh in myself that normally sucking a man’s dick leads concubine to the wheel. Me it is the wheel that makes me suck a man’s dick. I succeed in swallowing most its sperm and Melina leads me to a terrible orgasm. Now I wait for the lace to tighten…
I do not want you to shout anymore, says the emperor, and he gives me the leather piece. But that time he and the executioner bind it.
Oh… I just forget… You just sucked another dick than the emperor one…
I am stunned !
So let the torture go to its normal end!
I want to cry to shout, but I cannot. The executioner is quick now. He breaks each bone a second time. Then it is my ribs and shoulders time.

After a pause the doctor washes me. I see Melina is annoyed for me.
Then the ropes are removed. I hope for the lace. But instead of that My limbs are folded on my belly. You cannot imagine how much this hurts!
Then I am carried onto the wheel. My head hangs down and anything I can do is almost impossible as the pain is unimaginable. My buttock is on the wheel other side. Then my limbs are passed through the wheel’s wire. And finally I am obscenely exposed. The men take the wheel and I am carried in the palace. I recognise the harem. I am displayed in the central place of the harem. Melina is near me. The concubines arrive all around us.
Hang Melina there says the emperor and he leaves.
I see Melina protests then being hang. I see her kick. I see her face become purple. I see her dead. As I am still alive nude and exposed. Some concubines pinch my skin or breast. I stay there and I wait for a death that does not come easily.

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