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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lydia and Melissa

This story is a fantasy by Beynazura

Lydia and Melissa were playing with the customer that had rent them together, in the nude in a room of that whore house. Melissa's black skin contrasted with Lydia's pale one, and they did appreciate each other, so when Flavorian ask for a twin they were the chosen ones.

They have played with each other for him to see, and then he entered the sexual game. So when he shouted both were surprised. Melissa first reaction was to shout in return as she realized that the man was dead. At the opposite Lydia ran and asked for help. No matter a few hours later they were accused of the murder of that old senator.

Lydia was claiming her innocence, but Melissa preferred to rest in an African way of life: “Do not fight against the inevitable, she said; we were with him when he died so we are to be executed for having him killed.”
-But we haven’t, we aren’t guilty?
-That’s your way of thinking. Not their. This hearth stopped due to the excitement we gave him.”
-That’s our work”
-We’re only whores coming from far away near the empire boarder, so we’re the ones that will pay for his death; there is nothing you can do against that. Just hope for an easy death”
-No, we are innocent. If they kill us it will be murder.”
-If you continue on you’ll get the cross for each of us.”
In fact an obscure part of Melissa wanted to know how it is to ride on the cross, but she was also in fear at thinking that they could be condemned to that shameful death.
-I won’t let them nail me”
-And could you do against that? Do not fight the inevitable; just try to make it bearable. And do not forget we’re only whores and he was a patrician. Most soldiers came to us and enjoy our twats and suck our tits, but once they’ve got their pleasure they’ve only bad thought about us.”

They stayed in their cell for the afternoon, and were driven to the prefect once their hands had been bond in their back. Lydia fought against the soldiers and got her wrists and elbows tightly bound. At the opposite Melissa crossed her wrists willingly.

-We want to know why you killed the senator. The prefect asked
-We don’t have made such a thing shouted Lydia
-He’s dead as he was with us, but we don’t have done anything for this to happen. Melissa tried to explain.
-But it happened said the prefect and the senator had been poisoned.
-It’s a lie shouted Lydia!
-He didn’t eat or drink with us said Melissa.
-I can have you tortured so you’ll tell us the whole story
-You have not rights to do that, we’re innocent! Lydia shouted. The prefect made sign with his hand and Lydia was taken away by two soldiers.
-I understand replied Melissa that you wanted to find out the murderer, but we are not guilty, what do we have to get in his death.
-You’re right, but since I have none to punish I need someone?
-And two whores are fine to kill?
-I’ve no choice.
The prefect asked Melissa to tell him all she knew about Flavorian, and she willingly tell that he used to come there, every week. Melissa hoped she would be spared for her help. But she was driven back in a cell. That one was very small and the ceiling was no more than 3 or 4 feet high, so she was unable to stand there. It also was cold and she waited almost all the night long when she saw soldiers coming with Lydia. She seemed exhausted and broken.
-Can we share the same cell asked Melissa?
-No the cells are individuals ones, but I can give her the one next to yours.
So Lydia was thrown in her cell and was just separated from Melissa by some iron bars.
-What have they done to you?

In facts, leaving the prefect Lydia has been driven down to the torture rooms, where she has been stripped and hanged by her feet, a bucket of water laying under her head. The mechanical system they used allowed them to lowering her so her head was under the water level. She had to struggle to breathe. As she was still ready to recognize she had killed the senator they sit her and began to break her middle toes on each foot. Then they continued on some of her fingers.

They did it slowly as she was sitting on a wooden horse that hurt her in her most intimate part. So as the sun rise she was broken and explained that her purpose was to get the senator money...

Someone passed to shepherd her wounds, and feed them. And it was almost night when they were driven to the prefect once more. In the meantime Lydia had rested.

-Your fate is sealed said the prefect. You are convinced as guilty of murder.
-Please asked Melissa, You have made investigations, so you know we are not the murderer, don’t you?
-Err Yeah, that’s right said the prefect. My investigations showed that the senator has been poisoned by Caesar nephew that gave him a bottle just as he entered the whore house, A slave drank wine form this bottle that was still in the whore house and he died the same way, but there is nothing I can do against him and the murder as been recognized.
-That’s false shouted Lydia, I was tortured, I lied!
-Please prefect, could we hope for beheading as you know we’re innocent.
-Err, It is a senator that has been killed, I cannot pronounce something else than cross for both of you.
Lydia shouted and tried to fight the guard as anger over melted her. Melissa felt an icy ball in her stomach.
-Thanks prefect for the investigation you’ve done as she burst in sobs.
The two of them were driven in another cell, as Lydia struck a guard with the face.
-Lock the black one there, this one will entertain us, it is her job after wise, said the decurion.
Melissa had still her hands tied and was waiting with distress in that huge cell. Outside she heard Lydia screaming.
-Do? Do you know when we will be executed did she ask to the young guard that was near her cell door?
-With the sunrise, did he answer as Lydia shouting sounded lower.
-They’re raping her, aren’t they?
-Yeah, she will regret striking some of us...
Despite she was a whore, Melissa was frightened to be raped, and at the same time sexual activity would help her think to something else than what was coming for her
-And you don't participate?
-I’m not allowed as I have to guard your door.
-And what about guarding the door from inside?
-Err? Is that a way to escape? The guard asked. Melissa hoped it would not make things harder for her.
A few minutes later the guard opened the cell door: I’ve found someone to replace me”
-Can I saw him?” asked Melissa. It was another young soldier; Melissa would have made things free for him also. It took not long for Melissa and the first soldier to get naked in the straw of her cell. The young man was not brutal and she enjoyed both making love with him and being seen by the other one. She proposed the other guard to enter also, but they were not agreeing so she proposed they switch their positions. The guards spoke together and a few minutes later the outside guard came back with cuffs, and Melissa found herself tied to one of the rings in the wall so the guards were able to both stay with her. As the string was long enough Melissa enjoyed her time with both guards. And a few hours later, they left her in her cell, untied and with a bucket of water so she could wash.

She hardly slept the few hours of night up to the sun rise when the two young guards came to get her.
-We’re sorry, but it’s time for your execution to begin. We got to be your executioners”, Melissa felt her belly hurting for what was to come, but was glad the two young guards will be with her.
-We asked for something, I hope you will like the surprise” said the former as they where cuffing her.
They led her to the court where she saw Lydia. She was laid over a tree trunk. Arms and legs tied on the sides of the trunk so each of her orifices were available. She had been used by the all the soldiers as dry semen was all over Lydia’s body. On one hand Melissa felt sorry for Lydia, but on the other hand she knew that she enjoyed her last evening because Lydia was there so she felt guilty about her. As she passed by her Lydia was being untied, and the two of them were driven between columns. They tied them so they were hanging spread by their wrist. She could non longer saw Lydia as she was on the other side of the left column.
-Do not worry said the second young guard in her ear, just before she eared a whip cracking and Lydia shouting. Melissa was afraid of what was to come as the soldiers were striping her and tying her spread-eagled in X, so she was displayed for all to see the most intimate part of her body. You can be a whore and not like being displayed like that. She hoped she would be able to bear the scourging, but was waiting as she was earring Lydia’s one. So her surprise was total when the soldiers poured olive oil all over her body. Then they smiled at her and worked to make oil penetrate her body. Then took wax and spread it over her pubic hair and legs... They were epilating her. Being epilated was hurting, but much less than being scourged. And Melissa thanked the gods. She was beginning to hope for a painless death like a public beheading but after being paraded in the nude. Once her hair has been removed some more olive oil was spread on the waxed areas, then leather straps were tied around her waist. Melissa didn’t dare asking what they were doing, and the two young soldiers were meticulous in the way they were preparing her. Once the straps were tied, four leathers hung between her bare and shiny legs. She was amazed to see a man grasp them and pass them in her back by slipping between her buttocks. The other soldier was now facing her with big wooden balls in his hands
-I’ve to slide them into your...
Melissa understood, and somewhat reassured she spread her legs to make his job easier. Thanks to oil things were not so difficult and her cunt was fulfilled.
-I also have something for you said the soldier that had grasped the leather strings, as she felt something pushing upside her anus.
-Oh... was all she succeeded to say as she worked to make her little hole violation easier. Once her sphincter closed onto the object Melissa felt funny and unusual. Then she was being untied, and before she realized a heavy wooden beam was put over her shoulder, and her arms were wrapped around it. It was only as they tied her arms again that she thought that her hopes were not to be fulfilled. She was to be crucified and this was her patibulum. So the anxiety took her in the stomach. The front soldier knelt in front of her and made two of the leather to pass through her inner lips on each side of her clitoris, and the two other to pass between inner and outer lips. The back one taught the leather end up in her back and fixed it to the patibulum. Melissa let a “Hoo!” sounding. She was discovering her condition. Unable to use her hands, but aroused by all the stuff around her genital area. Moving her hips was terrible as the straps were in contact with the most sensible region of her crotch. She tried some steps and discovered that the balls in her cunt and anus were massaging her from inside. It was delicious, but how would she be able to walk up to the execution hill outside the town... She just realized what her torture will be. As she saw and eared Lydia who was receiving her patibulum on her criss-crossed shoulders she would not exchange her position with her friend one. A rope had been tied from Lydia’s patibulum to Melissa’s neck, and the barracks’ doors opened to let the city be seen. Whips slammed on their bare thighs and the little convoy moved off. To the girls’ surprise they turned left instead of right, they were to be paraded into the city. Melissa quickly realized that Lydia had a loin cloth as she was completely naked. She was in shame to be openly displayed naked, but she also found it exciting. She was also in shame when she looked at Lydia’s back which was covered by her blood. Lydia was in great pain she could saw it for the way she was walking. Each of her steps was difficult. At the opposite Melissa was near ecstasy with the wooden balls that moved inside her sex and butt to the rhythm of her steps. As her pubic hair had been removed, she was more than naked.
They crossed the market place when Melissa felt her patibulum falling back side dragging her. So she managed to have it higher on her shoulders. Then she discovered how the leather straps worked as they tightened through her sex and ass. Then began her misery has she was near to cum but unable to climb the stair with out stopping, what was impossible with the guard around them that used their whips each time they slowed down.
She was unable to prevent deep breath form her excitation as they passed the city’s gate. Far on the hill they saw the stipes that waited for them. Both halted as their blood iced in their veins.
The rubbish on the footpath hurt their naked feet as they were used to wear the Roman sandals. And walking up the hill with these heavy beams on their back was not an easy hike. The fear of a shameful and painful death wasn’t helping.
As they were along the last slope to the execution place Melissa eyes were on the stipes and she was feeling a growing shape in her stomach, when she eared “Concentrate on the actual pleasure and not an the pain to come” It was the advice of one of the young guard that smiled next to her. She thought the end was near, she was false.

The Guard lead them to two small stipes; and removed the rope between the girls and the patilulii.
-Why small ones and big ones asked Melissa.
-Small ones are for slaves and very low levelled people like whores. I’m sorry, but it is less painfull to be hanged on a low stipe than on a big one.
Lydia and Melissa appreciated to have their arms freed. But Melissa had no time to take advantage of it. She found herself hanged by her wrist to the stipes. Soon her ankle also were tied, and she was in X. She eared the whip slammed and shouted as she felt it bit her back. She hadn’t finished shouting from the first strike that the whip stroke again and again. She never had time realize what was happening. She was sure she avoided the flogging, but it was just delayed to be publicy made. Lydia looked at Melissa with horror hoping she would not be whipped again. When the lictor had finished with her, Melissa was unable to stand. Her back was bloody mashed up to her sides and thigh. From her back he was successful at striking her breast and inner thigh. The young guards took an arm each and lead her arm over their neck to her patibulum.

The other guards took Lydia arms. She shouted she didn’t want to be whipped again, but they pushed her on the floor and she dropped on her sore back her arms on the patibulum. Tired from the short night and the aching walk she didn’t seem to realize what was to happen. Melissa was slowly recovering when she saw the hammer being raised. Both cried and shouted when the hammer hit the nail on Lydia's wrist. The second time wasn’t easier.

When the young guard drove her backside, Melissa immediately realized what was to come and tried to fight them.
-No, Don’t, I do not want being nailed, did she shouted.
-No way said the guard in a small voice try to calm down, the quicker it will be done, the better it will be for you.
She was in panic, and unable to understand up to the moment she hit the soil. She shouted from the pain and realized, she thought: “Do not fight it; just try to make it bearable”.
-Please, both at the same time, she managed to say in her pain.
The guard looked at each other, and smiled.
The two Hammers raised at the same time, and they hit their nails at the same moment. Melissa shouted as no other one had. Once again she was lost in grief.

The people that looked at the execution were happy. It was not common to have two beautiful girls crucified. And they appreciated the show Melissa gave them when scourged.

The Guards waited for Melissa to stop. And then they began to lift Lydia’s patibulum.
-No don’t, slowly, please…
No matter what Lydia was asking the patibulum was lift up to the top of the stipes. Lydia was on her toes, pushing up to avoid the pain helping her executors against her will. A peg was driven to affix the patibulum to the stipes. Lydia had no enough breath to cry, but the pain in her wrists was beyond what she imagined. From the soil Melissa was looking at her with angst, knowing that it will be her turn next. Then she eared the small voice again. “Try to stand up with us, and lift your hands as we’ll lift the beam so you’ll have the less pain as possible.” She turn her head, and saw the two young guard that were with her in the cell. Both blinked : “You’ll make it Melissa” they said.
Then they lifted the patibulum. Melissa never knew so much pain was possible. Once she was standing it was better, but the beam was lifted much more and she had to push on her toes.
-We need some inches more Melissa, they said, we have no other choice, forgive us.”
She would have shouted if the position had allowed it when her feet flew over the soil. All her weight was on her wrist, and she was searching for some support with her feet for the pleasure of the witness. She finally found the stipe and tried to push her up using her feet. So her crotch was fully exposed. The spectators enjoyed the show.
Melissa wasn’t openminded so she didn’t hear as Lydia feet were nailed to the stipe. But she felt as the two guards took her feet and spread her legs to put her ankle on each side of the stipe. The people enjoyed her yelling as the two last nails were driven through her ankles.

For the people there they look as they were kneeling in front of them.

-No please,…   ..let me… …some decency… plead Lydia, but the guard removed the loin clothe, and both were there displayed naked for every one to see them ding slowly.

She was thinking about the pains in her nailed limbed and what she had to do to breathe when Melissa felt some pleasure from her crack.
-I’m sorry I have to remove these little toys; I hope they helped you bear the execution. Melissa didn’t succeed in speaking has she was having great difficulties to lift herself, unlike Lydia which was much more muscular than her. The guard removed them very slowly, and the crowd was excited at the view of what she had in herself.

A few minutes later, Lydia and Melissa were alone in view for the mob. The guards only keep them a few feet away.

-Please, a Guard said. For the first 6 hours you are not allowed to touch them!

“6 hours”, “6 hours like that” thought both girls which were already in great agony as they were crucified only for ten minutes.

-Wa..ter asked Melissa after 3 hours. One of the young guards came to her
-Do not worry, I’ll give some to you. You’re fantastic Melissa. I know it’s difficult and painfull, but you’re going through it wonderfully.
-Kill…me…please… she asked.
-I’m not allowed to Melissa. If I do it I will be at your place. But I stay here to make it as bearable as possible for you.
Melissa and Lydia got water easily and the time continued to pass slowly.

They had lost count of time, but they were crucified for four hours when the prefect came to see them.
-Stinking filth,… see… what… you made… to innocents… girls! shouted Lydia when she saw him.
-Please… al…low… us a… quick… death…, prefect asked Melissa.

-I know being executed that way is not pleasant. But you should have thought of it before killing the senator, said the prefect to the girls. But I wanted to present you a new member of the senate that will replace the senator”.

Melissa saw him, and recognized him…

-Pre… fect, He was… with the… senator… and gave… him the… bottle! Shouted Melissa.
-You sure? Asked the prefect. But a condemned parole can not be taken into account.
-That’s stupid! Said the man which was annoyed by the whore talk.
-Why not asking the whore house, a guard said. This whore perhaps says the truth?
-You cannot, said the man, you cannot compare my parole to a whore’s one!
-White… Wine… bottle… you give him Melissa said with pain!
-No Red one… said Cesar nephew before he realized it was an avowal!

-Please… Quick… death asked Melissa to the prefect.
-My dear, I would like to, but you both have fan there that hope you will last long, and I wouldn’t disappoint them.

Of course it would have been fair from the prefect to spare some pain to the little whore, but he also have to satisfy the crowd that wait for this and will be alive tomorrow.

Melissa and Lydia both lasted up to the next day, and no longer as the guards discreetly drop some poison in the water they gave to them.

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