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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The contest

 A fantasy Story by Beynazura

She is standing with eleven other girls there. She had explained her assistant what to do, but as she was used to she preferred to almost do it herself. She is laughing internally at the poor girl at her side that as the opposite asks a lot to her assistant. But the first time she remembers it was the same for her.

Then signal is on, the first girl has to strip, it did not take long, then the other. The girl at her side need the help of her assistant and keep her bra and panties. Then it is Helen's turn she began a strip tease, slowly making her skirt to slip, getting her from her foot and dropping it to her assistant. So she removed her top and turning around herself she remove her bra and give both of them to the assistant. Always showing her back she slips her panties down. And when she turns around to the public she only wears her high heel shoes.

Each time you participate to this contest your package is doubled. Helen has lot of money there, and soon she will be happy to spend it, two more shows and it will be hers. The second signal is on and the first girl step onto her box, she took the noose and places it around her neck. Then she crosses her wrist in her back for her assistant to bind them. Helen known her, she also has only one show to go to get her money. The rope is taunt. It goes on. The girl next to her is hiding her tears. The assistant cuffs her hands and places the rope, but she tries to avoid it. Helen remembers her first time, she was sure she would be chosen, and at the moment of being noosed she would be anywhere else. Today is different, it is her tenth participation. She step gracefully onto the box, take the noose and put it around her neck and cinch the rope herself, making a grimaces to make the public laugh. Was it too much, not for Helen, She cuff her right hand, and make like she would caress herself with a mimic as she just understood it is not the moment, then she put her hand in her back and cuff her other hand. Now she has to wait for the other girls to be noosed.

Once the twelve girls are noosed, it is the public voting. The girls cannot see how many voices they got, but the public do. They do not know which one will hang. Helen found it very erotic. Up to know she has seen eighteen girls being hanged, and she dreams that it is her turn. But she preferred not to be chosen, and look the girl choking, and getting the money by the end. The girl next to her is crying; waiting is too hard for her. Despite she has seen it any time Helen is surprised as the two ropes raise the two girls that have been chosen. The difference is that it is her rope that is hoisting her up into air. She’s not ready, She try to look who is the second one but the tears in her eyes and the turning effect make it impossible to her. She tries to reach the box with her feet, to reach the noose with her hands, but she cannot. She didn’t think that hanging was that hurting, she thought it was erotic, but know that it is her windpipe that is crush closed she realizes how not being able to breathe is painful. She kicks violently as it would help her to take herself down. But slowly her face turn purple, and hanged limp and pissed. The girl next to her is happy she is alive, she finds it very erotic to hang like that. She saw it very well as the two girls next to her where hanging naked. She will try again and perhaps she would get the money by participating to 12 shows and being alive. They already said her she won $1000.00. By the end of twelve contests she would get about 2 million dollars... But up to now, none of the girls succeed.

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