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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Surprise

a fantasy story by Beynazura

When she learnt she got a life sentence Helen hardly understand it. Of course she killed her husband. Really she used a knife she bought two days before she killed him. But it wasn’t plannified. So she thought it was not fair she had to live in jail for the rest of her life. So she asked for a new trial. The trial was going on, but no better than the earlier one.
-I’m anxious Helen, A new law about death sentence is about to be adopted, said her lawyer.
-The law cannot be applied to me, as it happened earlier than the law was adopted.
-I hope so said the Lawyer.
Some days later, the law was adopted.
-Helen, The trial is about to finish, we must let it end the earlier as the death law can be applied to event that are earlier than the law, but to be used a decree must be published. Your sentence must be pronounced before this decree is published.
-Keep quiet. This cannot happen replied Helen.
The jury deliberated for two days. Helen and her lawyer were not allowed to meet during that time.
-Then I’ll get life once more, what do you think.
-Helen, the decree has been published yesterday afternoon. I think the best you can get is life sentence.

Helen half collapsed when she heard she got Death sentence.
A few minutes later she found herself in a special room.
-Strip naked please, asked the policewoman, you’ll get the special uniform for death condemned persons.
-But my clothes, asked Helen, shall I get them back at the prison?
-No, you won’t. You’ll be driven to another prison. All your belongings are state property now. You must remove your panties also please.
Once naked Helen was given a Yellow and orange uniform with a leather belt. Her wrist were soon cuffed the back of the belt, and her ankle were cuffed together with a string that pass through a D in the belt so she hardly could stay up.
The car trip lasted for hours
-May I meet my lawyer soon, asked Helen to the policewomen that was still with her.
-As the procedure is new, I cannot be sure, but I think that you can get one visitor a month. This included your lawyer.

Her cell in the new prison was a small room with only one window at the top. She quickly learnt that she was to meet no one as her meals were delivered through a hole at the base of the door. Once a week she was driven to showers. And the rest of the time she was in her cell with her arm tied so it was difficult for her to open and close her pant zip to go to the toilets.

Quickly she lost the time line, and finally was surprised month after month by her lawyer visit. He proposed her to ask for a delay, or for a grace as the way she got her sentence was far from regular, but Helen asked not to do it. She was fine with her sentence, and couldn’t imagine spending the rest of her life in prison.

One day, she was driven to the prison director:
-Hi Helen, You’ve been here for 175 days now
-Err it’s possible
-And the first decree on the detention period for death sentence stipulates that the detention period can’t exceed 180 days.
-It means that I’ll be…
-No Helen you wont’ be freed, but as the second decree about the execution procedure is not published, we cannot execute you, so you’re sentence will be changed into Life sentence in five days. Of course, you’ll be transferred into an ordinary prison. You won’t stay here any longer.

From this moment Helen began to be happy, In fact she realised that she didn’t want to die.
She tried to keep the count of days. But alone in her cell, without anything to take notes, it wasn’t easy.

Some days later a women with black leather clothes came to wake her.
-Hi, Err… …I’m here to explain you how you must prepare yourself.
-Well, Do you mean? Prepare for leaving?
-Err I’m sorry not… The decree has been published; you are to be executed before sunrise.
In the dark cell Helen began to cry softly, as she really thought she would avoid her fate.
-What do I have to do, did she ask!
-The procedure says that I should let you two hours for stripping from your uniform, and take these clothes, but I’ve got from the prison director, that I can assist you…   …if you want !
-I think I can strip by myself?
-Do you really want to stay alone for two hours?
Helen took a few minutes to answer she did not.
-My name is Sandy. I just want to help… making it easier… for you.
-I understand…
-Do you like massages?
And Sandy helped Helen to strip naked, and made her to lay on her bed, and began to massage her on her back.
-How… How many time left before…
-Less than three hours, Helen, but if you take things like that you’ll be more and more anxious. Try to think about something else.
-Will… Will it hurt?
-I do not know. I’ll try to make it as quick and comfortable for you as possible. As far as I know, you can avoid the pain my thinking about pleasure.
-Yes pleasure! When you’re anxious, when you’re in pain imagine you’re about to have sex.
As Helen was talking, Sandy’s hands moves on Helen butt.
A few minutes later Helen asked Sandy to remove her clothes…
-Err… It’s difficult, you know, you could try to escape…
-Sorry… but if you cuff me, you could…
And they spend some of the time discovering themselves.
-It’s my first time, I mean with a girl said Helen…
-It’s time to get the clothes, said Sandy while kissing Helen on her mouth.
Helen felt her belly knotting.
-In fact it is a king of cape, explained Sandy, putting the fabric over Helen’s shoulders.
-Err? I’m supposed to be naked under…
-That’s the procedure… but the opening has to be on your left side.
Sandy closed the necklace that took the cape in place.
-Then there is also some strings.
-Hey you’ve made a mistake, look at these ankle cuff, the sting between them is far too short… Helen was cut as she realised that the other cuff did not have any string between them. Sandy made no mistake.
-There is no mistake, Helen, I’m very sorry…
-I can’t walk with this! Please uncuff them until I’m next to the place
-Err I know Helen, but I cannot. They have no keyhole…
-No keyhole?
-You’re not supposed to remove them any more.
Helen felt sick hearing that.
-But as you’re the first one, and as we have lasted to execute you, I got from the director extra time to walk down to the place…
-Please let me cuff, my wrist myself, Helen said.
Wrist cuff and ankle cuff were tied together by a string that wasn’t long enough for Helen to stand up, so she began to walk with small steps, bended forward, keeping the cape closed with her elbow. It took her almost 20 minutes to reach the prison door.
-Where are we going?
-The execution… The execution is public, It will happen on the town centre place.
-Ok, answered Helen, which whole mind was occupied by walking without falling.
It took her another 20 minutes to reach the gallows, by this cold morning. Lot of people was there to shout and look at her. She was near the stairway when she asked:
-How will I be executed?
Before Sandy could answer, two of the guards that were walking with them took her by her arms and lift her onto the platform.

Sandy helped her to sit. It was not easy due to the lower part of the seat that was very long.
-What the small hole for asked Helen Anxiously as Sandy lift the front of the seat that came along Helen’s belly up to her neck. So Helen only could sit being strait. Another wooden piece came around her neck to secure the front of the seat to the back.

-Do not worry Helen, the hole’s for this, explained Sandy showing a long piece of plastic. It will go in your ass to insure you can’t move, I’ll put plenty of lubricant, I promise
Helen tried to protest, but Sandy disappeared under her cape and soon she felt the big plastic finger finding its way between her buttocks, and there was nothing she could do to avoid it.

Than Sandy came next to Helen: “I’m sorry, It is a modern form of garrotte. Said Sandy opening the cape necklace and replacing another necklace around Helen’s neck. And the sentence is to be carried out naked” she added as she removed the cape.

Helen felt the shame of her position. Exposed naked for the crowed waiting to be slowly strangled to death.

-There is nothing I can do, Helen, It’s automatic, It’s the sunlight.
Helen looked at East, and as the first lights of the sun appeared on the horizon the necklace began to be tight.
Soon she was tossing due to the pressure in her neck.
She felt alone. She left the heat of the sunlight that was killing her.
Then she felt her windpipe conscripting and breathing was difficult.
How much times it took for the sun to rise, she tried to ask, but she wasn’t able to speak any more. The pain in her neck was hardly bearable, and then she thought about Sandy, and then about sex.

The sun was full when her windpipe closed. She began to panic as an orgasm washed her body. The last thing she felt was her urine flowing down, as she closed her eyes

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