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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unusual requirement

This story is a fantasy by Beynazura

She looks at the sheet of paper as she strips. Once naked, she goes to the bathroom to shave her pubis
as it was required. That was not the first time, but she finds that too girlish, so she does not
maintain it shaved. Do not think she's hairy, her lips are always bare, but she keeps an area of
pubic hair. So Shaving it is not too long. The next requirement is silk stockings. she takes them
but does not slip them on, they are so delicate, she does not want to get a run in it. Then she goes
down the stairs and looks outside. the farm yard is empty, but she must reach the barn on the other
side. She hopes nobody is looking there, and she runs across the yard.

For the preceding bet she already had to go naked in this barn. And the bet would not have been won
if she had tried to keep any clothes. As the farm door cannot be opened from outside without the key
it is a no-return point, she has to go all the way now. She does not found the expected envelope,
and it gets on her nerves. Finally she choose to have a look upstairs.

The envelope lay onto a box. In the box she immediately understood the gag-ball and blindfold way of
use, but why so much rope with cuffs ? Reading the letter is a shock, but she unwants to lose her
bet so she puts the books he had bringed there on the chair. she knot a noose as explained on the
letter and fix it to the bear. Scared and exited at the same time her hands shake as she does not want to
fall from the chair.

Now that the noose is dangling she can remove some of the books to have her head at the noose level.
She began to pass her head through it when she remembered. So she gets downs and slips the stokings
She is aroused and think about touching herself, but thought about him, she has to wait for him.
She locks up the ankle shackle on her left leg, an think about to climb onto the chair. Of course
she has no key at all. luckily the other side is not closed yet. So she does the same with the handcuff
on her left hand and pass the blindfold on her forehead.

Once on the top of the books she closes the ankle shackle. No way to get down now. Once the noose
around her neck she though that the letter asked the line to be as taut as possible, so she pulls
the knot tight and looked at her feet darked by the stocking. They are slippery but she succeed in sliding
one book away, an then moves on the one under. The book falls and she is one inch lower. She fells the rope
around her neck and thinks the tautness in enough. She takes the blinfold, and has a look around and she sees
the letter with on it... the gag-ball.

She tries to loosen the noose, but now the tight rope does not allow it to her, she cannot stay on her tiptoes
so long. She also realizes that with her ankles bound she has no chance to reach the gag and get back standing on the books. Then she slides the blindfold on her eyes, and closes the cuffs with her hand on her back.

She already now that he will see it as soon as he will be there. It is the first bet she loses, perhaps he won't
count it so bad. Will she get an extra punishment for this oversight. It seems ages for her before she hears something.
As usually she is scared. Who is it ? perhaps it is burglars... The sound seems to be in the stairs, is there several persons of is that an echo ?

Or perhaps nothing, there is no other sound than her heart beating, but she makes a jump as she fells something on her butt.
It is a hand.
-You forget the gag-ball !
-I had no way to get it ba...
-Shut up and open your mouth !

And she is gaged. she cannot hear where he is, she is scared and aroused by the situation. she waits for his hands on her body.

-Three errors, my dear, I think we can say the bet is lost this time, don't you think ?
-Humm! she forgot the gag but that was the only error, wasn't it ?
-You forgot the gag, knowing that you should be gaged, you speaked, and finally, shouldn't the rope be taunt ?
She could have lost her balance as he removed one more book. It changes the situation, her windpipe is really constricted and breathing is only possible when she is on her tiptoes. The silk makes it hard to keep her balance as her toes slip onto the book surface. She is more scared than ever, but she knows that now his hand will come on her body, but wonder about the unknown voice.

She felt one hand on her butt, sliding down. It makes her wet.
-Spread your legs my dear.
The hand stopped, but she was unable to spread her legs enough for the hand to pass there.
-You don't want ?
How badly she wants it ! But the hand comes on her pubis and slides down her slit
-As far as I can touch, you don't need me any more, so have a good time alone...
-Hemmm! she tried. She badly needs him but she cannot say it to him.
She felt his hands on her butts, she hopes he won't push her away !
She felt his lips in her back as another pair of hands touch her thigh
It was colder long narrow hands caressing her. She also felt soft lips kissing
her on her pubis
-I thought you were happy to meet Nadia, enjoy yourself, and come down with us when you
have finished.
She hears them down the stairs, and can easily imagine that they are doing in the straw from the noises they make.

-What will the police say ? she hears .
-she had commited suicide...
And they laugh.

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