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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Married on the cross

 This story is a fantasy by Beynazura

The wedding was just over. I'll share my husband bed for the first
time in a few hours. Of course we already met twice or more in
straw fields, but I'm keen to be alone with him and to say him
my secret. Now that we are married it is no longer a disgrace,
and I hope it will be a boy, a little warrior like him.

We get some gifts for us and our new home he built from his
own hands. Valida gives us a phallus to provide fertility
to our home, "and fulfil you, when he fights a long way from
home" she added in a blow. I do not think anybody else than us
heard her. Valida would have married him, but she is hot and had
been caught in straw fields with boys. Each time she had been
sentenced to be tied to the pillory. It means to be stripped naked
on the main place and tied to a pole with your hands over your head.
You have to stay there from noon to noon the next day, standing up.
If it's not the first time, your hair are shaved, all your hair.
Of course this kind of sentence concerns girls only. That was
one reason I was anxious each time I met my warrior in the straw,
but the attraction was too strong. I also though he would have
asked to marry me to avoid to have me displayed in a such way.
The boys Valida met, never asked to marry her, and we suspect
she had been trapped because of the boy she was meeting.
As I was her best friend she asked me to be her girl-warder.
It means, that I have to stay next to her during her sentence,
To give her drink or food, or to call someone if she pass out.
I also round her into a blanket, once she had been sentenced at
winter. That night she also asked me to rub her sex. I remember
how cold was her skin, and how hot was her sex. Once some boys
went at night, they were drunk and tried to rape us. Of course
Valida had no way to escape, so she get rapped. But the boys
were caught and were displayed the day after Valida. It was
the first time I saw young men body, I mean naked and with
their dick up. My mother did not agree my friendship with
Valida, but let us discover eachother's body. Since a few weeks
Valida was our fertility pretress, her vaginal lips had been
sewn and she would never be allowed to meet a man again or would
be buried alive. This was not fun, but in some of my wildest
dreams I was displayed as Valida, but my girl-warder was my
beloved warrior, and he wasn't using his hands to rub my sex...

The sentry came in to announce the village was being attacked.
With the other women I helped gathering together the childs and
Stayed in the main hut, waiting our men back. The men get out
but we were worried as we hardly heard something. Valida lead me
off the other women...
-You're pregnant, aren't you ?
I looked at her. My mother only was knowing that I missed my period
for near one month
-Your mother went to me for a boy, and I do not think she came for her...
I was blushing.
-I think it means yes... You'll come with me to the temple
-Because your husband is fighting, and if a gets killed, it will be
hard for to explain that state.
-From the temple we will be able to see them fighting, and if he gets
killed, we will simulate a temple attack in which you would have been
-Thank you Valida.

Valida's temple was on a hill inside the village. When we reach it, we
could see that our men have no chance to win, there will be thousands of
soldiers around the village. Before we could do anything we saw the main hut
setting alblaze. We ran to help the other, and finally all of us got captured.

My husband was covered with blood, but as I throw myself into his arms, I realized
he wasn't injured.

The soldiers' chief spoke, but I was unable to understand what he was saying.
Valida explain me that he was speaking Latin. She thought that he was asking
for my husband family. His mother came to us and we were driven apart.

The man continued to speak, and I saw Valida coming to speak to him.
As she explained what the man said to the others, they seemed horrified.
Them she came to us. I understood she was uneasier with what she had to
say to us :
-Hardonix, you killed their chief, so they decided a punishement against you
and your familly. They will ... kill you but I did not understand the way.
The other will be driven to Rome and sold as slave. I get the right to stay
with you.
-Valida, It is nice from you.
-Saaba, you always stayed near me. And I'm not allowed to quit my temple.

The soldiers looked at us as they were preparing poles. I was only 15,
and I was afraid they would rape me.

-How ...  How will they kill us ? I asked Valida
-I do not realy understand. It seems they will hang you naked to theses
I shived, I was to be displayed naked with my warrior. I looked at the pole
and they were stronger than our pillories.

A soldier came to me. Valida explained that he was asking me to strip.
I was to be raped in front of my husband! but, what to do. Valida shaked
her head to me saying yes, so I stripped, leaving my leather clothes on the soil.
The young soldier show me a beam on the soil. I did not understand, but
with one another they took my hands and drive them onto the beam,
I collapsed. To my surprise, them did not spread my legs...

I shrieked in pain, I would have prefered to be raped, a big nail is
being driven through my wrist. I just recovered my breathing that
pain exploded into my other wrist. I try to get back my dignity and
stopped shouting. My breathing was irregular and my eyes full of tears.
I was alone there, nailed on that beam. The soldier were on Hardonnix'
mother who was hysterical, trying to avoid her fate. Her clothes were
teared off. I see that soldier take one member each. A fifth one came
to rape her as one another hammered the nail into her wrist.
My ears are full of her roaring. The hammer soldier get its dick out
of its armour and replace the raping one that get the Hammer...
She did not stop yelling. I was weeping because of the pain, but
I was able to endure, I had to endure to show these Romains what
a Gaulish girl is able to, to honour my husband too. That night
that I rubbed her sex, Valida told me that sex pleasure helps
to endure pain, How many sex do I need. I began to regret they
did not rape me, but I was not sure.
Two of the soldiers came to me and took the beam, I gave a cry of pain,
but took over, and followed them to one of the pole. Things get worst when
they tried to raise the beam, but one of them said something to a third.
This one bring a kind of wooden box, I had to step onto, so that they were
able to raise the beam. Then they fasten the beam to the pole, the vibration
were very hard to bear. The sun was hot but I was shaking from pain.
I realised that every body was looking at me, I was naked and unable
to hide my breast. In fact everybody looked at my mother in law who was still
being raped and shouting on the soil.

My position was uncomfortable, but the two soldier came to me and took one of
my leg, before I understand, the pain blow up all my mind, a third nail was
being nailed through my ankle to the side of the pole. I screamed once again
When they took my other leg I felt pain increasing from each of the nails.
The last nail make me give a cry between pain and despair.

I realized that I was nailed on a false tree in an humiliating position, with
my legs half opened, then I tryed once again to get my dignity back.
On the other pole my mother-in-law was becoming hoarse to have so much shouted,
But she was always crying and yelling, moving her beam from right to left to avoid
having it fixed. It was vain, she finally was nailed to her pole like I was.
She was still hysteric. Suddenly I was breathless and instinctively I pushed
on my legs despite the pain in my ankles and was able to get fresh air. I tried
to stay in this position, but the pain in my ankles was so great that I had to
take part of my weight from my wrists, and I falled... In my imagination I was
impaling myself on my husband cock, but my crotch was still empty...

On the other pole, I saw Hardonnix' mother learning to ride the pole. In front of
me Hardonnix was stripping, I saw in his eyes that he was proud of me. It seemed
to me that he was hard. Like I had, he tried not to shout as he was nailed, or lifted
to the third pole.

Althought I was nude I felt hot. Turning my head the most that I can, I saw our village
burning. "Yes nothing will remains of us" said Valida.

On her pole my mother-in-law was driven mad by the pain and humiliation. Sperm was
running from her cunt, and she was insulting Hardonnix and complaining about her fate.

-Hadonnix asked me to told you how sorry he his for you."
-He has not to be sorry Valida, he made his warrior duty, and as his wife I have to
endure a warrior's wife ordeal. He has not choosen what arrives. I love him.
-You're great Saaba answered Valida and she moved to Hardonnix.

Meanwhile a soldier came to Hardonnix mother with a great stick and gave a great
blow at her legs. Her legs might have been broken, she seemed unable to lift herself
and quickly become silent and blue... and did not see her moving any more.

-They ended her because they supposed she was mad already told Valida and
she said what they wanted to Hardonnix. They have their own traductor.
I think you can stop your pain by saying you hate Hardonnix.

-Hardonnix! I prefer dying near you than being Rome's slave I shouted.
I'm your wife, my place is next to you." I was exhausted by what I've said.

The Roman chief gave some orders and a guard came to each of us. Mine jab
his spear in my buttcock to force me up and place some thing on the pole.
He took my ass and force me down onto that thing that sinked into my ass.

Looking at Hardonnix I saw that the same kind of seat have been provided
to him.

The Romans bonded Valida to my pole. The other gauls were bond also.
Valida chain was long enough so she could go from Hardonnix to me.
She sat under my pole and time elapsed slowly.

The sun was low when I felt cold.

-Valida, ...can you ...bring me ...something... to drink ...please.
-Of course Saaba, How do you fell ?
-Exhausted, my ass in broken by that thing I sat on, but a least
it allow some rest."

A few minutes later a soldier brang some wine for Hardonnix and me.

-Is there something else I can do for you ? Asked Valida.
I weeped: "It's my wedding day,... I should be fucking... with Hardonnix...
I see him ... hard very often... I get up and down, but... I'm still ...empty
I need sex,... I'm sorry... to ask you... that like... that".
-I understand you know, I'm pretress of fertility and sexuality...
I'm just coming back." She went to Hardonnix and spoke to him.
I saw her touching his cock, jealousy grew in my mind... but Valida
came back to me. He accepted that I caress you, do you accept the same
for him, my idea is to caress both of you as an intermediate in your
-Oh! Valinda yes! I answered.

I felt her tongue and hands in my cunt... Quickly I had
to hold back my moanings and when she left I felt fustrated.
Trying to hold my legs tight was impossible, and I only could see
her giving a blowjob to my husband. I felt a mix of arousing and
jealousy of seeing them...

She quickly came back to me. Her work was admirable and I was
forgetting the pain I had.
-Can you stop getting up and down, did she asked, still rubbing my
slit with her hands
-I wish I could.... Being up... is exausting and ...the pain in... the ankles
is terrible... Being down ... make it ...difficult to... breath and.. the pain
in the ass ... and wrist in great...
-I'm sorry, I did not know, It's worst than the pillory
-I never ... had been at ... the pillory yet.
-But.. It goes deeply into your ass ?
-Yes, even up... the tip ... is always in... scraping.
-It's hurting
-Little... nails are worst.
I was near from orgasm when she stopped and switched to my husband.
When she came back her face was covered with his sperm and that time
she lead me to orgasm. I though about her with her sewn cunt.

-Is The ... Temple ... destroyed ?
She looked at the village.
-Aren't ... your vows ... of chastity ... Gone... with it ?
She looked at me...
-I have no vows but a seam. Of course there're vows, but they are not mines.
-Take our ... clothes ... they are ... warm
-That's right Saaba, I'm right, If you want I can something too keep you warm
-It is ... impossible... and with ... numb members ... pain is ... lower.
I've ... k'fe ... in my clothes.
-What do you have ?
-knife... cut ...stitches

Valida went and took my clothes, she found the knife. And she sat in front of me
her legs spreads and dress raised, At night it was not easy....
-Do not ...cut your ... self
-I prefere a cut cunt than a sewn cunt, It's easy for you, it's not yours that has
been sewn for months. Yours is out of reach for a few hours and you are weeping.
-Please ... move ... I've to ... piss .
-You're so presumptuous, I'm sure you're unable to reach me did she said laughing
as she moved
-Ooh! Nice trial...
At that Moment Hardonnix pissed also.
-I see it's a competition and I'm the target, so now it's my turn
She raised her dress and pissed also. Then she sat and continued to open
her cunt. I saw her masturbating as she finished. Once she came she sat and looked
at me
-Tidy... knife... to defend... or suicide... avoid that.
-Thank you Saaba.
-How ... will ... they ... kill ? ...tomor...row.
-I suppose, that they will broke your legs, like they've done to her.
-I fear ... being ... removed. I fear ... dying ... here
-I'll be there Saaba
-Will my ... soul ... stay ... nailed ... pole.
-I'll work to have your body removed and buried
-Thank ... you ... Valida... try ... sleeping
-I've to watch over you, like you did for me.
-No ... matter ... I die ... early...
-I did not think of it...
-It's ... nice ... you're ... next to me.
She stretch herself on the grass and slept.

During the night my mind hesitated. Going back on my love to Hardonnix
would end my pain, but what about when our souls will meet again ?
The pain was driving me mad, but as a noble Gaulish girl I had to take
it all the way.

When the sun raised I felt the cold from the night burning my skin.
Hardonnix expression was not good, but what about mine? The Romans
were up and chaining the other people of the village.

The were leaving when Valida woke up
-How do you do Saaba? She asked.
-I've ... cramps ... to dis ... tract ... me ... from ... the nails'... pain.
-You are so sexy running up and down, did she said rubbing her lips, Do not
think I'm masturbating, the seem scarfs are hurting.

We get a few amount of wine again, a soldier came to have a look at my ass.
One was near Hardonnix also. I felt my seat going away. I flet better im my ass,
But I have no seat any longer. I saw it on the soil there was boold on it and the
rod ended with something like a curved head. The soldier forced me up again. and
fixed something to the pole.

-What's ... that asked I to Valida.
-It's like a blade, you can sit on.
-I've no ...choice,... I have use... a seat.
-Hardonnix as nothing...

The blade was cutting my crotch, and it was another pain that added
to nails and cramps. My mind began to be full of pain.

Valinda tryed to tell me strories to distract me as I was doing when she
was displayed. The morning passed slowly. I was sure, that I was to
be killed at noon: displayed for one day and then executed. The
only trouble I had about that, was that they made to other leave before
the execution.

When I understood the sun has passed its top, I was near from breaking
how many time will I be able to endure this? How many time Hardonnix
will have to endure this?

Valida told me :" The Roman chief said that you have to die by yourself.
In fact the way you are nailed is your sentance, not a kind of
pillory. Some one like Hardonnix can last up one week before dying.
But I have an idea, be brave up to this evening."

I saw Valinda collecting roots. The afternoon was worst than
everything, and I was near from drunk, as I was given lot of wine.

At the begining of the night a soldier came to put again the seat
with the ass rod. The first time was not a pleasure, but the second
day was worst.

Once the soldier was off, Valida looked at my ass. She asked me to be
brave but I didn't felt what she did. She went to Hardonnix and made the

-I'm sorry for what I've just done, But I think it's the best for both
of you. I've widened one of your wound in your ass, because it's hard
to see and I've inserted a poisonnous root in it, I will take about
one hour, and you will get nice dreams in a few minutes."

-Thanks ... Valida ... But ... you ?
-Me ?
-What ... will ... you ... become
-After your death I'll be the soldiers' whore... But I have some root
-Valida... you're no ... whore
-Saaba, I like sex with boys, I really want to being fuck when it's
enough I'll took the roots.

What happened to me? I was so hot in the cold night, I was flying
like a butterfly from dick-like flower to cunt-like flower, Valida
wasn't able to fly, her wings might have been wet. Perhaps this was
due to flower ejaculation. I was anxious not to let my wings go. But
my wrist were fixed on it. Suddenly I falled, I did not let my
wings go, they might have been broken, and I was falling unable
to get up. The sex-flowers faded away. I was unable to breath
I would ask to Valida if she knew that fallen butterflies die
smothered, but everyone knows butterflies cannot speak.

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